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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

well just a bunch of randomness

Hey guys!!!!

OMG so yeah, I'm still unemployed and its the best week I've had in a while!!!! Kristi may come over later. I may acutally have someone to go to to the dance with, Fall Rally on Friday along with the Dance and hopefully after party (thats if Kristi, and I can go but she's more obsessed with her BF now then anything)

Aww I got soooo PISSED today when I got back to school! My friend Keith's GF broke up with him because her dad didn't want her to date him because he's black so I may go to the dance with him on Friday if he wants to atleast. If not I'll probably go with Evan. (He seriously doesn't talk to me period yet he has a crush on me)

So today I hung out with Mrs. Watson for like 45 mins. I love her!!! she's like the best history teacher ever!!! She's helping me alot with this whole England stuff or England nonsense as my dad calls it. I'm going I dont' care what he says its my life not his.

OMG I was in a weird mood today I wore jewerly, make-up and did my hair for no apperent reason. Which I think is half the reason Keith was like Wow today but whatever I don't want things to change that much between us. It'd just be odd.

So Long story short. Jacobs is gonna be the end of me. Another Project 2nd one within a week on Animal Farm I hate that book, its the only book I depise and alot of books I've read have been shitty but this is by far the worst.

I'll comment sometime tonight promise.

Have a great day/night everyone!!!!


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

PSATs and Unemployment

Hey guys,
Hows it going? Well today was an intresting day to say the least. and its only noon.

Well I went to take my PSAT and ended up finishing early. It was easy so when the class was done we were dismissed early. Then I called for a ride just to find out that I'm fired/laid off until the store picks up. I'm thinking its strange because he just hired some new chick and I asked for next Friday off and I got a call saying I'm fired. Stupidness but I was making soooo much under minium wage so it doesn't really matter. I'm go apply at Wal*Mart now that I have no job and work weekends Monday's and Wedensday's there. Plus it pays alot more then the lunchenette. Reminds me that I have to go pick up my pay check. I might go tomorrow before I go apply at Wal*Mart.

So yeah, if I work anywhere I want Friday's off! And maybe Saturday nights off as well. I hang out with Kristi all night on Saturday's. And if I work sundays I don't want the morning shift.

So I should go. I have alot to do right now. I'm gonna see if my mom will drive me up to the lunchenette to pick up my check and then I'm gonna bring it with me tomorrow and possibly get my cell phone. It sounds pretty good to me then I'll just give the check I get from my first week of work to my dad it should cover alot more then this one does.

Have a great day guys!!!!


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Friday, October 19, 2007


Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been on much this week. I've been majorly busy. I'm going to comment today after school. I probably won't be on much tonight because I have work and tomorrow morning are my PSATs I'm soooo nervous about that. So anyway I had a 900 word report that is due today and I've got about 1190 words so I guess thats pretty good for just bullshitting the whole paper. I hope the teacher doesn't notice. Its Ms. Watson and she's pretty awesome and this isn't the first paper I've written for her so she knows how I write.

OMFG we need another bathroom my brother is being a jerk and it takes him seriously forever in the damn bathroom. It gets rather sicking.

So yesterday I had a key club meeting it was really fun and then I came home and had a mental breakdown. Sorry for kinda being bitchy yesterday Ekedo, I was like ah I can't handle any of this crap anymore but just in more words.

GRrrr my mom just took a fit. She said she was getting in the shower so do I want to keep an eye on the time or have my dad tell me well I said "mom I think I can handle it its 2 minutes" I hate when she's like this. She needs to take a few pills or something. I swear she's PMSing.

Well I've got to go beecause my stupid bus will be here in about 10 minutes.

See ya guys! Have a great day!

Lobe you all,

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Monday, October 15, 2007


Hey guys!

Sorry about not posting sooner. i've been really busy. So my status has been going down so I'm gonna try and get it back up again.

So anyway. Today I went to head start and it was great. I loved it. It was sooo much fun. Pre-schoolers are sooo cute. The first little girl I worked with Olivia was so adorable. Then I worked with a little boy named Zachary and then I played with Mia. THey were sooo adorable. Mia was about 9 months old, Olivia was a year old, and Zachary was 3 years old. They wree alll sooooo cute. Olivia was my faveorite.

So, yeah i'm gonna try and comment everyone tonight.

I got a new site as well. Its Moon Dragon, I really have no idea why I made it I was just bored. But anyway I'm thinking about putting some of my poems and junk up there because I've come to far with this site to just let it... die.

Well I gotta go for right now. I'll be back to comment once I'm done my homework.

Have a great night everyone!!!
¢ Haley

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Woot its finally the Weekend

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

So things around here are kinda boring. No one is online so I have no one to talk to and no one is at my house so I have no one to talk to here.

