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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Four Day Weekend!

Hello everyone! I'm in a much better mood than I am typically, albeit a little frustrated, lol. I've finally changed my site back to Gundam Seed/Destiny, lol. Valentines day is Wednesday and again I will be spending it at school! It just so happens that we have Monday and Tuesday off this but then go back on Valentines. Joy?
Just yesterday a friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend again....just in time for Valentines, too. I feel bad for them, though. His girlfriend was nice to me in the time that they were going out...I'm guessing cause I was one of his friends. I wonder if she'll hate me now cause he broke up with her.My other friends have no problem with the break up though, they didn't like his GF. They tell me she's a bitch but she really has been nice to me. I guess it's one of those "I'll believe it when I see it" things. Ironically he was the one that cried when they broke up, so I'm guessing she can move on. He can, too it's just that it might take longer.
Anyways, The other day I got the first DVD of GSD (I have to buy the other ones...) and R.O.D. the movie. I'm loaning them to my friend (the one that just broke up with his GF) on Wednesday so I'm guessing that's what he'll be doing on Valentines....He's loning me Love Hina but I won't be watching it on Valentines. My family makes a nice dinner and stuff on Valentines day and I'm looking forward to eating the cake, yum ^-^
Drummergirl93 was supposed to ask her mother if it would be alright if FMA Kraze711 and I could sleep over but I guess she forgot, but that's alright,I don't mind. I think FMA Kraze711 might be sick though. She went home early on Thursday and was absent Friday. She had said her side hurt her. It was kinda strange though, the nurse gave her an ice pack...I thought that was really strange. They give ice packs for almost every kind of pain though, even headaches. Am I the only one who thinks that doesn't make sense?
Well than, You all have a nice day and take care! Talk to you later,
byeness ^-^

naruto move along

My friend made this video and uploaded right after he broke up with his GF, just thought it had significance in a moment like this...


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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


It's been a very long week and it's barely even started. Why do the days seem so much longer now? It's like ever since I've been less motivated things go by like a snail on a highway....seriously!
My grades are still in the gutter but now I just won't bother anymore because the second Trimester is almost over anyways and I will be able to start anew very soon.....soon. Save for my french teacher yelling at me: "YOU STILL NEED TO MAKE UP FIRST TRIMESTER!!!!" like a mad woman. I got sick of french last year but all I need is one more year and then I would not have to take it anymore! (Apparently seventh and eighth grade count towards your foreign language in high school. I did not know that) So one more year of hell and then it's dead!!! DEAD!! *stabs french binder*
On another note, PALS is going quite well now. I'm actually on time....although the highest grade I could get in that class now is a C I might get an A for the module. Yay me! (what's saving me from failing though is the fact that in the other modules I did the five day writing assignments and I usually get a great grade on those (My writing skills are superb when I write those things)Today I did my french homework in PALS and my partner started his before me but I finished my homework and did the paper easily in about five or eight minutes...and I'm very proud of how it sounded in the end ^-^)
Science I'm failing because I never finished my notebook and turned it in when I should have. Bad me. I still plan on turning it in because I want to use a new one, but I can't find the time to do it...
The other day I got a tetanus shot and my arms still hurts from it and at lunch Drummergirl93 punched me there (it freaking hurts like hell) and then I got all pissy and read a book that's actually good. It's called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and it's a really good book so far. I highly recomend it. So far it's a romance but there is probably going to be some sort of drama of angst in there cause the guy is.....well you'd have to read and find out. (I don't want to give it away)
Another thing that has me angered more than usual is something that I would not have guessed would worry me in the least. Today I looked around the school, classrooms, hallways and whatnot. I felt deserted and alone. Moments later I realized that again, it was because I'm not like the rest of my friends. I'm African-American and almost all my friends are something else. We've been working on immigration for a while and then when I came home I thought about my friend's behavoirs and a lot of steriotypical things came to mind because I grew up around things like that. I don't mean to sound bad or anything (i'm not trying to offend any of you or sound racist or anything) but I think I'm developing some kind of an inferiority complex because of my friends. One of them even has a condecending attitude when it comes to school work and when she was talking at lunch about how I didn't feel like doing my math homework I was immediately angered and wanted to lash out at her. I feel so bad about this though cause it's not their fault I'm mad, but I just am.
After lunch I was feeling strangely ill, too. My stomach felt queasy and I was kind of dizzy but I didn't vomit.
Anyways, I'm at home right now and I'm going to finish typing my story for young author's that's due on the 16th (I keep starting over and over....at this rate I won't have anything to turn in) Well than I guess I will talk to you all later ^-^
Take care! Byeness.

