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Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Okies, today my mama came back from Florida and I got another Mickey pen, a Mickey Pillow, a Mickey key chain with D on it (for my name De Andria) and I got a big Mickey pencil ^-^ although these things are more than enough, I'm really really really sad. I can't find my Game Boy Advance SP. I wouldn't be this sad if I knew I had lost it, but I'm sure I didn't loose it because the last time I saw it my little cousin had it. She and her brother have a reputation of taking things that don't belong to them and I'm sure she took it. This is what makes me sad. How could she do something like that? That's horrible! She's a child, she shouldn't be this bad! She was constantly asking me if she could have it and I kept telling her no because one: we don't give things like that away(we still have our Game Boy's) two: It's to expensive to give away and three: I really love my SP, I always play it. I can't believe she took my SP. I'm distrought...this is not fair, and what really makes me sad again is the fact that she used to be one of my favorite cousins.
Well, enough about my precious game boy advance SP, moving on to other things, like my room and closet. Okies my progress so far is that I haven't started on my closet yet cause I'm waiting on my Grandma to get started. If she doesn't say anything about our closets than they're going to stay the same for the time being cause if we stat without her say so, she'll start fussing at us about pulling out all that junk. So the plan on the closet backfires T-T and than progress on my room has increased greatly ^-^ I changed my bed sheets and the floor is almost fully clean, save for a trash bag and some knick knacks. The only things left to do is putting up my clean clothes and putting all my dirty clothes in the basket, and cleaning off my night stand and the computer stand ^-^ That's not much for me so I should be done today if I want to go to Molly's house tomorrow...same as yesterdaym I won't be able to comment due to cleaning or helping my Grandma get ready for a funeral (I have no clue who died, also I know that wasn't yesterday, but she needs help putting on her jewelry and stuff, lol, well, I was indeed on yesterday, though, and I did visit some people, I just probably didn't comment. Well, ttyl, and take care, okies? Byeness ^-^

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I just love this song too much, lol, but like I said, I love the origional better...

I have no idea if I put these up already, oh well, it doesn't matter does it?

Alright, I think that's enough of the AMV's, lol, do I use to many of those? Well, ttyl, and take care, byeness ^-^

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

   confusing....or is it just me?

