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Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm soo glad its the weekend

Hey guys!!! Hows it going?

Its snowing again!!! Yeah, I know I'm a little hyper.

Hopefully I'll get to commenting you all today. I've been laying down the past couple days. My concussion isn't hurting as much as it did. The school nurse said I'll be perfectly fine but if I start to vomit within the next week to go to the Emergency Room and get that checked out because it could mean that this concussion is more serious then she thought. Anyway I'm just glad my head finally stoped pounding. OMG I was sooo mad yesterday, once my head stoped hurting I got cramps it was like "No, the pain just stoped I don't want more pain" oh well, I guess thats just something I have to deal with.

My parents went Christmas shopping yesterday. Apperently they have no idea what to get me because theres only 4 things on my Christmas list. An Ipod, Video Camera and 2 bags that I saw at aeropostale that I want. My mother said that I'm not getting a video camera though because she said I'm only going to use it for Italy so it would be pointless to get.

Semi is in a couple weeks (its a dance like the prom but less formal... I guess thats the only way to explaine it) I have no idea if I'm going. I really want to go but I don't have a date or a dress, and the school has a limited number of tickets this year. I want to go because I may not be going to this school next year. I may be in England or Japan or Africa, yeah I've decided on 3 different places... well their the only places that I can get the school to sponser.

Okay, so I really have nothing to say. I finally got some pictures up so I may upload them here either today or tomorrow but I'm not sure.

Well have a great day everyone!!!
¢ Haley

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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Hi guys hows it going?

I feel like shit. I'm a moron and got a concusion. Don't worry its only a minor concusion, atleast thats what the doctor said over the phone because my dad doesn't believe me. "Oh yeah dad btw I'm faking my fucking concusion". I officially hate him with a passion now because why the hell would I fake something like that. I mean yesterday I was crying almost all day or sleeping or not moving my head much. Whatever I give up. Before I just didn't like him but now, I just hate him.

Apperently its my fault I can't stay home because I didn't go to the doctors yesterday the doctor just told me what it was over the phone when I explained what I did and how much it hurt. She said if it still hurt today to go to the ER but personally I don't think that'll happen seeing as my mom threw and ice pack at me and my dad thinks I'm faking it. oh well I'm gonna stop bitching about it. I'm gonna go to school and get released by the school nurse and then either my dad or my mom can bring my ass home. It hurts like hell, seriously it does.

Apperently my mother is going to check on me first block and I can't stay home alone incase I pass out or something. Joy to the freakin' world a day of school with little bitchy ppl because my parents think that I'm gonna pass out home alone. If it was really that big of a deal then why doesn't mom call in sick and say she's taking me to the doctors for a slight head injury. My parents are braindead, atleast my dad is.

So my paper went okay. I got 1,203 words so its finally finished I had my mom bring it to Watson yesterday because I got to stay home with my dad all day, that was the worst sick day ever he was telling me "yeah you only didn't feel good until your mother walked out the door and then everythign was fine" Yeah seriously dad whatever the hell you say. Go to college or something to actually no a damn about kids.

My brother is in the bathroom agian its 6:30 I need to be outta here in 20 mins unless I pass out on the bus or something then I'm just gonna come home and get rushed the to ER. Lovely, huh? NICK HURRY UP IN THE DAMN BATHROOM YOUR WORST THEN A DAMN GIRL!!!!!

Grrness I wish my mom would stop coming in my room and touching my fuckin head, its just making it hurt more.

Well I gotta go seeing as I haven't even bothered getting dressed yet and I really don't feel like moving but whatever.

Sorry about my bad language, i'm just really upset and I tend to sware when that happens.

Have a great day!!!
¢ Haley

Grry I can't get my damn post box because my computer "cannot find server" this thing pisses me off.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grrr My school sucks!

Hey guys!!! Hows it going?

So I'm a little pissed at my school today. They ahve snow days when it snows all day but there aren't snow days when its been snowing all day and theres about snow up to my leg. *rolls eyes* How fuckin typical. I think I'm just mad because I haven't even put a dent into my history paper which is due tomorrow. I just barely finished the book.

So I may just ask my mom to stay home. I have nothing planed for today in my classes anyways. In brit lit were probably not doing anythign because the teacher gets side tracked easly. History we'll take notes on World War II which I can just get from someone in my class and so on. Math I really have no idea what were doing but I could honostly care less because I know that I'm like barely gonna pass that class either way. I also have alot of work for my history class.

