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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Happy late thanksgiving you guys! It (once again) has been a while. Almost two months now? My birthday has come and gone. My grandmother's illness, though it has not passed, has been taken in by the family and is being dealt with to the best of our abilities. Also my mother's husband's side of the family (if I can even call us a family...) remains as dysfunctional as ever. I'm also doing horribly in school, but that's my own fault.
I've been mildly content the last few days. My brother came home from collage on Wednesday and we finished an 1026 piece puzzle on Friday (we'd started that morning at 10AM and finished at 7PM, a personal record) My self proclaimed brother (not my real one, almost like a cousin but not really) has stayed over since Thanksgiving and, as predicted, some people came over to eat and be greedy (my actual family members) and others didn't even bother to come over because my grandmother was unable to make the food this year so they didn't care enough to come 15 minutes to visit her. Those are the greediest family members of all: The ones who expect to eat everything and as soon as they're done they decide to leave. Still, it was a rather enjoyable holiday and we even made homemade ice cream (very good, my self proclaimed brother's father made it (does that make him my self proclaimed father? o.O...)
My gifts this year for my birthday have satisfied me greatly. As you can guess, the anime Get Backers was among them (first season). My cousin brought it for me. Other than school, every thing's been going quite wonderfully ^-^ I hope you all are doing well, too. Take care ~ Byeness!

Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2 OP

(Lol, I've also taken up an odd obsession for this show, too. It's just too adorable to pass up >.<)

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