SasuSaku/NaruHina - Have You Ever?

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Friday, February 2, 2007


Alright, I've had the worst week I've had in a long while. The only thing that managed to make me happy was the anime club at the curiculum fair I went to the other day. One of the kids had drawn some really cool looking pictures (I think it looks awesome!) and they let me pick one and take it home for free. It was awesome, lol. Of course I was being a spazz and all "OMG! Look Thaddeus(my bro went with me) it's the anime club!!! We had to come around twice cause I was to nervous to sign the first time and I wanted to hear about the AP/Honors classes and stuff so I would understand. When I came by the second time my friend, John/Retard/Jiraiya(his name and nicknames) was there with his mom. Personally I think his mom hates me cause she's always giving me that....weird mean looking look, but I could be reading her the wrong way cause I do that a lot cause I always think people hate me and when I do small things it's like they're angrier with me...Anyways, while she was looking around somewhere, I walked over to them and I smiled and waved at her but she didn't seem to smile back (another reason why I think she doesn't like me) and then I went over to him and we were being all "OMFG ANIME CLUB!" together. It was great. Sadly that was only one day of the week and it won't happen again...other then the wonderful time I had there my week was hell. It wasn't because I was sick either (hard to tell though because of dizziness off and on and balance issues) but it was because of some people in my house being assholes cause I called the police to them when things looked like they were getting way outta hand. All the adults got mad at me and yelled at me after that and I got all irrational and nervous because I was already sick and plus I don't take kindly to being blamed so I flicked them all off because of lack of respect. I'm not even gonna explain everything that happened, but this happened sunday and I've been even more reluctant to do anything than I normally am...I've had less patience with others recently and I find myself falling into temporary states of silence when I don't feel like talking at all to anyone. I'm getting over that somewhat though but to top things off I have another one of my friends that I'm really worried about in a situation where she could either hate me forever for being worried (which I hope doesn't happen...she says she can't hate me, but I dunno....)or get even more saddened and feel deserted and I don't want that to happen to her so I'm doing the best I can to help her but my mind isn't working as it used to because of depression. One of my friends think it's just because I'm lazy, but in truth, I am lazy but that's not why I don't do my homework for the most part.
Anyways aside from that it's finally Friday and I'll get to rest on Sunday! (Not saturday cause registration is that day, I have to go back to my high school...) So yes! End of one of the worst weeks ever...oh and it turns out that I've only been absent for 13.5 days this entire school year and tehy're all excused. I won't fail because of absences. I'm going to fail because of my grades...I'm getting a B in PE, a D in science (I still have to turn in my notebook that I was supposed to be doing on sunday before the incident happened) a D in PALS (cause I didn't finish a module and also I didn't take all the test but the one I'm on now should bring me to at least a C or something...If we finish and do good...) and F in french (cause I just said screw it and gave up cause for one she gives WAY to much homework and her tests are worth to many points and everytime I come in she won't let me take the tests first and get them out of the way so yeah...I gave up, I'm still gonna take french 2 but I"m taking Latin as well. And I'm going to try and get into beginners band so I can FINALLY learn to play the Saxophone! (I think I have to learn Clarinet or Flute first, I don't remember which one..)) I'm getting a high C in math, maybe a B in language arts because I did extra credit and also the only A in Social Studies. Truly an easy class to pass and also, one of my best subjects aside from the geography portion. I still say English/LAnguage is my best subject though.(Eighth grade is by far the worst year of school in my life...)
Well, I've ranted enough and so I bid you all adieu. Take care of yourselves! Byeness ^-^

Charlie the Unicorn

This freakin cracks me up, but for real though, an amv is right below if you dun wanna watch the creepy unicorns...*laughs* unicorns....

