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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Psychology... Preschool... Gah. [Warning its LONG]

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

So things here were sooooo funny toay. Okay well French and Family Social & Health Services were really boring. But Psychology and Preschool were great. Okay I'll start with Psychology.

Woodward is just the funniest guy ever. So anyway we get in his class room and it smells like fried food. So he was like "Hey guys do you realize that you can now fry everything and mostly all of it will taste good" okay so apperently we've come to some of the things that you can fry.

The Norm:
♥ Fried Dough
♥ French Fries
♥ Chicken
♥ Fish
♥ ect.

The unusual:
‡ Ice cream
‡ Oreo's (he says there good)
‡ Snickers.
‡ More that I've forgotten.

Anyway this kid Josh is all like "Leave it to American's to fry anything and eat it."

Then we worked on projects. My group is really ditzy. Its like "OMG what's Gemini mean" Oh well atleast we have a topic.

I had a major head ach. I had no idea where Kristina and Stephen were so they pretty much ditched me so I went over and sat with Cherry, Finoa and James. Even though James is wicked annoying. He has a crush on me. It creeps me out. I'm sorry I'll NEVER date him. EVER. But I think us girls were getting on his nerves. We were all excited because theres 18 days left until we leave for Italy. Yes, my 3 best friends in the world are coming with me! Its great! Their sisters. Fiona is the oldest she's 18, Then theres Cherry she's in the middle she's 17 and then there's Rebecca who's 15. So its a little odd how we're best friends and the ages go in order. 15, 16, 17, & 18. Towards the end of lunch my head ach was getting worst so I saw my mom in the lunch room and told her I needed a asprin so Karen, a women she works with told her that I could have one of her's so I went in her class room and got one then went up to my pre-school class.

I had circle time today, which is where we read to the kids. It was a nightmare. The kids didn't wnat to hear the story at all period! They wanted to run around and play. It was cute. Our theme is space so I read a story I found online called Little Star. I think it was from England because they keept saying "tea" and I had to tell the kids that, it meant supper in a different country so they were looking at me like "WTF" after that was over I was playing with the kids. Devyn, my little buddy wasn't there today and neither was Evan so I was mostly with Timmy. He's is the most polite little kid I know. I told his dad that today when I met him. you see, I was parent greeter today, and for the rest of the week. omg don't make the mistake of telling Angelica that Owen's dad is hott. (His dad's gotta be about 21, 23 tops) so she goes up to him and say's "You're sexy. If I weren't prego I'd ask if you wanted to be my baby's father" I was sitting there like... "She can't be saying this"

So anyway after that my school day was over. My head is now pounding again. I have a feeling I should be wearing my glasses more. See, I hate wearing my glasses. I don't know why, but they just annoy me.

Italy Update:
We're leaving in 18 days! I'm going to be gone for 12 days. I will remind you a few days before I leave there for you all know where I am and know that I'm not avoiding you or my account.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet with one of the teachers who is going. My mom thinks I should meet with her because I'm really shy and she wants this teacher to know this before we leave. I know I'm going to start crying on the plane. I've never been that far away from home for that long. And the longest I've been away from my family was 3 days at the most. Plus I'm scared to death of heights and planes.

I'm also going shopping for this trip tomorrow. I have to get some new clothes. Its going to be between 40 and 50 degrees. so its like our early spring. Warmer then it is here so I'm not going to bother bringing a huge jacket like I wear here. Just a wind breaker so I don't have to lug my winter jacket around from hotel to hotel.

were staying at some pretty nice hotels. Its great!

OMFG my friend Crystal had her baby!!! I'm sooo happy and sooooo excited. I can't wait to meet the little guy. His name is Damion. (She's 22-ish so she's not a teen to let you all know)

Well I should probably stop typing. This is starting to become a huge rant and no one wants to read something this long.

have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Monday, February 4, 2008

   *sigh* Grrrrrrrrrr

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here are sooooo boring. Today was a half day at my school so I guess thats okay. Though all day all I heard about was the Patriots losing. I know it sucks that they lost (unless your a Giants fan) but its over and done with and i really don't think ppl screaming about it is going to help much.

