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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ahhhh McCormick is trying to kill me!
Hey guys! How are all of you?

Things around here are pretty awesome. I'm wicked happy because I got my paycheck today. I'm not broke anymore... wait I wasn't completly broke before I got it either, I have $65 in cash on me and my check is for $72.03. Oh well, I'm only taking $20 out of it and putting the rest in the bank. Don't ask me why I take $20 out a week, I have no life, so I just basically have money in my bag for no reason all the time. I'm thinking I'm going shopping this weekend, maybe I should just pay for my drivers ed courses. I'm gonna be 17 on the 25th and I'm like the only person in my grade that hasn't taken drivers ed. The prick across the street is even taking it, she annoys the hell out of me. i should save up for a car, I already have enough money for drivers ed, and then just start saving up for England//Scotland//Ireland this summer, or after drivers ed is over. I dunno. I don't even want to go to Scotland. OMFG I'm soooo having a English homestay next year... uhm... I have no idea where they'd be sleeping seeing as they'd probably have to share my room with me... I have bunkbeds, it should be all set as long as I don't have a guy homestay... what the fuck do I care... maybe he'll be hott... and we have first picks on homestays... Italy travelers I should say... I have no clue why I'm sooo excited... I mean we talked about it at our last meeting today but their not coming until next april 12 days before our spring vaca. That'll be a week I'm taking off. I wants to spend time with my homestay. And if its a guy he WILL be dacing at the UK//USA exchange dance. haha, can't be last years dance. Me and Lauren were slow dancing to songs.She was Jessie's home stay and was awesome. Execpt I think I freaked her out because I was looking at the sluts dance and I was like "I'd rather dance with myself and put my hand up my own skirt" and she just looked at me oddly. So did Adam, he was odd anyway, he never said 2 words to me and his little cousin is my best friend and I used to see him on a daily basis. His brother is dating Jessie. Wait... I'm going to England before they come here... damn it I won't know my homestay beforehand. I'd cry... I really would. Good thing we're talking to them 2 months before we go on the trip and keeping in touch with them. They better have a myspace.

I'm gonna shut up now, because my friggin dad and brother put me in a bad mood. They really need to go screw up their own lives because personally I don't care if their involved in mine or not.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Computer is fixed!
Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

My dad fixed my computer. I didn't even bitch about it for 2 weeks. I think it may be because I got a 100 on my French test. Thats seriously a first for me. I mean this year has been a bad year for me school wise. I just have more things on my mind then classes. Really smart, I know. I'm going to college in less then 2 years and now I decide to screw off.

Aiden is back at school. I miss him, I keep expecting him to wake me up at night crying. I want my fuckin baby back. I said that right to my teacher too. She just was like WTF. And then she went off saying "this baby was suppose to teach you how hard it was taking care of a baby" I'm like "Well guess what, now I want him back" Apperently I'm gonna make a good mother adventually I got a 97 on my baby project. Possibly because I forgot to feed him once and at lunch he was crying for 20 minutes and I was frustrated because I wanted to eat and Maddam Prince almost broke his neck. Oh well, in May if I take another baby home, which I think I'm going to, I want to try and get a 100 and I want a little girl this time. The clothes are sooooo much cutier. Even though, I'd rather have a son over a daughter. Little boys are easier to deal with then little girls, not as much drama.

I also just started my parenting class on Monday its pretty mellowed out. There are 2 guys and 8 girls. Jeeze, this will be a hard parenting course seeing as some babies will have 2 mommies. And Richard is gay so its like no matter what the kid will have 2 mommies. I want Keith to be my kids daddy, that sounds really bad... not in that kinda way. He's just one of my best friends and he's the only straight guy in the class. Though, he's gonna work with Tessa. I love them both to death but there will be some fighting between me and tessa over keith. Partly because Keith's black and decided that he wants my baby. AIDEN IS MY BABY HE CAN'T HAVE HIM!!!! I love that baby, today we had to hook the babies back up to the charger in the draws in Mrs. Connary's room. It made me very upset. But theres another black baby thats a little girl and it looks just like Aiden I think the only difference is that she doesn't have balls. Oh well, you know what Keith can take Aiden and I'll take the little girl and they can be twins.

