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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hey guys!!!

Hey guys!!!!! How are all of you?

Things here are just about the same as they always are. Really boring! I go out in the preschool Tuesday, I'm wicked nervous. So our theme is Camping and my activity is Art so I need three art activities. On the first day I'm doing something easy so they'll just be paint printing. I've got some fake works, sticks and fake bugs and their gonna paint them and push them down on the paper to make the prints. Then for the second day their going to be making these little tents and the flaps are gonna open and their pictures are gonna be glued into it and then the third day were gonna be making a jar full of fireflies or a bug jar, I haven't decided yet.

Anyway I really have no idea how I'm going to bring all my grades up within the next two weeks. Their horrible. I got a 67 in British Lit, but its because I've been sick lately and hadn't had much time to do work. Math I'm just not going to pass either way so I'm done trying and History is going really good along with Early Childhood Education.

I'll comment tonight when I get a chance. Holy crap I'm updateing really late tonight.

Have a great night everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hey Guys

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I haven't updated/commented in a while. I've been really busy.

Oh yeah, and if you guys have noticed there are alot of PMs I haven't answered its because my computer deletes some of them. I have no idea why it just does.

Things around here are finally calming down. I have finals in 2 weeks, which believe me I'm not to thrilled about. The only one I'm going to get higher then an 80 on is US History.

Next week I start working out in the pre-school. I'm really really nervous. I have a feeling I'm going to screw up. I have art my first week. You know I should've picked circle my first week but I let Marissa use that because I'm way to shy to read to the kids the first day I meet them.

Anyway theres nothing really to say. I've been writing alot of poems I guess. Thats not just because my English final is based on 12 poems we've written (well half of it atleast)I'm not sure if I'm going to post any of them on here. I probably should but I'm not sure which ones I've posted and which ones I haven't.

Anyway I have to go, I should probably eat before I go to class. I'll comment later on tonight because my friend Kristi is coming over after school. Oh yeah, and I have to finish writing my history paper. 453 words left, not that hard though. I'm used to writing 1000 words a night.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hey Guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here are okay. Were having a mini birthday party for my little sister tonight. She turned 8 on the 4th. She's sooo adorable.

So anyway I got my PSAT scores back (a test you need to take to get into college) and I'm in the top 20% of my class! I guess my mom's happy about it. She's just not happy that I haven't been doing much homework. I just don't have the time to do it anymore. Well all of it atleast.

I don't really have much to say. Nothing has been going on here. My brother hurt his leg so he's hobbleing around. Its sooo funny! I'm almost finished my history paper and my English paper. Its great!

Well guys I've gotta go. I'll be on later to talk to you and to comment.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hey Guys!!!

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Happy New Year! Sorry I didn't update earlier, my internet service was crappy all yesterday.

I had to go back to school today. *sigh* Oh well, atleast theres only 2 days of this week left. On friday in ECE we get ICECREAM!!! Our pre-school class didn't eat it at their party so we get it. The Seniors were trying to get it but its ours! We baught it! They can have the peanutbutter left over, seeing as its from their christmas party. Ours was sooo much better. Haha seniors, se that Juniors can kick your ass at something. Wait a minute... my best friends are seniors. Gonna suck for me at the end of this year. Their all leaveing. *pout* I'll miss them! oh well no need to think about that anymore.

So nothing really happened today. I fell asleep in Brit. Lit, Jacobs is making us read Alice In Wonderland. I HATE THAT STORY! I've hated it ever since I was little, i've just never liked it. So anyway we were suppose to be reading it and I fell asleep on my desk. Then I found out in history class that I had ink all over my face from the stupid copied paper. Jacobs copied it so we could write on it. Bwah, I should just write I HATE THIS BOOK on it. Either way the term ends in 3 weeks so its all good. No more Brit. Lit, no more US History, and no more Algebra CP!

Well I'm gonna go because its 5 pm and I need to do some homework. I'll answer PMs after I finish all my homework.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey Guys!

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

I'm sooo upset right now. My damn ipod isn't working and I just got it Christmas. Wow, and this time my mother didn't even touch it. it was working fine last night. I went outside and me and Kristi were sitting around my yard listening to our ipods. Now my dad is all bitching at me because apperently its my fault. What the *bleep* could I do to the damn thing to make it stop working?! I forgot everything that happens in this piece of shit house is my fault.

