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Saturday, November 24, 2007

TIME: 9:57am, Saturday

Aw yeah, its only Saturday! I smell like syrup!

Last night we had cast party. It was the shit. We had it in a fucking mansion! Yeah, in the middle of no where it seemed, no cell phones would work, that's how far out we were. Lakeside mansion, hot tub, three floors, ping pong, weird machines that made you go upside down, a loft bedroom, fire play, huge decked out kitchen. It was amazing. I find it highly amusing to watch my friends drinking and smoking hash. Some of them are hilarious, and then we play ping pong hahaha. My friend Matt though, he was just scary. All he wanted to do was dance, but he could hardly stand up, and he had a creepy smile on all night because he was plastered. Those are "avoid me!" signs.

Anyway, that was a fantastic night. I'm not the drug using, drinking person, but it was fun to be around everyone and socialize.

Today, I'm going shopping I guess, and my brother moved out of my house and into my grandmothers. I wonder how long he can last there before they drive him crazy.


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