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Thursday, April 1, 2004


Hoo. Boy.

Well. Opening night for West Side Story was last night... I don't even have time to finish all my homework, but my mom is having a wonderful time untangling my hair from the mind-boggling 'do that the hairdressers put it up in, so I'm using my time wisely ^.~

Anyway, I feel bad that I haven't had time to comment and stuff... not to mention, I finally downloaded all of PMK, and I'm sooo anxious to watch and see all this wonderful and angsty things that you people keep tantalizing me with! Gah! ... anyway, yeah... our last show is Saturday, and assuming that I finish making up all of the homework I'm missing, I'll drop comments wherever I can fit them to make up for my make-up slathered absence.

Oh, yes. I will post pictures of the show if I can. *grins* Just because I am so amazed that so much make-up and hairspray can actually fit on one person without spontaneously combusting.

I hope you all have a really great week! *waves*

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Sunday, March 28, 2004


... be afraid ...


For anyone who doesn't know (and I guess I pity anyone who thinks I'd mutilate myself so badly for no reason at all), this is for West Side Story. Not to mention, it'll make attaining a good Kenshin-red for SakuraCon a lot easier.


EDIT! Dude! This was totally unintentional at the time of the trimming, but... dude! I look like Edward from FMA!


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Friday, March 26, 2004


Gee, Officer Krupke, you're really a square - this boy don't need a judge, he needs an analyst's care! It's just his neurosis that needs to be cured - he's psychologically disturbed!

... Four days until our first preview! *BUZZBUZZBUZZ* Okay, until today, I thought the whole cast had ADD or something and that we wouldn't be able to pull this thing off... but I think we're finally getting off the ground. I think this is gonna be pretty darn cool as long as people stay focused and my voice comes back.

I actually got home before dark today. Now I'm gonna chill and be happy and watch the 24th FMA.


We are sick, we are sick, we are sick sick sick - we are sociologically sick!

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Monday, March 22, 2004

   Mmm, plea?

A question have I. o.o; really, I'll be going off to bed soon, but first I must know.

How do you take screencaps? I tried the method of pressing Alt+PrntScreen that works with most other stuff, but I guess it doesn't work with DivX player, does it.

*chews on her plans for a Kenshin plushie* ... Beeeck? Do you want an angry-Okita or a happy-Okita plushie?

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Quiz binge! Whoo!

*buzzes* So, I was just over at the Costume Goddess' house, watching her dye people's hair so I would be a bit less afraid when I had to do mine... but all is good now. She says I can come over next week and she'll bleach mine... and after she show, she'll dye mine red for SakuraCon too. ^.^; I'm happy.

Anyway. These first two stolen from Tigress, and the last bunch are from Shanny. I've never really wondered what I'd be like if I were a guy... I'm usually so introspective that I think I would have thought about that more. But that probably just makes me sound weird, heeh.

You're a living riddle...
Mysterious Guy! The living riddle! You are smart, a
kind of a mysterious loner and you love to talk
in riddles, girls can't resist that. Great for
What kind of Boy are you?

Hm. o.o; Well, I can't say that I expected anything in particular... *shrug*

Your weapon is a Dao!
Dao! The chinese Kung-Fu Sword!
What's your Weapon?

Hmm... sweet. *evilgrin*

You're Element is Flame. You have a strong,
independant, fiery personality and you
obviously don't ley other's puch you around.
You like being in charge and don't care what
other people think. In fact, you like to stand
out and be yourself. You're probably shy when
people first meet you but your a ball of energy
that could explode at any given moment. You
like to laugh and whether you admit it or not,
you like to fight. You're peronality that is
wild and untamable. You're beauty is physically
fit and a little sexy and you have a very
pretty face.
What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)

Hm... I guess it's partially true. I don't lead well at all, but when I'm around my friends with ample caffiene, I can turn into an insane ball of energy. Besides, I'm a Sagittarius, so my element is fire whether or not the quiz thinks so. Hee.

Dark shadow. Something has drawn you into darkness
in the past, and you're now trying to get out
of it. The darkness is already inside you, and
getting it out will be hard, but if you try,
maybe one day you can be who you want to be
again. Don't give in!!!
What kind of dark person are you?