Okay other then that, I'm stuck with my brother and sister tonight because my parents are going to some new years eve party. Screw my plans I totally forgot I'm 16 and I just have to babysit their kids whenever they leave. Whatever I'll just lock myself in my room and the kids can do whatever the hell they want. Its not my responsibility their NOT mine!

Anyway I really have nothing to say. I just woke up about 2 hours ago. Everything was fine till my ipod started acting up 15 mins ago. Oh and when my dad baught me a $25 itunes card instead of the $15 one so I had to pay him extra. Oh well I'm trying to stay positive so I guess my day isn't that bad. I'm just gonna call Wal*Mart see if they've gotten their new shipment of Ipod Nanos in yet and bring this one back to them because mailing it to Apple, well that could take years because my father is not a very ambitius person. If its not something he wants he could care less about it. So basically now I have $25 music download card but no ipod. Gah, and now I can't go running unless I take my MP3 player which my mother stole after I got my Ipod.

I'm probably gonna call some friends tomorrow and see if they want to go down to North Conway to the Anime store down there seeing as there really isn't one here. I have $50 left and I'm not putting it away for my trip. I'm sick of saving money for that. It sucks.

OMG My parents a retards. Apprently they don't know where they put the recite so I can't get another ipod until they find it. And they better find it soon because its only a 60 day return policy I think. And I want it before my ECE class trip to manchester. 2.5 hours without music, I think I'd die. Expecially if I'll be sitting on the bus for that long.

Okay, I'm gonna go now. I'll get to sites after I drag my father's ass to Wal*mart to buy me a new ipod and he can just return the old one once he finds his damn reciet because I am not waiting for ever for him to find it. Hell if he doesn't find it, he'll have just wasted 150 dollars but thats his problem not mine.

Hope you guys have a great day!!! I know I'm gonna try to!


PS: I got it to work. I went to apple.com and a bunch of ppl were having the same problem so it went through the steps to fix it.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ack, I need a life

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Thanks for all the advice yesterday it really helped out alot! I've decided on calling Kristi and inviteing her over today or tomorrow and see if she mentions anything and then just go on one of my rants about drugs. I don't think she understands that they could kill her. Jeeze and I thought that my class (class of 2009) was the worst. Apperently we are but why the hell are all the freshies following after us? Its stupid. There are only like 10% of my class is NOT using drugs. Oh well its all good. Were gonna go into debt this year because were not going to be able to pay for half the damn prom. I'm thinking if I stay at my high school next year rather then graduateing early that I'm gonna run for class president. We still haven't had a fund raiser yet and were in freakin' January (okay almost). I hate my class. I don't even know how I got on a rant about my class.

Ok in other news nothing around here is really happening. I cleaned my room yesterday because I was sooo bored. Atleast I can find stuff now. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to do much. I don't recomend taking an Italian course if your going to Italy to take it as a credit. Its killing me!

My sister's birthday is on January 4th. My parents are thinking about inviteing a few of her friends over. My family never really has big parties. I think the only time I had an actual birthday party with friends was when I was 7 because I didn't want a sweet 16. I dunno why I just didn't. So far I've gotten her 2 things. I baught her a play make-up set, because she normally takes mine. Its very annoying when you go to get a tube of lipgloss and you can't find one anywhere and then you see your 7 year old sister wearing it. Then I got her these IM things, she wanted one like it but it was $60 no way in hell is she getting a $60 gift at 7 years old. Oh well she'll probably like these more because there like mini raidos like my brother's got. Just instead of talking into them you text into them. Speaking of her b-day gifts she's being a little sneak and looking around my room for them. Atleast this year I'm half way smart I hid them with my four-wheeleing gear. She'll never look there.

Gah, I'm wicked hungry and we have no food in the house. Me and my sister are suppose to go shopping with my mom but their still not awake.

OMG I just found out that my snot faced little brother has been video tapeing me since I got up till right now! I'm gonna kill him. Atleast I haven't really done much. I got up took a shower, got dressed, downloaded music from itunes on to my ipod and now I'm typeing this. I know he didn't video tape me in the shower because there's no way he could've gotten in the bathroom without me noticeing, not like he'd want to anyway.

