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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dentist Appointment

Man, it wasn't good enough I had to deal with the doctor, no! My mom had schedule a dentist appointment for me to get braces from that crappy whatever u call the guy who does the teeth thing....yeah....anyways, the appointment is at 10:00 those bastards, so I had to get up at 6!! WTF?! I'm so pissed right now, couldn't she have gotten someone closer to do it? I mean c'mon, we've been waiting all these years to get some braces, why can't she just get someone closer, man, nobody wants to wake up at six a.m. unless it's for school (yeah, since it's in less than a week I have to say it) what's her problem anyway? Can she even think? She knows I hate waking up early, wtf is up? Does she hate me? Does she like torturing me like this? Everyone I know (mostly) knows I don't wake up til 3 p.m. most of the time, so why 6:00? Stupid dentist appointment. At first I thought I liked the dentist, now when I get there I'm gonna sock him one so help me, and then I'm gonna be a bitch just to see what happens.
Sasuke: No you're not, your gonna come in there with that glare on your face and ur gonna ssit in the chair like u come there all the time!
Me: It's called venting anger, stupid, I'm gonna hate this dentist, I'm gonna ask to see some papers and everything, there's no way I'm gonna let some dude who I'm not even sure is capable of putting in the braces touch my mouth, ew....well, it's 9 now so I should be going, here's an AMV, okies?

yep, I like Destiny's Child, a lot, I have a cd, it's one of the few I own, lol

well that's it, lol, ttyl, okies? Take care, byeness ^-^

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Hana Sue? and the rudest teacher ever

