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Sunday, January 20, 2008

TIME: 10:24am, Sunday

this program I got a free download for from acer is cool, its called wordperfect lightning. its for taking notes, super fast. very cool.

so, I finally got back into writing news for FIF. I feel good that I finally did that. and and... that I strated to rebuild my music databae, with music I don't have yet. yup. I also noticed this laptop has a cool realtek speaker system that I can configure to sound neat, like I'm in a cave, or underwater, or at a concert. nice.

staff meeting tonight.... not cool -_-

I have to do my math! fuck.... its a tiring thought...
later guys.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

TIME: 12:24pm, Saturday

Ah, try this for stupid:
I finish the Political Science project on time... then forget to print off the articles I wrote analysis on. Yeah. I did it after class with my teacher.

Got some new cloths yesterday. Yeah. Just a few, but enough so I can put off doing my laundry for another day lol.

I was just watching Pixar Shorts Volume 1. Its all those little films before Disney/Pixar colab movies. They are great. If you ever get a chance, "For the Birds" and "One Man Band" are awesome.

Anyway, I should be finishing up my math review now, and writing news for FIF, which I haven't done in a month, so I'll see you guys.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

TIME: 9:00am, Friday

I got to school yesterday and forgot to post! Ha... silly.
Anyway, today is the last day of first semester, the Political Science project was done yesterday, and its the second last day I will ever have to do Chemistry! Woo!

Can't remember if I had to say anything important.... so... bye.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TIME: 8:34am, Wednesday

almost done!
the political science term project, 3 entries left, a combined 2 pages of typing and I'm done! no more graphs, charts, diagrams, maps.

anyway, I mentioned it took forever to shovel out my car yesterday, after I woke up, with a head cold, still. then, before I go to work, some dumbass hill billy snow plow driver piles more snow in my only exit. redrum.
but, I left work early anyway, I stayed for half my shift, finished all my work in that time, then peeled.

test today, then exam reviews for the rest of the week I guess. it was a good day off though. a rest.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TIME: 202pm, Tuesday

hi... I still feel like shit. Swallowing pills is killing me.
its a snow day, we got a foot of the white shit, and I just finished shoveling out the car.

so yesterday was interesting. I'm sitting in 3rd period, about 10 minutes before noon, and an announcement comes on saying due to the IMPENDING storm (snow) that school will be let out at 12:30 and high school students get to go home at 1:30. Sweet! my whole class erupted into cheers. it started snowing at about 12:30, a lot of snow... really fast. but you know why? this hasn't happened in years, being sent home early, but on friday, there was a tragedy up north in my province where a basketball team was coming back from a tournament and crashed head on into a truck, killing 7 of the 9 players on board and the coaches wife. so, the district is weary of the snow right now, and I've never seen them this cautious as to send us home. oh well, it was good.

then I drove my brother and myself to that YGO tournament, I played Halo 3 online the whole time though. it was a snowy adventure in and back, a 35 minute drive took over an hour. I almost ran into the back of a fucking snowplow.... yeah. scary. I got trapped between two plows, and it was impossible to see through the whiteout.

so yeah. that's about it. exams are coming very fast, yet I feel no pressure, my political science term project is almost done, 5 more entries, and I ripped on the assholes project who ripped on me last week. it was satisfying.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

TIME: 7:46am, Monday

Didn't visit, I know.
Anyway, I got to see my mom for the first time since the fire.
She was awake, could hear us, mouth words, but no voice because there is a tube in her neck so she can breath. She looks good, minus the red demon eyes haha.

Um... went to my burned house today too. Its totally empty. These insurance dudes have been taking everything out to clean or destroy. Its so empty!

What else... um... worked a lot on my political science term project, still going. I think I'm going with my brother to play YGO tonight or something too.

Alrighty, peace then.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

TIME: 1:11pm, Sunday

I feel like shit...
Rock Band is a blast.
I need a chair...

Gotta go.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

TIME: 11:09am, Saturday

Hey hey! Back to regular posting, with punctuation, correct spelling and capitals!

So so so.... Vista is alright for now. It hasn't pissed me off in a few hours, mostly because I haven't been using it.
But.... yeah. Still have to set up some programs so I can do shit, get my old hard drive hopefully transferred into this thing.

Going in about... 9 minutes to get Rock Band with my friend (I keep hitting the CAPS key because it's too close to 'a'). Then, 3 of us are going to rock out til I get to go to work! Super!

Oh, so, this project I did for Political Science, which I had to make twice, a video, because of my toast laptop, went awesome. I presented with a kid named Zac, and I did the impossible, I shut up Mr. I poke holes in every concept for fun. Yup, his name is Jeremy. I put him in his place. Mofo!

Anywho, gotta get going now.
To town!
ps. I promise to visit for the first time in... ages tomorrow.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

so you know, new people visiting me who I have noticed:
I am just getting back on my feet after a house fire, so bare with me not replying right away.

anyway, got the laptop today, brand new Acer, courtesy of the insurance company.
it has stupid vista.... really fucking stupid vista. makes me want to kill kittens is so stupid.

but yeah, things are going well right now I guess.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

read the last post.
its more informative then this.
got tv today!
closer to getting my laptop too.

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