I have some semi important news today, I guess, okies? I won't be able to comment today though T-T and I know you guys are getting tired of hearing this and you're mad at me cause I don't come around anymore, but I assure you that I'll be back up and commenting soon, just not now, okies? So please forgive me...
One of the reasons that I won't be commenting today is that yesterday we went clothes shoppping again and we bought a lot of clothes, then my grandma got mad saying that we got all these nice clothes and they're gonna wind up being tossed around like our other clothes instead of in our closets where they're supposed to be. All of our closets out jammed packed with things that are and are not clothes. It's not my fault that my closets dirty either. My grandma has so many clothes that they wind up in our closets and when we moved here we had so much stuff and no space cause my mom's husbands daughter was living in our basement, so we stuffed some bags into our closets and so now there's a bag of old toys that I don't even play with in there, there's a broken printer in there, there's some stuff that don't belong to me in there. there's some empty boxes all jammed up in there, and then there's my clothes that ar barely hung up cause my grandma puts all her crap on my hangers and I wind up with none so I fold them up and pray for the best...it's a drag really, but I'm looking forward to a clean closet. I hope she know that this means that we're gonna have to move a lot of her stuff and get rid of some old stuff. I just don't see why they had to just store old stuff in our closets like that in the first place! They never even considered that we'd need space for our own clothes. Why do adults have to be so stupid? My room itself would be a whole lot cleaner if i got rid of the closet mess that seems to effect my whole room. Basically, later today I'll be cleaning my house and I won't have time to be on the computer, although, you never know, I might just decide to leave it on and listen to some AMV's cause I barely own any CD's of my own to listen to, lol. Anyway, let's look at something positive ^-^ yesterday when we were shopping I bought an awesome new book bag (back pack, w/e) for the hell whole (school) but I lost my supply list and I don't know what I need....oh well, I guess I might have to wing it, heh heh...My grandma FINALLY bought me a boy huddy. I begged her in the store and she said yes! I got one that was the same as my brothers but different color. Everything else I got though was girl stuff. I got some jeans (I don't know what brand..)and some south pole shirts and I got some dress pants and a dress shirt. They're decent. My aunt went with us, so I didn't have to choose everything on my own (my aunt calls me a square cause I don't like to pick my own clothes out) I don't actually care what I'm wearing. So long as it's not insulting or extremely stupid to me, (or makes me look like a slut) I also bought some shoes....that weren't gym shoes (sneaker, w/e) I actually like them though, they're awesomeness ^-^ I can't wait to wear them out. That's the way I am with clothes..I like to see how long they last b4 they get to small, lol, although I think I've stopped growing, I'm 5 feet 8 inches and I'm 13, lol. People say I'm pretty tall, but I never thought so, I usually feel like I'm being looked down upon. Poeple tell me that's more emotional than Physical, but I don't feel like people look down on me like that, if anything, I hold myself up to high in the presence of people I know, it's a bad habit of mine to come out of the blue and say something like "I am awesomeness!" when I'm hanging around my friends, but I'm usually joking, but when I'm with them, I do seem much more confident than what I feel inside. It's strange. Hm, you guys know what? When I come back I'll comment on everyones posts and I'm gonna leave a special one that's more of a me being weird, lol. I apologize to you all for being an idiot, and anything else that I've ever said that was out of line and mean. I apologize if I ever offended you guys in any way. I don't want you guys to think of me as rude or anything, and I apologize for everything, okies? lol, now I'm really being weird, sry. Here're some AMV's at the bottom, and a poem as well. I might be writing more of those now cause I have a really bad feeling that sonething bad's gonna happen...hm, maybe that's where I should draw the line at completely being weird, lol, to put it simply (and I hate saying this) I'm feeling depressed and I don't know why and it's making me even more depressed. I think I'm doing this to myself though, so don't worry about it. Well, ttyl, and take care, okies? Byeness

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This poem I wrote and I think I had a fever...yeah...I usually write poems when I have a fever, it's odd....I don't like the poem much though, I liked yesterday's better (both of them were written on the same day)

How Can I?

How can I smile, when I know that youíre suffering?
How can I smile, when you were right there for me?
How can I smile when I know that you need me?
How can I smile, when I know how your heart breaks?
Itís simply because, Iím frozen inside.

How can I frown, when I knew that you loved me?
How can I frown, when I heard you got your first date?
How can I frown, when I knew you were happy?
How can I frown, when you were right here for me?
Itís simply because, Iím frozen inside,
Please take me home, Iím trying to cry.

How can I laugh, when I knew you had surgery?
How can I laugh, when I knew that you needed me?
How can I laugh, when I heard that you had cried?
How can I laugh, when youíre glaring at me?
Itís simply because, Iím frozen inside,
Please take me home, Iím trying to cry,
Please donít ask why, Iíll just tell you lies...

How can I say, that I needed your help?
How can I say, Iím losing my mind?
How can I say, I just want your hand?
How can I say, I want you to see; be right here with me?
How can I say, I knew that you loved her?
How can I say, Iím frozen inside?
How can I say, I was trying to cry?
How can I say, I lied all this time?
How can I say, that I needed you so?

How can I prove, that I want your attention?
How can I prove, I want all eyes on me?

What can I say?
I know I am greedy.
What can I do?
I just wanted you.
How can I smile?
When I know you donít love me anymore...


I don't know what's come over me, I usually hate songs like this, but they're familiar. my mom used to listen to stuff like this...I guess I'm just thinking of pieces of my childhood lately...i don't know what's wrong with me...

haha, after watching anastasia I found and AMV with that one song that's in the credits, lol, I LOVE this song and the pairing NejiTen!! You know, that might be my next theme...

omg, I love this, it's hilarious, Lee looks drunk, lmao.