Holy crap its 5:30 am and I'm awake. Never would've thought that. I think 5:30 is the earilest time I've ever been pissed off before. I can't wait till 6am to ask my mom if I can stay home to work on my paper I really really doubt that she'll say yes. Which will make me mader. I have 5 sick days left and I am kinda sick. I have a stuff/runny nose and a cough; which I think I got from going outside in the snow and not dressing warm the last few weeks.

sorry i haven't commented lately. My computer hasn't let me and the weather's been horrible. I should get back to that tomorrow seeing as I've got a gigantic paper due tomorrow.

Instead of bitching on it I should get it done now, right. Well I dunno if I can its rediciouls. I hate that it has to be 900 words. Just for 5 points added to my final grade. I'm stupid, I should've read the book and taken the quiz like everyone else did. Besides, my hisotry grade is already an 88 and that could go up majorly if I did good on the World War I test and if I do good on the World War II test.

My damn dad isn't gonna let me stay home it sucks. I really really despise him. I know how much of a bad teenager he was. My grandmother was gonna send him to boot camp.

Oh well I have to go. Plus I don't really wanna put anyone in a bad mood.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Long day... Late post

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

So today has been crap. Everything was all messed up. The only class that was okay was History. Probably because my history teacher is awesome. She's my fav teacher that I have this year. We're learning about World War II so I already know about it so its time for me to majorly slack off. Its not like anything will effect my grade I just don't feel like taking a bunch of notes for nothing. Though I was pretty pissed because I don't remember all the courtries in Europe. I needed to know those but of course I haven't looked at them in about 2 years so what did I expect. Next year if I don't go to England I'm probably taking European History again. That ECE and American Studies. Possibly French 2&3 as well.

my math teacher made me really mad today. She was being such a bitch. I really really hate it when she's like that. She can't handle her class so we don't end up doing anything ever! So today I was doing my history homework and she just looked at me told me I couldn't be doing that in her class and walked away. I didn't see the problem because I was done my class work and she wasn't teaching. So anyway I finished my homework and she came up to me and said "history isn't important math is" So I got mad because History is my minor right now while Psycology is my major. So I'm like "Well if we don't know what happened in history were bound to repeat it because humans are stupid" and she's just like okay well you can argue that in the office. So I just walked out and sat in Guidance told my guidance consluer what happened and he told me it was shit so to go back to class. Once I got back to class the bell rang anyway. I went down to ECE and we did nothing really. Just book work and projects.

OMG you guys need to hear this it was sooo funny. My friend Kayla walked into our ECE class; and this little boy (we teach pre-school) comes up to her and takes her hand and says "I want to show you something" he takes her to the circle time area and points up and says "Look at the big fag" at that point i was cracking up. when she looked up it was a Big Flag. Then he said "Look heres a book about fags too" OMG its the funniest thing ever.

Anyway I should probably go. Its 5pm and I still haven't started my homework. I've also got a book review on The Rape of Nanking, its really good but its not good if you can't handle rape and holocausts and stuff. Its about World War II its about what the Japanese did to the Chinese.

Have a great night everyone!!!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I don't fell like going to school

Hey guys!!! How are you?

Things here are going horrible. Yesterday in first block (Brit. Lit) I realized that I'm pretty much lieing to ppl saying that I'm happy when really I'm not. I also realized that all my friends are changeing my Junior year right when I need them the most. What sucks is I couldn't get anything done because I was thinking too much. Second block actually got my mind of things because we had a test, so I had to actually think about what was going on. In math class I talked to Cory, probably one of my friends that hasn't changed much. and in ECE I was just really quiet. I didn't say much. We had to do powerpoints on Chlid Abuse and Kara and I did neglect. It was weird though, I have about half the signs of being psychologly abused, but I wasn't abused in any way. hmm oh well. I guess those indicators work and don't work at the same time.

So yeah, now when I get to school I've got 10 mins to slap togther my english project. That should be really intresting. Hope Mrs. Jacobs doesn't kill me this is the second project that I haven't been done in the past 2 weeks. I guess I'm starting out the quater in a really bad way. I missed a test which I still haven't made up and I also missed a homework assignment that I have to make up as well.

Today I'm hopeing that Rebecca is actually in my lunch. I really don't feel like sitting with Amber, Amber and Geniva. Its not all that great. I swear if my old history teacher asks me if I'm a freshie again I'm gonna go nuts. He had me my freshie year. I was in his *bleepin* class for 18 weeks and that was 2 years ago. I'm a junior now so obviously i'm not a freshie. I didn't stay back that long... actually I've never stayed back at all.