Other then that there really isn't much going on. Since the classes were short I have hardly any homework. I didn't go to my second block class because all Juniors were taking a survey for the county. Well anyway they paid us all $10 to take some stupid survey... well it wasn't money it was a wal*mart gift card but its all the same I guess. I talked to Kristina throughout the whole survey so it wasn't that bad. Then Psychology we did NOTHING. Woodward goes on rants all the time but their normally important. Execpt for today, we talked about Ozzy Osborne for a half hour-ish. That man creeps me out, alot. Though he's baked all the time now so... yeah. Thats pretty much all we talked about.

I have no idea why I'm posting soooo late but I am.

OMG so I came in my room at about 8:30 after doing my psychology homework well I sat on my bed to type up some stuff and my celling was leaking right over the damn computer so I had to move the computer to the other side of the room and clean alot. Meaning the only good thing coming out of it is I can play tennis in my room again. I know I'm crazy, but I bounce the tennis ball off the empty wall seeing as I'm not putting anything under it incase the roof decides to leak again. Its freakin cold in here now though because the plastic came off of the window. My room is crap, actually this whole house is crap.

Anyway I'm gonna go and finish my powerpoint for Family/Social/Health services. I would make a movie but I don't really feel like doing that. i'm being lazy today. And I can't find my stupid flash drive so it looks like I won't be getting very far. At all... I'm stupid I picked the hardest form of child abuse to research but it was either Emotional Child Abuse or Sexual. I didnt' really want to have pics of sexual abuse on my powerpoint, if they even have them but I dont' really want to find out.

Anyway I should be going. its 10:22 pm, though I'm gonna be on all night but I have some stuff I need to do and I have to comment everyone who commented my last post so I'll be around sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great day... er night!!!
♥ Haley

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

So things here are pretty boring. Though weekends are always boring. Or maybe its just my life other then Pre-school thats boring. lol.

So I have to study for French. I could personally care less about French. I have a 95 in that class. I think thats the highest grade I've ever gotten in a forgin language. Though thats probably because I've taken Spanish already and Spanish and French are very similar. I wanted to take German. Damn it.

My Italian course, gah its horrible. I have no idea whats even going on with it anymore. We haven't had a meeting in about a month and so on.

Worst of all. I have to do research while I'm in Italy and then I have to keep a journal. I think all I'm gonna do for my journal is write poems or something like that or write down what I did. I don't want to make it like "A+" material because that would take too long. I'm thinking I should just drop the class now. I know I know stupid right? I have 20 days till my depature date and more then half of the work is done. All i have left are 2 papers and my Travel journal. And then next paper is due the 12th. I'm screwed with that one. I think I'll be starting that one today but I have no idea about the books I've read because I've only read fiction not non-fiction. Just don't tell McCormick and Pichee they don't need to know. I need one more non-fiction book to read. I'll just put down the book I read in History about Mussilni.

So I babysat my brother and sister yesterday. it was horrible they were fighting almost all night then i locked myself in my room and just let them go at eachother. Its not like either of them listen to me anyway. I just went out there when I heard my little sister crying. She's 8 my brother is 13. THey finally got over it and fell asleep close to 3 am.

I'm thinking that I should clean my room. I can't find anything. I have a bunch of junk in the middle of my room because well I was starting to pack yesterday and I was looking for my damn passport. Turns out that my dad locked it in the safe with my birth certifict. It would've helped if someone told me that so I wasn't going crazy looking for it. My mom's taking me shopping next weekend so I can get stuff. I have to buy more clothes and then buy a converter thingy.

I'm proud of me I commented almost everyone who updated last night. Thats the first time I've done that since like... August. lol.

I probably should stop writing this. I have sooo much crap to do today. I studyed for French already. OMG I'm sooo mad at myself. I forgot my Psychology book in my locker meaning I have to read 75 pages in it tomorrow it was suppose to be weekend homework and then we were having a quiz on it on Tuesday. Lucky me I have to read that all on Monday night and get ready for Pre-school on Tuesday because I have circle time meaning I have to read to the kids. It can't be that bad but still. I like sitting with them I don't like sitting in front of them reading. Now I have to try and explain to Devyn why I can't sti next to him. He cries if I don't sit next to him. its really weird actually because their are 3 other student teachers and he likes all of us he just always wants to be sitting on me. Last week was horrible he took a fit because Timmy and Bryce were on my lap and then took another fit because in art class I was helping Evan. I think we need to get some more little girls in my class. We only have one little girl and 8 little boys.

