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Friday, November 16, 2007

TIME: 8:05am, Friday

Couldn't be happier its Friday. Well, maybe not, because this weekend is all day tech rehearsals for the upcoming plays, but oh well, no more chemistry at least!

Went tot he high school hockey game yesterday night, we lost. Oh well. But shit, that place has more and more pull then ever before. So many people, I couldn't even hear myself think.

Not to much to say today I guess.
Frosti went home on Survivor, which sucks because he was my favourite to win. Its all on Todd now!


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Thursday, November 15, 2007

TIME: 8:03am, Thursday

Oh, today's going to suck.
Political Science test, Math test, I know little about both, and that stresses me out.

On top of that, every time I set foot in Chemistry class, I get pissed off. I feel so out of it, and I need help on every question because I can't wrap my head around things like what we're doing. Its frustrating. My friend totally gave up on the course yesterday.

Been playing my SSX On Tour constantly. Good times, I must say.

Gotta fly.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dinosaurs go Roar!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TIME: 8:36am, Tuesday

So, the 4 day weekend is done. I just found my chemistry book in my backpack and don't know why its there.... hmmm....

Anyway, apparently, according to the radio, the roads are ice, and cars are spinning off and such, so every bus is delayed an hour. And, then it starts to pour, and I get a drive now, on the deadly roads.

Bye, gotta fly.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

TIME: 10:23am, Monday

Ahaaaaa I'm hungry! I should go eat something no?
I hope my video was up to snuff for you guys. I liked it a lot, and the fact it was short was extra special lol.

I did a new drawing last night, at about 11pm. Its to shut my art teacher up, after he told us to draw something in out bedrooms, which we were then going to paint in 4 different ways. I drew my Guitar Hero 2 guitar, because it was simple and un-lame. He thought I was drawing cartoons, and then said it didn't look real.... um, hello, its not meant to, and it looks just like my drawing. Fuck tard. So, I drew Gerard Butler in "300". Eat my shit B-Dawg!


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Sunday, November 11, 2007

TIME: 12:36pm, Sunday

Its cold outside.
It snowed a bit last night, and its still on the ground now.
Hockey was fun yesterday too.
Good times.
I'm hungry.
New film, "Sand Soldiers"


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Saturday, November 10, 2007

TIME: 10:30am, Saturday

My life is a movie.
Lemme explain, trust me, youíll want to read this.

But first, I went to see 30 Days of Night with 5 other friends last night, and it was insane. The movie was prenominal, but the adventure was better. I ditched my car, backing out of my friends driveway. I was freaking out, cause it sunk a fucking foot on one side in mud. Took 10 minutes to get it out, and we made the movie JUST in time.

Okay so, some nights I sit in bed, looking out the window, thinking itíd be freaky if a ďbad guyĒ appeared in the window. Well, one might!
Hereís how the movie goes, family is happy, family breaks up because the wife is suspecting foul play on the husbands part. They try and work things out, then a few weeks later, no dice, they call it quits for good. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing with another family, friends of the first family. They split cause the husband is a psycho, and thinks his wife is cheating with the first families husband. He is enraged and vows to eliminate the competition, going on a man hunt to kill the suspected husband.

Hereís where my bed time thoughts come in. This is fucking occurring! Yeah. I told you all my parents split in October. So, today they said its finally over, no going back. Oh well, life goes on. I come home from the movies, and my mom tells me this epic tale of mine and my dadís friend Krista, who I played baseball for all summer, she was the coach. Anyway, Kristaís now ex husband is the maniac, and is super jealous, and thinks Krista is sleeping with everything that moves, even though she would never do that. He especially thinks its my dad, cause they car pool together with my dadís best friend, who heís staying with. Well, he wants to kill my dad now basically. Literally, Iím not over exaggerating. He left for Nova Scotia, to hide, because the RCMP were notified this man was going to his brothers to get a gun and kill my dad and end everything he suspects is going on but isnít. They told my dad to leave, but he was going to go to NS today anyway to talk to his dad about the break up. Well, he left yesterday. Krista took her kids and went somewhere to, cause heís evil, and she has a restraining order against him. Mom says this maniac guy might come to my house looking for dad if he canít find him, even though he knows dad doesnít live here anymore.

Like, what the fuck! This is a movie! I must say, its all very exciting and tantalising, although... kinda scarey. I know thereís no way maniac guy will know or find my dad in NS, but heís coming home on Sunday, and hopefully the RCMP catch his bad ass by then.

Was that a story or what? Gets the blood pumping.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

TIME: 1:08pm, Friday

I hear version vibrant is coming very soon, so says my header. Nice. But doesn't a face lift for myO seem more needed?

Anyway.... blah.
This University thing is killing me. I'm so fucked haha. I'm fairly sure of what I want to do now, it recently came to me. Problem, how am I going to pay for it? I don't think scholarships apply in private universities such as the one I think I want to go to. But if I go to a University in my home province, I can get so much money automatically just because my average is above 90%.

See what I mean? Screwed!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

TIME: 7:59am, Thursday

Its two things today:
- last day of the week, of yes, 4 day weekend here.
- Supreme Court Day.

In Political Science, we are simulating the Canadian Supreme Court, the highest level of law. I'm on the Defence side of an illegal drug charge case that's really controversial. Lucky, we're ganna kick ass. Furthermore, my team is dressing up in suit and tie for the event to intimidate the other team and look super professional. Its fun ^_^

Gotta fly.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

TIME: 8:06am, Wednesday

Todayís topics:
- Avril Lavigne
- Pepsi

Let me start with Avril Lavigne. She is SO boring! I mean, could a person BE more dull? Besides being lame and thinking sheís peppy, her performances suck worse then having your dog hit by a car. Yeah.

I had to drink Pepsi last weekend because the store was out of Coke. I finally realised how shitty Pepsi was, more then I had previously thought. Its mellow, smooth going down, and has a terrible after taste, like the main ingredient in energy drinks that makes them all taste like melon... ginseng! Coke doesnít have this! I hate energy drinks! Whatís worse, Pepsi has citric acid in it! What the fuck are you Pepsi, a cola? An energy drink? 7UP!
A tragedy. I had to get that out.
I sit here with a Coke by my side, a smile on my face, and the idea that when I get home from school, I will exterminate the remaining Pepsi in the fridge.
Viva Coca-Cola!


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