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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Work! and ofcourse the freezeing cold!

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

So yesterday get this, I didn't get to go to the homecoming games or the dance, my mom wos working them! So I got stuck here babysitting, ya know what next year I'm gonna make her stay home with the kid, unless of course I do my forgin exchange program to England.

Oh god I was looking that junk up all day to see if I would be able to go. Turns out I need to take 2 years of a language, and I've only take Spanish 1 and this year i'm taking French 1 so I dunno if that will count. You need to have atleast a C average, so I'm all set on that one seeing as my average is in the high B's and you have to be willing to experiance new things and pass an interview, meaning I need to get better with my ppl skills but oh well this is something I really want to do so I can do it.

The best place I've found so far for student exchange is probably Oxford. It just seems like the easiest, of course its a University so I don't think I can get in seeing as I'm not 18 years old yet but by the time I go there I'll be 17 so its all good I'll just go to like a regular High School or something and then if I like it I'll think about staying for college. Ack, meaning PSATS are gonna be harder if I wanna skip Senior year all togther and go to a foregin Country to learn. Jeezum I must have to come back in like June to graduate from my high school though.

Unless I do this:
1. Stay my Senior year until atleast January so I can finish the term and graduate high school early. Then go to England as a Colllege exchange student.
2. Gradutae this year and take 4 summer courses at the tech so that I'm legally graduated from high school.
3. Just take a semester exchange and be back here before graduation in June.

I hope my parents let me go, I'm already like excited about it. I think what I'm going to do is apply for a job at Wal*Mart because they make like $9 and work 4 days a week there and then still work 2 days a week at the Lunchette so then half the money that i make from Wal*Mart goes with the money I make from the LUnchenette to the account for Italy and then the money left over from Wal*Mart there will be like 20 left out for my cell phone bill and the rest will go in my safe and get put away for England. Then once Italy is payed for the money I make at the Lunchenette will stay with me and all the money I make from Wal*mart will go in the account for England.

Yes, I know I have given this too much thought but it seems like sooo much fun. And if my parents say no I'll be 17 so I can pretty much legally sign myself outta the country and call them right before the plane takes off and say "Oh, by the way I'm heading out to England for the year see ya in 11 months" They'd kill me but well they know its like my dream to travle the world and live in a bunch of different countries.

Well I'm gonna stop typeing now. I'll start commenting right now and then finish commenting when I get back from work.

Have a great day!!!
óż Haley

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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

So homecoming went okay yesterday. I didn't stick around long enough last night to hear who won the Float contest my parents wanted to leave. *sigh* but our float was awesome. Goooo Juniors!!!

So the pep rally we were the quitest again. But we were louder then last year and we have 120 to 125 ppl in our class its the smallest class in the school. Class of 2010 won pep rally because they have like the biggest class ever. (well not ever but in our school) and their class actually cares ours doesn't.

Hmmm so here are the songs we had ready for pep rally we sang #1 because we didnt' have time to sing #2 even though # 2 is better.

First I should say who had what as a theme. Seniors/2008: Wizard of Oz, Sophmores/2010: Phatom of the Opra, Freshmen/2011: Little Mermaid.

Song #1:
When we make a Rumble
Beware your yellow brick road will crumble!
So much for oz
He couldn't stand up to our four paws!

To all you phantoms
don't be ashamed
its not your fault you can't play our game

You think you're the best cause you're under the sea
But the truth is you couldn't survive on our turf
We are your worst Enemy

Song #2:

Our hair might be furry,
and we take lots of loads
but its better than following
your yellow brick road.

If you want some of our ROAR
come on over and ask
but while your at it
take off those ridiculous masks.

We live on land
and live with the free
So why are you here?
You're supposed to be under the sea.

Incase you guys didn't know we had the lion king. Hopefully I'll get some pics of our float up later today.

Have a great day everyone!!!
óż Haley

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Home Coming

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Well today I'm kinda excited its homecoming and I can't wait. We have a pep rally during school so our classes are only an hour long each!!! And tonight is the parade tomorrow night is the dance, I'm still not sure if I'm going or not. Porbably not for two reasons. 1. Its like the gathering of the sluts and 2. I don't have a date either way and none of my friends are going so you know it'd kinda be boring.

So other then that yesterday was soooo busy I didn't get to finish half my homework.

I sure hope that we beat 2008, 2010 and 2011 this year. I can't stand loseing anymore it sucks. Class of 2009 get your act togther its pretty sad when the only thing that you guys can make money off of is drugs. Sorry that was meant for the ppl in my graduateing class that actually go to my school.