Okies, I went to the doctors office and it was worse than I imagine it to be. It sucked, very badly. First we had to wait, like, what? 3 hours b4 we saw the doctor (it was very crowded) but during that time I took a visit to the dentists office which is right down the hall. Yayness, I got to see the dentist (so sue me I like going to the dentist to get a check up) although, all they did was brush my teeth, the dentist said that I needed braces (i was shocked he noticed, (sacasm)) and said they had gotten someone who could do that now and that we could come back on Saturday, although, I highly doubt that I'll be getting braces from a crappy doctors office such as this one, I mean c'mon the place is so dirty, I hate the doctors off, it's gross and the people there are so moody and loud, it's irritating. Anyways, after the dentist said that he sent me on my merry way, to go see the doctor, yay? When I went in the doctor was shocked to see that I still suffer from frequent asthma attacks (although not major enough to go to the hospital, just major enough that if I were at school and having them, someone would panic and ask me should they get the nurse) the doctor gave me these pills to take everyday to lower the chances of me having an attack, so I said, sure why not? He gave me an inhaler anyway and the pills, yep, now I can say, "No i didn't take my medication this morning" lmao, sry, just had to say it, anyways, after we got it from the counter (which took about another hour) we went shopping for school supplies, it wasn't that fun, but since we wee in walmart, I had as much fun as I could going shopping. We went to the electronics section and I bought a Naruto game, it was clash of ninja, just cause it was the only one I saw, but still, it was fun for a few hours, I actually liked it, it was very fun....the only thing that made me mad was that theres only 8 characters with special ability unlockables for 3 I think, but still, it's short and boring if u play story mode and think that's it, I love kicking my little brother's but with Sasuke, it's fun when I play it with my brothers, though. Anyways, after we went from walmart we went to my old house where my grand father lives. I was sort of happy, but sort of irritated. When we got there we all said hi and crap, here's what he said to me "How ya doing Hana Sue?" it was for that reason I did not want to go. He never calls me by my name, not even my middle name like my grandma always does, instead he calls me, Hana Sue. How the hell do you get Hana Sue out of De Andria Maisha Sutton? I mean, c'mon! He's been calling me Hana Sue for as long as I can remember, my uncle calls me Maisha like my grandma does, but he calls it like this: "Mai (stretches it) isha" (the name is pronounced (my- eesha)(the best way I can put it like that, sry)) There are so many people I know who love to tease me T-T I hate it when they do that cause I get easily confused by what some people say and I do this thing.....idk
Sasuke: u babble
Me: yeah, that's it, lol, anyways, yesterday I went to the origional house of pancakes and ate good, (the usual, 6 pancakes 6 french toast 3 scrambled eggs and a large cup of orange juice) and I really want to go back todya, I'm craving it so badly, also, when I went to get my little brothers gym uniform yesterday I saw FMA Kraze711 at the school, it was fun, and I finally got what she had been teasing me about! It was a toe ring, lol, a snail toe ring, it's so cute and cool at the same time. I don't usually have stuff like toe rings though, but this one is extremely cute!!! I love it, it's awesomeness ^-^ it's got little jewels on it and stuff, it's so cool. I kept putting it in my brothers face all the way back home, lol (it wasn't on my foot when I was in the car, lol) but it's the first toe ring I ever had, ever, I don't think they'll ever see me wear it though, lol, cause all my shoes I wear outside cover my toes, (I hate my feet) I usually always wear gym shoes, but I bought some different kind this year cause my aunt made me, lol. Anyways, my school is being gaytarded. They were supposed to send my schedule yesterday so I could know who's homeroom I'm in, yadda yadda, but they sent a slip that said we didn't register, when my mom registered a few eeks ago, stupid retards, anyways, all my friends know what their schedule is, they know what team they're on, and they know who's homeroom they're in (they even told me to call the school and say "put me in (so and so's) homeroom" but then my mom called the school, and those idiots made a mistake. They said it should be here soon, though. The ladies in the office are so mean, though, sometimes I think they do stuff like this on purpose. I just hope I'm not on 8-2, that's the team Ms. Billie is on (one of my friends have her) and she's the rudest teacher I've ever met. (I think I said this already but I'll tell u why again) It was step up day last year and I was playing around with my buddies, Ray, Molly, and John, right? I was laughing hard and my eyes were closed and I accidentaly bumped into her and made her drop something (though I do believe she walked right into me cause we weren't really moving at all) but anyways, here's what happened:
Ms. Billie: Excuse me, you made me drop that *points down to the ground at a sheet of paper*
Me: I'm sorry? (seriously confused about the whole situation)
John: *laughing*
Ray: *laughing*
Molly: *trying not to laugh*
Me: (thinkning, some friends I have)
Ms. Billie: Excuse me, but I think you should pick it up.
Me: *looks at Ms. Billie like she's crazy*
Ms. Billie: The longer you stand there, the longer my paper remains on the ground. If you hadn't been playing around like that then you wouldn't have to pick it up.
Me: (thinking: I would have done it willingly if she didn't put it like that" and decides to be a smart ass) Well, excuse me, but I think you bumped into me, ma'am.
Ms. Billie: *looks at me with an angry glare* I told you to pick it up little girl.
Me: And I told you I didn't make you drop it, Ms. Billie, sorry, but I'm not going to pick it up because it wasn't my fault.
Ms. Billie: Excuse me, do you want to go to the principals office?
Me: *mumbles ao she can't hear* It's better than having to hear you...*picks up paper*
Ms. Billie: *snatches paper* what was that?
Me: I said I was sorry for making you mad. Are you happy I picked up your paper? (thinking: I can't believe she's such a petty adult)
Ms. Billie: Maybe you should learn some manners over the summer, you can't come into the 8th grade like that for sure, you wouldn't last a day.
Me: (now very angry at her for being like this) Excuse me, but I don't think you have the right to say something like that to me.
Ms. Billie: You won't get any where with a smart mouth.
Me: I wasn't being smart, I was trying to tell you that your offending me without having to be rude. (thinking: Like you're being now, bitch)
Ms. Billie: And you call that not being smart?
Me: Not in my opinion, but you do know we only have 10 minutes with the teachers, instead of arguing with me, ma'am, you could have been done talking to us about what we're supposed to learn in your class and what we're going to do.
Ms. Billie: *glares* (you hear ppl moving in the halls leaving classes and going to another) You are all dismissed
Me and friends in the pod
John: Oh my God, Dee she hates you.
Me: I don't like her either, she'd better not be my teacher next year or I'll-
Ray: Dee, I think that's enough said. Why'd u do that? You never talk back to the teachers, what happened?
Me: She pissed me off. Just cause she's a teacher doesn't mean she can tell me what to do like that, she bumped into me first.
Mr. Brocolo (the coolest 8th grade teacher in my opinion) : Who bumped into you first? (he was behind us)
Me: (without thinking) Ms. Billie.
Mr. Brocolo: Ah, I see. You guys should hurry to ur next class though, ur late.
Molly: *laughs* ok.
Me: who's class are we supposed to be in next? Ms. Billie didn't say.
Mr. Brocolo: oh I don't know.
Ray: *laughin his ass off* Dee, we're supposed to be in his class.
Me: oh...(feeling really stupid)
John: we're late.
Molly: no dip
Me: okies, sry, *goes to next class*
Yep, that's what happened.
Sasuke: hm, ur were more of a smart ass and she was a lot meaner in real life, although, there really wasn't that big of an argument, and you picked it up when she said and then you guys started to hate each other...
Me: You weren't even there.
Sasuke: just slap on the dramatazation (sp?) label
Me: But the real version had more drama
Sasuke: just do it.
Me: no, anyways, that's what happened, though I made it a little less worse than it actually was, but she is really the rudest teacher ever. Well, here are the AMv's okies? Byeness ^-^ and take care, okies?