Cardcaptor Sakura :: Once Upon A December

I thought it was gonna be a Naruto one there for a sec, but this AMV was really good and so is the song. I think it fits and it was cute, so I had to put it, lol. Well enjoy!
Byeness ^-^

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

High School Rec. and Former Friend

Hi all! Well I'm staying home again and I'm slowly getting over this episode... (although I did go to school Mon. Tues. and yesteday) The reason I'm staying home today is that I'm FINALLY getting some glasses! I was supposed to get them the 11th, but we weren't home and didn't receive the call, so it's today. My little brother also has an appointment to go to, but it's for his ear. Gosh, these medical issues are driving me insane...it's down there with French and...no, just french..
Yesterday I received my Recomendations for my freshman high school courses. I'm very disappointed in most of them. Drummergirl93 got in ALL the possible honors...like honors geometry...honors english...and...well, I just envy her...but at the same time, I'm happy for her. I'm way disappointed in mine though, like I said. I could have done better...
Okies, First off:
Reading 19/25, English 20/25, Writing 3/6: Academic English (I should SO be in honors english. It's my best subject! I'm hoping that if I asked and pleaded and stuff they'd give me a chance. If no other honor, I really wanted this one...)
Science 19/25: Honors Integ. Phys Sci
Mathematics 20/25: Honors Algebra
(I have no idea how I got this, I guessed on half that test...oh, well the placement test was an ADV. Geometry test and then they used that to place us. I have no idea how....but that's what they used for the ADV. Algebra classes placement...and I got Honors Algebra by a miracle)
Social Studies (wasn't on the test, teachers recomendation) : Honors World History
Foreign Language (wasn't on the test either, teachers recomendation): French 2
Well those are my recomendations and test scores. I don't even know how I got hoonors integ. phys sci.....or even more so Honors Algebra. Heck I don't know how Drummergirl93 got into Honors Geometry....We both guessed on half those test questions! Well, I guess she guessed better than me, lol.
I'm gonna be real depressed about the Honors English thing though. It was really the only thing I was ever naturally good in. Things like catching spelling mistakes, grammer usage, punctuation errors...My score in writing is what I'm thinking is the problem though. I wish I had done better on that. For it to be so low is a little unusual...writing is something I usually excel in. Oh well, I'll just have to talk to them about it.
Off the grade topic though, one of my 'friends' told me via AIM they didn't want to be my friend anymore because I didn't hang out with them after school as much as I do my other friends. I thought that was a pretty stupid reason to not want to be my friend anymore and then he started accusing me of things I didn't do like telling one of my other friends about the conversation we were having when I hadn't even spoken to her all afternoon on AIM. It was ridiculous. He pissed me off so much, I quit trying to help him because of his depression about his family issues and his low self esteem. I got really tired of him saying things like "I'm gonna go cut myself now" and then saying just kidding as if it were nothing. I'm really tired of things like that...suicide...cutting...it's not a joke so then why turn it into one? He scared the crap shiz outta me. Despite me still being worried about him, I was fed up and I told him that, as he wanted, we would no longer be friends. He signed out after that and then I blocked him just in case he tried to apologize. We had another arguement once before in which he declared he was no longer my friend and after about two months of apologizing I got sick of hearing it and decided to unlblock him and somehow we became friends again, but this time its to far.
Well, I have to go now. I still need to comb my hair and put on shoes, lol. Talk to you all later! Take care, byeness ^-^

ToA Not Done Yet

Luv game and song...'nuff said.

