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Thursday, November 22, 2007

So, Kanye West has been on my shit list for awhile, hailing the #1 position, just because he is a arrogant prick. Yes, he released an insane new album, and I enjoy a lot of the songs on it, seriously.
So, when the dudes mother died last weak, I actually felt bad.
Then I checked out this video of him breaking down during the song “Hey Mama” in Europe:

I don’t care how much you hate someone, that speaks to you.

Anyway, my phone. Its cool. It can play videos, music, take pictures, blah blah blah, so I basically finally have a cool phone like most other people. It’s a Sony Ericsson W330i, black flip phone, part of the music walkman serious that doubles as an MP3 player. It has a 512mb memory card in it for my beats. Pretty sweet. Got a wicked plan that my dad set up, and he has the white version of the phone. I’ll get a picture sometime.

Uh, opening night of the play.
Good times ya know.

I have to tell you about my buddy Geoff. Yesterday, 4 other friends and I drove to his house for lunch. Geoff and Cole, another guy with us, were trying to shoot an apple out of a tree in Geoff’s backyard with a BB gun. So myself, Nick, and Mikey ran out the front door, hopped in the car and tried to make a getaway, only for Cola to find us and jump through the open passenger window. He couldn’t hang on so he fell, almost into a hedge. We laughed, then Geoff came up behind the car and did a fucking Spiderman leap onto the back window! We sped up to loss him, turning a corner then bang, Geoff’s gone, we laugh, stop, get out, and he’s like, fucked up on the road. He had let go, but his foot hit the wheel when he jumped off the back, and it flipped him, fucking up his knees and hands. It was hilarious though. Play sucked for him last night hahaha.

Ah, the things we do...

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