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I appalude you for bravely walking into this well.

Welcome to my little playground where logic and reality twist at my will.

Here's some guidelines that will keep you alive here.
1. Don't be a /b/tard. I expect proper grammar from everyone. Keep "txt talk" to a minimum. Use "LOL" appropriately.

2. Don't sign my guestbook just to get sigs on yours. You can compliment my site, or my persona when signing even if that's all you ever do.

3. If you're gonna friend me, then drop by and comment once in a while. I'll friend back, so I expect some "friendship" going on.

4. Don't think ill of the way I post. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm not. If you can't deal with multiple personas, then get out.

Dig? Cool

About Zappa:
-I'm presently 21, born on November 7th.
-I'm a dood, got it memorized?
-Where I live isn't entirely important, as I'd much prefer to be anywhere away from my landlords.
-I've been around MyOtaku since April of 2005. Sadako arrived in late November of 2005, shortly after I changed screen names from NejiSlave to ZappaSlave. She makes sure I stay well physically. Irae arrived 2 days after Christmas of 2005. She makes tea for us all.
-I'm a sandwich ninja. My nametag says crew leader, but we all know it's lieing.
-I've not done much with my life untill recently when I joined the Raving Ninja Clan. I've been helping the clan to progress, and recently acended to the highest rank of 'Leader' in April of 2006.
-I've been into anime since I first saw Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network (when Toonami was GOOD and on every afternoon). I primarily take to anime that's full of action (i.e. Naruto, Bleach, Samurai 7), but stray into the cute shojo animes (i.e. Sailor Moon, DearS). As most people, you stray into different genres of anime, like Mecha (RahXephon, Super Robot Wars OG, Gundam Wing), and ones harder to classify into a genre (Ghost In The Shell, Ergo Proxy [when I get ahold of it]).
-I was raised on classic metal (by today's identification) and still have faith to Iron Maiden, but I keep to the more modern rock bands. Chevelle, Slipknot, Static X, and Tool take prominence on my playlist. I like techno too... but that's only about 20-25% of my playlist.
-I don't have a particular goal for my life. I just kinda go where FATE strings me along.
-My hobbies and talents tend to correlate. Strategy games and drawing apply here.
-As most people, my dislikes outweigh the likes. Esentially, I hate stupid, ignorant, rude, and intolerant people/things. The idiocy of the masses has yet to overwhelm me into a homocidal rage. The girls keep that in check. In this case, I don't mean Sadako and Irae.
-As for as what I like. Cute things, that appeal to my taste. Long hair, roleplaying a psycho, psychotic heroes (i.e. Akabane Kurodo and Kenpachi Zaraki), horror movies with an original concept (i.e. Ringu, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame [coming soon]), strategy RPGs, and raving are among my likes.

Common misconceptions about Zappa:
-I'm not gay. I have nothing agianst anyone else's sexuality, but don't get mine wrong. I am effeminite (if that's the proper term) but I am for girls only.
-I get my name from the Guilty Gear character Zappa, because I'm flexible, and into Sadako and all things Ringu. Not from the musician Frank Zappa. I've never heard his work, so... there's no correlation.
-When I say okaa-chan (mother), I'm refering to Seth. She's more of a mother to me than the woman who gave birth to me. That's all I'm going into here.

Possible directions are Back, Down, and Sadako. Where will you go?


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The Red- Chevelle

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Heh wow... I still have this... ah well... w/e

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