Only 3 today, I had a hard time finding the last one. Trust me, I was looking for that song on a NejiTen AMV, I promise, but instead I found that one, and I love that song, also, the second one, the song, was sang by tenten's japanese voice actor, just thought it was nice to know, and the first one, I just like that song, well, ttyl okies? Take care ^-^ byeness ^-^

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Okies, I know I said yesterday was gonna be my last post in a while (or did I? I don't remember and I'm to lazy to go back and read it, lol) anyways, we didn't go to the doctor's office yesterday but mom says we're going for sure today, then after that we're going school supply shopping again to get what we didn't get cause I had lost my list, but luckily i had some friends e-mail it to me, yay. even though I am posting today I got off pretty early yesterday, but then I got back on, so yeah...also, my little brother found our game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and they were blaming me for loosing it when it was in his bag of jackets, it was absolutely ridiculous, I was so sad cause I thought I did loose it (I love that game) and then they find it in his bag, they didn't even apologize. Oh well, so long as we got the game back. Speaking of games, yesterday my cousin came over and she returned my SP (OMG, YES!!!) She didn't say sorry though and that really made me mad, but I quickly let it go and played my pokemon game (I like it so sue me) but then, then, I found out it had a low battery and I couldn't find my charger! That made me even more mad cause I always make sure it's charged (it hasn't been red since I got it when KHCoM came out) it was the first time it had happened to my SP!! At least I got it back though. Also, if you all wanted to know why I was bitter the other day it was because it was my mom's anniversary and she was harassing me by making me do stuff for her and being happy that she got married to that disgusting jerk husband of hers. I mean honestly, how could she do this to us? We we're obediant good kids until she got married, then we got rebelious and angry and in turn, lazy. It's her own fault we don't appreciate her anniversary, it only made me miss my dad. Well, I'll talk to you guys later, okies? Take care ^-^

I love this video, this song is awesomeness!! It was made by WinryChick go visit her, okies? If you don't I'll be really mad.
Sasuke: OMG!! WTF is up with that lead pipe?!
Me: What are you talking about Sasuke? *smiles sweetly*
Sasuke: one day I will kill you!!
Me: Sure, that's what you said about Itachi and he's still alive and kicking, yep, but I think you already knew that.
Sasuke: ur so evil!
Me: okies, see, only 2 vids this time, yep, I really am getting the hang of this ^-^ well, byeness ^-^

LMAO!! I couldn't resist, these were just so funny I had to put it up, lmao!!