Okay, shutting up now. Just because I think this post is long enough.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

21 Days!!!!

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

I'm really excited! I go to Italy in 21 days!!! I'm still really nervous though but who cares I'm going to Italy for about 10-12 days!!!

Anyway my new classes are getting dull fast. French is soooooo boring! Yesterday was pretty funny though because we were each assigned a flag to do. French, English, American or Canidain there were 4 ppl doing each flag. And there were pics of the flags in our french book. Well I had the French flag so it was pretty easy. Chris, this kid behind me looks at me and he's like "What does the English flag look like?" I'm just sitting there like, its the second easiest flag to draw and its right in the damn book. Then he took a fit because he wanted to draw the Canadian Flag. Its like WTF thats the hardest flag to draw outta all 4 of them. Some people truly are morons. Like 90% of my french class. OMFG there are only 4 Juniors in my class the rest are Freshmen. I only know 5 ppl in that class. Stephen, Sam, Kristina, Ian, and Jon. Kristina, Ian and Jon oh, and me are the only Juniors so were expected to be the best behavied. Pfft yeah, Senoria Prince has no idea. Then me and Ian call her Senoria because we've both had her for Spanish.

Anyway, I just went on a mini rant about my French class, sorry about that. The rest of my day was pretty boring.

Sorry I've abonded my account lately. I've been tooo busy. See I'm a moron because I had like no homework ever with the class I took so what did I do, I switched out of B level Psychology and Transfered to A level psyc. (psychology) Its the same class period with the same teacher its just a mix of a and b level students.

Anyway I have no idea what I'm talking about. My phone is broken. I need to get a new one. It won't let me check my voice mail. Oh well I suppose that I'll get a new one after I get a job and come back from Italy. I don't even know what phone I want. My psyc teacher was trying to convince me to get a Iphone but I already have an ipod and a phone so I don't see the point of spending over $100 on that phone. then he's all like "well I'll take your ipod off your hands" He's freakin' nuts. I just got the newest Ipod nano and I'm not giving it to him unless he wants to pay full price for it because its only like a month old.

So I have no idea what I'm going on about anymore just random stuff I assume.

i'll be commenting sometime today and probably editing my friend's list. Don't worry if you've commented or if I even talk to you you'll stay on it. I'm just sick of having all these ppl on there that haven't updated since 2006 and 2007. The only way I'll keep those sites is if I know their still around.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Psychology.... The Brain.... Matt shows signs of a seral killer....

Hey guys!!! How are you?

So things here were really intresting today. Psychology was halarious. We were talking about the brain and this kid Matt is always killing animals, or finding dead animals and putting them on Shaun's mail box and he's got dead animals in his truck and stuff... well not full dead animals. But its just Matt I guess. You tell someone about it and they'll be like "Yeah, its just Matt" He doesn't kill the animals their already dead. Their like roadkill but apperently its funny to bring them to Shaun's house. Anyway he does some pretty stupid shit so Woodward sees him in the hall way and calls him in the class room and asks him if he has anything leftover from the animals (because thats what serial killers do) and he's like well I have some quills that I took out of my hand and I have a squirell tail in there. I just got rid of the bear paw. So were just like WTF while laughing so hard. I laughed so hard I was crying. So Woodward said "Matt I'm gonna have you come in when were on chapter 12 its about you" and Shaun thinks that Matt thinks the chapter is actually about him. Its about serial killers. LMFAO. Psychology is always fun and we always end up laughing. I know I've only had it for 2 days but still I love it.

