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Saturday, January 3, 2004

   *stabs thankyou notes and tech support*

... well, I spent over two hours on the phone with an MSN tech support person to try and get DSL working again. It quit out at some point last night, so I spent nearly 18 hours in internet withdrawl. Oh dear. o.o;; I think I might be addicted...

Someone remind me never to call tech support again... and always remember! When in doubt, uninstall and reinstall the program in question. That was all I needed to do, as I discovered after the evil tech man walked me through about fifteen different things that had no effect, and had me restart the computer maybe ten times. You know, these people really don't know much... half of what he was saying, you could tell by how he was talking that it was complete BS... know what I mean?

I also discovered something... total number of songs that MSN tech support has recorded to play for you on hold?
Two. TWO FREAKING SONGS, over and over and over and over... oh my freaking goodness. o.O

Uhm... yeah. Lesson, lesson... if your computer is evil, just kick it. Saves time.

Not to mention... thank you notes. I really loathe writing thank you notes, but since it has to be done, I might as well make it interesting. So, I drew a very scary chibi-Tracy flapping her arms about and screaming "Thank You!!!", with room on the side for a little note and a vague signature. If I ever get the inclination, I'll post the scary chibi-Tracy... clutch your teddybears tight, my friends, nightmares follow in the wake of my horrible chibi-me. >.<;

Anyway... so, it's 2004, isn't it. Leap year... It already feels like a nicer year than 2003... after all, I got off work early today because the roads might have gotten icy. Hee ^.~

Anyway... that's all from me for now. The Official Aurus' Favorite Word Of The Year For 2004: SMITE.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Everyone seemed to be taking this one, so I figured... why not. Seems appropriate, doesn't it.

You are...theOtaku.
You are...theOtaku itself!

You're no newbie to the online anime scene,
and everyone respects you. After all, a
long time (and a name change or two ago!)
you're the one who started everything
off. You evolve slowly, but everyone knows
each change is worth the wait. You've
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everyone can depend on you to be there.

Which theOtaku site are you?
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My New Years Resolutions... Get some excersize and start reconditioning my calf. Start to self-study Japanese. Get my name out somewhere where it'll boost my acting career. Visit colleges in fun places. Decide on one college that I really want, but won't be crushed if I have to go somewhere else. Get me grades up. Not be lazy about schoolwork. Get a high rank in the upcoming Solo/Ensemble vocal contest. Figure out how to say "still water runs deep" in Japanese, AND how to write it in kanji. Practice cello, voice, and piano more than I have been. Learn how to sightread better on the piano.... stop eating all these chocolates I got for Christmas. ^.~

Oh. And, convince my parents to let me get a tattoo. Okay, more than one tattoo. I don't expect that. Heeh.


Well, I'm off in a few hours to go to the animal shelter and put in my time... Happy New Years, people, and love and peace in 2004! ^.^ *hugs and sparkling apple cider all around*

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Roleplaying on Furcadia, but I haven't posted here in a while... Family visited the Quinault Rain Forest over the weekend ^.^ It was... snowing... heeh. I like temperate rainforests. Got a picture of meeh standing by the largest Sitka Spruce tree in the world. ... Joy. ^.^

Shanny, your banner request... certainly ^.^ any particular text you want on it?

My Christmas was Kenshin-ful indeed. ^.^ Got the first two volumes of the Rurouni Kenshin manga... ahh, the floofiness! ... *pets* Happiness, oh, floofiness...

Went to see the Return of the King for the first time today. Okay, so it's been a while since I read the book, but... seems to me like they butchered it pretty thoroughly, didn't they... oh well. I still liked it. There was one moment, when Aragorn was kissing Arwen, when I thought, "oh, gods, I think he actually WASHED HIS HAIR!" ... then the camera panned... "ah, nope, just the light... meh." Well, it was a hopeful thought while it lasted. ^.~ I think I was the only one in the theatre who wasn't crying by the end of the movie. I don't cry in movies much... I cried when I was watching Trigun, though, when... well, I won't say anything, don't wanna spoil anything for people who haven't seen it... cried at the end of Cowboy Bebop, too.

Heeh, anyway... working tomorrow night at the animal shelter for a few hours, then it's off to good times, staying up past midnight... though, unlike the usual, it includes cider and explosions. Mweeh. ^.^

... *likes fireworks* ... I can't normally drink cider, it's odd... I've sort of barred carbonated drinks from my diet for the past couple of years, to keep my voice in happy good health, but I make an exception for New Years. Hurts, though, drinking fizzy things when you're not used to them... meh. Cider is good. *grins* off I go, back to my roleplaying...

... SNOW! IT SNOWS! ... *mwees happily* shutting up now!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Happy holidays, and love and peace.

Love and cheer to everybody, peace on earth, and a very happy holiday, whatever it be that you celebrate. ^.^ I'll be working the night away at the animal shelter, since not a lot of people are willing to work on Christmas eve, and I have no life whatsoever. *grins*

Always remember... Love and peace! ^.~

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Stalker for life, I am!