I like the origional version of this song better, but hey, this works, too....

I think this is enough, lol, there's too much going on at one time, sry, lol, Well, I gotta get off the computer soon, but I might be on l8er and I might sneak some visits, lol, I don't know, it all depends on how quickly I finish cleaning my room and closet, it might not take as long as I'm guessing..(that would be until at least 12:03 tomorrow morning, lmao) who knows, we could finish at around 6 or so...well, ttyl, and take care, okies? byeness, lol (I know i said this already, but it's become a habit)

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Monday, August 7, 2006

   I'm still living?

Hm, well, my relatives came over yesterday for once, it was pretty cool I guess, but they came, talked a little, ate and were gone. It was nice seeing my cousin Kshma again, and I was happy to hear my cousin Derek's voice ^-^ I'm always happy to hear his voice, I feel safe when I'm around my cousins, lol. They said they'd beat up anyone who came near me and tried to hurt me, but that's impossible, but still...I knew they could do it if they wanted to, lol, my grandma makes sure of that. Most of the guys in my family have been in the military or jail at least once, lmao, it's weird, but still, I've seen them get pissed before and it's the scariest thing i've ever seen. I'll never forget when my grandpa threatened to kill my grandma. All the guys in the family kept asking my grandma if she wanted them to beat him up, or gave her a gun just in case. It was amazing how many guns she had by the end of the day O_O it was horrifying, but at the same time AWESOMENESS!!! It was SO cool, lol, I had the feeling that we were all being protected...of course my grandma never used the guns cause then we moved out here, so nothing bad happened, but then I learned that my grandma was scared that night cause she didn't know what would happen. It scared me that she was scared. I guess this only confirms that parents really do have to be strong because if a child sees them scared then the kid is going to feel scared, too, or mad, whichever one..but that was probably the scariest time of my life, and at the same time exciting...hm, nope, that's not the scariest moment, I'd have to say the scariest moment was when I almost drowned. We were in Indianna I think, and I was like, six, or so, and I went over to the water and I kept going to see where it was that the water would be up to my chin and I felt like my body was floating or something so I closed my eyes and kept taking steps, another and another and then I tripped and fell cause of the sand and i drifted off, struggling and I panicked (sp?) and remembered I couldn't swim and I was sinking, and I couldn't breathe. I didn't sink very far, but I felt like it, and I was constantly tying to touch the surface, but I couldn't move and I couldn't breathe, and I was scared, then I don't know what happened. I guess I fell uncounscious, cause when I woke up I was on the beach lying on a towel and it was almost night time. When I sat up I looked around I though that it must've been some sort of dream, but my little brother ran up to me and he was screaming "She's alive" and I'm like WTF? I thought it was a dream, (of course it wasn't exactly WTF, I was 6) I asked him what happened and he said that some guy saved me. I was like, "Who?" and he pointed at some dude who was talking to my mom. I walked over to him and he was really nice to me. I forgot who he was though, I even forgot what he looked like, lol, but yeah, I'm grateful that he saved me. He must be happy to know that someone in the world woudn't be alive without his help. After that, though, I had the case of double pnuemonia, so I guess I never had a time to be grateful until now. That's probably why I hate getting water in my face and in my ears and mouth when I get my hair washed, lol, I hate that so much. It scares me, and when my mom shouts at me it doesn't help either, I hate getting my hair washed...oh well, it's something I gotta live with, also, I'm sry I didn't make it to many people's site yesterday, I was feeling a bit angry/depressed. I'm putting a poem at the bottom ^-^ yippee! then there are AMV's, lol, I might not get to anyone's site today either, but today we're going school shopping with my grandma, lol, I'm sry, I'll make it up to you guys soon, hopefully, well, see ya l8ter, oh and I made a new site ^-^ it's Shinn Uchiha the following poem is there, too, but you can still check it out if you want, I'm satisfied with it, well, ttyl, and take care, okies? Byeness ^-^

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Smile Forever...

