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Don't Cry - Guns 'n' Roses
Hosted By Sunday, February 3, 2008

Update of my life.

Yet again my life is crazy. I no longer go to school, and im finally 18. Alot has been going on. I moved yet again and also aquired another dog. the place i live is rather quiet which i like and the dog we got is a brittey spaniel/saint benard. Hyper, fluffy, giant, drool monster O-O;;;;. Im soon going to get a job hopefully t help mother. the rotten sisters are as annoying as ever and i finally snaped at the a-hole my mother is soon not going to be dating. Im so happy i chewed him out and mother backed me up which even made it beter xDDD. So back to the location subject. I now live a hour away from my closest friends. Caos is caos though and being a couselor/ref is hard not to mention my ability to feel others feeling s Dx. Its a blessing and a curse.

Lately things have been fine since the brats are away. I have had a nice couple of days and learned there was a state wildlife part near out home. Lucky me =). not that its interesting at hte moment but its good to know.

By the way the more i type here the more i miss my friends =/. Wished i could do something about it but times are tough and everytime i try to hang with them thier always busy other than one =/ wished i could hang with my best friend more -.- i miss her alsong with all the others i havent had a chance to hang with.

i <3's you all and wish to see ya more. boredom is too great at this home and i'd like company.

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