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Thursday, October 30, 2003

   Sure, why not.

Moon Goddess
Goddess of the Moon. You are usually somewhat sad
or solemn, but no one knows why. You love the
luminous glow of the moon.

What Goddess Are You? (Girls) (Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla


Well, then... FanFiction.net people that I know here? Shudder in fear, because I've been writing a little. I might actually finish up Chapter 3 of Coincidence soon... seriously, though. I've made progress.

And just to make it clear here and now... because don't try to deny it, I know some of you are thinking, "ah, gods! no! she's gonna write a sappy romance!" ... it's not gonna be. ^.~ no Mary Sue stories for me, nope... sadly, that's all I can say... *evil grin* want to keep the suspense. Because I'm sure there's two people out somewhere who want to keep reading.

Anyway... *slurps her milkshake* I'm going now... ZZZZ...

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Hmmm. Quote of the day.

"I ate a man's brain because he said I was stupider than him, and you know what, now I feel smarter. Isn't that neat?"

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I made couscous thismorning! I love couscous... but I hate the little freeze-dried peas that they always put in the package, so I took all of those out. When my brother was bugging me, I grabbed a handful, and said, "Indeed.... PEAS!" and chucked them at him.

Then later on, while I was trying to talk to a friend on the phone and at the same time get the water boiling, my brother grabbed a handful of peas and chucked them at me.

Heh... it was rather amusing... though, now when anyone walks through the kitchen, little freeze-dried peas keep exploding under their feet. Like little land-mines! I feel so evil! *cackle*

Uh... oh. And the reason I haven't been around lately? Improv Show. Theatre group is really starting to kick in. *grins* busy, busy, busy! Auditions for Dracula are coming up, so I'm getting really hyped up.

And... other than that... I'm sure I've mentioned that I'm performing at a friend's wedding next Friday... Halloween, yes... well, I was thinking it'd be kind of cool to have a Victorian-ish, gothic sort of lacy frilly dress, you know, kind of spooky but feminine at the same time... I was going to rampage the state in search of a vintage clothing store, but it turns out my cello teacher has one! So I'll be using that instead. Maybe I'll post pictures. *grins* It's absolutely gorgeous... which reminds me, I should make sure it fits! I might have to make some alterations - I know it's too long - but I think it's really gorgeous.

Anyway... that's all for now!


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Saturday, October 11, 2003


Sleepyyy.... just home from working at the animal shelter... that's my friday night job, which I will probably refer to often in the future. If I say I was at work... it's not work. It's the animal shelter. I guess it is work... but not really, I don't get paid... volunteer work.

Ignore that ramble! What I'm really here to say... In choir, we got this book of warm-ups and things... know what it was called? "Sing Legato."

No one in choir understands the significance of this. Probably because no one in my choir class knows what Trigun is... nor have they read AnonymousTrigunOtaku's fic, Mushroom Clouds. Go read it. o.o; and you will understand why I start cracking up whenever we have to take out that warm-up book.

*evil grin*

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Wednesday, October 8, 2003

   Voicee lesson...

Well, wouldja lookie there! Some lil' munchkin done took a bite outta mah waffle! o.o;

...sometimes it's safer not to ask... o.o;

...anyway. I'm healthee! Wheeeee.... *spins around* maybe not mentally, but that's not the point... *totters*

Erm. Starting over ^.^ I bought the first two volumes of Chobits (manga... not the DVD's) yesterday... read the first one today (not in school! nonono, I'd never do that...^.^') and I'll start the second one tomorrow. It's so cute!

And... boy, was it windy today. Driving to my voice lesson, the whole way... sunny and beautiful, but windy as heck. >.<; Fun, though. I love the wind.

Anyway... *sparklesparkle-runrunrun-leeeeeeap*

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Friday, October 3, 2003

   Hee... heh... eh...

I love you people, you're all being nice to meee... *grins* yes, I am getting rest. And taking vitamins. And getting better! ^^ slowly, but surely. I'm going to sleep allllll weekend if I possibly can.

And write, of course. Wouldn't want to anger the Fan Fiction Gods =P

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Monday, September 29, 2003


Well. I'm bored... and tired... mom thinks I should go to the doctor, since I've been drop-dead fatigued ever since I was down with that head cold. Oh well, I probably just need to eat better... been getting so little protein lately... but... whatever. I just want sleep.

Uhm... got started on the 3rd chapter of my first fic on FanFiction.net ... I don't feel happy with it. It was really forced, I have such horrible writer's block >.<;

Anyway... homework... *sighs and watches the giant stack tower over her like a green, fire-breathing Tokyo-destroying monster*

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Colds must die.

Blah... I sick... -.- sniffles. The eeeevil sniffles. Death to colds.... *twitch* Not to mention, IE is being all evil and having some major problems with cookies. I can't log in with IE6 so I have to use mom's MSN8 thing, which is even more evil than sniffles. >.<; I LOATHE msn8 with a bloody vengeance...


I submitted my first fanart thing today... I wish there was a way for people to say why exactly they don't like it. I don't mind people not liking my stuff, I just wish I could find out why so I can fix it, y'know?


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Sunday, September 14, 2003


... *blinkblink*

I am still here. Still tired. Still studying. School has started, all is lost. >.<;

I babysat, however, and earned one nice chunk of cash. All is well. I shall buy more DVD's and wonderful anime things.


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Saturday, August 30, 2003

   Essay? what is this.... essay?

Kill english class. School hasn't even started yet and I have to prepare to write a giant essay! -.- school sucks... but who didn't know that...

Well... I am still here. People have signed my guestbook... that makes me happy... ^.^ eeeeeaaayyy... uh... *calms* Anyway... *turns up Tank!* I like my music. Very much so. I've had to stop watching Cowboy Bebop on TV now, because I'm trying to wake up a little earlier in the morning than I normally do (By choice I'm up at 11... ehe... woke up at 9.30 today. Gah.). I know that if I do watch them, I'll be a complete wreck when school starts, and I NEED to salvage my GPA... heh. Must get it above 3.0 before I start sending out college applications... heh... >.<; meh work is cut out for me...

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