Our theme is Lion King so I'll let you all know how things are going tomorrow and I'll probably post alot of pictures. I'm gonna take some tonight and tomorrow night!

Well have a great day everyone!!!
óż Haley

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its not my baby...!

Hey guys!!! How are you?

Things around here were awesome last night. I went to this party (Kinda) with my mom and her friends so I was playing with Alex, she's Joe and Tammy's baby and Elaine (one of my moms friends) came up to me and said "Haley is there something you wanna tell me" I'm just sitting there like "ITS NOT MINE!" Then after we put Alex to sleep we played Family Fued and Joe was like making me Laugh (He's from England) So everytime he'd say something weird I'd burst out laughing. And then I was all like Guess what I'm going to England and then he's like "really how old are you' so I told him how old I was. and he's like well you know you'll be allowed to drink. I'm just sitting there like sweet but then he made me try all the alcohol that everyone was drinking. I swear I was starting to get drunk after 5 sips.

So its back to work today. Gahhhhh but oh well. I can't keep my pay check this week. *pouts* I want my freakin cell phone!!!! I'm dieing with out it.

After work today I have to finish make-up work. I have an english packet to do, 1 history question and a chapter to read in my history book. Oh and a quiz in ECE to study for. Jeeze I don't have my damn notes.

Ah well I'm in a good mood I'm not gonna ruin it.

Oh, and as of yesterday I decided I'm gonna be a vegetairn once again.

I'll comment when I get home... or atleast I'll try to.

Have a great day everyone!!!!
óż Haley

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

OMG I'm sooooo bored

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Well I'm like soooo bored! I dunno weather I should call Kristi or not because I dunno if she's home or not.

I just really need someone to talk to right now. I wish I still had my cell phone then I could call ppl. I can't call long distance on my house phone. Dad gets pissed.

So I guess I'll be online for a while so if anyone wants to talk please PM me.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

óż Haley

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Friday, September 21, 2007

   Being sick sucks.....

Hey everyone!!! How are all of you?

Well I guess I've been wicked sick lately but I'm getting better so its all good. I could've gone to school today but my mom told me to stay home because I never finished any of my class work. I have to work tonight though. So right now I'm gonna get back to some of you on long overdue comments. I'll comment everyone who used to comment me over the summer.

Well I don't have anything important to say execpt for my life is finally getting better. I have great friends (that actually live near me)

I also joined like 2 clubs this year more then last year. I decided to ditch anime club this year because I just don't get along with some ppl in it so its not worth me going. Even though Tessa wants me to go I really really don't feel like being ignored for like an hour.

Oh, I might be learning to play guitar. Kristi's dad is in a band and she said he could probably teach me to play. I still really want my piano back but I can settle for guitar now, I love guitar anyway. I want a bass guitar but I have an acqustic.

Well I have to go. Too many things to do. I'm suppose to be taking it easy but this is about as mellow as I get.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!

óż Haley

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hey everyone!!! How are all of you?

So I'm going crazy here. I HATE SHAKESPEAR!!!! Well atleast Hamlet, I dunno what he's saying and my teacher sucks at explaining it. I miss Ms. Rigg and Finny. They atleast knew what they were doing. Sorry I haven't updated or commented all week, I've had Shakespear homework everynight. *sigh* Only 15 more weeks of British Litature left. Which is really good cuz I'd go crazy if I had english for 36 weeks.

So anyway I have to go make sense of this junk. BTW for those of you that don't know Shakespear is a pretty perverted for an old dude.

Have a great day everyone!!!
óż Haley

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gah... I dunno anymore....

Hey guys!!! Hows it going?

Its freezeing here and great, my cold is getting worst. I hate school! It makes me sick and takes up 6 hours of my day! So anyway my Great Aunt and Uncle are over. THey came up yesterday and their leaving tomorrow morning. Their in their 70's so theres not much we can do with them. Their taking my brother and sister to Dunkin Donuts today but I can't go because I have to work. =[ Ah well I guess I'll go by myself one day. Not that it actually matters its just Dunkin Donuts. Gah, I need to blow my nose again. Damn it I blame Keith and Zach for getting me sick. They have some sort of cold.Its probably half my fault as well because I have like no ammune system because I've been stressed so much lately.

So anyway my computer works great!!! I'm sooo happy my dad gave me a new one. My sister is probably getting my old one.

Grrrr its freezeing and I have like no jeans left because their all in the laundry. I'm not wearing shorts today but I don't really think I have a choice. bwahhh

I should get gooing i have to be at work in a half hour and I want to find jeans somewhere.