My computer's got another virus and it won't accept any antivirus thing I have. Its also go spyware downloaded on it. My dad says it because of myspace. So I guess I'm gonna put an icon up instead of my picture and just wait a month and see if my computer is better off without myspace... well after I change my display picture of course.

Sorry about not posting/commenting yesterday. MyO wouldn't let me on before i left for work and by the time I got home it was 9pm

So anyway Denis hired someone my age! I've gone to school with her for a few years now. I don't know her that well but she's just a quite as me. Anyway I got trained on cash yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it wouldn've been. I screwed up a few times though. OMG and the gas pump would not shut off! I was freaking out. Jennette had to go shut the gas off for the night... well until denis came it atleast. I told everyone I was really new at the register so they all understood which was pretty good. So I guess another 2 weeks on the register till I'm trained properly and then I go back into the kitchen and learn to waitress it'll all be okay. So yeah, looks like I'll have more hours this winter. Its better then only working 7 hours a week. I mean I only make about 350 dollars a month which sucks so maybe this will help some. I'm POed because Autumn the new girl makes more money then me and I've been working there for 5 or 6 months now. I didn't understand it until denis explained it to me. Once I'm over the age of 16 he can pay me more but seeing as I'm only 16 he has to go by the state hourly rate or something like that. So I guess I've got a couple more months to go.

I haven't told him that I may not be working for him next year. If I get the money to leave I'm outta here for the year. I'll miss everyone a lot but this is my dream I've wanted to travle the world for as long as I can remember. Staying in the same place for 5 years and not doing anything is really boring. And yes, I haven't left the state in 5 years. it used to be so much fun when we lived in RI because we got away every summer now we just stay here... because well we came here every summer.

So I may be signing up for driver's ed when I get done paying for Italy and my mom said that I can have my dad's car because he is getting a truck. I guess it drives better in the snow and he has to drive through 2 towns to get to work. I only need to get to the High School and back. Oh well I'm happy about that anyway. My dad claims that he won't sign for me to get my lincese and I told mom and she said she'd sign and she agrees with me about my dad. I'm not gonna say anything here because well I"m not that mean. And I do love my dad... I just don't get along with him most of the time.

Well have a great day everyone!!!
lobe you all.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

NECAP Testing

Hey guys!!! Hows it going? So yup, today was NECAP Testing. And no they don't actually test your Kneecaps, yesh I had to add that specifficaly for my friend keith. It actually stands for New England Common Assessment Program. *rolls eyes* They should've just called it the 3 hour a day test though we really only need an hour test. So yeah, today we sant in the English class for 90 minutes, which is a normal class period then the bell rang and we were allowed to get up and leave to buy drinks and food and stuff. Well I just finished my nap time. I sleept during the time I wasn't working on the test. It was so flippin' easy. I mean its like 1+1=2 thats seriously how easy it was. I got bored after 43 minutes of the test. Then I went to sign up for my PSAT's and turns out that you need to bring the $15 as a registration fee. They should've said that over annoucements. So besides that Kristi ditched school today. Lucky. I was just like WTF so today in the morning it was just me Kayleen and Amber. I was like annoying Richard trying to get him to come sit with us but he wouldn't. I think he's still upset with us. He asked me and Kristi why Eddie was caling us and not him and Kristi's reply was. "because we both have a vagina" it was really funny when she said it but I think he's wicked mad. So anyway as you can see I really have NOTHING to say. Alot of shit has been happening around here but thats just the usual. Woot I'm sooo proud of me I got a 45 on my math quiz. No, I'm not proud of myself actually. I'm like pissed off at myself. If I don't get my grade up soon then I'll flunk for the quater meaning that I'l have to stay back in Algebra 1 College Prep and take it next year either here or in England if I go to England. *sighs* I hate math. It needs to die. When am I actually gonna use it again. I mean I can count money, use decimals and work iwth postive and negitive numbers so I'm all set. Yeah... well I'm outta here guys. I'll comment sometime tonight. Oh BTW Emmah, your right the word lobe is contagious. I've been saying it for a few days now and my mom is all like WTF. 'Cept I've also been hanging around with Joe alot lately and I didn't notice that instead of saying mom the other day I said "mum" and she was like okay your staying in America next year. OMG yeah, I got my school pictures in today. Jeezum they came out really good but no one told me you cound see down my shirt. My mom was like "Hal, its called pulling up your shirt" but I'm not taking retakes cuz then the picture will come out worst. I'll try and scan one and put one up here someday soon. But I don't know I'll probably like block out the lower half of the picture. XD I'll comment if I get the chance tonight. Have a great day everyone!!!! lobe you all ♥ Haley

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

so..... nothing new

Hey guys!!! Hows it going?