Anyway in pre-school the kids painted with ice cubes because its oppisite week so we wanted to show them what happened to ice cubes when the melted. It was horrible to clean up. I had to clean bathrooms today (and the rest of the week) and there was paint EVERYWHERE! In the children bathroom and the adult bathroom. We have a child sized bathroom. Its got a really small toilet it barely comes up to my knee, and I'm not even that tall. And a little sink. Its adorable its themed as Tigger, I think. Anyway I didn't have to teach anything today so I helped Marissa with oppsite Simon Says. The kids were suppose to do the oppsite of what we were saying to do. It doesn't always work.

So anyway that was pretty much my day. I sat with Kristina at lunch and we talked for a while. Stephen her brother got sick of listening to us so he left and went to see a teacher. Then the bell rang anyway so we had to go. I love having second lunch it makes the day go by faster because I have 3 classes, or 4.5 hours of school. Then I have lunch and then Preschool, which is another hour and a half.

Okay, well I'm gonna go finish my French homework. I have one question left and I'm being major procrastinator because I don't feel like researching France. I don't have any attetions of going there.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I didn't comment yesterday. So anyway I was in a really good mood yesterday. My best friend ever Kristina is coming back to school. Its great because she's been homeschooled since we entered high school. So it may be kinda weird at first. But anyway she's in my French class and she's got the same lunch period as me.

Other then that nothing is really going on. My cold is finally breaking up. I have the best boyfriend ever, ummm and I may be starting a band. I'm not sure why they want me to be lead vocalist. I'm thinking I like piano or keyboard. Or the drums I can deal with them but singing. No way, my voice sounds like shit ever since I screwed up my vocal cords in the 9th grade. I don't even have any ideas of band names. My friend wants me to pick. The only problem is the only kinda music I've ever sang with him was music in Chorus. Which unless we want to sing broadway 24/7 we've got no idea if our voices will even work togther. We're thinking that the first song were gonna attempt to sing is one by Meatloaf because he wants to, but I don't really think he neads my help with the singing.

Ack, I'm sooooo bored. Theres nothing to do around here. I'm thinking about fixing my site up so it doesn't look like crap but thats only if I find a half way intresting background. Before I do that I should probably clean my room because I may be having some friends over next weekend and I won't have time to clean all week because of French homework, I suck at forgin languages unless I'm teaching myself. Senoria Prince is to confuseing. she's really fast and then gives quizzes the day after you learn stuff and its just horrible. I really have to stop with speaking to her in Spainsh seeing as I'm now taking french. I should've just retaken Spainsh I.

Anyway I'm gonna shut up now. I'll comment if I get a chance tonight. If not I'll comment tomorrow morning before school.

Have a great day everyone!!!
óż Haley

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Friday, January 25, 2008

New classes... finally

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here are pretty boring. I finished my finals today and things went pretty good. I got an 80 on my British Literature final and I got a 98 on my history final. Math, well I wasn't so lucky I got a 57. Oh well atleast I proved that I'm not just slacking off. Well if I got those grades in my other two classes.

Anyway nothing else has really happened. I got all my paper's back from history. Holy crap my teacher wants me to send them into some US History compitition. I mean I BSed the whole paper, all of them. I really don't know if I'm going to or not because then I'll probably get questioned on things in the papers and the only one I remember what I said in was the one about gun violence. She wants me to go into her new US History class and debate it with her the first day of class. So I have to see if I can get out of Psyc. for the day.

Other then that I really have nothing to say. Pre-school planning was easy for me this week. I don't have any lesson plans. All I have to do is teacher the kids the letter "H" and the sounds it makes. Which should be easy because my name's Haley and it starts with an "H" so they get that concept. I think thats why I got stuck with the letter "H" I wanted "Z". So my activity for that is they will be singing an "H" Song and then their going to finger pain well more of paint their hand and then press it on a piece of paper and then we will put the letter on it. I have to modify it a bit for Bryce he hates painting and wearing paint shirts and he just always gives me a hard time while painting. So I may have him trace his hand and then color it with markers or crayons.

Okay, I'm going to comment right now on some ppl. (of course everyone who commented me yesterday) and then maybe some other ppl that commented.

Have a great night everyone!!!
óż Haley

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hey Guys

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here were okay today. Math final actually went really well. To answer the question on what math class I'm in, I'm in Algebra College Prep. I have no idea who'd put me in an A level algebra class but thats alright.