Here's a poem I wrote yesterday for Young Authors:

If nothing else
If nothing else,
this life is a stage.
With huge iron bars,
it’s built just like a cage.

Each actor and actress
is given a script,
but no one sees the words
on the pages they’ve flipped.

The words on those pages,
each one more revealing,
Are read with emotions and tenderness:

One person’s script,
however, is ripped.
The pages asunder,
destroyed if by thunder.

Just two pages remain,
but no words are there.
It gains the attention of others

More scripts came torn,
ripped into shreds.
Pages in shambles
and stuffed under beds.

There is no act
to play for the crowd.
The only thing there are the pages,

Not blank like the first,
but written words left ignored.
No need to rehearse,
to each his own role.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bored and Ill.......lol, I and two l's look like Ill (roman numeral) instead of ILL XD

Haha, I'm sick again XD This is almost the fifth time since the october incident. I came home early today cause I couldn't walk very well and it was right after 1st period, lol. I also went home just cause I hate school, but that's not the point. I have a lot to make up but I was smart today and got all my homework and took it home so now I don't have to make these assignments up. Man, sometimes being sick is cool but this is rediculous......
I'm glad though. The only classes that I'm failing (or in danger of failing) are ones that I'm not required to pass in order to graduate so it's all good and I'm sure my mom will understand that I couldn't make up all the work because of me being so behind because of me being sick.
Aside from that, I'm really bored and I can't find anything to do but extra math problems....I need the extra help anyway but after doing so many uniform motion problems I get all....weird. I'm trying to watch Read or Die in order to get my mind off of things but it's not really working cause I watched the whole anime twice in less than a week over winter break. My brother told me it would happen. That's what I get for being hard headed. I would watch Fruits Basket if I could (it's like a drug, lmao. It relaxes me and makes me feel happy for no reason...) but there's something stopping me from watching it although I'm not sure what...I just....guess I don't want to right now.
So with nothing better to do and my brain beign full of nothing but useless equations, I guuess I'll be going now. Talk to you guys later and take care, byeness.

Gundam Seed Destiny - Fields Of Hope

Finally! I think I'm going into a Gundam Seed/Destiny kraze phase or something and I'm off the Naruto one, lol. That one almost lasted a year I think....wow....it's a record! I'm just really happy about the GS/D one because well...my username, lol (Athrun is one of the main characters in GS/D(more so in Destiny))
well then, l8er all!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year!! And To the Doctor's!!!! Again......

Hello Everyone! Happy New Years! I hope you guys are having an awesome '07!!!
YAY! I FINALLY GRADUATE FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL THIS YEAR! Horray! May 30 = SALVATION!!!! Then after that I'm going into a new hell, but at least I won't be in the horrid school I'm in now, lol.
Well, on a different topic, my legs hurt again and I take forever to walk throught the hallways and up the stairs. Gah! Today I was staying home from school and then my mom realizes "YOU HAVE ANOTHER DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT TODAY!" and I had to get out the bed again....I was pissed. Man I am sick of these check ups *bangs head on table* at least I have a cool pediatritian, though. When I got there (it took about and hour to get there like it always does) I had to wait a little bit and after the check up she told me that had to take so more blood so they could check how my liver and stuff was functioning cause I had to take steroids (not anymore though, YES!!!) and so I had to walk down some halls and crap and have them take my blood from me...*cries* I hate needles.....oh well...when the lady was done I got a cool Looney Toons band-aid.....and so...yeah, that was pretty much what happened....
But because of all this I have to make up:
1 Social Studies test
1/2 Algebra Test
1 Science Test
Days 2-10 in PALS (everyone else should be on...about 6)
1 PACER test
1 Curl up Test (forgot what it was called)
1 Push up Test
a lot of French work....
Getting all this in should be a JOY! XD Sure it will....
Well then I guess that's pretty much all I had to say. Talk to you guys later then. Byeness!