OMG ECE we laughed sooooooo much today. Okay, Tiff's sister had a baby about a week ago and her sister was like "I played with my babies balls. did you play with your babies balls" Tiff was like "I had a little girl" so we're all laughing and her sister still stands there clueless and starts saying "They were sooo little" I'm sitting there and start talking to her sister saying "Its a freakin' 9 week old baby what the hell do you expect?" Then were like "Well, their still bigger then Aaron's " he's this really annoying kid in my graduateing class. He's a fag. He's been hitting on me for 4-ish years now. I mean, I didn't like him then, I don't like him now, and I will NEVER like him so he should just give up. I can put up with his brother but him, no way in hell.

I can't go to prom anymore. My date bailed on me at the last minute. But its not like that it wasn't his fault at all. I really don't want to talk about why because I cried about it for hours yesterday. So its not like he was being a jerk or anything. I just miss him soooo much. He'll be away until after I graduate. Try loseing your best friend for over a year and when he comes back you know things will never be the same again no matter how much you try to make everything seem okay. Its seriously killing me. Just to answer all the questions I'll get, I loved him for about a year and a half. he just doesn't know it. I'm not sure if I still have feelings for him anymore or not, but I'm sure I'll figure it out advenutally. I wish I knew his new adress so I could atleast write to him, but no, not that either. Its weird because I just saw him a few days ago, and we were joking around and everything seemed fine. Its just starting to sink in that I may never see him again, and the thought of that is killing me soooo much. Just thinking about it is making me cry. Its like no one understands why I feel the way I do. I mean I love him more like a brother now, but its still killing me. My mom thinks we'll end up married in 5 years but I know he won't marry me for my protection which is fine, because I already know who I want to marry. Though that may change because I'm only 16 (almost 17, I'll be 17 the 25th of this month)

Anyway, i'm gonna shut up now because all of you are probably lost. I'm sorry that dragged on forever. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask, I'll answer questions about this but I probably won't go into too much detail.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey guys
Hey guys.

My computer is dead again so I'm just going to get another one but I probably won't be on much till then. I'm sick of buying parts for mine and having it not work so I'm buying a laptop at the end of the month along with a real cell phone, I know I just baught a tracfone, but its dumb I spend to much money on it. Though, my dad fuckin baught it with my credit card, go figure he's an asshole. I'm over it. I can't wait till I'm 18.

I'll talk to all of you as soon as possible.

Have a great day guys!!!
♥ Haley

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mood: Sleepy & hungry
Listening to: Aiden breathing.
Time: 2:25 pm.

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

I'm sooooo hungry. Every time i try to eat Aiden starts crying. Supriseingly I got sleep last night. he woke up every 2 hours until 4:30-ish am and then he sleept until 9:39 am. So I did get some sleep and he's been pretty quiet all day. Its just that I'm wicked hungry and sleepy and I can't really do much with him around. Monday should be fun. I have to take him to all of my classes. I think he's adorable. Here's the stock image of him. I don't feel like uploading pics from my camera.

Anyway I don't really have much to do. i'm just happy that I got a easy-ish baby. Marissa e-mailed me and said Sophie (her daughter, its a machanical baby too) won't stop screaming and has been at it for exectaly 12 hours now. She's pissed that Aiden has been asleep for more then half the time that I've had him.

I should probably go before he gets up and see if Marissa wants to come pick me up and maybe we can get Sophie to calm down. Aiden, well is already calm. He's a pig though, 85% of the time he cries its because he wants to eat. I really hope Sophie will calm down or I'll have to deal with a very cranky Marissa on Monday.

I'll update later tonight when I have more to say and if aiden decides to sleep.

Have a great day everyone!!!!
♥ Haley

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Friday, April 4, 2008

hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here are going fine. I've got baby Aiden and he's been with me for almost an hour now and he's sleept pretty much the whole time. He's cried once for a diaper change. Now he's fine and went to sleep again. He's soooo fuckin adorable. I took pics of him already. The second we walked in the door I did. I really want to see the kids reaction with him. I'm taking pics of that as well. Well, if i'm allowed to at daycare. I sure and hell hope that I don't have to clean the bathrooms because i can't pick up the baby with cleaner in my hands unless I wait until the baby is sleeping but then theres also the thing that I've got to clean the toilets and take out the trash. I'm gonna see if someone will swap jobs with me. I'll do the kitchen tonight then maybe Jane will do bathrooms. How the hell am I suppose to vaccum then I won't be able to hear the baby crying. OMFG I should've just asked for the day off.