So today after school I'm commenting. I can't do that right now because I don't really have the time school starts soon and my lazy father hasn't printed out my English paper yet...

Have a great day!!!
♥ Haley

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Monday, November 26, 2007

   Ack, I hate Monday!

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here are going okay. Not much has happened.

Sorry I couldnt get to commenting yesterday because the weather was bad and my internet kept going off.

Today I have school. I dont feel like going but oh well. At least it wont be that bad. The day always seems to go buy pretty fast. After English everything is like boom its over. Well probably because I always dread English we always have to work in partners and I always get stuck with the ppl who never do anything and then we have to give a bunch of public speeches and crap. I mean Im getting better with them but Im still shy. Math seems to take forever to go buy too. Its like Ahhh does this class ever end! because well my teacher is horrible and she gets all pissy at me because I lose my homework which she doesnt collect anyway. This is my last year of math so its all good. 7 more weeks left, thats all. Woot its gonna be great. After this 7 weeks are over I will have no History, Math or English. The only class that will stay the same is ECE then Ill also have Psychology, French 1, and 2 nine week courses meaning they split up the rest of the year into 2 different classes which will be Family and Social development and Parenting and Child Development. So that should be a pretty easy term, well atleast I hope so anyway. I dont want it to be as bad as this term. I hate stressing over stuff and by then most of my Italian class will be over then its back to me studying British History, because Ive just realized that I can get a job and get paid $5.75 an hour just to tutor kids. It shouldnt be that bad.

So yeah, Im done with this rant. Ill comment as many of you as I can before school starts and then Ill get back to the rest of you after school, well if Im still alive, my math teacher is really mad at me lately.

Oh, I got a new myspace account because my other one was getting hacked too much and it wouldnt let me change the password. If you want it PM me or let me know through comment and Ill send it to you.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hey guys!!! Hows it going?

Well things here yet again are pretty boring. My mom is coming home from NY today which should be okay I guess. She always tends to get me stuff that I never use and then it makes her feel bad because I never use it. Last time she went out of state when I was about 11 oh god she came back with the ugliest hoddie ever and wanted me to wear it. Oh well I'm over it.

Today I'm suppose to be reading that Mythology book that McCormick gave me to read for my Italian course, to be honost it is boreing the hell outta me. I fell asleep on my British Lit. book Thursday night and I haven't really had enough sleep since then. Probably about an hour every night since Friday.

I just woke up about an hour ago so nothing really intresting has happened. I think I'm catching a cold though, my noise is all stuff and theres stuff in my throat. I think I may just take some nightquil and try to go to sleep but then that would also be wasteing my day away.

I have school tomorrow and I really don't want to go. In Brit. Lit we have to design a myspace for one of the characters. I'm personally pretty mad at Ms. Jacobs because she said that we had the choice of which book we wanted to read Beaowolf or the Canturberry Tales (or something like that) The majority of the class picked Beaowolf because we were going to see the movie after we read the book, and as a class we were gonna pay to see it. Ms. Jacobs said that she wasn't changeing her lesson plans because she's only done Beaowolf about twice since she's been teaching. Damn it its a freakin' required book where as the Canturberry tales is not. No one wants to read the damn thing.I wish I'd take Brit. Lit with Finny. I had him for 9th grade English and he was freakin' awesome! He's like a 22 year old anime freak and yeah, I love him.

I think my dad is gonna drag me grocery shopping today seeing as mom isn't home to go with him so I may waste the $8 that I have on pointless junk at Wal*Mart. Seeing as I know I won't be able to get a cell phone any time soon. Kristi and I came to the conclusion that my phone is a piece of crap. It died in the middle of 3 phone calls and it was fully charged for like 5 or 6 days now, I haven't used it its been on its charger. I'm starting to miss my ghetto motorola tracfone. Atleast it worked pretty good and didn't die when you tried to make calls. I am never getting a Nokia phone agian. I think I'm gonna get a $11 LG cell phone because I'm only gonna use it for a year, I'm leaveing for England next year meaning I'll need to buy a new phone so it would be pointless to go spending alot of money on a different phone.

I'm gonna go find something to eat because I'm hungry.

I tried commenting yesterday but my compuer froze up so I only got to like 3 sites. I'll get to the rest of them sometime today.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Well things here are going okay. Not much is happening. My mom is still outta town and my dad is at work. My brother and sister are still sleeping.

