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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Continuing to mess with colors. Just trying to see how unified (and dark, not to mention) I can get the site to look. Heeh.

I will not be defeated o.O I have not yet fallen to the ground.... er... yeah.

Anyway! o.o; My final audition went scarily, but people told me later that I did really well. *joy* Not to mention, they do want me for callbacks tomorrow, so I spent an hour or so today learning my music. Gack... *sigh* one of the pieces goes up to (and holds for about 4 bars) an A-flat below high C. My freaking goodness. Well, I guess I just have to try it... heeh. I've sung higher (one of my current contest pieces goes a full step higher, but I don't have to hold it... it's just a fun little cadenza), but this is still frightening. o.o;

Anyway... off I get, to work some more. Must be good singer! Must be able to hit high notes! MUST FIND CHOCOLATE! *floop*

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

   Am I allowed to gloat?

I have 300 visits. Yes, it's measely compared to Beck and Shanny and equivalent gods and goddesses, but still... In my own scary little world, it makes me happy... ^.^... o.o;...

Once again, no real time for a nice long post. Off to a voice lesson, then off to auditions. I think I'm really screwed over, but oh well, it's been fun (if trying). Good experience, certainly.

Name what web-comic this is from, and I will give you white cheddar cheese flavored popcorn. Hint, it's linked to from my website. ^.~ That should make it pretty easy, as I only have a few links to web-comics...

"I'm thinking that we're all gonna die, and there's nothing your butter knife can do, dragon-boy."

In a whiles, crocodiles. o.o;;

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Experimenting with the fun style editing stuff. My wish came true, heehee... ^.^ anyway, I'm being kicked off, so I'll write more later. Sorry for the shortness of the postness. ^.~

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

   Kenshin Costume. Wheeh.

Brought to you by... ah, heck, you probably know it already. Hail NPR and Prairie Home Companion, I worship thee.

So, a few of you know that I'm going to an upcoming anime convention in my area, and that my chosen costume is the one and only Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin. I've begun to put work into the costume now, and recently I went over to my grandma's house (she has a nice sewing machine) and had a little sewing binge. o.o;; This is coming from a person who really can't sew or deal with fabric in any way to save her life, and incidentally has a massive phobia of needles... heh. Anyway...

Progress on the hakama (pants): Iffy. Discovered after having almost completed them that I am short a bit of fabric. Also discovered that I screwed up majorly while sewing down the pleats for the pants. ALSO discovered that I screwed up the first belt (hey, I did what the directions told me... but then I noticed that the belt fabric that Kenshin has is a little different than the directions said... yeah).

Currently needing to be remedied: Improper knotting of thread on the butt-half of the hakama (that could be embarrassing, needless to say -.-"). Lack of enough fabric (54" by 4", to be exact) for the front belt. Improper stitching on the back belt. Badly-folded pleats.

Currently needing to get done: Repair all of the above. Hem the bottom of the hakama. Hem the back belt. Earn money to buy more fabric. Make the front-belt. Hem the front belt. Attach the front belt.

Progress on the kimono (top): Nonexistant. Still need to find a sewing pattern for it, and I'll need to modify it a bit. Still need to buy navy-blue fabric for the kimono itself, and thick white cotton (or maybe even flannel, something warm) for the liner.

If anyone knows where I can find a (free) sewing pattern for a very basic kimono, I'd be forever indebted... *grins*

Anyway. More style experimentation will commence later on... o.o; If someone could tell me how to set a page background, that would be lovely.

Off to my homework I go, then. Hey, at least I'm getting a B in my AP Lit class. ... though if I have to do one more style analysis paper, I think I'm going to kill something. Probably my AP Lit teacher. That'd suck, since he's an ex-cop and he'd probably beat and then sue the shirt out of me. o.o;...

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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Experiments, experiments...

Don't mind me. I'm experimenting with some stylistic elements. Wanting dark and pretty colors, I am... heeh. o.o;...

This probably is going to fail horribly, but that's ok, if it does, I'll fix it, and no one will ever know! o.O...

Edit #1: It did fail horribly, actually. *grin* trying again! *floops*

Edit #2: Continued to fail horribly. Heh. But it won't beat me down! o.O...

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A quiz...

Just one new quiz for today... from Willow's page. ^.^

You represent... apathy.
You represent... apathy.
You don't really show any emotion. You can be
considered cruel and cold, but you just don't
really care about anything. This is just the
way you are... you're quite a challenge to get
close to, and others may perceive you as

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla
Sure, I'd call it accurate... I wouldn't say other people think I'm boring, though. They just think I'm either bitchy or psycho, depending on the day... heh.

Random entry. I found a new good cereal brand. It's called Peace Cereal, it's completely vegan (unless you put milk on it, I guess... o.O), and it tastes really good... Vanilla Almond Crunch. Good things. o.o;;

Anyway, I'm off to my cello lesson in a few hours. Going to discuss learning some things that would be good for college auditions. Scary, no? Heehee... It's alarming how fast this college thing is creeping up on me. *grins* A year from now, I might even know where I'll be going... and two years from now, I could be actually there. Wow, I'm freaking out. Hee. ^.^

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Friday, January 9, 2004

   This is stupidness...