Haha!! That's right Sakura, make ur point!!
Sasuke: when did this happen?! When did I become hers?!
Me: well if u don't want her then I guess she'll just have to settle for Itachi

Sasuke: no way, that'll never happen!! How dare he steal my Sakura!!
Me: yep, ur obviously suffering from denial, ur Sakura?
Sasuke: I'm leaving *leaves*
Me: *giggles* L8er days! (omg, I've always wanted to say that I feel like such a dork >_< omg, that's fun)

OMG!! Look at his face!! He so likes her!!! yeah...now I'mma leave for like what, the 8th time, lmao, sry, I just had to have this one here too...

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Going to the Doctors

Okies, either today or tomorrow I'll be at the doctors office. Yep, we're going on that 2 hour drive to the doctor's office (yay *waves flags in the air* In case u didn't catch it, I was being sarcastic) My doctor, to put it simply, is a very bad doctor. All my life I've been going to the same doctor and he doesn't seem to know my body at all. One time he gave me some medicine and I took it and I threw up really bad -_-; and then the time when I had the pneumonia he said it was "nothing to worry about" and it was "Just a cold" That's why I like going to the hospital, they seem to care, and I like it there more cause it's less annoying than going to the doctors office. I remeber there was another time that when I was trying to fall asleep I was shaking very badly and I kept saying I was cold, and I really was freezing, it was a horrible feeling to experience, and I also had a very high fever (we checked with the thermometer, it was like, 140 something i remember...) we had NO clue what was wrong with me, my grandma told me to get dressed and we drove to the hospital, I was shaking all the way there,I felt really bad, but by the time I had gotten there my shaking calmed down a little and they wanted me to stay at the hospital, but my mom, being my mom said "No we'll just come back tomorrow" there I was shaking with a fever over 140 and she said that we'd come back 2morrow? I'll never 4get that moment...oh well, everytime I talk about my near death experiences (they feel like them..) I always remember how sick I could actually get and I've been there, done that, blah blah blah, and I see that never once have I stayed at the hospital over night, at least, not that I remember, although, there are many possible times I could have been there, like the time I had my first really bad asthma attack (when I found out I had asthma) I think though, that was the only really bad one I had cause after that I was given a inhaler to help me. WHY IS MY IMMUNE SYSTEM SO WEAK?! Ah, it sux, I almost always have something wrong wit me, be it minor or major, like my pinky...and my fingers...I'm 13 and I think I have authritis, now that's sad, dang hands with the waves of pain, oh well, screw it, all I'm going to the doctors office for is to get him to sign some papers for my school, allowing me to carry around my inhaler and stuff, also my little brother needs a physical, he's headed to 6th grade, (yay, we're gonna be in the same school again for a year, (sarcasm)) to honestly tell the truth, I'm not really lookin forward to this year. It's my last year of middle school and after this comes da big 8th grade graduation and the "Do you want to go to high school?" NO DUH!!!! If I didn't want to go to high school, or collage, why would I waste my time learning? I WANNA BE A PSYCHOLOGIST!!!! Man, how many times do I gotta say it to these people? Also, another reason I'm not looking forward to it is that I know after this year everyone's gonna change and they'll all be "moving on" to getting boyfriends and girlfriends, and I'll still be here, watching them like: "Hmph, oh well, they know they're grades are gonna fall anyways, why bother to tell them something like that?" and then the next second I'll be thinking, "Man I'm so lonely now that most of my friends have either gone to a different high school, and/or forgot about me" but they keep saying to me (this year and last year) "we could never forget about Dee, she's Dee!" sure you wouldn't, I'll keep that in mind when I call you 2 minutes after we graduate and you say " Dee? Who?" yep, I won't exactly be this mean and bitter when this actually happens(I'm just feeling a bit bitter at the moment), though, I'll probably break down and start crying and start apologizing, I always apologize when I cry, I don't cry often, but apologizing is a habit of mine, it's just there. Anyways, I'm also trying to get my life prepared for the begining of school in 8 days. I'm trying to adjust my schedule so that I can squeeze in some computer time and some reading time, and some TV time, and some sleep and me time, but meh, it'll probably wind up like last years routine: Wake up at 6:05, take a shower until 6:45, get ready until 7:10, then hurry, rush and grab book bag, run outside like a mad woman and pray the bus didn't pass while u we're tryin to watch baby looney toons, then when reaching the bus stop try to find ur inhaler and began to get extremely scared when u realize u left it in ur other jacket, think about running back home until the bus shows up and u get on it, and alos, hope the bus get's u to school so u can get a drink of water, after long day at school, come home and unlock door, say "Hi I'm home," Like anyone cared and go upstairs and get on the computer and read fanfiction, then decide it might be time to do homework, laugh at previous thought, and continue to read. After this it's just basically me being me, lol, I don't like doing homework, I don't do it unless I feel like it, or if I decide I have nothing better to do, but hey, it doesn't matter when you can keep a 4.0 without it. hm, I guess I really don't need a new schedule than, but I'm anxious to see what math class I got into, it's either gonna be pre-algebra again (I liked that class, but I don't want it again) or Algebra (I wanted algebra last year (don't make me go into detail about my 6th grade math teacher being a bitch and not moving me up because I already knew what she had 2 teach, stupid woman) I really want algebra cause I'm betting for sure that my friend FMA Kraze711 has it, argh, also I like things when they're challenging, to some extent I admit that I like learning, it's just some teachers and homework that piss me off, well like I said a while back, I'll probably not update for a few days and try and calm myself down and get myself ready for my last year of middle school (I really don't wanna graduate) I hope 8th grade is fun, and I really hope I don't get sick this year, well, ttyl, and Take care, okies? Byeness ^-^

