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Opening remarks are extremely important as they establish the relationship between reader and writer.
Hence why Im going to with hold. Understand this is done so you CANT pass judgement... Or something stupid like that...
Warning: I might swear occasionally. Its a part of life and in comparison to some of the things I COULD say, an F-bomb now and then really isnt that bad.

Shit You Should Do That I Would Appreciate
I ask that people use proper english grammar and spelling to the best of their ability. Im not perfect. You're not perfect. But we both know 4 is not equal to for. Or Fore. But it is equal to four. And "You" is spelt with more than one letter. PLEASE. Please. Dont hurt the english language.
Im not particularaly religious. Although I do have a fondness for Karma and Buddy Christ. Please dont push your religion on myself or others. Its inconsiderate. (I dont expect this to be an issue but it is the internet after all)

I thought this would be a long list and apparently its not.... Those are my two main beefs.
Anyway. Enjoy my rantings. Or dont. I'm mostly just here for the warm fuzzies.
Do check out my wallies though. Im proud of most of them. Even if they arent always amazing...


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I tried. But... Something has left that cant be recovered...
At one point the MyO meant a lot to me. I met some really awesome people on here and made some friends that I hope to never lose. At one point I felt a bit like the MyO was all I had to look forward to everyday.

This has changed. In July my then boyfriend proposed to me. The wedding is set for sometime in 2012. We've moved to a big city so I can pursue my education and in the process we've developed an awesome group of friends.

The time I spend on this site has helped shape me in so many ways. I really did love it.

Things have changed and people have left and its just not the same anymore.

So I think Im done. For real this time.

If anyone wants to get a hold of me for some reason my email is sitaroseproductions@gmail.com.

Its been fucking fantastic.

Love, Sita. :)

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