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Thursday, March 4, 2004


Wah... well, I've been busy. o.o; I'm really sorry for not being around to leave comments or anything... West Side Story is picking up, and I barely have time for my own homework. o.o; I'm just back from a dance rehearsal now, and I tell you, my poor feetses...

... anyway, chances are I'll only get busier as the days go by, as AP exams are approaching and the performance date draws near (March 30th, opening night! Less than a month! Holy crapness!). I'm still alive, if rather sore, and I'll try to get lots of writing and greeting and commenting done on weekends.

And by the way, I'm submitting a wallpaper or two that I've been working on. Fun, fun.

Love an' peace!

(Edit. Meh, forget the wallpapers... I'm too lazy to add a signature or convert them to yucky JPEGs right now.)

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Friday, February 27, 2004

   A not-so-pointless post for once?

Well, I've got a little plea for you all. It's kind of a dumb one because it involves family history/surnames/geneology/personal information and such so I doubt anyone will really be willing to answer, and it's probably a long shot anyway, but I'm gonna try this anyway. *grins*

Okay, so I've been dabbling in geneology research lately, partially for a school project and partially just because I like my family and I want to help trace my ancestry as far back as I can. An aunt of mine has discovered incredible history about my father's father's side of the family, and my wonderful mother has researched her dad's family as far back as the late 1600's when our early ancestors came over from Scotland.

Where we've run into a road block, however, is my mom's mom's family. My grandmother's parents came to the U.S. from Italy in the very early 1900's. They were both very young at the time, so we have no information about that side of my family any farther back than my great grandparents. So, here's my plea: if anyone is in contact with anyone with the surnames Sfraga or Fernicola (both of Italian origin, most likely from Sicily but we're not too sure), or better yet, if you are a member of either family yourself, I would love to get in contact with you and hopefully be able to fill in the blank spots in my family tree. The same goes (but in a slightly less urgent manner, as we've done quite a bit of work on this side of the family ^.~) for anyone of the Annin (original spelling, Annan) family from Scotland. I'm sure that anyone who is wouldn't want to say so where just anyone could come along and read it, so my preferred e-mail is webmiss@cucurbitalane.net.

Thanks very much ^.^ Love and peace to you all.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Kind of giddy right now... painkillers... hee. I bench-pressed a fair amount (considering I've been not-active for the past year... eheh...) on Monday, and I'm freaking sore, not to mention calf is kind of twingy, not to mention expecting migraines, so I'm taking painkillers... and hoo boy, do these things knock you out. *swirls* Took one yesterday too for soreness and I had the most unusual craving for the flesh of the living. Mmm, flesh. Won't eat flesh, though, so instead I melted giant wads of gouda cheese on crackers. Mmm, almost-flesh.

Short post ness, gotta run off to voice lesson, and then I'll be off to rehearsal.

I love the Costume Goddess! My costume is even more gorgeous than I thought it'd be, and I haven't even seen all of it yet ^.^; Cannot wait to see the real thing. Must take pictures. Must figure out how to work digital camera.

Must go! Love and peace!

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

   A glimpse into my world? eheh...

I am in a state of total shock.

... Dad actually threw away all of the cereal in the pantry.

... This is a very, very, very good thing.

Boxes of cereal that had expired last September were some of the earlier ones. Heh.

Yay, now I will no longer wonder if I'll survive the day after I eat cereal now. ^.^; Happy, this one is.

You recall the lime juice we found over the summer that expired in '96, I'm sure I mentioned that... *grins* welcome to my world.

"It's Pam! It's canola oil... *SPRAY* ... in a CAN!"

That was my brother, fondly nicknamed Kazu-chan, on the topic of... well, Pam. ... I repeat, welcome to my world.

Beck, may you continue to break legs. *stage-ninja-bow* I'm going to go cook an egg for breakfast.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Mom and I stopped at Denny's on the way home yesterday. ... there were flies in my lemonade.

... that was rather... disturbing?

... I wasn't too keen on their food after that... doubt I'll be eating at Denny's again any time soon. o.o;

Nuh... anyway, off I go, to get some foot things fit. This is good! Maybe I'll be able to run again! Yea!