I don't know when Aiden will wake up to be fed but if I just post this without an actually ending you know why.

Oh yeah, btw Emma I think the baby's we have are manufactured in the UK, its made by Realityworks.

Okay, I'm sooo happy that my baby is easy... well for now. Its on a medium schedual though so things should get a little tougher.

I should go clean my room up for the baby. I've commented everyone who commented me, well if you've updated today.

So have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Slightly Worried
Mood: Worried///Content.
Music: Why Don't I Miss You- Bowling For Soup.
Time: 8:01 pm.

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things have been "intresting" lately. I had the blind walk in Psych. yesterday (well I was blindfolded I had to guide someone today. BTW she freaked me out because she was freaked out so I was like having a fuckin anxity attack) I didn't fall supriseingly but my partner did forget about me and I almost walked down stairs... I think I would've fell because she never told me to stop! But I got a 100 on the walk even though I did tell my mom and Tina to shut up. (my mom works for the school and she was picking on me when she saw me walk by blindfolded) It was wicked fun though. I just had no fuckin idea where Bob's was so I didn't knwo where I was. Though, I drive bye the place every day to get to school and get home from work.

I have my machincal baby tomorrow and until monday. I got a little boy. Its a black baby and I've decided to call him Aiden. I didn't actually think a doll could have a penis. Yup, I figured that out today. Shawna was like poking at it. I'm like "HELLO THATS MY BABY DON'T DO THAT" She's all like, "Well mine's a girl." I'm was like "Duh, its wearing a pink onze and says "Its a girl" on its hat. I hadn't noticed. JK. I'm taking a class pic with the babies though since like 6 out of 8 of us are taking them this weekend. We should take a before and after pic. I'll look like shit monday. And I'll be as cranky as hell if this baby doesn't shut up through out the night. Turns out I can't call my bf and talk to him if I get too frustrated witht his baby because he has no mins left on his cell phone. Great, now I need someone to call and vent to with this baby but I don't really want to make anyone suffer because of it. I would put my cell number up but I don't want random ppl calling me. Oh well, if anyone on here already has my number and you want to call this weekend please call me! I'm gonna be stuck home without a life with my baby.

Tomorrows a half day (can't remember if I said that already) So I can come home and have some time with the baby and learn his cries and stuff before work, which I have to take him there. Gah. I'm gonna be pissed if a little kid touches him or tries to hold him or something. I'll freak out if the baby counts something as neglect because I have to clean and stuff which will totally suck ass. I think what I'm gonna do is lay him on the changeing table while I'm cleaning the big bathroom and then ask Kim nicely to take out the trash and clean the little bathroom so I can focus my attetion on the baby.

I commented everyone back that commented me but I'm not sure if I'll be on this weekend again to comment. I have a feeling when aiden is asleep i'm gonna be sleeping too. I have to keep a journal about everything he does and why he cries and such meaning i have to wear my watch ALL the time. Even though its a few minutes fast its really accurate still, rather then trying to write down things afterwards. I have to have the time he starts and ends crying and what I had to do to get him to stop crying. Weather he peed or pooped when I changed his diaper and so on. Same thing I did at work. Execpt I dont have to sign my name anywhere.

I really should go I have to get my room cleaned so I have somewhere to keep Aiden at night when I sleep. Hopefully he's an average or easy baby I do NOT want a hard baby. My mom had it easy, we were all pretty mellow babies. My great-uncle used to joke with my mom and say that she put us on drugs to make us chill out.

Have a great day!!!!!
♥ Haley

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey guys!!!!!! How are all of you?

I'm great, but I'm really really really hungry. Like starveing but mom's cooking and won't let me eat anything till its done.