In honor of the fact that it is 12 days plus 2 days (but we don't count the last two! my lateness is overruled by my supreme lack of intelligence) past Christmas... I present, a strange new version of The 12 Days of Christmas.

I came up with this while my brother was doing his homework. Annoyed the heck out of him. Bweah.

On the 12th day of Christmas, my asylum inmate gave to me...
12 evil textbooks
11 burning lightbulbs
10 avocados
9 kodachi no bokken
8 chibi-Kenshin
7 bags of popcorn
6 broken pencils
5 shiny things
4 tiny ninjas
3 ice cubes
2 sticks of gum
And a squirrel.... ... in a tree.

You see, I don't think my true love (assuming I had one, of course) would ever give me one chibi-Kenshin, let alone 8, since he'd know I'd love the Kenshin more than I'd love my true love. And that would be sad. That's why I had to substitute "asylum inmate", even though it didn't fit...

... besides, who else would give anyone (inmates or not) ice cubes, evil textbooks, tiny ninjas, and a squirrel? ... in a tree, yes...

This bit of randomness brought to you by the Ketchup Advisory Board, and by Powdermilk Biscuits (with, as always, my apologies to National Public Radio and Prairie Home Companion).

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Thursday, January 8, 2004

Quiz run! o.o;

Yeah, the binge has finally come... meeh. o.o;

You are Jupiter...
Lucky, Careless, Philosophical.
What planet do you represent? (Anime Pictures Girls) Please Rate!!!
brought to you by Quizilla
Hmm, and fancy that. My planet is Jupiter. See, all this astrology stuff really is accurate! I AM Sagittarius! O.O;

Take the Spirit Quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.

Well, that seems more or less right. I guess I'd like to be more optimistic about my lack of direction... but oh well, I like hearing it like it is. Heeh.

Ghost or spirit: You are a lost soul. Very calm and sweet, you are often the one who asks: What if? With a clever mind, you want to explore the world on a different level. Without the answers, you aren't ready to move on. You are most likely very creative and find yourself thinking things through on a different level.
**Where will you go when you die?**(now with pics)
brought to you by Quizilla
Accurate. Though, I must ask where they got the "sweet" part from. o.O

You're the smirk, a frown-smile hybrid that's a little bit cocky and usually associated with evil or arrogant, but attractive people. You probably just don't give a damn, but it's everyone else's fault if you don't because you're too awesome to have any real faults.
What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Who said I have no faults? o.o; Still everyone else's fault, though. heeh. Oh well, I have to thank whatever group of preps turned me into my cynical self... I rather like it... *smirk*

You are Drama. You are extroverted and like to show off, but can be very subtle and intelligent when you want. As an expert at story-telling, you love attention and have developed the skill of keeping it.
You get along well with Literature and Film.
What form of art are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Okay, I have to defend myself here... ^.~ I wouldn't say I'm extroverted or that I like attention... I just love being on stage. I do like telling stories, though... heeh.

Well, sooner or later I'll get to putting these up on my website as well. Somebody kick me, I need to update. I figure, though, I'll just wait until the new computer Dad ordered arrives... it'll make things easier. Dammit, I'll have to install FrontPage again... meh...

To those of you who have not seen Rurouni Kenshin, episode #22... be glad. Never watch it. o.o; it is not worth hearing Kaoru and Sano argue over photographs and kettles! I repeat, it is not! O.O;

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Wednesday, January 7, 2004

   Freaking cold...

Chilly, this one is... o.o;;

No school again today, so all I really had to do was go to my voice lesson. Normally I walk from school to where my mom works and drive her car to my lesson, then pick her up in the afternoon... but it's very, very slushy out. Slushy enough to make walking dangerous, so I wouldn't have even tried driving... that and my house is much, much farther away from mom's work than my school.

So. Bus! >.< in the rain/snow, sitting for half an hour, waiting for the bus. Then lesson, had a chat with the guy whose lesson is after mine while my teacher copied some music for me... then back on the bus. Gah. Cold cold, wet, snow, sleet, rain, rain, rain.

Eegh, not to mention. West Side Story. We're doing that at school this year. I'm auditioning. Day I got my audition piece? Today. Day of the auditions? Monday.

Holy crap... eheh... >.<;

Happy doom for us all! Mweeh... I'm gonna go get warm now.

Oh, by the way. Out of the Kenshin fans among us... ever seen episode #22? The one with the train robbery and the pirates? ... freaking goodness, can anyone explain the weird drop in quality? >.<; My bet is that all the regular people took the day they made that episode as a vacation day, so all the interns got together and wrote, animated, and recorded it. Shirt... >.<;; That one scarred me for life. Seriously. o.o; I can't wait until I get the next DVD and can return to my high quality Kenshin goodness...

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Sunday, January 4, 2004

   ... cheese! it's a website devoted to information about dairy products! O.O;;

... and it's Canadian.

^.^ I just have to share this website (Don't ask what I was searching for when I found it)... go, read, and love Canadians forever more.



No, I don't know why I find it so funny... I'm just a very strange person who should be doing her homework. In that case... off I go! O.O; *skitter*

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