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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ello Ello^_^

How's everyone doing? Good I hope. I'm bored as hell right now. Today, during work, I was really loopy.^_^ I tried a Pepsi Lime for the first time(it was pretty good) and it didn't take long for the sugar and caffiene to take effect.:P Oh boy! I was bouncin' off the walls! I was like, "I'm loopy, I'm loopy, I'm loopy..."LOL It was fun! People either looked at me funny or laughed at my behavior. I had to explain the whole loopy concept to one of my employees, cuz she hadn't seen that one episode of Jimmy Neutron. I told her that, ever since then, people have been using the word loopy to no end.^^ I swear people, I was buzzin! I couldn't stop moving or making some sort of sound. That was the only fun part of today. The rest was boring.

Just a few hours ago, I went to the mall with a person I really don't like. We've been "friends" ever since the first grade and she's made my life nothing but hell over the years. You may be wondering why I bother still being friends with this person. Well, it's a long story that involves my self esteem and what not, so I won't go into it. But, I did promise myself that if she fucks up again, she's gone. I'll cut off my ties with her. This time, I won't be the pathetic person who forgives her, like I used to be.>_<

Uhhh...^^;;; gome! I just went of like that. Anyhoo, at the mall today(where I went with her), I had to once again sit and wait for her to buy yet another pair of damn shoes. Man, it gets annoying! She spends money like it was nothing. At least I got some ideas for for cosplay outfit at Lady's Foot Locker(the place she always buys her shoes). Since my birthday is coming up in 5 days, she decided to get my present out of the way today. I dragged her to Suncoast(man, I love doing that to her!*evil laugh* She doesn't like or even know what anime is, so I love taking her places that specialize in it.^O^) where she got me the L'Arc~en~Ciel: SMILE cd. Yay! The music is pretty cool. But I really don't like the fact that Tofu records does not translate songs. It's very annoying.-_-; We left soon after and I was happy taking her home.^^ I should've popped in the cd to drive her nuts. Heehee!

Well, that was my day. Too damn boring. Here are some more wonderful yaummy yaoi pics for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy...again.^^

I can NEVER get enough AtemuxYuugi moments! Seriously, it's just too cute! I'm a fluff-aholic! I'm addicted to fluffy yaoi couples and scenes between them. How about you guys?^_^ Except you oreana dear, cuz I know you love the bad boys!^_^ I'm planning a special... gift for you and TKB. It's a secret!^^ When it's done, I'll post it, ne? Love you two!*hugs*

I don' think I'd be able to forgive myself if I left out Gravitation. I mean, on theO, it's the yaoi of yaois.^_^ I have a different opinion, but I still love my Gravi. Next to Fake, it was the first yaoi anime I ever saw. It holds a special place in my heart.

A love circle! How cute!^_^

Everyone: Awwwwwwww...^_^

This one's for yLove since she loves this couple so much. I don't blame her, cuz I love them to death, too.^_^ Seto and Jonouchi make such a cute couple.^_~

Anyone here seen Revolutionary Girl Utena? If not, these two are Touga and Sionji. They make a great slasher pair in that series.^_^

Well, that's all for today guys. Tomorrow will be my last yaoi gift day.Y_Y After that, I need to get back to discussing Tactics. I am the Info Guru, after all.^O^lol I'm heading to your sites now. If I don't get there tonight, I'll be sure to do so tomorrow afternoon. It's rather late and I only have time to get to the updated sites. Gome minna! I love you guys very much and hope you have a great day. Ja ne!*waves*

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Friday, April 29, 2005

   I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are the best!*hugs everyone* Thank you so VERY much for your support and kind words in your comments on my last post. You guys made me feel a million times better.^_^ I've put that crappy day behind me and had a pretty decent day today. It's all thanks to you guys.^_^ I'm so grateful! To thank you guys properly, I'm posting A TON of great yaoi pics for your enjoyment. I hope you like 'em.^^ If I thanked you all individually in this post, it would be nothing but thank yous for miles.^O^ I'll thank you in your comment boxes, okay? For now, enjoy my gift to you. Yummy yaoi pics on the way! Prepare your selves!LOL

