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Saturday, February 7, 2004

Happy thwacking!

Apologies for the lack of stuff... meh... I'm really tired and I have about no time for anything... but West Side Story is going well and I'm enjoying it.

Meanwhile, while I spend the weekend sleeping and recovering (and playing Age of Empires II)... amuse yourselves! Thwack penguins! (or pinguins, I suppose)...


Seriously. Greatest Flash game you'll ever play.


Edit. Can someone explain this to me?
Walloonphobia: Fear of the Walloons.
What the hell is a Walloon? O.O;

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Tuesday, February 3, 2004


Kinda sick again... curses... I've had a sore throat since Saturday, and I'm guessing it's partially because I do a lot of shouting in my scenes for the Black Box Show. At least I get to stay home today, though... slept until 1 in the afternoon. Hah.

Anyway... off to do some very belated writing for a friend of mine. Ta-ta!


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Thursday, January 29, 2004


I just found out some good things. ^.^ In regards to West Side Story... I am now Consuela! *grins* I get a speaking role! YEA!

The gal who was playing Consuela dropped out. I have my personal opinions of her reasoning for doing so, but they're tucked happily into my LiveJournal, and I don't feel like repeating them now that I'm happy.

Not to mention... Black Box Show opens tonight. Excited, this one is. ^.^ Anyway, call is in half an hour, so I'm just waiting for my ride.

Night all!

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Monday, January 26, 2004

Nerds. Yay.

23.80952380952381% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

No real time to post much else... off to a cello lesson shortly, and I haven't really eaten anything today besides some crackers. o.o; joy.

(Funny, I did think I was more of a nerd than that... oh well.)

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Ph33r me and my 1337 skillz. @.@;;

.... I can't believe I just wrote that.

Anyways. I made a quiz! I've been hacking away at this one for a few days now, and I'd love it if people could try it out and tell me what you think of it.

What kind of puzzle are you?

Thanks a bunch. It's probably buggy, so please tell me if something doesn't work.

I vary between Riddle and Jigsaw, myself, it seems. o.o;

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

not bad, not bad at all...

So. Vocal contest today. Woke up, ate breakfast for once, left for the 40-minute drive... warmed up and practiced a bit, then I went and sang.

I... can't believe it, I forgot a load of stuff that my voice teacher had said... meh... I don't know what happened, I just sort of blanked. Well, I guess it's to be expected, as I've only been taking voice lessons for 6 months now. Still, I came off with a 2+ (the best rating you can get is a 1), which means I don't qualify for state, but I still did well.

Got a three-day weekend. Happy. Rehearsal on Monday, though. Bleh. Not to mention, Kline (drama teacher/head director for my theatre group) got a little ticked yesterday because only about half of us showed up for rehearsal. There's some people in this group that I seriously want to kill...

But enough of that. I'm happy with my 2+, and with the fact that I got an 86% on my final for AP Statistics. Boom, boom. I'm dreading the results of my AP Lit final, but I'm rather interested in how my auto shop final went... too bad that's only a 1-semester class, it was fun...

Well, goodnight everybody. Retiring to my roleplaying, I am.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

   Fwee. Solo contest.

Well, Beck already knows what I got in West Side Story... I am in the chorus. ^.^ Okay, to be perfectly honest, I'm a bit bummed that I didn't get a speaking role, but hey, at least I got in. For my first musical ever, I'd say that's not bad. As for the gal who got Maria... she deserves it. Greatest dancer I've ever seen, and she's a really nice person, too.

It's going from audition to performance to performance now... my freaking gods... I have a vocal contest coming up on Saturday. Been preparing for this one for upwards of two months, though, so I feel really prepared for it ^.^ I can't wait. I hope I do well... if I get a good score, I'll have a chance at going to state level.

Lessee... finals left? Beginning drama, auto shop, and history. Dangit, I NEED to memorize my script. I've been putting it off because of all this STUFF going on, and now it's too late... >.<; I haven't even started to memorize my monologue part of the final either, and it's freaking first period tomorrow... *sigh* Oh well. Looks like it's time for another all-nighter... gimme the chai tea with caffiene. @.@; Bloody finals...

Me brother is useless. Can't read kanji. Bloody brother.

I'm done being angry now! x.X and I leave you yet again with some of the nonsense of Ogden Nash to brighten your day.