OMG I loved history today it was debateing all day. Tessa is the best argues the best in my class me her and Julian are the best at it. so we should've all debated the topic. The topic was assisted sucide, meaning the doctors gave you drugs to kill you if you're termanally ill. Trying to defend that was really hard because I know Tessa's for it. But her speach was fuckin awesome!

Funny things in Pre-school:

Tuesday: Devyn, was running around with this baby doll, and saying "Who wants to buy my baby" so we'd ask, Devyn are you selling your baby? Devyn "No" About 5 mins later "Does anyone wanna buy my baby" Me: "Devyn, are you selling your baby" Devyn: "No" Me: "Devyn, do you wanna give someone your baby for money: Devyn: "Yes"

Wedensday: Art: Marissa: Jamison what's your fav farm animal? Jamison: A mooose. Marissa: Jamison, a moose isn't a farm Animal. Jamison: Yeah-huh, it libs (he said libs insteand of lives) on my farm. Okay, it was just funny the way he put it.

Thursday: Physical: Me: Okay guys we're gonna play a galloping game. Can you guys gallop like horsey's. Aubree: No, I gots no hoofs. Timmy: My doggy can gallop like a horse. He goes boom boom boom. anyway then the group of 3 year old's come. Jamison: I don't wanna be a horsey, their fat. Evan: Me can't play my feets hurt and I'm too tired. Landon: I wanna be a whale. Bryce: Mooooo horsey say moooo. Then soon after Jamison hid under the circle stadium. Me: Jamison you gotta come out here or your not playing the game. Jamison: No *continues to crawl* Me: Jamison I'll go in there and get you. Jamison: You'd get stuck.

Then Ms. Rivard had to come over. Okay the only thing that was really that funny was Monday with Devyn. But those were the most amuseing things that happened all week.

Okay, well I've gotta go study for finals tomorrow. I'll comment later on.

Have a great day everyone!!!
óż Haley

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Warning: Long Post

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

I'm great! I've been sooo happy the last week. I think its because I'm working out in the pre-school and I love it. Little Devyn (Devin, his mom spelled it weirdly) is adorable! Along with Bryce and Jamison, okay their all adorable but I've got my favorites. I love Bryce, Devyn, and Timmy. They are the cutiest little things you've ever seen. So today at circle no one sat on my lap but yesterday I was holding Devyn for about 15 mins. My legs were asleep. Then today in group Devyn, Timmy and Jamison were fighting over who was going to sit next to me. haha I feel loved.

I also got some "I hate you's today" from Joe, he keept putting his clip in his mouth (we put them in groups and each group gets a different color the 3 year olds have a group and the 4 + 5 year olds have a group.) so I told him that if he did not take his clip out of his mouth he was going to sit in circle alone and then Jamison took a fit because I told him to sit on his bottom in the chair (we can't use the word butt) and he did not want to. Then Aubree got upset because I didn't call on her for a question and I had to tell her off for taking someone else's turn. I felt sooo bad. Its hard for me to get mad at them because their adorable.

So my other classes are going okay I guess. I almost got into a fight with Amber's bf Ben today, I can't stand the kid. He hates me just because I'm smarter then him, okay its not that I'm smarter its that I apply myself to what I'm doing and he doesn't. I was going against him in my History debate today and he refused to question me because I know more then he does. Our topic was cloning and I was in the 'against' group and he was in the 'for' group. We kicked their asses with our info. Though me and Julian have both taken Civics togther and worked on a battered women trial last year and we kicked ass then. The teacher thinks that we should become partners after high school and go into law enforcement like lawyers and stuff. That would be awesome but I don't think it'll happen, personally. But I love argueing and stuff like that so it would be really fun. Okay, let me put that straight. I love argueing for a purpose I'm not just going to go up to someone and start a fight. I just fight for the crap that I believe in and I only fight verbally about things that I know are true.

Finals tomorrow and Friday. I'm ready for them I'll leave it at that. I'm not so sure that I will pass my math class but what happens happens.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately its just that grades are closing yet again and theres alot of chaos in my life right now. Between me fighting with my dad and my mom going nuts because I'm fighting with him I have soo much missing work to finish by tomorrow (for math) that its making me want to puke. I can't wait till next term.