Yep, you never thought I'd put up one of these now did u? hahaha, I'm just a AshMay fan, I couldn't see Misty and Ash together, it just wasn't working, I tried, but it didn't work, she's just like his older sister, oh well, here's the NejiTen goodness, yayness ^-^, lol

lmao, that was a cruel tick for FMA Kraze711, I'm just guessing, but I think she hates Hilary Duff, I don't really mind her I guess..but hey, I can still cope with this song, I actually liked it, this song was addicting to listen to, I'm thinking though it was just because my step sister hated it, lmao, it was so funny, anyway, if u didn't like dat one, here's a different one (yep only 3, I'm really getting the hang of sliming down on the AMV's...i think....my usual is arounf 4 or 5 right? this is an improvement...I hope...)

I'm shocked, it's actually hard to find a pairing without this song on it, it's a very overused song, but in my opinion, it's a good song, I love this song, screw repition on my part, (I have to many AMV's here with this song and I really don't like being repititious with AMV's like this) well ttyl, okies? Take care, byeness ^-^

Also, just to be random, I'm wearing a ribbon in my hair right now. I got it off of some boxes of candy, but it's a pretty ribbon, so I wrapped it in my hair in a bow since my mom won't let me use schrunchies (she says it breaks off my hair, but w/e) well, byeness, lol