Tell me, o Octopus, I begs
Is those things arms, or is they legs?
I marvel at thee, Octopus,
If I were thou, I'd call me Us.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Now all I need to do is hack Microsoft o.o;;

Oh, joy, the new computer is up and running! Along with a newer and faster version of DSL. Man, this thing is lightning. *zooms* and I thought our old modem was fast... whee. ^.^

So, I just had to go and re-download all of my instant messengers (I'm thinking of getting ICQ too, but I don't know much about it, nor do I know many who have it), so consequently I have a new AIM screenname. I am now... "aurus the dark"! Bwa... "aurus" was taken, yes, so I embellished my usual alias a little. Besides, I just got Photoshop installed, so I'll have a chance to redo my inner dragon's colors a bit. More to come.

Who woulda thunk that my parents would find so much pocky in Vancouver! o.o; They brought be a bunch of different kinds... strawberry mousse, chocolate decor, some sort of milk cream kind, "PockyG" (truth to be told, I'm a little afraid to try that one... o.o), and... pumpkin flavored pocky. No, don't recoil in surprise, it's actually really good!

Must sleep. Gotta be awake in the morning. Gotta find out what part I got in West Side Story. Damn, I'm excited about that! Hey, it means I'll get some aerobic excersize, finally. ^.^

I'll leave you with a little Ogden Nash... I love the man's work. Genius, all of it.

So courteous, the Japanese-
He always says, "excuse it, please."
He climbs into his neighbor's garden,
And smiles, and says, "I beg your pardon."
He bows and grins a friendly grin,
And calls his hungry family in.
He grins and bows a friendly bow-
"So sorry, this is my garden now."

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Cats and Pills

The parents are away for their anniversary, and my brother is staying at a friend's house this weekend. The only thing that could have made this weekend better was if we'd set up the new computer before Mom and Dad left, instead of planning on doing that after they come home...

Oh, yes, and if I'd been able to stay at home instead of staying at my grandmother's house. Now, I love my grandmother and she is the sweetest old lady in the world, but... her computer is so old and so bad that when we tried to set up DSL on it, it went slower than her old 56K. Not to mention, I never have time on my own because she's always wanting to run around and do stuff. You wouldn't believe how long it took to convince her that no, we did not have to clean my room and that I would do it on Monday. Gah.

One of my cats got in a fight (he does that a lot) and came home with a bite wound on his tail, so we've been giving him some medicine to keep it from getting infected or otherwise bad. I am very, very inexperienced at giving cats pills, you see. ^.~ Always had the parents around to do that. So, last night was my first time, and that was a bit of an adventure.

Attempt #1: Asked cat politely if he would just eat the silly pill, because he's a good kitty and a smart kitty and he loves me very much.
Result: No luck.

Attempt #2: Picked up cat and petted for a long, long time, then tried giving him pill wrapped in slices of roast beef from the deli.
Result: Cat does not like roast beef.

Attempt #3: Mushed up some cheese and stuffed pill inside after setting cat on table.
Result: Cat licked it until the cheese fell apart and left the pill.

Attempt #4: Put some Fancy Feast canned food on a plate and hid the pill in that, hoping that cat would mistake the pill for some of the food.
Result: Cat ate all the wet food but left the pill.

Attempt #5: Repeated attempt #4, just in case.
Result: Same.

Attempt #6: Grabbed cat and held the squirming bugger upside down while grandmother forced his mouth open, stuffed the pill in, and held mouth shut until he swallowed it.
Result: Success.

Conclusion: Cat is far more intelligent than previously assumed and seems to be aware of the meaning of the word "pill".

(Yes, he is a very intelligent thing... when we take him to the vet, he gets out of the box on his own, and when the vet's done with him, he hops right back into the box. It's sooo cute.)

Anyway... I'm going to get breakfast for meeh. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day (tomorrow, but oh well)!

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Saturday, January 17, 2004


... I have to wait until Tuesday to see the cast list... apparently the people who are directing the musical haven't decided yet. Is that a good sign? It either means that a lot of people did really well, or everyone sucked... hee. *grins* Of course, from what I heard and saw at the callbacks, it's looking like the former ^.~

Just back from the animal shelter... I kneeled in cat food twice, and cut myself twice. Bad day. heh.

Anyway, goodnight all, and happeh weekend! o.o;

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