Meh. More or less. *shrugs*

Well, I must run off and do homework and such now... I don't have very much. Then later when Mom comes home, we're going to drive out to Good Will and look again for a good trenchcoat. Joy.

Just downloaded 22nd and 23rd FMA... will watch upon return... *buzz*

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   ... *beats*

Just saw episode 20 of FMA... and... yes, I do hate Barry now. Very much so. He's so... that's so... wah! So cold!

.... *shutting up before she spoils something for other people* ... eh. Well, can I get one of those "I Hate Barry" badges as well, please?

... mm, by the way. I hit 500 visits yesterday, I think. Happy me. ^.^;

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

   Mmm, essays...

Time for a mock-AP exam in AP Lit! Aaagh!

... actually, I think I did decently. Today's essay was a persuasive essay, and the topic was whether or not entertainment rots the brains of society.

Mwaha. I feel evilishly good, because part of my evidence to challenge the statement was anime and it's underlying deep-ness! Hee... I exceeded the limits of my usual intellect at 7:30 in the morning, talking about Trigun. I think I said something like it "delves into the human mind and explores the philosophies of peace and self-sacrifice versus self-protection and hate."

Must... extole... virtues of anime... to... all who will listen... o.0;;

Heh heh. Well, I'm gonna do my best to avoid getting sick, now... my brother has strep throat, and I woke up this morning with a sore throat... this is royal badness. >.<; I cannot get sick! Must not be sick! Show in TWO FREAKING WEEKS! Must be healthy!

... *keels over*

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   First Impressions.

First things first... Happy St. Patrick's Day. I'm not actually wearing any green right now... come to think of it, I don't own a whole lot of green. Maybe I should have got one of those buttons that say "Kiss me, I'm Irish!"... even though I think I'm only about 1/16th Irish... eheh... oh well. "Kiss me, I'm Scottish!"... Ahh. That works much better.


Back to where I was originally headed!

I've seen up to episode 14 of Full Metal Alchemist. Definitely good things, I'm very satisfied with it all. To sum up my impressions without spoilers, I have to say it's extremely poignant and surprisingly intellectual, with enough "cute" moments that you're not overwhelmed by angst or seriousness.

I've seen up to episode 3 of Peace Maker Kurogane, and for only having seen that far, I am VERY impressed. The quality of the animation seems pretty darn good, and I'm really, really curious and dying to see more. Tetsu struck me as pretty annoying at first, but he's not so bad. Maybe it's just that he reminded me of Yahiko a lot at first... heh. Okita is ultimate coolness... something of a shock to find out who he was at first, but wow... even by the third episode, I can recognize the underlying badassness. Hee.

My only other comment on PMK... that pig thing. It scares me. o.o;...

Well, off I go. Must find sugar. *continues to sacrifice for the quickness of her downloads*

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Sunday, March 14, 2004


Uncontrollable joy. Screaming, burning, soaring, screeching happiness.

I FINALLY found meself a Chicago RECORD!

... ^.^; Not-so-little-known-fact about Aurus: she LOVES Chicago (the band). A slightly less-known-fact about Aurus: one of her many life goals is to collect all of Chicago's record albums.

I am one two-record-set closer to victory. Huzzah.

... oh, and I watched the 6th FMA today. Awesome stuffs. Also watched the first PMK. More awesome stuffs. Must sacrifice more things of value to keep downloads running! *frantic running-in-circles* *burns a package of Neccos*

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


mkay. I'm kinda happy today. *gringrin*

Got out of school early. Have a voice lesson in an hour. Got my orthodics. They fit in my regular shoes AND my dance shoes. Just watched the second episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. Downloading the third episode.

I am happy! Heeheeh.

Ah, and Red? There is now a banner that proudly proclaims, "I brake for Full Metal Bishounen" just for you.

And you better like it! *pokes and grins* I couldn't find any good images to use, so I had to find a manga scan and color it meself. Hoo boy.

Well, I hope it is up to your standards!

It's been a good day. FMA is good thingses. If I can ever manage to catch up on FMA, I'll start downloading that other one that Beck likes... was it... Peace Maker something?

Love and peace!

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