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Monday, November 26, 2007

TIME: 8:02am, Monday

Yeah! Roughriders won the Grey Cup bitches! It was a pretty lame game. I didn't watch much of the second half, but they beat down Winnipeg, intercepting their last chance for victory. It was great.

Going to a Pulp and Paper mill today. Never been in a factory. So, should be interesting, and loud. Its for Chemistry.

Anywho, I feel very... good about Political Science at the moment, due to having 6 of 13 parts for my semester long project done. I have to pass those 6 items in today, but I figured I was screwed, and I'm really not! Ha!

Gotta jet. Have a good one guys.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

TIME: 1:48pm, Sunday

A Texas town sold for 3.8 million dollars. It has an ice house, a house, tractor shed and one two other buildings. That's funny.

Anyway... what'd I do yesterday... I dunno.
But today, is the Grey Cup! The 95th one to be exact. Its Canadian Football for those who don't know, the Canadian version of the Super Bowl. Saskatchewan faces off against Winnipeg. And Sask. better win!

Not much else to say, because I have two important things to do today, and I better get to em.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

TIME: 9:57am, Saturday

Aw yeah, its only Saturday! I smell like syrup!

Last night we had cast party. It was the shit. We had it in a fucking mansion! Yeah, in the middle of no where it seemed, no cell phones would work, that's how far out we were. Lakeside mansion, hot tub, three floors, ping pong, weird machines that made you go upside down, a loft bedroom, fire play, huge decked out kitchen. It was amazing. I find it highly amusing to watch my friends drinking and smoking hash. Some of them are hilarious, and then we play ping pong hahaha. My friend Matt though, he was just scary. All he wanted to do was dance, but he could hardly stand up, and he had a creepy smile on all night because he was plastered. Those are "avoid me!" signs.

Anyway, that was a fantastic night. I'm not the drug using, drinking person, but it was fun to be around everyone and socialize.

Today, I'm going shopping I guess, and my brother moved out of my house and into my grandmothers. I wonder how long he can last there before they drive him crazy.


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Friday, November 23, 2007

TIME: 11:53am, Friday

I'm going to do my laundry, bout 10 minutes ago. I open the washer and bang, huge fucking spider on the side. Of course, me being scared of them, I yell "Ah! Spider!" and leap back a few feet. Mom comes in, kills it. I go to put myself in, look down into it and "Ah! Spider!" Another one, on the opposite side! Not fun... I hate those little bastards.

Anyway, its an in-service day, so basically, teachers go to school, students don't. Happy late Thanksgiving to Americans, and Black Friday. Got that out. Right.

Chemistry test, which I was freaking out about was great. I knew my shit when I took it, which made it seem like a cake walk. I'm pleased about that, because I was originally so worried.
Its closing night for our two high school plays. We're having a diner, then awards, doing the plays, then cast party. Should be a fun time ^_^

My boss is a dick. He went off, majorly, like, he freaked at myself and Amy, who I was working with, for no reason. Talking all this shit about security cameras now set to record video and voice, and how he'll be watching us all every night. Like.... he was really rude, and it made Amy upset and pissed off. Oh well ya know, he didn't break my spirits. I laughed about his tyranny when he left the store. Someone has anger problems!

Gotta fly kids. Have a nice long weekend, cause most of you do.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

So, Kanye West has been on my shit list for awhile, hailing the #1 position, just because he is a arrogant prick. Yes, he released an insane new album, and I enjoy a lot of the songs on it, seriously.
So, when the dudes mother died last weak, I actually felt bad.
Then I checked out this video of him breaking down during the song “Hey Mama” in Europe:

I don’t care how much you hate someone, that speaks to you.

Anyway, my phone. Its cool. It can play videos, music, take pictures, blah blah blah, so I basically finally have a cool phone like most other people. It’s a Sony Ericsson W330i, black flip phone, part of the music walkman serious that doubles as an MP3 player. It has a 512mb memory card in it for my beats. Pretty sweet. Got a wicked plan that my dad set up, and he has the white version of the phone. I’ll get a picture sometime.

Uh, opening night of the play.
Good times ya know.

I have to tell you about my buddy Geoff. Yesterday, 4 other friends and I drove to his house for lunch. Geoff and Cole, another guy with us, were trying to shoot an apple out of a tree in Geoff’s backyard with a BB gun. So myself, Nick, and Mikey ran out the front door, hopped in the car and tried to make a getaway, only for Cola to find us and jump through the open passenger window. He couldn’t hang on so he fell, almost into a hedge. We laughed, then Geoff came up behind the car and did a fucking Spiderman leap onto the back window! We sped up to loss him, turning a corner then bang, Geoff’s gone, we laugh, stop, get out, and he’s like, fucked up on the road. He had let go, but his foot hit the wheel when he jumped off the back, and it flipped him, fucking up his knees and hands. It was hilarious though. Play sucked for him last night hahaha.

Ah, the things we do...

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Got my new cell. Its awesome. Talk more tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TIME: 8:08am, Tuesday

Dress rehearsal was a disaster! My other light techie fucked up my play for me and him! Fool! I wanted to punch him when I found out what he did to the board before the show, and the whole not listening to me thing.

Oh well, we got the bad one out of our system I guess.

Um... yeah!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

TIME: 8:03am, Monday

I had something funny to say but I forgot.
I had a nice conversation with my cat last night though. She likes my books... and headphones.

Um, I would really like to read Stephen Colbert’s “I Am America (And So Can You)”. Yes, that’s spelt right. I bet it would be LOL.

Fuck what was I going to say!
Um, we did full run throughs of both plays last night. They went fairly well and smooth once I arrived from work. I swear to fuck the other lighting crew is incompetent without me. It took them 4 hours to get half way through the first play! I want to kill the teacher crew chief though. Fuck he irritates me! You do not know irritation until you hear him speak. You just.... really want to slit his throat when he won’t stop talking..... you’d have to be there ya know, otherwise, this sounds sadistic....

I’m hungry again. I should eat an actual supper or something. I haven’t since Friday.
Bye bye!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

TIME: 10:28am, Sunday

Some weird shits been happening, bad timings, stressful things.
Mom almost cut her finger off the other day with an exacto-knife. Right to the bone. Totally sick to look at.
Anyway, Cue-Cue rehearsals for the fall plays at school were yesterday and today. I have to wake late, go to that, then work, then that, then home. Today, wake late, go to work early because of mom, then to rehearsals for tech, then home, do a world issues assignment, watch Amazing Race. Geez! Breathing room please!

I got a funny prank call on my cell last night. This guy who called himself Jake London called me, saying he was from Sussex, a town nearby, but he was calling from another town closeby, Saint John. Dumb ass. Anyway, I ruined his prank by pranking him, 3 times, as did my brothers friend. I then left him a voice mail via a little single called "Christmas time in Hell".


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

No time to post today I guess.
That's what happens when your alarm clock doesn't go off, you're late for a cue to cue, you then have to go to work, then back to cue to cue, and home to watch the O.C.

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