I just got home from work about 20 minutes ago. Work was okay I guess. Pretty dull today because it was Monday. Friday should be intresting, Machaincal baby + real children= disaster!

Anyway I have nothing to do. I have no homework and the new quater starts Monday meaning Family Social Health Services is over and I have Child Dev. and Parenting which sounds easy enough. I can't believe I've got a 69 in FSHS but its because i have to make up an outline and a test so I'll do that Wed. or something like that because I have no life.

Ahhhhhh I NEED FOOOD! Sorry, I'm just really really hungry

Friday is a half day so I get home at 12:15 and head back out for work at 3. Suckiness.

Gah, I'm sooooooo pissed off. The animal sheltor in Lancaster isn't getting enough money so they have to shut down and the adoption rates are going down. I'm thinking about going to get a puppy though Shawna said to get a dog because they are more needy for homes. Anyone will take a puppy so I have no clue what I'm doing. I think I may not tell my dad and just annoy the fuck out of my mom. I mean they'll get shipped to another sheltor and probably be killed because no one wants them. I love animals, and I hate them being killed if their not a threat to themselves or anyone else. Its just fuckin stupid.

anyway I'm gonna go because i need to look at the lancaster humane society website and look for a doggy. (I'll put up pics)

Have a great day everyone!!!!
♥ Haley

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pictures finally
Hey guys!!!! How are all of you?

OMG my ear really hurts. I decided last night that I was going to re-pierce it myself. I know, dumb idea. Now its infected. Oh well I'll get over it. I'm thinking about getting my bellybutton pierced when I lose about 20 lbs. I'm on my way there. I've lost 10-ish.

I'm really sorry I haven't commented or updated lately. I can't comment because my comptuer is a retard and I haven't updated because I feel bad updateing and not commented everyone who commented me. So for today I've got my dad's computer so I'm gonnna try to get to everyone.

I have to bs a whole pysch. project. Who said A level was easy... wait its suppose to be hard isn't it. Next year I'll take B level everything. My class is a mixed class of A and B as for B I've got a 92 avg. and for A I've got an 83 avg. The only difference in the classes is one book and a project. but we've got to teach a lesson on it. Great, huh? I'm not really afraid of getting up in front of the class anymore since I taught pre-school for 9 weeks. Though I screwed up all the time because joe would never shut the hell up.

Right now I'm loading pics on photobucket so I'll see if they go through so I can post them. I'll probably post some of the same ones I did before because you didn't really get to see them too well because of the scroll box thingy.

Yesterday I was reading some poems I wrote last year. Its amazeing how much I've changed since then because I'd never write anything like that now. I was like soooo depressed then. I mean I already know I'm like bipolar but I've found my own ways of dealing with it rather then taking drugs for it.

Plans changed for this weekend yesterday. We never finished presenting in ECE so we don't get the baby's until next weekend. Which doesn't work for me I'm going to freakin' North Conway and then go see my mom's friend for a few hours. I swear if my baby cries all hours of the day I'm gonna go crazy. I've got names picked out but I dunno if its a boy or a girl. I guess I'll let you know next weekend if I have computer time. I can't believe that thing needs to come to work with me Friday night. Guess what, I have a half day friday, so we're stuck with these kids for an extra 4 hours then we should be. Oh well we've all been annoying the teacher to take them home since like... September. LOL. I can guarntee that by the time we get them we'll want to give them back.

Starting next week I also have my Child Dev. and Parenting class. You figure this would be a freshie class and not for juniors. all of them are the ones getting pregnant. I swear there are atleast 5 of them in our school. 1 Junior and a Senior.

Okay I am going to shut up now. so here are some pics.

Me and my roomie in Florence before going to the club. I seriously don't remember her taking it but I dont' think I knew because I was like putting on shoes or something.

French Alps, Bryan took it on the plane. I stole it.

A body from Pompii. Is that how its spelled?

As if that thing isn't awesome.

Me, Rebecca, Cherry, and Fiona in Florence.

Us in Rome. Yes, I did wash that shirt. I figured I'd mention that seeing as in every pic I was like wearing it. Holy crap did it cost alot to wash clothes.

Our amazing Chaprons. Even though they wouldn't let us try wine but I guess they were still pretty cool. We could do whatever else we wanted.