I feel your pain and Iím smiling at you.
Right in your heart,
you learn just what to do.
Smile in return,
give a giggle or two,
Look at my face and Iíll help you through.

Seeing you smile,
it warms up my heart,
but hearing you cry, well,
it tears me apart.
But thereís just one thing,
a secret, you see?
I wanna cry,
but youíre smiling at me...

Iím caught in a trap,
Thought up on my own..
My trap, yeah,
but no one to lean on.

So please let me smile,
donít smile at me,
pour out all your problems
for me to keep.
Iíll bear your burdens,
and Iíll take your sins,
Just let me smile, so everyone wins


Kabam, lol, I just wanted to say that...well, here're the AMV's I mentioned.

Try watching this all the way through, okies? You might not like the song in the beginning, but just try watching it all the way through, I thought I hated this song completely, but I love it, surprisingly...and this AMV

Sry, all chrono crusade, this time, I'm addicted, lol, it's so pretty, I'm gonna start watching it soon, I read volume oone and I'm hooked, lol, well, later, okies? Byeness

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Sunday, August 6, 2006


Okies, yesterday afternoon FNA Kraze711 went home and I was here with my brothers and my grandma cause my mom went to Florida again, but this time she went for fun, but she didn't take us with her, so were still here, yay! (note sarcasm) also, yesterday when my mom came in my room and told me she was about to leave, I said, okies, and she tried to give me a kiss and hug good bye, she only got the hug...I really don't like doing stuff like that anyway, so then she left, I don't know if she was sad, angry, happy, or what, but she didn't seem to care that I didn't see her out the door, I watched her leave from my room, but she didn't know, and it really looked like she didn't care, anyways, after she left with her husband and his relatives to have a nice time in Florida with out us, I decided that I still wouldn't clean my room and see what her reaction would be when she got back. Actually, the room isn't even that dirty, all I have to do is get rid of the trash bag and pick up a few things of the floor, then vacuum it, something I could do in about 30mminutes. Anyway, I was invited to a pool party on the 18th, which is the day right before my mom's birthday, lol. Anyways, it's a pool party and I can't swim at all. Also, my swim suit is to big for me in my opinion. I hate being in my swim suit cause that means that I'm gonna have to get wet, and still be wearing it...I don't like getting my clothes wet T-T...Also, I fell asleep yesterday at around six, seven o'clock, and I woke up today at 12 something, and now it's one. Yay me...not really...I'm cranky right now and I feel like hitting something very hard...I need something to hit....well I'm gonna go and talk to my brothers about stupid stuff so I can hit one of them...well, I might get around to commenting on you guys sites cause I'm feeling agressive and angry and I don't wanna slip and say something mean T-T well, ttyl, and take care, okies? byeness ^-^

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

   Watching Anastasia

Lmao, FMA Kraze is staying for another night,, yayness ^-^ and you know what that means? NIGHT TIME INSANITY!!! LMAO, anyways, we're up and watching Anastasia and that is one the BEST Disney movies ever made, the songs are awesome ^-^ well, since she had braces wshe wasn't supposed to have pop corn, butterfingers, pizza or altoids, all of which we had, lol, and she's going fangirl over Dimitri, lmao, you have to admit though, for a DIsney character he is hot, lol. I love Anastasia, it's an awesome movie, like I said before.
Also, I changed my site, it's NaruHina! Yayness, FMA Kraze711 and I were watching AMV's and I got the sudden urge to change it, although, I might change it back to SasuSaku again one day, although I doubt it, but that BG was so adorable to me, oh well, ttyl, and Take care peeps, lol, byeness ^-^

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ALso, OMG THE FONT IS ORANGE!!!! IT'S ORANGE!! I LOVE ORANGE!!! I LOVE THE FONT!!! IT'S ORANGE!!! ...and now FMA Kraze711 is making fun of me and making me sound like a prep cause I'm overly excited that the font is orange...but it's ORANGE!!! T-T some friend.......meanie...well, ttyl, and take care ^-^ byeness, also, I'm sry I'm slacking off on commenting T-T I have to fix that I'm so sorry, it's just I haven't been in a mood to comment as I usually do, I just, idk, I'm sry, there's really no excuse for this, please forgive me...