One Girl Mob

XD My friend Shannon made this. Since I was supposed to be going to the movies with her and some other friends tomorrow and I won't be able to now, I decided to put one her new vids up....(and besides, I like it)

Giving Faith
His decission affected everyone he knew, as did the letter concerning his destiny. Leaving behind more things then one, what happens to everyone when he's gone? Especially Hinata. NaruHina oneshot. Also NejiTen, ShikaTem, and SasuSaku
Rated: K+
Well I wrote this one-shot and I kinda like how it turned out...I wish I could pull myself to do a sequel but unfortunately, I can't....


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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boring Break

Well, I commented yesterday and this morning, finally, lol. For the last two days I have been watching Ouran High School Host Club and I'm shocked at how good it is, lol, I have things I wanna do but I want to finish this first.
Also I started writing a story but it's still in the really early stages of development. It doesn't even have a title yet. I have no idea how long it'll take me before I get everything established but I plan to. It might take months, but I'll write the story. Yeah it's a story not fanfiction! Yay! I'm so proud ^-^
Affter watching R.O.D. the other day I remembered that I still haven't finished watching all of DNAngel, I might have to do that today, too. I'm only on the fourth disc, there are I think, 7 of them with about four or three episodes....maybe five. After I finish DNAngel I have to watch the other Gundam Seed movies I got for my birthday over a month ago. Me and my brothers watched the last one but not the first two. It seems as though they just took the anime and put it in movie form though. I might not watch it afterall.
FMa Kraze711 sent me an e-mail and she won't be coming over until the 30th which is, if I'm not mistaken, new years eve and I thought she was going to spend new years with her family but I guess not. Oh well, it's not like I mind anyway.
On Thusday or Friday Drummergirl93 might come over and we watch Witch Hunter Robin. I only saw about....one or two episodes of that anime but it looks cool. I wanted her to watch R.O.D. but we can do that another time.
I was shocked yesterday to go downstairs and find that it was actually clean after my mom's husband's relatives had invited themselves over like they always do and had a party and ate all of our food...except my wonderful caramel cake, cheesecake and my lemon pie. I'm so happy we hid them in the back of the refirgerator and the cake went untouched because my grandma made it for me and I told them not to touch it or I would call the police and pretend they're breaking an entry, jk, lol. I didn't say that, they just didn't see it in the living room ^-^ although I wished that they had left me some dressing...I barely got any (favorite food to eat at holiday time) Oh well...
Well I guess I'm done talking. Not much has happened at all, really. Blah, my life got boring over break. Well, I guess I'll be going then. Ttyl, and take care you guys! Byeness.

Naruto - Realize (Everlasting Mix)

I thought it was going to turn out to be crap but I really like this video. At first it was going to be a Sakura tribute then I went online, looked up the english translation of the song and I instantly thought about Sasuke and Naruto so that's what it was. So...yeah....

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Be-lated Christmas!

