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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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Okay this will be a quickly written post since I got Taijutsu to get to <3.

Left early friday with amy, after my mom and grandma fussing we got on the road. I passed out shortly after hitting 290 then woke again at McDonalds for Brunch. Fainted again until we got to Houston... or a little outside where my mom stopped to pee. I looked about the gas station then left and sat back in the car. Upon hitting houston we got in the HOV lane, that was cool, we didn't get traffic =O.

We hit the hotel and I ran off while my mom and amy checked in cause I had to pee now xD. So after everything we got our shit into the hotel room and I darted off to get my badge... almost TWO FUCKING HOURS to get my badge... I wasn't even that far back... honestly that was the worst part of the con.

Well I changed into my OC which I'll post a pic of later... then ran around got a few pics then went to my room... god that mask was hard to breath in ><...

Passed out and a few other shit I can't remember.

I woke up and sat around for a bit eating what my mom brought me. Then got up and ran around looking for John and Micheal <3 ^^;; I sat down looking for their truck. =O I see it they miss the parking... so I sigh and run around a bit more only to find that they still not there. I bump into Brian and his Dojo, I didn't know they were also going to help with the demo =D.
So we sit about for a bit then John and Micheal arrive, I sit about then go get changed cause I was told to. It was 2 hours away it could have waited ;-;. But yeah.

We sat about the demo area watching Cris have cosplay fight demo thingy. Soon we got the stage. I did my stuff and then started filming... then to the Shinto Demo. I'm actually going to get more into this religion, my aunt could help me.

So thats about it for saturday.

Sund: left

People Meet: Zappa, Sub, Mark, Mint, Levi, Suger, Newbeh, Stalker boy, Pocky, Danzig, Kim, Fan Boy, a nice cute Gaara who was taken ;-;... and so on.

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