So my computer is being stupid and hasn't let me comment/update in the last few days so I'm gonna get that fixed. I FINALLY figured out what the heck has been happening to all my computers. My jumpdrive has a virus on it from one of the school computers last year because I had one of my reports saved on it. So tonight I'm gonna whipe out my jumpdrive and the whipe out my harddrive so that hopefully every part of the virus is gone.

So today we had an assmbly on the dress code and it was actually funny!!!! Woodward dressed up in short-shorts and a cut tank top and it was liek a fashion show on what was okay for school and what was not okay, it was just halarious all toghter. 'cept for when bryar king came out wearing a freakin mini skrit and a belly shirt and his gut was hanging over it and it was just gross!!!

Then throughout the whole assmbly my ex-best friend was giving me dirty looks if she has a problem with me she should come tell me to my face because she may be able to say stuff about me but most ppl know its not true but if she wants to play dirty games then i have some stuff to come back with as well. Not that I actually will say anything because thats just not me. I think she's just jealous to be honost. She's got no friends in our grade and nearly stayed back. She's not doing to hott in school, though neither am I at the moment I'm pissed about my math grade but its all good. hopefully it'll go up so I can go to England.

Oh yeah... I have NECAP testing all week its gonna suck butt. I'm testing on English tomorrow and Thursday and then on Friday I have math testing. And then on Saturday the 20th I have my PSAT's that should be fun *sigh* getting into college is hard enough I wonder how hard college actually is. Gah, and then I've also figured out if I do exchange in England next year that they have to fax the SAT over to me because if I want to go to an American college then I have to take the American SAT. Gah, too much work!

Well right now I'll try to commenting you all back but I've also got homework to do so i'll try to. And if I don't get back to all of you please don't be mad I'm under alot of stress right now.

Lobe you all,
♥ Haley

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Work & Kristi

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I didn't get to commenting yesterday. I'll comment you all back as soon as I get home from work.

So Kristi is coming over at about 2 and she's gonna spend the night (maybe) I just messaged her on myspace to see if she was still coming or not. Well if she's coming we'll have loads of pics up. Squeee I can't wait. Well not cuz of the pics but because we haven't hung out in narely a month. The only time I see her anymore is on the bus and at lunch sometimes. And get this she only lives across the street from me.

Well I really have nothing to say. Work on Friday night was boring. We did nothing and I got told off for leaveing my hair down by one of the bitchy cooks. Then my boss came in and said that it was okay as long as i had a hair tie to tie my hair back when i was cooking pizza which I do. Its always around my wrist. Well ever since mine snaped a few weeks ago and I didn't have one so I had to use TJ's which ya'know wasn't very fun.

Well unfortunatly I have to leave in about a half hour for work so I'm just gonna shut down the computer now because I won't have enough time to comment so I'm gonna go hang out outside till I have to leave. See ya!

Have a great day!!!!!

Lobe you all!

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Friday, October 5, 2007

No school today!!!!

Hey Guys!!! How are all of you?

Thanks for all the comments. I commented you all back.

Sorry I haven't posted or commented lately. I've been busy. I had a US History report and an English Essay due so I only had like 10 days to work on them. It was wicked hard and I only wrote a outline of my history report. I hope Watson doesn't get too mad at me. It was really short notice.

Hmmm so theres no school today and I'm babysitting my little sister. I'm thinking about going to prom with Richard. Kristi is trying to convince him to go with me because she doesn't want to go with him her freshie year because he's gay. But any dumb ass knows I like think he's hott. Well execpt for him of course.

So yea, I got my hair cut it looks really emo but I don't have a pictures up yet. I have to upload them when I hang with Kristi because were gonna take loads of pictures.

Well have a great day everyone!!!!! I'll comment later tonight after I get home from work.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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Monday, October 1, 2007

Ahhh I gotta Pee

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Sorry about the title but i really have to pee. My brother takes longer then me in the bathroom. Damn it we need 2 bath rooms and my dad really really needs to rearrange the living room so we can turn on the freakin' pellete stove for me heat in here. But no he's tooo lazy

WEll I have school today... unfortunalty I really really don't wannna go. Its only a 4 day week though cuz we have a 4 day weekend. I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday off so its gonna be awesome. I hope atleast

Ahhhh what the hell is taking my brother sooo long heaven forbid he has to pee I have to get outta the bathroom as fast as I can because he starts crying!

So anyway I don't anything intresting to say.... I'm sure you all wanted to know that I have to pee so I'm gonna stop saying it now.

damnit by the time he gets outta the bathroom i'll have 10 mins to get ready! Sweet he's outta the bathroom. Well I'll see you guys later.

Have a great day!!!

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