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Saturday, October 6, 2007

TIME: 1:37pm, Saturday

Word up guys.
Late post today because my mom dragged me out of bed this morning to go shopping with her.

Anyway, last night, I drug my mom with me to go shopping. I bought some sweet shoes, a new hat, candy of course and some other stuff. We had quite the laugh at a Wendy's restaurant. A girl working there slipped and fell on her ass, and I asked if she was alright. After she went outside, this guy started laughing his ass off, and I looked at him, so then I started laughing, and we kept looking at each other laughing. It was endless!
I also got a shark toy at Wendy's. Cause I'm special.

Ah... today, my grandmother bought me some pants. Yup, and I ate at DQ. Yup. And I bought more candy. Super.

We're have turkey day today instead of Monday. My aunt and uncle I think are coming over tomorrow, and my cousin and his wife & kids are coming Monday. Thus, turkey day is today.
Its all good.

I honestly think in another 50 years, with our current generation, Thanksgiving will be called Turkey Day.


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Friday, October 5, 2007

TIME: 11:44am, Friday

My Yahoo! mail is upgrading itself.
Long and drawn out process it is.

So I was thinking this morning about styles from the turn of the century. We always see stuff from the 1990 or before and laugh at how goofy it is, but what about the early 2000's?

One that I came up with was back in Elementry school, 4 things were the shit. Yo-yos and Pokemon cards, though not style related, and then bucket hats and vests.
Vests and bucket hats. What the hell were we thinking? A puffy vest is still good, but can you remember yourself or anyone else with this shit on? Oh, by the way, I totally did it. I have the sickest vests ever hahaha.

Anywho, the video/movie.
The new video I'm doing is long enough to be a short film. Almost 6 minutes long, thus, I am combining 2 videos, one I'm sure you all know, because I've used it a bunch, but, it happens to work well for this, and I couldn't think of/find a better video. The other is from Lostprophets, called 4am Forever. I doubt many people here know who they are/have heard of the song/seen the video. Its pretty sweet. Youtube it. No details on the song though, that's a secret, but again, if any of you even know the band/heard the song, I's be really surprised.

Gotta jet.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

TIME: 12:21pm, Thursday

I received something really cool yesterday from my dad's cousin.
She went to Japan or something cause her brother married a Japanese girl, and they went together, or something like that, and she brought me back some cool stuff.
Inventory check:
- Vanilla chocolate... flat square
- Strawberry chocolate square
- Shrimp flavoured bagged french fry treats
- Headband
So, this chocolate is the coolest thing ever, its like, half a centimetre thick, but big. Smells good. The shrimp fries look funny, and the headband is one of those power headbands students wear during school. Its cool.

I mentioned before, 5 day weekend, starts today. Yeah. I was recharging my battery my sleeping an extra 4 hours.

Cleaned my computer of evils yesterday, got a beautiful new XP theme from WindowBlinds, made $50 from the tech work I did Saturday, which was wicked.

Oh, I was downloading videos for unknown reasons, and I got "It's Going Down", a video that Linkin Park was featured in (Mike rapped, the others play instruments) by the X-Ecutioners. It was from 2002, and insanely cool to see.
I might use it for my own video. Nice find though.

S'all folks.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

TIME: 7:57am, Wednesday

Last day of school for a five day weekend.
Everything I said yesterday about Chemistry, I sort of take back.
I dun did good.

I really don't know what to write about right now.
I've been trying to get ideas for a new video.
Anyone have a song suggestion, or videos?

Man, I did have something to talk about last night, but it slipped my mind today.
Oh well.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

TIME: 7:55am, Tuesday

I hate some commercials.
They make me want food. Like ones with chicken nuggets in them. Like, come on, I have an obvious weakness for those.

I went out to buy ice cream at 10pm last night. It was funny, cause I really needed it... at 10pm. Travis at the store was laughing at me, but hey, he was eating a jumbo freezy at the same time. Foo.

I feel my Political Science class and Chemistry are so over my head.
I hate that feeling.

