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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So I figure I'll keep making posts even though barely anyone comes on anymore. For all those that do I have other accounts you can feel free to add me on.

MySpace- www.myspace.com/rain_fall_lotus

FaceBook- SN: Sethos Johns

DeviantArt- SN: CrazyHawtHinata

MyYearbook- SN: Seth Johns

YouTube- SN: Groovus

Gimmie a hollar if you wish.

So today was farely eventful. Went to help my friend get all enrolled in the same school with me, got my tongue peirced and then hung out with some friends. Now I'm just chilling with teh Setoek and Hathor. Headin up to the school again tommorow.

Got a-fest coming up. Got a nice cosplay group too. Whisker,Dizzy,Setoek and myself shall be cosplaying Tetris Blocks. If your gonna be there look for us. We're gonna try to get my ipod dock to work so we can actually have the music and maybe even glow in the dark paint for the rave.

Other then that, school starts next week and I have barely any time to work on any form of decent cosplays...Plus i'm really broke and currentlly unemployed. Although i'm gonna start looking into jobs at my college because they always seem to have something available and i've seen a crap load of my friends working for them on their days off and such.

Well my fast/loud typing seems to be bothering some peoples so I shall wrap this one up for now and hope to get some good comments from anyone who actually reads this random assorted post that i don't expect anyone to actually read.

L8er Daze!!!

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