I'm starting to realize that I really really need a job. I'm broke and I hate it. I mean I know that I'll be broke for a while but if I want to go to England I better start saving now. I'm also nevervous about actually going there becuase I'm soo shy so I probably won't make too many friends but oh well atleast I'll still have the internet, and my friends here are getting on my nerves... okay their not really my friends but their more of friends friends.

I'm proud of myself I'm actually getting to updateing and commenting almost every day. Maybe thats just because its a long weekend but I'm not sure. Oh well, I'm gonna try and get my homework scedual settled out because theres way too much of it.

I just remembered I was suppose to read over the weekend but I'm too lazy to. I've only read the Rape of Nanking over this weekend because its the only one thats half way intresting. I have to read a book on Roman Mythology and on Italian Art, which I pretty much already know. Atleast European History is comeing in useful for once since I've taken the damn class.

I think my cat is hungry but I ran out of cat food. Probably because he ripped the bag open when we weren't home and had his own thanksgiving feast. I may call my dad and tell him to bring cat food home on his lunch break, see he's the mananger so he can pretty much leave anytime he wants because he runs the store, he just needs to make sure that the assiastant mananger is there, and he most likely is.

Ah well this is one of the most useless posts ever, it really is.

Yesterday we went to the parade of lights, my brother and father were getting on my nerves. My old friend walked by and their all like screaming "Steffy she wants you" because they think that she's gay... and I don't really know what to believe anymore but I don't talk about ppl behind their backs, its just not right. so yeah that was annoying me because I'm not a *bleeping* bisexual or homosexual person. I'm straight. So anyway, during the whole thing my brohter was complaineing that he was cold which is probably because he wasn't wearing a winter jacket and it was 29 degrees out. and then my dad was screaming at the floats going by and stuff. It was really annoying, I don't think my parents have ever embarrased me that bad in my life, and normally mom is the embarrassing one.

Well I'm off to comment now.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

1:15 am, and depressed.

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I never got to commenting yesterday. I was having a bad day. I cried like for an hour straight. My dad yelled at me and stuff and I couldn't take it anymore.

So thats why I'm depressed, plus I'm sick of little freshies in my school causeing shit with the upper classmen, I mean I have nothing against them. But the things their going through we all have to go through. We've all been at the bottom of the food chain, it gives them no right to talk shit. but anyway I'll get over it because atleast I know who I am and I know that I'll never do drugs and shit like they do. They may say I'm weird but if being weird means that I don't do drugs or drink or smoke, then I'm perfectly fine with being weird. Because well that shit is just killing you.

Oh well that rant is over. So I guess I'm back to looking for some new friends if this stuff doesn't clear up soon. I'm sooo happy that I may actually be going to England next year. I really want to go but yeah, I need a job first.

So how was everyone's thanksgiving? Well I hope they were good.

I should get some sleep. Its now 1:23 AM but yeah, I'm not tired. I wrote alot of poems yesterday. None of them make sense. I may put some up if I feel like it later on today.

I will comment you all as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hey guys!!! Hows it going?

So I'm pretty bored. I know its Thanksgiving but I'm still bored. My family doesn't exectaly do anything. We eat at about 3pm and then we just hang around and watch movies and stuff because we live too far away from my Grandparents, which sucks because I miss them soo much. I used to be with them just about everyday when I lived in Rhode Island. I was such a Grandpa's girl I went every where with my Grandpa, the mall, the movies, I stayed over there weekends, I was just always there. So yeah, I'll probably call them later to talk to them.

Sorry I haven't commented back yet. I will do that later on tonight because right now I'm taking my little sister outside to play in the snow. If it wasn't melting I'd take pictures of it but it doesn't look pretty right now. It doesn't start looking pretty till we have about a foot and its all over the trees and the mountains. Speaking of snow on the mountains I have some pics I took a couple weekends ago of mountians with snow on them. It was when I was in North Conway. Or maybe it was Glen, I don't know. I also have pictures of the Key Club Induction Cermony but they came out crappy because my mom doesn't know how to work a camera. I have one that came out really cute of me and my sister but Dave screwed up my hair before the picture.

yeah, I know they didn't come out that good but I couldn't get across the street to take the picture because my mom wouldn't let me and Brynna was crying because she had to pee (she's 3 years old. She's adorable) Grrness Photobucket won't let me upload the other pictures that I have so I'll try to put it up another time.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

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