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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My brother won't get out of the bathroom again...

Hey guys!!! Hows it going?

Well nothing much has happened in the last few days. Iíve been pretty busy with homework. Though I have like 3 or 4 zeroís in my math class for homework because I lose it like every night because my teacher is a dumb ass and never collects the homework and I always lose it and then its like ďHal, by the way you have missing workĒ oh thatís just lovely.

So yeah, everything other then that is going pretty good. Today is a half day so Iím happy I get out of school at 11:55 am instead of at 2:16pm. My math teacher better not want me to stay for tutoring because I canít. Iíve got to take the bus home.

Damn it my finger really hurts. I have a blood blister because I was outside swinging with my sister and I went to high on the swing and the damn thing broke and I felw back into the woods and I have a blood blister on my ring finger because I was holding on to the swing so I would crash into a tree.

Thanksgiving is Tomorrow. I donít like Thanksgiving I never see my family its just pretty much another day for me. My mom is leaveing to go to NY Friday and I have no idea when sheís coming back. Meaning Iím stuck here with my dad and we NEVER get along.

I think Iíve only commented about one person in the past 2 days. Sorry I couldnít get back to a lot of you. Just way too busy. Iím finally done with midterms but I have finals in 6 weeks and I still have to read 5 books before Christmas Vacation. Its completely horrible. Thatís probably what Iíll be doing all weekend.

Have a great day everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it!!!
♥ Haley

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nothing New

Hey guys! Hows it going?

I'm super bored. My cold is finally starting to break up though. I can actually breath through my nose again so its all good. I seriously need a life. I don't have one.

OMG I was laughing so hard a couple weeks ago. Yes, this just randomly poped in my head. Me, Kara and Lynn were making a Clown in ECE (Early Childhood Ed.) and when it was finished this is what happened.
Kara: He's so cute.
Haley: Yeah, I love him. He's so freakin' adorable.
Lynn: You guys need boyfriends.

Yeah, Lynn your right we probably do. Krissy your lucky you have Trevor... WTF am I saying Trevor has been annoying me for the last 4 years. Yeah, your still lucky. Do me a favor and tell him to take a shower. LOL just kidding.

Woot my dad finally hooked up my speakers and I got the computer to actually work so hopefully I can watch videos now. Speaking of Videos I have to make one for my History class and some friends and me are thinking about making a webshow. I dunno how were gonna do that seeing as I'm the only one with a video camera. Its a piece of junk. I'm not getting a new one till Christmas.

Okay, this is a stupid questions. What do you do if your in love with your best friend's boyfriend. My friend Janel is dating my friend David and I'm like so in love with him right now. I don't know what to do. I mean she gave us so many chances to get togther last year but we never did and now I want to. I can't split them up because their so cute togther. But I don't know how to make these feelings stop. Its just Ahhh I don't know how to explain it. Then I also like another guy. I don't know what to do anymore. I love two guys.... and i don't know which to choose. Not like I have the choice in that matter but oh well. I'm done going on and on about that.

I have to go I think my parents just pulled in with food and I'm starveing.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Crazy Randomness.

Hey guys!!! Hows it going?

OMG so I haven't posted in a couple days because I've been sick but I have alot to say so be prepared.

Well Thursday night was my Key Club Induction. It was a blast execpt I was still sick durning it I've got a few pics. They suck though because my mother and camera's don't get along. My mom said I had to dress formal. I hate wearing dresses. So I wore a slinky black dress with a black thing over it. Then when I got there everyone was wearing like every day clothes that looked nice. Next time I'm not listening to her. I wore a dress and heels for nothing. I almost fell on my face a million times.

Yesterday... well nothing happened. I went to school and the ususal. We had our first snow storm and it was awesome! I love snow! well for the first month or so anyway then its just like "yeah, it has to go its been here long enough." There was also a sucide prevention course going on so half the ppl weren't there. Stupid me I forgot to sign up for it in September when they mentioned it. My parents also went out and I have no idea when they came home. I was suppose to be babysitting and I passed out on my bed at about 10:30 pm. I woke up at about 5am and the computer was still on and I was sleeping in jeans which is not comfortable; so I got up changed shut down the computer and went back to bed.

So today nothing has happened! and I mean nothing. I've been singing all day and I tried reading a book for my trip but see it didn't work out. Mythology is okay, but when the book is explaneing mythology its just blah. I should probably be getting back to the lib. seeing as my books are like a week overdue.

SO yeah, other then that I'm really really bored. there is nothing for me to do and I'm not sure if Kristi is even around and we haven't really been all that much of friends lately. I think she's a whore bag and she thinks that I want to leave her alone. I'm sure we'll get over it soon. we always do.

I think I'm just going to shut up for now and probably go running or something. Which could be kinda hard with snow but oh well I'll try it.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stupid myspace hackers

Hey guys.