Now I must go, before I miss my bus again.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

TIME: 7:55am, Monday

So, I thought of something... but then, yes, I forgot again.
I learned one thing yesterday: that co-worker or mine, heís still a useless sack of crap.

Anyway, I messed up, bringing home the wrong text book over the weekend. Thus, not getting the 2nd chapter read in my Political Science text book, and not doing 3 questions, one being a biggy which I sort of remembered but still didnít understand. Honestly, how do you read a newspaper article, then relate it to politics? It helps to know what youíre relating whatever youíre reading to specifically in politics.... oh whatever.

Fuck, I have a test in that class too.
And I canít remember what its on ^_^

So... things are a wee bit meh this morning. I could care less about school right now really. 3 day week though. Thursday and Friday are teacher curicular days, then Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada. Sweet.

I wish I could come up with something controversial to discuss in my posts lately.
Iíve got nothing.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

TIME: 10:08am, Sunday

Okay, so, this thing I was doing at my high school yesterday was the rehearsal for a graduation of recovering drug addicts. Interesting.
But, the point is that our light board went broke. Its messed, and won't save anything we do on it, and it won't shut certain lights off.
So, I gave up on it, leave it to someone else to fix.

Work was busy, and our floor guy, box boy, shelf stalker, whatever you wanna call them, was being a useless sack of crap. I wanted to kick his face in for being USELESS!

Anyway, gotta fly.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

TIME: 10:05am, Saturday

I just restored "Bob".
Bob is my ipod. Its been acting up. Just now when I plugged it in, it said there was not enough space to sync all the songs... there was 2.5mb of space on it, and over 890mb of "other" which wasn't music, photos, or anything else for that matter.
So, I restored it, deleting everything on it, so now, its currently reentering all the songs and playlists.

Off to school again in 2 hours to do some work for tech, get paid. Then to actual work at 5-8. Super.

Oh, so, I went to see "Mr. Woodcock" with my mom last night. It was a pretty funny movie. Not bad. It seemed aged for some reason.
My little brother was having a bday party, with a bunch of kids, and my mom and I didn't want to be there. So we saw a movie and had yummy Chinese food.

Didn't have to do the Terry Fox run thing for cancer research. It poured like a bitch. So much rain. Funny, cause I remember a snyd message at the end of the day saying "We're running rain or shine!!!" then yesterday morning the message said "Its a little damp... so, ya know... we're not going to go."


Anywho, I have to make Bob all personal again. Get him back to my itunes land.
This is actually good, cause its been fucked for awhile.
Oh, and I saw the 2 hour Las Vegas premiere. It fixed all the things that made me cry before... but Ed's gone :(


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Friday, September 28, 2007

TIME: 7:54am, Friday... thank god

I got a silver medal for baseball with the team I played with.
Last night was the ban quite, extremely boring my dad said, who went, even though I didnít. But we placed second in the playoffs, as I mentioned before.

Anywho, we are doing a Terry Fox run today at school.
We did it two years ago as well, but its supposed to rain today, and we still have to run about 10km to another school and back to our high school.
Its so annoying.
Iím debating the pros and cons of skipping right now.
Its pouring right now.

Glad to have a day off.
Not much else to say I donít think.
Gotta fly.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

TIME: 7:57am, Thursday

Iím excited for Friday!
Vegas to the Las premiere!

So so so.
I have a busy few days coming up. Lets review:
- Work all night
- Chem test Friday
- Work for tech (graduation ceremony for something) Saturday
- Work Saturday night
- More tech and more work Sunday
- Bunch of Political Science work for Monday
- Seminar for Pol. Sci. Tuesday
- Need to buy new shoes sometime
- Report for World Issues
- Hockey is starting, training sessions done by me
- Future To Discover Monday evening
Thereís more, Iím just brain dead at the moment.

I applied for a new job yesterday at lunch. At the video store, the only place I want to work in my whole town.
I was talking to the manager, a friend of the family, and my supervisor popped in the store at the same time and she said ďWhatís up?Ē laughs, tickles me and scurries away....
Right... yeah, I know.
Sheís epic like that.

Oh well, so, back to the slave building.
We got Halo 3 too.. forgot that.

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