Trevi Fountain at Night. The Night Tour of Rome was awesome. And free Galato.

Yup that would be some of the stuff that we do in Italy. Thats Laura... I think and Rebecca. I don't know if its Laura because I'd just met her that day. LOL

Our group pic. This was just with the Berlin students Gorham and Laconia are not here.

The Gondola ride was fun. Just cuz we were annoying the dude to sing... he only sang for like 5 mins.

Hiding place in the Verona Arena. I fell up the freakin' stairs so I wasnt' going up there. Nope. I hate heights enough as it is.

Inside the Pompii walls.

A fort type thing across the ocean in Sorrento.

Me on the balcony of our hotel room in Sorrento. The view was GREAT! I love the ocean.

Okay, thats all the pics I've got uploaded for today because I really need to get my project done.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

I'm in a really really good mood. I have been for like 2 weeks now! Though I'm really sad atm but more on that later.

Okay, I'm sad because Thursday was my last day as a pre-school teacher. We only have 9 weeks. And the little stinkers wouldn't even give me a hug bye. I'll remember that little Evan! I think me, Angelica, Kayla and Marissa were all pretty upset. Its like they wanted nothing to do with us anymore. They all wanted to be with the new teachers. Oh well atleast our last day was fun and the kids were amazeing! Didn't cry, or hit and listened really well. I laughed soooo much. My fav. "No Evan, don't eat the booklit!" from one of the new teachers. I was like oh shit, Evan no! because we still hadn't 'read' it.

Anyway I was talking to some ppl that went to Italy with me yesterday and we talked about going to one of the Italian clubs. It was all sparked by a newspaper article that Mrs. McCormick wrote for us! I'd type it but I don't know where it is. ah, wait yes I do. I'll type it just because well it'd explaine everything.

to the editior:
An open letter to parents, guardians, teachers and persons associated with the 18 BHS (Berlin High School) students who travled to Italy during Feb. Vacation. You have every reason to congratulate yourselves and these students on the outstanding job they did representing themselves and our community durning their trip. Whether it was exploring the streets of Verona; dancing the night away in Florence, riding a gondola in Venice, dealing with street venders in Rome; witnessing a monk's funeral in Assisi; touring Vaticant City or swimming in the cold waters of two European seas; they were polite, respectful, punctual, inquisitive, knowledgeable, and so much more. it was a delight to be one of the chaperones traveling with them. So, thankyou tyler, Haley, Rebecca, Cherry, Fiona, Sarah, Ryan, Richard, Jessica, Janel, Jodie, Travis, Eric, Josh, Bryan, Emily, Caroline and Adam. The experiance of getting to know each and every one of you, made this trip even more memorable. If you encounter any of these students ask them about the trip and you will experience a part of what I speak of in this letter. You will hear stories of our adventures and I'm sure you too, will walk away with toughts of what impressive students we have here in Berlin.

But yeah, anyway that reminded us of all the stuff that we'd forgotten about. MONK! Sorry I just had to do that. We'd run around screaming Monk througout all of Assisi. But the Club in Florcence was amazeing! And, no Rebecca I'm not just saying that because Europeans are funny drunks. I'm saying that because it was fun. Execpt for that British Girl, or was she Irish, I've got no clue but she was just a little scary. No idea why I ended up talking to her for like an hour. Probably because she was following me around like a lost dog. I guess 15 year olds are annoying wherever you go. And Italian guys, well they may be hott, but they dont understand the word no. They contiune to try dirty dancing with every American girl they say. Right Janel? OMG I have to say thanks John, you're amazing. and yes, I will call you next time I need a date for something. I danced with him the whole night. Oh and Italians don't know the dances to American songs. And who the fuck decides that dirty danceing and Spice Girls go togther? I don't think they do, expecially that specific song. I have no idea why they were even playing Spice Girls. OH well, we annoyed they guys in our group. They hated it and me and Janel where just running around screaming it. We requested a American Song that NEEDS to be at every dance we're at. I guess most of the ppl there had never heard of it but we were happy with it. I'm really suprised that we didn't request that really bad redneck song that we always listen to at the dances. I don't think that we heard one Italian song there. And we were there from 9pm to well after midnight. Having to wake up at 7 am for Pisa the next day.

