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Friday, November 23, 2007

TIME: 11:53am, Friday

I'm going to do my laundry, bout 10 minutes ago. I open the washer and bang, huge fucking spider on the side. Of course, me being scared of them, I yell "Ah! Spider!" and leap back a few feet. Mom comes in, kills it. I go to put myself in, look down into it and "Ah! Spider!" Another one, on the opposite side! Not fun... I hate those little bastards.

Anyway, its an in-service day, so basically, teachers go to school, students don't. Happy late Thanksgiving to Americans, and Black Friday. Got that out. Right.

Chemistry test, which I was freaking out about was great. I knew my shit when I took it, which made it seem like a cake walk. I'm pleased about that, because I was originally so worried.
Its closing night for our two high school plays. We're having a diner, then awards, doing the plays, then cast party. Should be a fun time ^_^

My boss is a dick. He went off, majorly, like, he freaked at myself and Amy, who I was working with, for no reason. Talking all this shit about security cameras now set to record video and voice, and how he'll be watching us all every night. Like.... he was really rude, and it made Amy upset and pissed off. Oh well ya know, he didn't break my spirits. I laughed about his tyranny when he left the store. Someone has anger problems!

Gotta fly kids. Have a nice long weekend, cause most of you do.

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