Well I just got home about an hour ago. Some stupid a$$ hacked my myspace and is sending everyone these stupid comments. Yeah, my friend Jamie let me know. She's like did you really send that comment to me. And I was like WTF I didn't send any comments I barely send comments to anyone and I haven't talked to you or seen you since like last June. So yeah, I'm pretty pissed and I don't know how to change my password meaning I should probably change the password to everything because they all have the same passwords. Like every single one of my accounts have the same password except for myotaku accounts which half of them I don't even use I have about 5 but I don't know why. LOL

So yeah, i'm over the myspace hacker, I'll just ask my dad to swap my password... wait then he'd know it. Oh well I'll come up with another way. Last time I switched a password it locked me out fo my account for life and I still haven't been able to get back it.

I got back to some ppl the other day but I didn't get back to alot of you. I've been wicked busy again. I'll comment some ppl today. Basically I'm just gonna comment everyone who commented my last couple posts. I'll do that tonight once I'm done my homework.

Have a great day everyone!!!!
♥ Haley

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Monday, November 12, 2007


Hey guys!!! hows everything going?

So I finally have some free time and I'm gonna comment you all back today. I promise.

So I've been doing alot of research on where I want to stay in England next year like to go to school and I've decided on 2 schools. I'm not sure which one I'm going to yet. I guess I have to narrow down my majors first. the schools I choose were Oxford University and Lancaster University. Meaning I still need my majors and my majors so far are:

~History and political science (just because I've been told by my history teacher to go into that)
~Journalism- or anything really to do with writing.

I really don't know which to go into. I can't make up my mind. Its changed a while. Those are the 3 that I've stuck with for about a year now.

I dyed my hair yesterday. It looks almost black. It was suppose to be dark brown not black but oh well it looks really good. I'd put a picture up but it looks like I'm pouting. Its on my bebo account right now.

I really have nothing to say so I'm gonna go now. I've still had no luck with finding the cat. I hope she comes back soon. I can't stand that cat but i don't want her to be outside in the cold. It gets to be about 24 degrees out at night and its only November.

Have a great day everyone!!!!
♥ Haley

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

   Hey Guys

Hey guys! How are all of you?

Things here today were a mess. I went shopping in North Conway it was sooooo busy. Come to find out they were having huge sales and if you spent over $25 there was some sort of raffle. The lines were so long. Like I wanted this bag in Areopostal and the line was wrapping around the whole store. I was soooo upset. I'm over it. I didn't end up buying anything till I got in Gorham which is like 25 minutes from my house and I go there all the time. So I got 2 pairs of Skateboarding shoes. Their awesome, I needed new ones. My pink and black etines I've had forever.

Sorry about my last post. I know it was like a run on sentice. There was something stuck underneath the period button so it only worked when I pressed down on it. Haha well atleast its fixed now.

So I need to finis Angles and Deamons this weekend. It shouldn't be that hard because I have the rest of today and then SUnday and Monday. Hopefully then I can finish the other 2 books Mr. McCormick let me use and then The Rape of Nanking for history.

I took some really good pictures of the mountains today. They have snow on them and they look really pretty. I may put them up if I ever get my computer fixed.

Well I'm off to comment alot of you because I havne't done that in a while.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

P.S. My cat is missing, well my sister's cat. It used to be mine but she doesn't like me so I gabve her to my sister. We think that my brother let her outside because she likes it out there. But its hunting season and its about 29 degrees out at night so hopfully we find her soon. If not then I'm gonna pick up a new kitten from Ashley. Her cat just had kittens so they should be ready to leave by Christmas.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So yeah.. its been a while again.

Hey guys! How is everyone?

Sorry I haven't updated and commented in ages. I've been sooo busy again and even waking up at 5:40am I can't get in enough time to comment/post daily. I'm gonna try waking up at 5 but normally every time I do that I slam the alarm off again and again till like 5:30 and then I'm up for the day.

So today was kinda boring. We didn't really do much. Monday sucked because of alot of things.

First of all I went to school and realized that I forgot to do my English homework which majorly sucked and then in about second block well it just sucked. Things went from bad to horrible. We started class as normally and then my freakin' period started in the middle of the class and it started like 2 days early so I wasn't expecting it so I had to go find my mom and like steal stuff from her ofcourse this was after that block was done so it was about an hour after the fact but durning the class Watson told me that she wants me to read the A level book and she'd give me 5 points on my final grade for reading it so ofcourse I'm not gonna say no because I've got a 95 right now and it'd be awesome to get a 100 average in my last year of History so I had to go down to the Libaray and get the last copy of The Rape of Nanking. Damn is it graphic they show pictures of women after the rapes. (they were dead) I was like twitching, I wasn't expecting there to be pictures. The only reason I didn't take A level history was because Morriset and McCormick are the only 2 teachers that teach that and I wanted Mrs. Watson or Mr. Ranclose.