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Monday, August 14, 2006

well, I'm not that enthusiastict about it, I just thought I'd mention that I got 400 visits, lol ^-^, the post is down below, okies?
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Okies, yesterday was sunday and we did not go to six flags, it has been postponed ^-^ thank God cause I really didn't want to go feeling like I could throw up any second, lol. Also, I have decided to slim down on the AMV's probably just 2 a day? Anyways, today I've decided to tell you guys what I did at Molly's house ^-^ when I first got there it was around 10 something or 11 and we went on the computer I think. We talked to her AIMbot thingy smarterchild, I love smarterchid, it was funny. We mad fun of it and it kept repeating the same things over and over (that's why it ticked me off and made me bored so I had to force Molly to stop and leave the smarterchild alone) after that we decided to draw, so we printed out some pictures and went up to molly's room and began to draw. I was gonna draw Kenshin and a picture of Eichi and Mitsuki from Full Moon Wo Sagashite, but I changed my mind about drawing them and I drew a made up character that I think I forgot to bring home and finish....oh well. I think this is going out of order but at this point I really couldn't care less....okies, so we watched the first DVD of Full Moon Wo Sagashite and Molly fell asleep halfway through the video. I stayed up the whole time but I was to lazy to get up and turn off the playstation 2 and the tv so I just stared at the screen until I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning at around 10 something in the morning and we again go ton the computer and then went upstairs to draw and we listened to a CD of Celine Dion, and then we decided we wanted to go and get some icees so we wemt to the candy store on our way to white hen and i bought 20 pixie stix, and a big pixie stix and that's it from the candy store...then we went to white hen and I bought a honey bun and some orange pop (orange just happens to be my favorite color, my favotrite soda and my favorite fruit, although I just suck out the juice, lol) and we saw an anime magazine, but didn't buy it, (we looked through it though) and we went back to Molly's house. By this time it was around 4 or 5 o'clock and then at around i think 6 idk, her dad came and took us to this one place were we ate pizza. This is when I got the chest pain, yadda, yadda, yadda, and I felt incredibly sick afterwords, yadda, yadda, yadda. I got home and I still felt like crap, in other words I was sick, and yeah, I think that's it....hm, I'm feeling better now, though, like I said I was yesterday, and yeah, that was my time at Molly's house.
Anyways, yesterday my grandma came home and she asked us if we wanted to go to a water park with our other cousins (not the ones we're going to six flags with) on next saturday, so we might go there, although I really don't want to go there because as I have said b4 I hate getting wet like that. Also, I have to go to my friend's birthday party on the 18th, and it's a pool party, which I really don't want to go to, but she's my friend, so I'll go, but I don't know if I will for sure because on Saturday (the day after the 18th, the 19th) is my mom's birthday, which makes me wonder why we were invited by our cousins to go to a water park with them, when they're gonna be here for my mom's b-day...maybe they're planning something and we don't know about it, idk, anyways, I still haven't finished my summer reading and that place starts in about 9 days for me. I'm not really worried about not being able to finish because these books I'm certain I'd be able to finish in about 3 hours each. Well, ttyl, and take care, okies? Byeness ^-^

Yep, I like this song, so sue me, hahahahahahaha!!! Actually it was one of those songs my mom listened to like everyday when I was young and it just grew on me..... well, Byeness ^-^

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Project...that should have been done already?

Okies, I got a new theme (NEJITEN!!!!, and I changed the text box thingy, although I might change it back to the way I had...the little text box thingy was awesomeness...oh well, this is easier to read in, right? Anyways, concerning yesterday's sickness, I feel a whole lot better after my 17-18 hour nap...yeah it was sweet, I had an awesome dream, it was so nice...I was walking on top of the water in my dream, it was like flying, lol, I'll stop now b4 u guys think I'm crazy. Anyways, I was shocked at how hard it was to find NejiTen pictures that I liked, also changing it so fast was a mistake on my part...there was another icon that I wanted to use before I changed the theme....also I was supposed to be done with a NaruHina (or have started it) fanfic by now, but I can't think of anything for a story...speaking of stories, all of mine are incomplete (I think I have about 5) except the one shots..hm, maybe I should make a NaruHina one shot? That wouldn't be fair though...I have like...2 SasuSaku fics and I think they're all multi chaptered....except one I'm working on an haven't uploaded. I think it's sweet, although, the sweetest fic I ever wrote is called chibi love and it's a SasuSaku and they're little, it's so cute!! I love writing it, it's fun ^-^ anyways, my friends are mad at me cause I never update my stories cause I'm bored with writing them...hm...it says something like this in my zodiac sign thingy:

People born in the Year of the Monkey are the erratic geniuses of the cycle. Clever, skillful, and flexible, they are remarkably inventive and original and can solve the most difficult problems with ease. There are few fields in which Monkey people wouldn't be successful but they have a disconcerting habit of being too agreeable. They want to do things now, and if they cannot get started immediately, they become discouraged and sometimes leave their projects. Although good at making decisions, they tend to look down on others. Having common sense, Monkey people have a deep desire for knowledge and have excellent memories. Monkey people are strong willed but their anger cools quickly. They are most compatible with the Dragon and Rat.