At the request of Beck and Tigress... ^.^

Yay for the stalkers... I couldn't really get Legolas' eyes to show up well. Something about real being's eyes... heh. Vash's eye came out really well, though, as did Spike's... ^.~

Anyway... finished up the last of my christmas shopping today - finally! Traffic is murder, the mall was crammed... I had very little money this year, but I did have a load of gift cards to Borders... ^.~ I'll post a little holiday doodle up here sooner or later, if I ever finish it. *grins*

Happy frickin' holidays! ^.^

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Monday, December 22, 2003

   It looked fun...

computer hacking
I'm better at computers than you are, I know who
you are and what you do online... Muahahaha

What Less Than Legal Act are YOU? (includes pictures)
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Mmm. I'm a hacker. o.o;

... *grins* Well, it looked entertaining.

Anywayy... I need to go finish my christmas shopping. But I'll probably do that tomorrow, since Good Ol' Dick Cheney is visiting the town, so all the streets around the mall are closed off. Man... I thought traffic was bad yesterday... o.O

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Sunday, December 21, 2003


I just have to say that the two most powerful songs I have ever heard are probably "Call Me Call Me" and "Blue" from Cowboy Bebop.

*wistful sigh* both so pretty, and both so sad, but I love them so much. It's so funny how songs in a major key can be more sad and poignant than something in minor, isn't it... I wish I had the talent that Yoko Kanno posesses, she's so incredible.

Well, that's all from me for now. Going out for a sort of birthday lunch thing tomorrow... but for now, sleepytime! I'm so glad it's winter break...

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Saturday, December 20, 2003

   Not much to say...

... I'm picking away at my fanfic idea, it has been slowly started...

... but I'm listening to my newly-acquired (birthday gift! EEEH!) Cowboy Bebop CD Boxed Set, so I'm in no mood to write. Heeh... I love Bad Dog No Biscuit! And I must, must, must find sheet music for Adieu (already got it for Piano Bar 1, hee...)...

... anyway. I just wanted to bring up something kind of funny that happened in a conversation recently. Some friends of a friend were talking about this one incident where one of them had nearly cut his thumb off opening a pocket knife. Someone said that the moral of the story was "Don't play with knives."

... I thought about it too much and burst out laughing... Nobody got it, of course. But that's just me and my Trigun-ness. Don't play with knives, kiddies.

As I said to my english teacher yesterday on the last day of school this year... Happy Frickin' Holidays! ^.^

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Friday, December 19, 2003

   Joey the Phone...

I had this excellent idea for a new FanFic... actually, I have two ideas for new FanFics, but one is kind of dull and serious, and the one I really like right now is looking like it could be hilarious. I won't say too much about it, but imagine that Monev the Gale is somehow unable to arrive for the filming of Diablo (what was that, episode... 12?) and they had to pick the 13th guy on the list of possible Gung-Ho Guns to fill in...

... *evil grin* I must credit my friend Alex for this idea, she got it all started. I'm just blowing it into insane proportions.

Ta-ta, everyone. Burn that creeepy image of Legato onto the backs of your eyelids and fear him forever more. O.O;

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Today is a very special day.

... And no, surprisingly, I'm not talking about The Return of the King.

... *is abruptly lynched*

... well, RotK IS special. But this is something that I find just a bit more so.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brother's first flight in Kittyhawk, NC. I was shocked at how few people had any idea of this at school today. In fact, no one I mentioned it to had any clue. Maybe I'm just a freak of nature with an engineer for a late grandfather, but I find that to be a pretty special day.

Especially with the thing going on with people trying to make replicas of the Wright Flyer and fly them, down in Kittyhawk. My grandfather wanted to go and see the attempts (and apparently the Discovery Channel will be doing a thing on that later tonight - which I WILL be watching!), and I wanted to go with him. It was something that I know he would have given almost anything to go see, and it's something that I'm incredibly sad to miss - after all, the next 100th anniversary won't happen within my lifetime.

My grandfather died a little over a year ago, shortly before Thanksgiving of 2002; he was 85 years old, and just one year short of the centennial anniversary.

Anyway... I'm off to go find lunch before my voice lesson, and to go watch the planes. There is something of a parade of small planes going through the sky, and it's beautiful to watch.

Anyway... *sighs* hard to believe that tomorrow I'll turn 17 ^.~ It's interesting... my mom and I were talking this morning before school, and she said it was probably a good thing that I was born the 18th instead of the 17th - otherwise Grandpa would probably have insisted that I be named either Wilbur or Orville. Heh... that would be... interesting...

Well, that's all for me today. Doubt I'll be on later, as my family is having my birthday dinner tonight instead of tomorrow, for the sake of convenience. See you all later, and have a very happy Centennial Anniversary! ^.^

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