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Friday, August 4, 2006

   lmao, we are SO weird....

Yayness, FMA Kraze is over right now, lol. We are SO high, lmao, we just wrote two chapters of fanfiction together, we had SO much fun writing it, it's rated M for language cause we went a little over board...anyways, she's reading Furuba volume 14 and isn't saying anything (I just got Furuba yesterday) cause she's reading, but at the moment i'm running down the battery on her bean (it stores songs and yadda yadda, it's awesomeness ^-^) I'm listening to the song, perfect worl by Simple Plan (it tell you the song title on here, lol) she's also got Simple and clean on here too, lol, it's so cool ^-^, also, pon de replay and one two step, i love those songs, oh and *goes on and lists abunch of songs* buut she doesn't have bring me to life by evanessence T-T I love that song...oh well, can't have eveything right?
It has been bought to my attention that my mom is indeed a bitch...she came in when we were watching AMV's and COMPLEELY humiliated me. She was drunk and she kept pointing at me and blaming me for someting she lost and she tried to get me to hold her hand and she showed FMA Kraze711 my teeth and said I needed braces and stuff, it was horrible, I can't believe she did that. She even threatened to beat me if I didn't finish cleaning my room...it was mean...I know i could possibly get a beating for not cleaning my room, but she didn't have to say it like that, it was mean...I already have a fear of belts and extension cords T-T i was so embarrassed after she left...it was almost as bad as the time she went outside and completely took over the little boy next door's iPod, it was awful. I had to act like the adult and tell her to keep her voice down and go inside the house and stop bothering the little kid...it was horrible...oh well, I still think I'm over my illness, I haven't puked this whole time ^-^ but who know's what surprises tomorrow may hold O_o? lol, here're some AMV's

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"I don't like his voice I like his body." FMA Kraze711, lmao, OMG, she just said that about Roxas from KH2 cause she doesn't like Jesse McCartney (he does Roxas's voice)

"All I care about is Riku" Me, athrunsgurl cause seriously, I was lookin for him the entire game and he has the nerve to show his face (turn to noramal) in the ending!!!! How could he T-T I missed him....ahem, sry I just thought they were funny quotes, I quoted her so I had 2 quote myself or it wouldn't be fair...

I love this song(and AMV) ^-^ it's all her fault *points to FMA Kraze711* she got me into bands like simple plan, the used, etc.

Well ttyl people, and Take care ^-^ byeness

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Am I better yet?

Okies, yesterday afternoon I had 2 double cheeseburgers, a vanilla shake, and cheese fries for dinner. I ate it, (well, most of it, i only ate one cheeseburger) and after words I seriously felt like throwing up, but I didn't, so I thought I was okies, an dI declared myself better so I started to clean my room cause my mom was pissed at me for being a smart-mouth and she was gonna give me an hour but I played off her anger with my humor and she said it'd better be clean by today, but I when I woke up she wasn't home, but my grandma came back yesterday so we weren't home alone. Actually, since I didn't throw up yesterday, my aunt decided to take us to the origional house of pancakes where I ate like crazy, lol. I had the usual, 6 pancakes, 6 french toasts, 3 scrambeled eggs, and orange juice ^-^ I just got back a few minutes ago, and I still feel like I'm gonna puke...also, FMA Kraze711 is supposed to be coming over later today (that's why I actually started to clean my room last night) but I don't know... She might not come over...hm, well, I'm kind of sick anyway, but I might be better, just a little queezy...oh well, I'll just go about my day, see you guys, oh and I might be able to visit you guys sites, I usually do, though, right?

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I just love this osng so much, I've seen like, a billion of these with Itachi, they're awesome!!!

Hm...I have to admit I like the ItaSaku pairing, I know strange, but I'm still a SasuSaku fan, for sure, lol. Well, ttyl ^-^

I love this song, it's awesomeness...hm, I like a lot of songs, but I'm picky about what I listen too, lol

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Any day now...