Anyway I think this post is long enough. I want to put some stupid pictures on here but they won't load to photobucket fast enough. Their on my bebo if anyone has me as a friend there you can go look at them.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Monday, March 17, 2008

No clue....
Hey guys!!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I haven't commented in ages. I'm going to do that today!

OMG I'm soooooooooooooooooo happy today. A little to happy for no aparent reason. Today I got to work with the Senior ECE class and I'm only a Junior so that was pretty cool and I missed Family Social Health Services so its great though I had no idea who any of the kids were but thats okay. Their cuties.

OMFG I can't find my glasses! Its starting to piss me off. I'm not sure if they're still in Venice or not. I hope not but then again I haven't emptied all of my lugage yet.

I was playing with machanical babies in ECE today since I had no preschool class. We get to take them home Next friday. Joy to the f**kin world. I hate them they don't stop crying ever! Stupid thing is I really do want to take care of one. The bad thing is- I'd have to take it to work! I think I'd die if a little kid broke its neck. That thing is worth... 75% of my final grade. If I were smart I'd take the day off of work but I can't. I don't have anyone to cover my shift. Kim is leaving the state and the other girl said "I took it to work so deal kid" She didn't say it in a bitchy way, kinda like a joke but still I'm 16 and taking Early Childhood Ed. She's 22 and taking parenting courses... I think there's an age difference there.

I remembered to get my pay check today! I get paid alot just to do nothing. I work 2.5 hours a day 5 days a week and I make like $70 a week after taxes are taken out. I think thats pretty good. Plus I love my job so its like I'm getting paid for doing nothing. Though today it was getting stressful. I screamed at 3 little girls and now they're mad at me but when I say sit down I need to vaccum it sure in hell doesn't mean get up and run around. They should know better to. Brianna is 6, Hailey is 5 and Lilly is like 4-ish. They know the rules. I feel no sympathy for them I told them about 8 times to sit down but no they continue to run around. It pisses me off.

Anyway I'm still in a great mood. Its like everything in my life is going right atm. I have even better friends then I thought, I have loads of memories from Italy and I'm addicted to Jalato and Cappichino. I want some.... now! But my mom said that we're not going half way around the world to get it. I'll put more pics up soon. Better yet, tomorrow or next post I'll just paste the photobucket codes and if you guys want to look at them you can. it'd take too long for my site to load with all of them on it.

Emmah, you're really starting to scare me with that tooth pulling thingy, I am not going to get my braces now. It sounds painful, though I don't want them after I'm 18 cuz then I'd have to pay for them... and I really don't want that to happen. I want blue and green braces... lol. I've already got the colors picked out but I haven't gotten anything else settled.

I love how my friends and I still use Italian at school. Everyone looks at us oddly but thats never stoped us before. Oh god, Ian wore his kilt to school today. I was like "Hey bud, its St. Patrick's day..... Ireland... nothing to do with Scottland... is there only one "T" in it or are there 2.... hmm... I dunno.

Guess whats? My hair wasn't being homo today. (no offence to anyone its just an inside joke between me and Kristi) See, I always complain that my hair doesn't stay straight, its really curly, and she came up with "You're hair is sooo homo Hal" Now we refere to my hair as homo hair... don't ask we're strange. I have no idea how I ended up with the nick-name Hal... I have toooooooo many nick-names. Atleast commet is gone. Everyone used to call me Haley's Commet even though its sooo not spelled the same.

Wow, I really am in too good of a mood today. I don't think I've been this happy in a while...

Attetion to all BHS Italy students!!! Leave David and his penis alone! no one cares anymore it was funny at first but we've all seen it its done and over with. Its been what... 2 weeks since Florence!!?

Damn it I still haven't done my Autism project or read for psychology and its 7:40 pm. I should do that... but you know what I'm not going to. I'd rather put a pic of David up on my site... yup sounds like a plan to me. I don't know if I have one on my computer atm. I'll find one.

I'm gonna go now... Just because I think I've annoyed everyone enough.

Have a great day!!!!

óż Haley

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