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Sunday, November 18, 2007

TIME: 10:28am, Sunday

Some weird shits been happening, bad timings, stressful things.
Mom almost cut her finger off the other day with an exacto-knife. Right to the bone. Totally sick to look at.
Anyway, Cue-Cue rehearsals for the fall plays at school were yesterday and today. I have to wake late, go to that, then work, then that, then home. Today, wake late, go to work early because of mom, then to rehearsals for tech, then home, do a world issues assignment, watch Amazing Race. Geez! Breathing room please!

I got a funny prank call on my cell last night. This guy who called himself Jake London called me, saying he was from Sussex, a town nearby, but he was calling from another town closeby, Saint John. Dumb ass. Anyway, I ruined his prank by pranking him, 3 times, as did my brothers friend. I then left him a voice mail via a little single called "Christmas time in Hell".


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