No trenchcoat yet, by the way, we figured we should look around online for something cheaper (heh). No webcam, either, when I tried to install it, it said something along the lines of "this piece of hardware is so freaking old, it's gonna destroy your computer if you try to use it because Windows XP was made by freaking morons." Yeah... I'll just figure out how to work the digital camera, then...

Love an' peace!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

   College visitation! Oh yeah o.o;

I find this quite frightening, actually, that I am of the age at which the college visits begin... *grins* Tomorrow I'm going to visit Reed College in Oregon, and right now my mom and I are staying at my aunt and uncle's farm which is reasonable distance from the campus. I'm kind of alarmed at how quickly the time has cartwheeled past, but it's pretty cool... I'm pretty sure that my major will be Theatre, naturally, but I've also been very strongly considering music and computer graphics or programming. The way I see it, I'd like to major in theatre, then minor in music and computer graphics or programming... it's all iffy. I guess I'll sort it out when the time comes ^.^;

Driving from home to uncle and aunt's house, Mom and I stopped at a coat store... London Fog, me thinks it was, because I'd mentioned previously that I want a trenchcoat. Well, we looked around for a bit, and I found one that I really liked. In fact, I would have said, "THIS IS THE ONE!" and bought it on the spot...

... except, the price it came down to was abouy $180. I think it was $300 originally, then 40% off... yeah, about $180. I didn't want to make Mom spend that kind of money, I never like doing that... she says that if I really want it, though, we can buy it on the way home tomorrow. ^.^; I'd be very happy if we got it, it really had been what I wanted... but I guess we'll decide tomorrow. If we do get it... picture time ^.^; I'm trying to figure out how to install this ancient webcam that we have, so if I get it working, I may start posting more pictures. Easier than uploading from our digital camera, which I can't figure out how to work... eheh... *grin*

I borrowed chapter 0 of Megatokyo from a friend of mine yesterday. Read it in the car on the way down here today. It's a real laugh, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next volume... I'm also waiting for the next Rurouni Kenshin boxed set to come out, since it has the whole Kyoto Arc, and I'm thinking it'll be easier (and probably cheaper) to save up for that instead of buying all the DVD's, one by one... heh.

Now... I really, really, really need some sugar... haven't had anything with real sugar in it all day, with the possible exception of a lemonade from Subway.

Oh, and if I may... if there is anyone out here that is more experienced in the way of colleges than I... know any colleges with good emphasis on performing arts? Any with good financial aid programs? ^.~

Buenas nochas!

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Sunday, February 15, 2004


Okay, running off to dinner soon, but first I must post two things... first of all... crap, I just forgot my first thing... o.o;

... second, while I try to remember the first thing... Dagger, I did like the ending of Chobits ^.^; I have to admit, I was expecting major sadness/angst/something, but I was surprised and pleased. I guess it's hard to say, but I think it'd be worth finishing.

... still haven't thought of my first thing... blast it... *putters around for a while* Mmm! Right! I'm over 400 visits now. ^.^; I feel happy.

Dinner! *cartwheels*

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

   Life lessons?

I've learned two rather important life lessons recently... written up in my LJ, along with a little blob of interest about colleges. http://www.livejournal.com/users/aurussteelsword/

Anyway... what else... third volume of the Rurouni Kenshin manga has arrived at Anime Kingdom, so I must go out to get that! Not to mention the seventh and eighth volumes of Chobits. Anything else that I can think of? I got a little Valentine's money from my grandma, who I also baked cookies with. It's time to invent some sort of a "beam me up, scottie" accessory for computers, in which you can send actual stuff to people. Then I'd send all of you cookies, because we made over five freaking dozen. o.o;

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and a wonderful President's Day weekend. I'm on mid-winter break now, so I get the whole week off... and I'm going to visit Reed college in Oregon next Tuesday ^.^;

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

   Legal Crap for the Improvement of Society

Brought to you by Powdermilk Biscuits and the Ketchup Advisory Board (with apologies to my dear Prairie Home Companion, as always)...