Hi guys! Long time no uh...talk? lol, it's been a while I guess. Almost a whole month ^-^ I'm in much brighter spirits now! I'm so happy to say that! I missed you guys! I hope you all are doing well and that you had a great Christmas yesterday! Mine wasn't anything to brag about but I got really cool gifts so I'm satisfied. Among the gifts I received was Read or Die and Final Fantasy 3, these are my favorites, XD. My brother and I watched R.O.D. all of yesterday until we went to bed at around 9 something and then finished it this morning. I'm so happy I finally saw all of it! It was a really good anime, I absolutely loved it! Final Fantasy 3 is what I've been waiting for since...idk when, but it's a reallly cool game! I got a lot of other stuff, too, like i said but these gifts fricken rock, which makes my christmas a whole lot brighter, lol.
Even better though, FMA Kraze711 might come over tomorrow and she hasn't been over sicne before holloween! I can't believe it though, she ditched us on the last day of school(before break)! We we're doing a grab bag and now I have to give her her gift but on thrusday everyone was handing over gifts and InuyashaQt gave me my gift (which was an awesome chrono crusade vol. 2) but she didn't get one cause FMA Kraze711 wasn't there. I know why she ditched but still, I worried about her all weekend until she finally got online and I asked her where the hell she was, lol. I'm still shocked that she did that *goes into corner and rants about it for an hour* oh well, what's done is done...I guess.
This is a late post though so I'm doubting many people will read at all. You guys are probably irritated that I took so long to get back or have already moved on and deleted me, I understand,and I'm really not gonna worry that much about it. Oh and I should be back to commenting on a weekly (during school) basis soon. I'll talk to you all later, okies? Take care of your selves! Byeness ^-^

where are you christmas many different animes

I know Christmas was yesterday but this is a really cool video FMA Kraze711 made and I wanted to post it here, lol.


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Unusual.....(warning: long post (about a lil over a page on microsoft word....))

Well, I guess I'm still not over that episode that I had a few days ago. I apologize u guys. I really shouldn't have posted that. I wasn't thinking. Anyways, November wasn't fun like I thought it would be. Actually my eighth grade year is the worse ever, but something good has come out of it because I have come up with a plan for after high school >_< Me, Drummergirl93, and FMA Kraze711 came up with it. Actually it was sort of an impulse of mine to ask them, but it's all our idea. (the only thing to look forward to...)
When we graduate high school, we are all going on a trip to somewhere out of the country together. Like, maybe greece, rome, london...i'm leaning toward london because otherwise we'd have to hire a translator and we know we wouldn't have the money. We're all going to go to college, although none of us are sure where. We're gonna try ultra hard to get into really good ones and maybe if we're lucky, we'll go to college together. I know people always say that you don't always know the people u went to school with when u grow up, but I'm planning this trip on the hopes that we do and it gives me something to look forward to.
Yeah, so that happened and another strange thing happened. I was on the computer talking to my friend John, who is still going out with his girlfriend and ignores the rest of his/my friends, and he told me that he needed to speak with me tomorrow morning. I asked him why and he said he didn't know. Now, I have a math test to make up tomorrow morning, but I felt bad when I told him that I might not be there tomorrow morning so I told him that if i finished my math test early I would come back out so he could speak with me. Although I hate to admit it, I think he's going to complain about how everyone's angry with him for going out with his GF.... possible problem in the making...
Saturday is my High School entry exam testing. I haven't reviewed anything at all, but the practice one was really easy so I think it'll be fine. After the testing, I'm going to Drummergirl93's house because she wanted me to come over(I think she's worried about my health) I'm more worried about her recently, though. She's actually been there to help me in school and even if she seems like a bitch at times, she's extremely caring and one of my closest friends. We have to study anyway. My teacher is getting tired of waiting for my late assignments.
Friday (taking a step back) I have a doctors appointment, so it will officially be my wut? 19th day missing from school.... I'm probably gonna fail because of absence...anyways, on Sunday, me, Shannon, Hannah, and John are meeting at Shannon's house to talk about some stuff. It was so hard not to tell ask him if he was going to Shannon's or not. They told me not to give him any hints since I'm the only one that he'll talk to anymore besides his girlfriend and her friends.
Yesterday was my older bro's b-day. He's officially 17!!! Not that I'm happy about it...I think I'm suffering from depression or something. Even watching TV doesn't make me satisfied anymore. Which leads to this: I'm going to see the school shrink. Yeah, the social worker guy. I was going to talk to him yesterday, but...things happened and I didn't get a chance to go to the office and ask. I wish I had, though. I need it bad.
Even the normally cheery XxInuYashaQtxX has been stricken with grief. I'm so worried about her and since i dunno her bf, i can't help her as much as I'd like. All I can do now is be there I guess, but how can I be there for her when I'm not even emotionally stable myself? Just yesterday she and Katie thanked me so much for the 'advice' and said that they dubbed me the official 'advice giver' because apparently they like my advice. Everytime I help someone and give advice I feel like a liar because in more cases then one, I have no way to relate to their problems because usually, I've never been involved in things like that.
Oh well. I guess eighth grade is going to be the bumpiest year in my entire school life. I've never been this disturbed before...and to top it off I haven't slept in about three days because I've been working on endless make up work. I'm so far in make up work that I have a flat zero for french because I was absent the entire new marking period til yesterday. I feel bad also because my language arts teacher has been the MOST supportive teacher I have and I can't finish any of my language arts homework because everytime I read over it I forget what it says! I seriously wish I could though...I really wish I could.