Then math as usual sucked! I got a 44 on a quiz and ended up reading Nanking then because I was sooooo bored. LMFAO no wonder I flunk math. Then I was takin' to Cory in class and that was intresting. Damn we were both blushing so bad in class TODAY I was going to the board to write a problem on it and then I was walking back to my seat and Shauana's like Hey, Haley Cory loves you. So then were both sitting there blushing. I mean we both know that we've had a thing for eachother since I was a freshmen and he was a sophmore. haha 3 years of math togther will do that to ya I guess. okay well not really the math we just met in math class that year. And were both Math Retarded he's a senior now and I'm a junior and we're the 2 oldest in our class its mostly a freshie class.

So yeah... the only intresting thing that happened today was the whole me cory blushing thing.

SO yeah I'm gonna shut up now because that was extremly long!

Have a great day everyone!!!

♥ Haley

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Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hey guys. Hows it going?

Sorry again. I've had way way way too much stuff to do. I have midterms this Friday which all should be good execpt for my math midterm. THat one can either pass me or fail me for the term. Meaning I'd need an 80 or better to actually pass the class. I found out some info on Enland I need to be registered by the first of Febuary this year to get there for September of next year wait... WTF I want to be there for the 2008-2009 school year.... *pouts* I never thought of that. This is soooo sucky. My school's exchange programs suck so I need to find one on my own which isn't helping me too much. I WANT TO GO! I hate Mr. Prux so much right now he can't even tell me how bad the old exchange was so I'm just starting to think that he doesn't want me to go because it'll be less work for him!

Anyway, I don't really have much to say. I know that I've probably been pretty bitchy lately because I don't know how to handle all this stress. Jeeze I just want all these classes to end so I can get to next term and just relax because I have like no hard classes at all. They should all be wicked easy compared to my classes this term.

I'm gonna get to commenting today and then probably finish some English homework and thats about it for the day unless my parents do decide to take me to get some stuff. Not like I can actually afford my cell phone yet so I'm just gonna wait until I get back from Italy to get that I also want to get a laptop and an Ipod but I may ask for the Ipod for christmas seeing as my mom like killed my MP3 player. Mom + electronics= explosion. (okay not really, but close enough)

Have a great day everyone!!!
Ęĺ Haley

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!! (sorry computer is being an ass so I can't put up the post box)

I just wrote a long post and it deleted it so I'm not typeing it all over.

So all I'm gonna say is have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ę‘ Haley Ę‘

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Monday, October 29, 2007

This weekend took forever....

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Damn its been a while since I've last updated. I almost went crazy this weekend without MyO. Jeeze it wouldn't let me on for more then 15 mins in the past 3 days.

So this quater is almost over. I've got about 2 weeks to bring up my grades meaning my biggest concern should be math but its not. I really want to pass it so I don't have to retake it next year that would suck. Next year I have geomotry which means that it should be easier. I mean all you do is play with shapes.

Right now I'm working on finishing up my history project. I have to note cards left. Transportation development in the 1920's and the Dustbowl. I need to make it half way convincible that I did this in more then 3 hours.

So I'll be commenting alot more lately. I've decided that I'm gonna wake up at 5:40am so I should get to about 20 sites by the time I'm done getting dressed/eating/putting on make-up/getting ready. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. Its just been to hetic around here.

This weekend OMG Dance Friday night, Saturday Night babysitting and Sunday 4-wheelering/homework. THe dance was awesome execpt theres a long story about that and I don't have the time to write it all out so maybe in another post this week. Babysitting, well I wouldn't know I fell asleep and my mom supposenly came home almost drunk (my dad was driving he doesn't drink) Sunday was pretty fun and I finished almost all my make up work. All I have now are 5 questions in history (which probably won't get done) and 2 pages in English which should be done before tomorrow. Damn it i have math tutoring today after school. And guess what it hasn't helped me any yet.I mean if she helped me with my homework or something it would be better because I'd actually know what I was doing and get it done but no we have to do crap that we've already learned in class. From paper's we've already done meaning I know all the answers I just don't know how I got them. Man I can't wait for these 12 weeks to be over.

So as you can see nothing has really happened with me. I may be uploading some retarded pictures on my bebo after school today. (not many of you have that but oh well. If you want it ask me) I got bored last night so I took random pictures.

OMFG its cold.

Yesterday it started snowing... well a little there were little snow flakes.

I'm hungry so I'm probably gonna go eat. I acutally need to do good on my stinking Animal Farm quiz.

OH yeah before I leave My history teacher is trying to get me to go to Africa for a term next year. I'm not gonna deal with that. It'll be to hot.... well for me atleast. Besides my mom won't let me go I asked her and she said she doesn't want me coming home with aids or something so whatever. I'll stick to England/Scottland/Ireland/Germany. Yes, I've decided I may go to 3 out of the 4 of them.

Have a great day everyone!!!
¢®ķ Haley

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