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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

... oh my freakin' gods...

Found this while randomly searching around for a picture of a Chocobo.



Warning. This'll scar you for life... heeh...


... you've been warned. ^.~

(Edit... this is really cute, too... same artist. KAWAII! O.O; http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/fanq/s/t/staisch2/kenshin.jpg.html )

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Time is good.

Wow... now, it's hard for me to describe how much I hate shopping... but I'm actually quite proud of myself. In the space of an hour and a half, I took care of six people on my list-of-people-to-get-gifts-for. In... two stores! O.O; That's an accomplishment for me.

The stores being... Barnes & Noble, and... Anime Kingdom. Whoa, bet you didn't see that coming. o.o;

Yeah... I can actually spend time in Anime Kingdom... partially because one of the people who works there is a friend of mine, so most of what we do is talk while I sort of half-browse through stuff and oogle at pretty new things. Well, I managed to buy gifts for six people and not spend more than $40, so I feel quite accomplished... I just have three relatives and two friends left to buy for.

Heh... heh... upon request... ^.^; two more Who Do You Break For bannerthings. Wow, they're popular, I didn't think I'd actually get requests... hee. Anyway... behold! O.O;


Well... enjoy! ^.^; New colors... yes... whooshy... sparkly... *oogles*

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Bad. *evilgrin*

Upon request... ^.^ a specific Who Do You Brake For banner...

*grins* have fun. Now... off to my homework! HYAAAAAH!

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... actually, I'm more awake than I expected to be... o.o; and feeling slightly better than yesterday. My nose is kind of worse, though, all runny... blech... maybe it means my sinuses are draining, though. Maybe they're clearing up. Good things.

So. I saw on the front page of MSN news thingy that they captured Sadaam. It's good that they found him, I guess, and that we have him in custody... but on a message board I frequent, there were a couple people saying that they think we should execute him and air it on TV.

... okay, I'm going to try not to rant too much here, but I just think that's really scummy. It's bad enough that the US has to butt in everywhere and get involved in everything. Bad enough that so many innocent people are being killed. But, executing someone and airing it on public television? Does that make the US look any better?

... gar. I'm not making sense... I can't really get all my thoughts into coherent sentences right now. Cold medecine and sinus headaches are making me a little incomprehensible.... bleh...

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Saturday, December 13, 2003


Well, I hit 200 visits... I'm so far behind all the rest of you, but... that's ok! ... I'm slow. Hee... heh...

Still sick, too. Oh, yay. >.<; And very sleepy. I went to bed at ten last night... probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. o.o; anyway... uhm... I made a special banner thing for the PPT's of THAT... it's not up on the site because I don't want random people snagging it, but I'll link to it from here. http://www.cucurbitalane.net/that/ppt.png

Yay for the PPT's. ^.^

Uhm... I'll probably do alternate colors for the Who Do You Brake For banners, just because I'm gonna be lazy all weekend while I heal... and I'll do more specific ones, too. Not just Spike-alluding ones ^.~ if you have a request for a certain character you want to scream out that you brake for... please do say so! I like making banners! I'm obsessive! I have no life! EEEH!


So... what's the question of the night?

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Friday, December 12, 2003

   I cannot taste the peppermint in my tea... o.o;

Now, I am not normally fond of bright colors (can't tell by looking at my banners, can you o.o; ), but I felt that my current mood needed a little sickening brightness...

I'm still sicky-sick-sick, but I don't think I'm getting any better... at least I could smell and taste my peppermint tea I made yesterday. Today, I can't smell or taste anything, even after sinus-clearing medicine, and nasal spray, and good nose-blowing, and sitting with a warm, wet rag over my face to clear out my throbbing sinuses... I cannot taste my peppermint tea. And yet, I'm still getting that "burning cold" reaction that peppermint gives you. It's an odd feeling.

Uhm... I'm going to go sleep now. I want to miss school tomorrow... Seriously... I don't know why I'm going...

... oh wait, I do... 10 Absence Rule. Can't have more than 10 absences per semester in any one class or you lose credit. *violent swearing* I haven't been skipping! I've just been sick and hurting a lot more than normal. I don't think being vegetarian is helping my state of well-being... I want some meat. >.<; not that I could tell if anyone had fed me meat anyway... *sigh* well, if they're serving Teriyaki beef at school tomorrow, I'll eat it. Stupid cows... I'm not feeling any sympathy for the slaughtered cows at the moment... that'll come when I'm well again. >.<;


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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


I think I got really used to being constantly busy, while rehearsals and things were going on. See, now that rehearsals are over (for now, at least), I haven't really been able to fill up my time to the point that I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off, screaming "I'VE GOT TOO MUCH TO DO," I find myself doing strange things.