The Will to Be Strong – Legends in the Making!
Pairings: SasuSaku, NaruHina, NejiTen, ShikaIno
Rating: K+
Chapters: 14
Same story from my b-day, the title just sounded inspiring so I reposted it.

It's On!

My friend Shannon made this and I know I posted it her before, but it's got a really nice song. It's inpiring. I was hoping it would make me feel a lil better, and I guess it is helping slightly since the song'll get stuck in my head and it'll stick all day...like I said, it's inpiring.

Barlow Girls Amv

This has been on here so many times, I know, it's just my ultimate fav that Shannon made. I felt it belonged here since I'll be away for awhile *points to notice*

As for this site and my updates and commenting, they will probably be even less frequent then they were already if that's possible. I think I'm gonna take about a weeks break, maybe. Not sure, it depends on how long this lasts for me. I'm sorry if I've cause any of you guys problems or offended you in anyway at all. Thank you guys for being so nice to me though, I really appreciate it ^-^ Take care all of you, okies? Byeness.
Oh and in case I'm not back by then, Happy Holidays!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not Happy...(warning, long post, if u don't wanna read it, skip to dotted line..)
I haven't been on in a while and I thought my first new post would be happy and about how great I felt, but it's not going to be, my life is to screwed for that. I would like to apologize for not being here in forever, though. I've had many reasons of my own, and some might be mentioned in this post.
First off, tonight is where I'd like to start considering I don't have much time, I'm supposed to be asleep, I need my rest.
I was watching TV at around 11 when it happened (yeah..i like telling stories like that, lol) My brother's opened my door, then right after I looked in the direction, they closed it. I was wondering "Why the hell did they open my door in the middle of the night and don't want anything?" so I grabbed the cane (yes, I am now using a cane because MS has so viciously decided to make me dizzy and make my legs weak again) and headed out the door. I didn't notice there was smoke in the hallway until I got down the hall to my brothers's room. There was smoke everywhere! You couldn't even see into the room. I didn't see a fire though and my mind didn't register that it was smoke until my older brother knocked on my mom's door telling her there was smoke in the house. She and her 'husband' (I hate him so much....but this part of the post isn't about him) came out and looked in. The ceiling fan was on and I looked up at it, just looking. After a little while, I noticed that the balloon was circling around it and I told my brother to pull it down, but he didn't hear me until AFTER the balloon twirled around in the fan and burned out the light. My mother's 'husband' went in and had to be all "Mr. Fix-it" and said that the balloon was what caused the smoke. I was instantly like "WTF?" There was obviously smoke BEFORE the balloon was caught in the fan and I told him this, but apparently, he HAD to be Mr. I-Know-Everything and ignore me. My mom did, too. That pissed me off to say the least, but eventually, I calmed down and my brothers and I went into my room, talked for a lil bit and then mom decides she's gonna call the Fire department. I thought "Shouldn't you have done that 15 minutes ago when the light burned out???" but didn't say that, less I be hit in the arm for bad mouthing. Funny, I haven't gotten a decent ass whooping since she married, but meh, I'm not complaining about that. Anyways, when the fire department got here they searched the rooms and crap and the only place it was coming from was their room, so that's basically where the people stayed, looking around. My brothers had gotten called in constantly to answer questions. Then, my mom comes slamming into my room, scaring me, demanding that my little brother tell her whether or not he was playng with fire. He was the one that woke my older bro up first and smelled smoke apparently. He told her no and then she said something that I thought NO parent should EVER say to a kid who was in the room at the time. To me, it was like she was accusing him. That pissed me off big time. She had said "Are you sure? Because if you're lying they'll find out." The way she made it sound was like he was selling drugs or something and would get caught by the police. And the way she looked at him, it was so very much like she hated him or something. He told her for sure he wasn't playing with fire and she persisted with the same phrase. I believed my little brother because 1) how would he start a fire in a room with no lighter or matches of some sort? and 2)I give my brother more credit then that.