Hm, an interresting read for the most part...I like looking at stuff like this and picking out what's not me, although, sometimes it's so correct it's scary O_O there are some (like this one) that have things that fit me and others that are only true to some point. Oh the way this is talkin about my writing is that when I write chapters and I don't keep writing I just get bored with the story, that's why I like writing one shots...also the fact that I love both of my signs ^-^ Scorpion and Monkey, OH YEAH!!!
here's a quote from todays horoscope:
"The most timid soul is made bold by necessity."
Isn't that cool >_< omg I love my signs, they're both awesome! Although, my cousin thinks that they're the meanest signs to have put together....oh well, I think I was lucky that I got these signs, but enough about that.
I have an idea for a NejiTen fic. Inspired by one of the AMV's above. I love the song so much, that I'm gonna type the lyrics (you can skip this if you want) It's one of the songs that roll in the end credits of Anastasia (also, I made a mistake, Jung Woo was right, it's fox entertainment, not Disney, thanks, Jung Woo)

We were strangers
Starting out on our journey
Never dreaming,
What we'd have to go through.
Now here we are,
and I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you.

No one told me,
I was going to find you
What you did to my heart
(I don't know what this line says, lol)
You were there to remind me,
This is a start,
and life is a road
and I wanna keep going
Love is a river
I wanna be flowin
Life is a road,
now and forever,
wonderful journey.

I'll be there when the world stops turning,
I'll be there when the storm is through,
In the end I wanna be standing at the begining
with you.

we were strangers
on a crazy adventure
never dreaming
how our dreams would come true.
Now here we stand
(I don't know this line, sry)
At the begining with you.
And life is a road and I wanna keep going,
love is a river i wanna keep flowing,
life is a road now and forever
wonderful journey,
I'll be there when the world stops turning,
I'll be there when the storm is through,
in the end I wanna be standing at the begining
with you.

I knew there was somebody
(i don't know this line)
now I know the dream will live on
I've been waiting so long
Nothing's gonna tear us apart.
And love is road and I wanna keep going
love is a river i wanna keep flowin
Life is a road,
now and forever,
wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning,
I'll be there when the storm is through,
in the end I wanna be standing at the begining
with you.

Life is a road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river I wanna keep going on
Starting out on a journey

Life is a road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river I wanna keep flowing
In the end i wanna be standing at the begining
With you

My Favorite song *stars in eyes* I have so many favorites, but I think this one takes the cake, huh? lol, I don't even know who sings this song...that's kind of sad, but in my opinion it doesn't matter...I'm a strange kid, huh? Hm, well, this song makes me think...I won't tell you what about though, then you guys would really think I was crazy...hm...you guys probably already guessed I was the dreaming type of person who likes escaping reality and imagine things, I'm weird that way. I just don't like the real world, that's why I like fantasy more, but I'm still a down to earth person when I need to be. Well, enough of me ranting, this post is to long as it is, I shall end it with some questions cause I've always wanted to do that, lol, but the questions are after the AMV's (I love AMV's, lol)

I love this song, too, lol ^-^

I love this one, too...lol, the ending is cute 2 me...(the AMV ending)

Questions: (if you really don't want to you don't have 2 answer them...)
1) did you read the post? the whole thing? (except the parts i said u didn't have 2)
2) do you like coming to my site?
3) do I use to many AMVs?
4) Should I stop putting up AMVs?
5) r u tired of reading about me in my posts?
6) should I just stop writing abou myself and talk about anime instead?
7) for my next theme, do you think I should at least try to get off the Naruto KRAZE PHASE and do a Riku (KH) one, or stick with Naruto and do a team theme? Or maybe another couple (if so, which couple)
8) do you like the new theme?
9) are you annoyed by these questions?
I think that's it, lol, well, ttyl and take care, okies? I leave you with this AMV, which ironically, has one of my favorite songs on it, lol.