Wow, I got a lot of comments yesterday, I'm glad you guys care T-T I'm sure this is good news, then, huh? Okies, I got off yesterday and my step sister (cause she's the only one here with a car, and for once she was being nice to me T-T) said that I needed to get some sleep and she took me for a drive, cause I always fall asleep on long car rides, lol. So I got some sleep yesterday, and I've been sleep ever since 8 or 9 something yesterday, and my brother woke me up at 9 today cause we have to go get hiim registered in his school (we have to do registration every year). Everything seems to be okies now that I've slept, so I'm gonna go try and eat a meal, I had a twix bar yesterday when I was on the phone with FMA Kraze711, I thought it was okies, but like, half and hour later, I threw up >_< I'm hoping that all goes well for me today, and I'm gonna go try and eat some cereal, and if I throw up after that, I'm gonna write down everyones suggestions from yesterday and try them one by one cause I need food in my system, lol. Here're some AMV's my brother and I saw some days ago...

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Me: haha, Sasuke
Sasuke: ur evil....

lmao, I love this

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I'm sick T-T

lol, I've been up all night, working on, and reading fanfiction, lol, my eye's hurt to and I'm yawning, but i can't fall asleep...T-T at first I couldn't wake up, but now, I can't sleep? What's wrong with me? I still haven't eaten anything, cause I'm afraid I might throw up, although, I did try the saltine crackers idea, but I didn't have any sprite or 7up, but the cracker went down and didn't come back up, but that doesn't really help when ur seriously hungry/starving T-T I need help, I need a doctor, I don't wanna die of starvation. I want my food *cries* the only thing I can do is drink stuff, even then I think that's only an exception to water ^^; I've been up ever since last night. I did try going to sleep for a few hours, and it wasn't working, but by the time I realized I couldn't sleep at all, I was gonna ask my mom for something, but I was afraid I needed to eat something b4 then, and besides, she was already sleep, so I didn't ask her anything. Instead I just went back into my room and got on the computer and turned on the TV(where I am now). Really not very interesting, but my house is FREEZING right now. the a/c is to high, and since my mom has MS she get's hot way too easily and likes winter...but I get cold EXTREMELY easily and I like mid-summer, cause then it's usually still a little warm. I'm even sneezing. There's no way I'm sleeping on the floor anyway, it's cold down there, that's where the vents are. I've been walking around my house with my afghan around me for a while now. I'm starting to really look sickly, heh, and I was the one who was supposed to be staying home to take care of them. This really sux, and FMA Kraze711 was supposed to be coming over sometime this week, but I still have to clean my room, and I'm trying to get over this T-T thank God my grandma's coming home soon. My mom's going to work 2day, so she won't be here in case anything happens to me, but I hope nothing does, but my body is really starting to feel weak, i don't know how much more I can take of this, it sux,just when I was happy that I haven't gotten an illness in a long time, well, I guess it's back to the way things were, well, things have been worse, this could be nothing 4 all I know, but in this state, I probably won't be up to visiting everyones site today, I'll be on though (I think), but if I leave a comment, I'd probably just babble or something, heh, what's the difference though, i always babble, lol, like now, I might get 2 some of urs, but idk, here're some AMV's, i think they're funny....

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I think this one's hilarious, Itachi, lmao, maybe it's more scary than hilarious to some ppl? idk

You have to admit, this is hilarious, Lee as Harry Potter, lmao

I LOVE this, is awesomeness, (especially the end)

I know I put this up b4, but I love it so much, it's awesomeness ^-^

I love this song, I was shocked when I found this AMV, I hadn't heard it in years, lol