I'm gonna go drag my mother out of bed. I'm starveing I haven't eaten since yesterday at like noon because I wasn't hungry the rest of the day.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

   I am sooo confused...

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here are alright. I'm just getting a little confused. Its like my friends are all living in a blur. I mean Kristi, found out that she's not who I thought she was. When I met her about 8 months ago everything seemed fine. We hung out like every other day. now I barely see her anymore. She's going to Berlin today, and invited me but I choose to stay here, because I'm pathetic. I mean I know whats going to happen, but its like I can't face it. She's gonna go there and hang out with her 'friends'... they'll get high and I'll hear about it wed. morning at the bus stop or in the lunch room. Also, my parents wouldn't let me go because I didn't know where I was going, neither did she. So guys, I need help again, should I go to Berlin and hang out with her next time and try to stop it or just but out? I mean my insticts are telling me to try and help but then I'm also feeling that its better off if I just ignore it and hope she comes to her senses without me acting like an over protective older sister, she's about a year and a half younger then me.

Okay, in other news. I'm gonna get a job working at a day care. Its easy enough, I do it at school. Just day care would be without the lesson plans. Besides I'm good with kids.

My parents are trying to bribe me into staying here next year. I was talking to my mom a few days ago and she told me if I make enough money at my job i could get a horse... I've been bugging them for a horse since I was about 5 years old. I guess its also got to do with the fact that we've got enough land now. We have 5+ acers. So their going to clear an acer for the horse and then I can ride him anywhere. Yes, I'm getting a male horse, just because I want one. Now this also brings up the fact... Should I stay in Milan next year or go to England? its a hard choice for me because these are both of the things I want more in life... Right now its leaning more to go to England for a quater, 9 weeks and then come home and get a horse. I'm still not sure yet.

Despite the issues going on with Kristi, I'm in a really good mood. I dunno why but atleatst I'm not depressed.I'll just call her an idoit when I call her to see if she wants to bring Ryan (her little bro) over new years eve so we can babysit togther. My parents and her parents have decided to go to some party togther so its forget our usal new years eve party. It kinda sucks but oh well.

I've finally got to some commenting today. I've gotten to about 8 sites so far. As far as I know I'll most likely be home all day, just not online. Sorry about that, I've got alot to do. Some ppl don't understnad that but I'm glad that the majority of you do; because no I'm not trying to aviod anyone.

Sorry, Hollow eyes my computer won't let me comment your site... thats the only one in a while it hasn't let me comment.

Have a great day guys!!!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hey Guys!

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here ah pretty much the same. I'm starting to get really bored with vacation. Probably because I never do anything. Kristina, who the hell knows where she is. Rebecca well we were suppose to hang out tomorrow but I have to cancle because my parents are taking us to North Conway, well I hope because I want to go to Aeropoestal. Anyway, yeah were spending our christmas money. I have $100 gift card to Wal*Mart, oh god I'm sooo sick of that place. Then I got a $50 check from my grandparents and a $20 check from my godmother.

I hope you guys all got what you wanted. I got mostly what I wanted. I got my new ipod. Didn't get my video camera butI think I'm either gonna buy that at Wal*Mart or get a laptop. I dunno yet.

OMG my cat, Dale did the funniest thing yesterday morning. Well I woke up at like 8:30 am and I almost triped over a christmas stocking the cat (it was his) dragged it down the other side of our house and left it at my door because he wanted his toy. It had catnip in it. Then he ate the other box open. He's such a little devil.

Joe's parents are up from England so its kinda weird because he's forceing me into meeting them to see if I can stay with them next year. What happens if I don't want to meet them. OH well I'll meet them at the New Years Eve party. That I'll probably fall asleep durning again. Haha its a funny story I fell asleep on Jerry's tractor because I live in Hick-ville. So yeah, everyone thought that I was drunk and passed out. I was 14 so I would be drunk why? (this was 2 years ago.) Anyway more stuff happened that night I just don't feel like typeing it.

OMG I'm like sooo hyper right now. I have 2 shoe boxes full of candy! Why I put my candy in shoe boxes I have no idea.

I'm probably gonna take loads of pictures in the next few days so I'll probably upload some on here. I'm not sure yet. I'll just make a mini movie, well if my computer lets me. LOL.