They found a hangar in the closet that was burned with some clothes around it, burned as well. This proved me right in the sense that it wasn't the balloon in the ceiling fan that was causing the smoke. It proved me wrong somehow in saying that my brother didn't start the smoke/fire. Needless to say I STILL don't believe he did it, I don't know why I do when clearly hangars and burned clothes don't just appear in a closet.
After the firemen left, I thought everything would go back to normal because I'm naive and stupid. As soon as they left my mom's husband started bitching about their room being dirty and unpresentable. I was gonna say "Like you" when he said that, but refrained from being a bitch as well. He threatened to come into my room and break my TV if they didn't clean their room. That drew the line. Not ONLY had he broken my mom's big screen TV and was let back in the house with it STILL BROKEN, but he wants to break mine, too? I wished I had the energy to shout swears and scream at the damned bastard, I WISH he would come near my TV, I'll beat him with the cane if I have to. Unfortunately, I had used up all my energy in moaning for food the whole day and finding other ways of letting people know I needed attention (I can't walk downstairs)added to the fact that fatigue comes from MS, I was very exhausted. I could not yell. I merely glared at him and listened. Which made me hate him even more cause he shouldn't talk about people being clean. He's the dirtiest person I have ever met. WE clean up after HIS messes.
So having threatened my TV, he began to say things like "If I were here..." and "Look presentable.." and "never be this dirty..." I began to imagine things like "If you were dead.." and "If my mom would have never met you..." and "If I called the police right now and told them you and your imediate family are illegal alliens..." (that last one would have been sweet) After having lectured me and my brothers (he was really talking to my brothers, I just hated to stand there and listen to them not say anything) he left the room and as he walked past me I was tempted to hit him where it hurt with the cane, but I needed it to stand. Personally though, he was right. Our rooms are a disgraceful and indecent mess, but I don't think he has the right to scold us as though he's our father or anything else to us or act as though our house is his house. Gah, basically I can't stand him any longer. Not just because of who he is, but also because what he's done to my mom! She came in after he made my brothers clean their room. At first she just stood there and glared. I began to pick things up off my floor, feeling the least I could do to make my brothers feel better was clean my own room. After a few minutes of glaring into my room she asked me what I was doing. I told her I was cleaning my room and then she says "Don't worry about cleaning, go to bed, you need your rest." there was a tension filled silence before I muttered an "okay" and she closed the door and left. Basically, i should be sleeping now. So i'm gonna go to bed before I get in trouble or something. Like she's gonna make me do anything though, I've been unable to walk without a cane for days. I'll talk to you guys later on, maybe...I don't feel so good....
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Ino Has the Lips of an Angel

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
Anime: Naruto
Couple: -
Rating: PG
Very cool fic. I loved it. Well written and very...cool basically. I loved it. There's not really a pairing in there, just a really nice short story. No one is OOC and you can actually imagine this happening...well, some more then others, maybe just me...Anyways, like I said, good story and for once, not from ff.net....


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