So my new classes will be pretty easy. *lists random classes I will be taking*
Block 1: French I
Block 2: Famly and social health services
Block 3: Psychology
Block 4: Early Childhood Edcuation. (Preschool class)

Sounds easy enough. The hardest class for me will probably be French. The only classes I will have daily homework in is probably french and psyc. because I want A level not B level so I'm probably gonna switch up my class a bit. Then I have second lunch NOOOOOO! All my friends have first lunch. I don't want to sit alone and be a huge loser. I'm really quiet so I don't make friends easily. I may see if one of my friends want to switch classes with me.

OMG I was sooo pissed at Amber C today (I have 2 friends named Amber. Amber V is my best friend out of the 2) She keept telling me that I didn't know anything about how the school worked. Hello Junior *glares at her* Freshmen... hmm jeeze I wonder who knows what their talking about. I've been in that school for 3 years now so I think I know what I'm talking about unless they suddenly changed the rules which I highly doubt seeing as they've been the same for just the last.... hmm 10 YEARS!

Italy is coming really fast! 28 more days left till depature!!! I can't wait!! I got my rooming assignment. I'm with Rebecca and some kid from a different school and then when theres 4 to a room its me Rebecca, Cherry and Fiona. I lobe them their like my best friends! Our first night were flying to Italy. Can you believe from JFK Air Port its 8 hours there and then our bus ride to NY is an 8 hour bus ride. 6 hours sitting down!!! OMG I'll go nuts. Then when were heading home its a 9 hour flight from Italy to Boston and figure another 4-ish hours to get home. Holy fuck is that gonna be a long ride. then we get back on a Monday so we have school. Anyway our first day in Italy:
2/24 - 2/26: Venice
2/26 - 2/28: Florence
2/28 - 2/29: Assisi
2/29 - 3/01: Sorrento
3/01 - 3/03: Rome
Okay those are just the places were staying we will be traveling more then there though. I want to go to Pisa but I guess I'll have to pay extra for that while I'm there if a choose to. Its only an extra $40 which I don't have atm. I only have about $35 in my wallet.

Oh well I really can't wait

OMG I'm sorry about that long ass post. I probably bored you all to death. I will type up the funny stuff that happened for my pre-school week tomorrow seeing as its the last day of pre-school for the week.

Have a great night everyone!!!
óż Haley

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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I haven't updated or commented in a while. I've been really busy. I commented most of you those of you I didn't comment I'm sorry. My computer is being stupid and only let me commnet a few sites.

So pre-school went really well this week. I got an 88 for my grade for the week. I'm very upset it would've been higher but I changed one of my art projects at the last minute. Oh well its still pretty good I guess.

Anyway grades close this week meaning I have a ton of makeup work to do tomorrow and I have finals on Thursday and Friday. I'm gonna flunk out of math so I'm retakeing that next year of next term it depends. My other classes will be great because my lowest grade will be an 86 in Brit. Lit. I'm soo happy classes are changeing though because I need change. I'll just miss history class. The teacher is awesome and we don't do anything ever. Its just a pretty mellow class. The only class I have that isn't changeing is ECE so I get to stay in the pre-school for 8 more weeks. Ms. Rivard the teacher that teachs the pre-school gets on everyone's nerves she treats us (The student teachers) like were stupid and she hates all of my group execpt for Kayla who just joined yesterday. Oh well I'm over it.

I've been really happy the last few days so I guess my life is finally starting to get better. OMG i'm soo happy psychology starts next week. I have French with Seniora Prince though, I had her for spanish freshie year and I barely passed. Hopefully this year will be better. I'm hoping so atleast. I have to do my homework this year and study so I understand it. THe only unit I'm planning on having a hard time with is telling time in French numbers and stuff. Thats what screwed me up in Spanish class with her. Plus she put us in groups and mine suck.

Well I've got to go. I'll comment everyone who comments this either later tonight or tomorrow when I post again.

Have a great day everyone!!!
óż Haley

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