I'll try to comment when I get back if my great aunt a uncle aren't over, I haven't seen them in about four years now.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm not dead

Hey guys!!!

Sorry I haven't been on in a couple days. My computer broke down yet again so my dad fixed a new modle for me to use. It works sooo much better but its one of those ones with the wicked small tower so its kinda weird to see it like that but I think its cute. I know I'm sooo retarded.

So yesterday Kristi and I went to our first Key Club meeting, its charity and community serivce and it was wicked fun. Were going down to boston as a club soon and then half the ppl on the key club are coming to Italy with me so it should be a blast. Were all the most random ppl you'll ever meet. Well 'cept for one girl but she thinks she's all that and better then everyone else so whatever. I don't think I'll be talking with her much so its all good. I'm sooo mean, I know. But its because of personal reasons why I won't talk to her alot.

Sorry I've been bitchy alot lately. I honostly had no idea. I just got told that yesterday by one of my best friends. I think the correct term she used was "Hal get the tampon outta your ass what the fuck is your problem lately" so that woke me up and I'm really sorry about anything I may have done or said. Just let me know if I did anything to piss anyone off. I know their will be atleast 2 ppl that are a little upset with me.

So anyway, I have to leave for work in about an hour. I should be on all night though. I really wanted to go to the school dance tonight but I can't get the day off because I have home coming off and then I have to take a Friday off in October to go somewhere for the FCCLA. Why oh why did Angelica have to nonimate me as secetary. I'm not good with notes and junk. Ah, well if it doesn't kill me it'll just make me stronger. Besides I need to do something with my life any how. I'm sick of just being here and being useless.

Grrr all my work is deleted off my computer yet again. I actually tried saving it onto my Jump drive but it wouldn't save. My damn computer didn't have microsoft word because my dad doesnt' listen to a damn thing I ever say.

Speaking of that I got in a fight with him yesterday. He was always saying that me and my mother always broke things and I told him to stop being Sexist and I got yelled at but oh well. The way he said it pissed me off. It just seems like somethings the things that happen are my fault because I'm a girl. Or that what I do is never good enough. But thats probably just for now because things will get better and then worst and then better again. Me and my father haven't really had a stable father/daughter relationship since I was about 9 years old.

I'm gonna stop typeing this thing now. I'll try and comment everyone once my new computer like learns to load the comment boxes. It still won't load them so I may be doing comments by PM's for a little while. I'm not sure yet. It depends on what happens tongight.

Have a great day!!!!
♥ Haley

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

^-^ I'm soooooo tired

Hey Guys!!! How are all of you?

Thanks for trying to cheer me up yesterday. I guess yesterday morning just sucked but by the time I read your comments my friends had already got me in a better mood. You guys are right nothing is worth taking your life or loseing it for that mater. Thats normally how I think but I guess I had too much stuff going through my head. I guess I have to stay strong during everything thats happening and start to let people in a little more rather then keeping all my emotions bottled up and have a major break down like I did yesterday.

So school yesterday... agr.

English: We read this funny poem. OMG I was laughing sooo much. Its called the Discovery Of Sex. I'll have to post it up tomorrow or something. Then we drew some pictures to go along with something we were doing with Sheakspear. Mine came out horrid and I got stuck with a group of Seniors that don't like me.

History: We took some notes on Slavery yet again. Its soooo boring its like were back in the 8th grade again. Then we went to the computer lab to do a worksheet that was on the computer. I forgot my damn worksheet in my locker so I have to try and make up a believeable excuse. I only have about 6 questions left anyway so I should probably just take the grade I have rather then get 50% off by bringing it in tomorrow.

Algebra: OMFG I cried sooo much that day that I fell asleep in math. My pen exploded on my face (I had my head on it) and for the next hour I had ink on my face. It was pretty funny. Execpt that my class work was probably all wrong because I did it in 10 minutes.

ECE: Nothing much, we went to the libarary to go finish our research. Uhm oh and we had elections. Jeezum I'm stuck with secetary of the FCCLA. I don't want to be but thats not my choice anymore because no one wants to do it.

Yesterday Kristi came over and my sister keept trying to get in my room so I was standing in the door way and she was trying to crawl between my legs and crap and she's like I wanna get in. So I decided to make it sound very wrong and I'm like "No go away I don't want you in" and a bunch of other stuff like that. I feel bad for whoever kristi was on the phone with but Kristi was laughing in hysterics so I guess you just kinda had to be there.

I have to go. Sorry I couldn't comment yet again yesterday. I only had about an hour on the computer because I was researching Erik Erikson yet again. Gosh his theory on child development is hard to type up.

Well Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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