Like making far, far too many THAT banners. *evil grin*

... and putting them all up on a website so they're more permanent and easier to add to your otaku site thingy. *more evil grin*

Anyway... view all the new additions at http://www.cucurbitalane.net/that/

Myself, I'm quite fond of the "Who Do You Brake For" banners...

Anyway... >.> ... oh, yes. If anyone knows where I can snag a free, remotely-hosted script for a random or rotating image generator, I would be much obliged... I can't remember the place that I usually go for such scripts, and it's a little irksome not to be able to have them at hand. Anyway... enjoy the newer banners!

... *runs away* ... *isn't quite healthy yet, but is hungry for something sweet*

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Tuesday, December 9, 2003

   It's amazing...

... what happens to your brain when you can't speak for two days, then on the third day, you find that your voice has returned! ... but... behold, there is no one to speak to. o.o; Yeah... I've been talking to myself all day... heeh.... instead of doing my homework, may I add.

Well... I'm sort of doing my homework... it's here on my lap... o.o; Evil statistics. Oh well. I missed a quiz, which I'll have to make up on Thursday. Meh. *sighs* Must leave the computer before the parents come home and find me here without my homework finished... *tootles*

oh! yes... I'll make some more THAT banners tonight, and I'm trying to find a code that will allow banner rotations or something like that... I may just have them all listed up on a webpage or something to make it easier. *shrugs* well... ta-ta. Die, statistics. *stabs*

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Monday, December 8, 2003

   ... *chokes on a lung*

... *is sick with a chest cold sort of thing*

... *is coughing*

... *is not able to speak well*

... here, have a bucket of phlegm... >.<;;;

... *wants to watch Samurai X, but is not sure they have it at Blockbuster's and isn't able to leave the house anyway, so it doesn't matter*

... *is going to call Mom and ask her to check at Blockbuster's*


... *her mom might not have time to check at Blockbuster's, but oh well*

... *is going to take some more vitamin C tablets*

... *waves bye-bye*

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Saturday, December 6, 2003

Just because I know you all want to hear about it! O.O;;;

er... probably not, but... that's ok... I'll talk anyway...

Dracula. Dracula, Dracula, Dracula. Actually, we re-named it, Mors Ex Umbrae. There's a problem with the name, I thought... it sounds too much like a rather lewd offer... >.<; but it's latin, it means Death from Shadows...

Anyway! *swirls* Opening night went pretty well, I thought. *grins* There were no major mishaps, I didn't hurt anything or anyone... the ballroom dancing scene went quite well, as far as I was concerned. Thursday night, things were better. A couple of my friends came to see it on Thursday, and they had a few criticisms, but that was to be expected, as the play was student-written and student directed. I don't think they were unpleased, though. ^.^; the biggest complaint was that Dracula-person when he's calling out to Lucy-person, sounds almost exactly like the guy from I Love Lucy. ... seriously. Still, Thursday has been the best so far. The audience was great and they really got into things... they laughed at the right places, they had appropriately nervous laughter at appropriate places, they were even scared... they even GASPED when Dracula killed Gretchen at the end. Gods, it was awesome. My friends even shouted over to Gretchen-person after the performance that she was the best out of everyone. I have to agree, Ali is a really good actress, and she fits the role perfectly.

Today's show, however... it wasn't bad, but I think the energy was kinda low. There were a few slip-ups here and there... a butler in the ballroom scene dropped his platter of drinks and spilled them all over, so everyone was walking through pools of "brandy" and "wine" (really just colored water). I actually forgot to get my sword for my scene as the executioner, which I noticed about halfway through. >.<; that was SO close to being an utter disaster. Fortunately, I managed to tell Gretchen-person (who kills me later on) to just strangle me instead of cutting my throat, and everything kind of smoothed itself over. No worries. I was pacing, though, before the show... I wasn't really nervous - the only thing that makes me really nervous is uncertainty - but I just couldn't stop walking around. I annoyed a couple of people, but there wasn't really anything I could do...

Well... I'm going to go sleep now. I've been up past midnight every night this week because I've had so little time, I end up doing most of my homework after I get home and eat something... and taking off my stage make-up is impossible. I never wear make-up at all, so this whole putting-evil-sticky-stuff-on-my-face-and-then-washing-it-off-with-cold-evil-sticky-cream is kind of new to me... o.o; I cannot believe that there are people who willingly go through this every day.

Well... off I go. *splatters away*

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