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Monday, July 31, 2006

My body hates me T-T yesterday I was eating and I threw up, I thought it was just an upset stomach, but after I finished and waited a few hours later, I tried eating again, and I threw up. I didn't eat at all yesterday, and I don't think I'm sick, cause I don't have a fever of anything, my stomach hurts so bad (I usually have to eat something every 30min. or it hurts really bad) but I'm afraid if I eat I might throw up again. I didn't do anything wrong to my body, I even at some bananas and some yogurt for a snack, but I couldn't eat my dinner, T-T I have so many problems...
Ack, stupid last minute descions. Man, I just reread my FMA story and I realized something. It's a sucky story (I was spell checking it, too)T-T but haha, I always (somewhat) have a back up plan ^-^ I got an idea from a Naruto story I just wrote, lol, 'cept it's completely different ^-^ It'll only be one chapter cause I had a dream about it and I know what's gonna happen (weird, I know) but the thing is, after taking all those weeks writing the other one, and just a day to write this one really makes me feel like I wasted my time writing the first one that took me a while T-T but I hope that this one is a better one...I really hope so...
Anyways, haha, this part is about what happened yesterday when I got off the computer, my mom came in and told me my room had better be cleaned by today and I, again, asked her why. She said this time that I was the only little girl and that I should be more girly like. I hate being girly like. I grew up with my brothers and mostly my guy cousins, so how can you possibly expect me to be all girly-girl? I wrestle with my cousins when they come over, although they're older and always flip me, and we always play video games, and well..you get the picture. Anyways, my mom did the usual : "I used to be the same way too" I hate it when she says that. I asked my grandma about it once and she said that my mom was one of those girls who played jump rope all day long and had lots of dolls and whatnot. The only thing my mom and I had in common at my age was probably the apologizing thing, where I always feel the need to apologize if I did something (no matter how small) wrong, and I usually almost always have a feeling to apologize. Other than this, my grandma says that I'm not really like my mom, more so like my dad who didn't like hugs (I could really do without them) and he wasn't really that social with people, I'm only social if I have to be, like at school with friends, although sometimes, I could do without talking to people all the time, I like being left to think on my own when I have problems, but my mom insists that one day out of the blue, I'm gonna up and decide to be a giirly girl, 'just like she did' and she and her friend are going as far as to ask me a bunch of questions that I think are so stupid, like what color nail polish do I like. I stopped wearing nail polish when I was eight cause my grandma stopped putting it on my nails for church, even then I wore pink because people tell me that I look good in pink, also because my cousin Derek used to call me Pinky cause I was a pink baby, lol. Anywyas, being girly-girl, isn't my thing. I may own some things that are girly, and I may even act girly at some times, but there's no way I'll grow up one day and decide to go outside and play jump rope, over staying inside and playing video games. That ain't gonna happen, trust me, and there's no way I'd willingly put on make up and flirt with guys, lmao, I'd never, wear make-up, probably lip gloss, but nothing like eye-liner or blush or whatever else there is, and besides, at my old school, I always made guy friends easier than I did when I was trying to be friends with girls. They were mean and judgemental, and they didn't like me to much in the beginning, but then they tried to be my friend cause I was friends with the guy they liked, they were just bad people, some of them, and at this school, well, at my current school, I guess I kind of changed, cause it's kind of different the way things run, and besides, that was elementary school, this is middle school. Welp, I gotta get to typing or else I'll be disqualified, I'd like it if I could finish in about three hours, but my naruto fanfiction is fairing better than most of my others, lol, so maybe it was a good idea, but my writing abilities suck, lmao, If I had to write down the many things I suck at doing then It'd be a pretty long list, lol, also, I hope I made it to eveyone's site yesterday, I was on late trying to visit you guys, my eyes hurt and I was sleepy, I went to sleep feeling crazy, (that's probably why I had that kind of dream) Although, I was talking to a friend of mine, she IMed me and I'm like "what is she doing on so late at night?" It was freaking 11:30 something, who IM's ppl at 11:30? Oh well, I might make it to you guys site today, I might not, I promised Soul Alchemist that I'd turn in a story, and that's what I'm gonna do, I can't go back on my word, I have pride you know. Also, do you guys think I over do it with the AMV's? Tell me cause I can stick to only putting on one AMV or none at all, okies? Well, ttyl, byeness ^-^

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