Legal Crap for the Improvement of Society, Part One: The Dumbass Protection Disclaimer

Put yourself in this scenario. You get hungry one rainy afternoon. You think, "gee, One of those Campbell's soup things that you can microwave and then take with you and drink wherever you go would really hit the spot right now!" So, you go the store, buy some soup, microwave it, then drive home, humming happily to yourself the theme from Mission: Impossible. You turn a corner. Just a little too sharp. Your precious soup goes flying out of the cup and all over your lap.

"SHIRT, THAT SOUP IS FREAKING HOT!" You scream as you swerve off the road, run a stopsign, and screech to a scalded halt on the sidewalk. Who would have guessed that soup could be hot after you heat it? Why didn't anyone tell you? Why didn't, peradventure, Campbells appropriately label their microwaveable soup containers, allowing people like you to be aware that, after you heat your soup, it will be hot? Lawsuit time.

Thus, the creation of that infamous label that actually makes an appearance on Campbell's Soup-At-Hand: "Caution: This product will be hot after heating."

Upon reading this warning label, I started to wonder, how dumb must society be when we cannot take responsibility for the fact that, yes, our soup might just be hot after we heat it?

In light of this... I suggest the implementation of a "Dumbass Protection Disclaimer." This would be a little added protection to companies who make things like soup, or coffee, or mattresses that some people may feel inclined to swallow, or chainsaws that some people may feel inclined to try to stop with their hands or genitalia. A Dumbass Protection Disclaimer would limit the liability of the company in cases involving people being... well, dumbasses. For example, someone trying to stuff one's head into a GameCube would count as a dumbass, as would someone trying to inhale or consume a 1-ton block of lead. In this case, I think the term "dumbass" would encompass anyone who does not realize one of four things: one, that after you heat liquid, it becomes hot; two, that a mattress will not fit down your throat; three, that wearing a Batman costume will not allow you to fly (especially when Batman himself can't fly... go figure); and four, that if a chainsaw can slice through wood, it can probably slice through human flesh just as easily. Any other definitions of "dumbass" may be considered subjective and will be left to the court to decide. Dumbasses (or their insurance agencies) will be required to pay for all damages they cause, and may be subject to higher insurance rates.

A standard Dumbass Protection Disclaimer may run along the lines of the following: "This Company is hereby exempt from any liability in regards to damage caused, should the purchaser use This Company's products in any manner that any intelligent human being could recognize as self-destructive. Legal Jargon. Legal Jargon. Legal Jargon. If you have ever once tried to fit your head inside a GameCube, DO NOT SUE US IF YOU HURT YOURSELF. YOU WILL NOT WIN."

... Thank you very much. *tumbles offstage*

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Sunday, February 8, 2004


Sunday night. I'm sleepy. But I'm actually not busy! Truth to tell, I should be... I have a bit of studying for a test, and this one writing thing I keep meaning to do for a friend of mine... but... oh well.

West Side Story has been going well. I found out on Thursday that I won't be in the Dance in the Gym, but that's not a big deal. I know that my dancing ability is sub-normal (I have no rhythm when it comes to dancing, nor do I have grace or physical strength... heh), and besides, there are WAY too many people to have everyone dancing. Not to mention about three girls for each guy in the cast. That's a little difficult to work with.

Singing, so far, been good... I'm working hard on I Feel Pretty (yea for the harmony!) and America (also yea for the harmony! except it's REALLY hard!), and the music director is really cool. I'm so glad that they hired a music person instead of using the choir teacher... She's so flaky. o.o; Seriously. She never gets anything done. She told us that we "might not" be singing at a concert in two days. I don't know about anyone else, but I really would like a nice, firm, "yes-or-no" regarding that... *sigh*

Anyway, I've seen a few bits of my costume, and it's gonna be pretty fun. I may have to do some rather alarming hair changes... to be announced later, because I'm not entirely sure about them myself... ^.~ I can't wait to see my costumes all put together, and I'll post pictures as soon as I have them. I hope it'll be soon! The costume designer we have is a freaking GODDESS!

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Fear of long words. That SUCKS.

Anyway... off to nibble on vegetables now... *waves and throws bell peppers*

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