I've got to get to commenting sometime today. If I don't I'll get to it tomorrow because I have no idea what were doing today. My dad took the whole week off. *rolls eyes* My school is gay, we only get 12 days of vacation when every other school in the district gets 2 and a half weeks.

Gah, okay I really got to go. Jill is here and I don't think I can hide from her no matter how much I want to. Her dad just died a week ago and I don't know what to say so I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut.

Have a great day everyone!!!!
¢ Haley

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Hey guys

Hey eyveryone!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been soo busy again. Other then that I'm wicked exhausted. Its Christmas Vacation but I still have sooo much to do. I am never taking the course for the country I travel to ever ever again! My Italian class alone is more work combinded then the work of my other 4 classes. well execpt maybe British Literature, that is the hardest English class that I've ever taken.

Ack things are pretty quiet around here. I hate it, theres nothing going on. Now that we live in the middle of no where I don't see anyone! I just want to move back to RI. Atleast I was happy then, well happier then I am here.

okay, so other then that I really don't know what to say. I'll get to commenting everyone that commented my last post today.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Have a great day!!!!

¢ Haley

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

This week sucked!

Hey Guys!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I haven't updated in forever. This week was just horrible.

Monday: Well nothing really happened on Monday. I realized that I forgot to do my homework at 4:30 am so I woke up and did it then I had school and didn't get to get some sleep until 11 pm.

Tuesday: This girl at lunch that I can't stand stole my seat. It pissed me off so I went to sit by myself because I'm sick of high school drama. Then she came over and asked me whats wrong and I told her that I was going to be the mature one because I'm not argueing with her. In math class Shawana and I almost got kicked out because neither of us understand and the teacher doesn't like us so she never comes to us when we don't understand stuff. Needless to say we gave up in that class. Atleast she's passing. She's got an 80. I have a freakin 55. Passing is a 65. Meaning I can't miss another homework assignment all semester. The sememster ends in about 6 weeks. Then we have our final which is going to kill me. I think I'm just going to re-take algebra CP next term with a different teacher. This time I'm going to take foundations. What kinda moron would put me in an A level math class when I suck at math.

Wednesday: Our war movies for history were suppose to be due but Mrs. Watson was sick. So we had an extra day to finish them. When she wasn't there we had to watch a World War II movie but it was in Japanese, which I'm used to anyway. The class was bitching because they had to read subtitles. I fell asleep it had to be the most boring movie ever. Almost got kicked out again in math class. At that point I just truly gave up for the year. Now I sit in class looking out the window. Kinney also made me sit behind Mary. I can't stand her she lives across the street from me and thinks were best friends because of that.

Thursday: Got pissed at the computer because it deleted my war project so I got 2 hours of sleep woke up at 3:30 am and finished it. Got to school found out in 4th block (which is ECE) that my movie was too small and the computer never saved it wrong. Apperently there isn't enough room on my harddrive for any thing else.

Friday: Found out that I was flunking British Literature so I have loads of make-up work today. I'm just flunking because of everything that I didn't do from my concussion and haven't had time to make up. I actually cried durning math class because I was getting sooo frustrated and I couldn't do it so I sat there for an hour and a half crying. Steve got kicked out so I had no one to talk to. Shawna was suspended because we were picking on Carptener saying that we thought he was a homosexual and she got suspended because she's in his class and she told him to go fuck himself, and ended my 'better yet go fuck Casscaden' the chemestry teacher.

Saturday: It was the semi, which is a huge dance but less important then the prom. I didn't have a date so I couldn't go. Evan said he'd take me to the movies but since my mom found out I was flunking I had to stay home. I went outside and played in the snow for a while. Talked to Dave on the phone and Janel on the internet. And started some of my British Lit. make up work because I want to pass.

Today: I just woke up about an hour ago. I really have nothing to do. I have to finish some make up work and mess around with my movie to see if it will work. Which I'm starting to highly doubt because I've been trying to fix it for 2 days now.

Other then that my life has been getting better and worst at the same time. I wrote a poem about it but I have a feeling that this is too long already and it'd just be longer with the poem added. My English teacher told me I should go into poetry but the problem is you only make money if your a success. Another thing is my spelling sucks.

Hope you all have a great day!!!
¢ Haley

P.S. I also got a new myspace so if any of you want it PM me, but thats only if I actually know you or you were on my old myspace and I haven't gotten to adding you again.

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