I lied, there are 2 AMV's now. I love them both, lol.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Omg...I feel REALLY sick right now. I came home from my friends house yesterday night. We had just gotten pizza, but while we were getting pizza, I think I had a case of heart burn or somethin, idk, but it hurt my chest really badly, but I ate the pizza anyways cause I didn't want them wasting their money on me like that...I like it when they do stuff like that, but sometimes I just feel like I'm intruding or whatever... anyway, when I had finished eating about 3 pieces and 2 glasses of root beer, they dropped me off at home and I still feel like crap! My chest hurts really bad, and my stomach just won't put anything down, I know it...and also, it's 5:07 AM and I'm very tired....my stomach hurts now, but I know I can't hold anything down at the moment, and to make matters worse, Molly has 2 cats and a dog at her house, so my eyes burn really badly, not to mention they hurt from lookin at the computer screen...argh, and well, over all, I think I'm sick again...ahh!! No, I can't be sick, this is not fair, I feel like I'm gonna vomit O_O I'll tell you guys what happened at Molly's house tomorrow maybe? Oh, crud, I'm sick like this and I gotta get my hair washed today? Why me? Why me T-T and to top this off (again) I'm depressed! I was gonna cry earlier and I don't know why! >_< everything bad is happening to me! The last thing I'm gonna tell you guys (cause trust me, the list of problems go on) is that my mom thinks that I might have multiple slurocis! It's a liver disease that is in fact deadly, ah, it's horrible! (and for those of you who remember the post about me playing the nurse and havin to make sure my mom takes her medicine, I'll be taking the same medication as her, and she says the medicine makes her sicker!) ah...I know I said that was all I was gonna say, but in my state of panic i forgot about my room! it was supposed to be clean compltely by today (I even started on it and kept going) but there's still lots to do! I'm supposed to be going to six flags on Sunday for the first time T-T i can't be having all these problems....I'm so tired and bad feeling that I don't have a video to put here today...I'm sry guys T-T things are just bad, it's my fault. I'll make it up hopefully, and I keep sayin that and I never do, I am so sry, okies? ttyl and take care, okies? Byeness...

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Friday, August 11, 2006


okies, I typed something b4, but Molly closed it out and I'm not typin it again cause I 4got what it was, lol, it was pretty long though, so..yeah, anyways,I'm at molly's house and we're gonna watch furuba (fruits basket) and Full Moon Wo Sagashite later so yeah...and then there's eating...yes eating is an important part of visiting...lol, I like food....AND CARAMEL!!! (you's understand if molly didn't excit out and destroy my post, now it's lost in cyber space T-T) anyways, we're talkin 2 weird ppl ONLINE (don't ask, I have no clue what this is, it's a computer thingy where u talk 2 ppl to my knowledge...which isn't much, lol) well, here' are some AMV's okies? ttyl and take care! Byeness ^-^

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hahaha,I couldn't find a NaruHina AMV with this song but I found one wit my favorite couple, lol, but still,here's a NaruHina one.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Okies, today I'm going over my friend Molly's house later so I won't be on...maybe, idk, I might just use her computer, who knows? Anyways, before I go I'm gonna try and comment cause I'm in a good mood, lol, yayness ^-^ although, soon I'll have to do the _____ shopping...yeah...that word I hate so much where they make the children suffer with homework, which I do not do and maintain a 4.0 GPA through the entire year, hooray for me, my teachers suck so bad that I can NOT do my homework and pass with flying colors, sad, huh? Hm, well, enough of this, I'm gonna say something about...hm....our summer reading book that sux. The name of the book is Stargirl and I hate it..the book is really uninterresting and dumb in my opinion. Hopefully it gets better by the ending or I'm not gonna finish reading it. I don't wanna graduate T-T I like middle _____ I don't wanna go to high _____ .....well, I guess that's enough of me complaining, hm, well,
My own recap (you don't have to read this)
my grandma went to the city for the funeral yesterday and she'll be in the city until sunday cause it's easier to get to church from there, so I'll be at molly's today and tomorrow wich means that I'll only be home the Saturday before she comes home, which gives me one day to finish cleaning my room...

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this song is so cheesy but strangely addicting, lol.

I finally did it! All NaruHina!! Now I must go and write a NaruHina fanfiction to complete my craze, lol, well, ttyl, and take care, okies? Byeness ^-^

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