Hiei Kurama are always a popular couple. They are adorable after all.^_^

We all remember this moment from Fushigi Yuugi, ne?^_^ And for those who haven't seen it, this is where Nuriko(purple hair) kisses Tamahome(greenish blue hair). They thought Nuriko was a girl, so they didn't think much of it...except for Miaka.^^;

Advertisment time!^_^ This is Clamp's first shounen-ai series, Legal Drug. It's really cute so far. I've read a lot of negative reviews on it, but I don't have too much to complain about as of now. I really like it.^^ And for those of you reading it, didn't you guys love the chocolate chapter?*fans self* Man, that was hot! Lovin it! Isn't this pic hot, too?=^_^=

More ads! Heehee! Gome! I think I'm gonna call myself "The Info Guru" since that's all I really do. I give info and recommendations on certain series. Well, this series EVERY YAOI FAN MUST READ AND SEE!!!!! It's my personal fav! This is the almighty Kizuna series! This is one of the most captivating and realistic storylines I've ever read. Kei and Ran are so in love that you can't help but fall for them, too. Their trials in life are so in tune with what gays have to deal with in reality. It's so moving and touching. Volume 2 was a tearjerker and volume 3 was amazing. It pulled at my heart the whole way. People, I cannot recommend this series enough. It's a MUST read for any yaoi fan.

Here's a slashy scene between Honda and Otogi. yLove had it on her site and I couldn't resist copying it. many people don't give this couple much support, which I still can't understand. I mean, they act so into each other in the cannon, that it's hard not to want to slash them.^^ Come on! Look at the pic! THEY ARE SLEEPING TOGETHER!!!!! Do I need further proof? I need more screenshots of these two. I love the Otogi, Honda, and Jonouchi pile that happened while they were sleeping.=^_^= Total yaoi moment.*squeel*

And as my last pic for the day, I'll make fun of Sora from Sukisyo. I know, I know! I keep posting more pics of Sukisyo even when I said it was the end. I meant it was the end to my synopsis of the series. I'll still post random pics every once in awhile. I know you guys like it, so I want to make you happy.^_^ Here's an assignment Sora had to do. They didn't really explain the details very well, but I got a good laugh out of it.^O^ Isn't he lovable?!LOL*pokes the Sora bunny*

I'll post more piccys tomorrow, okay? For now, I need to get to your sites and thank you all for your wonderful support. See ya then. Love you guys to no end!*hugs tight*

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   Man, I REALLY HATE TODAY!!!!!!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you about my shitty day! I'll start from the crappy morning first. Okay...*takes deep breathe*...here we go:

First, I start off my day by waking up late and missing my 9:45am appointment.>_< I raced over to a phone to call and reschedual. Luckily, they were able to squeeze me in at 3:45pm. I was like, "Cool, at least I can still see him today." I had some time to kill, so I headed over to Goldstein's for an egg bagel. Once I got home, I figured I'd watch some anime to make the time go faster. I watched I'll/ckbc and some forgotten episodes of Fushigi Yuugi. That was fun, until mom called me from her friend's house claiming she lost her car keys. I hung up and was ready to go get her when the phone rang again. This time, it was my sis saying that mom had found them. Apparently, she had dropped them on the floor.^^; Kaa-san no baka! Seeing as things were settled, I returned to my anime world and resumed my watch on the time.

When I arrived, I signed in and made myself comfortable in the waiting room. A few minutes later, one of the ladies at the desk called me up and told me that she didn't have me down for having an appontment.>_< I was like, "No, I reschedualed the appointment I had missed earlier and this is the time they gave me." She then started typing up Ra knows what on her comp and says, "Oh, so that's what happened. Okay, have a seat." Skipping past the bitchy nurse that took my blood pressure and temp, I waited over 20 minutes for my asshole doctor to come in and see me.>_< As soon as he walked in, I could tell that he wanted to get this over with, FAST! He looks over the notes that the nurse wrote down(which, btw, had my request for new IBS meds) and starts questioning me about the pains i've been having in my hand, which I associated with carpel tunnel. About 5 minutes into the inane conversation we were having about my stupid hand, a nurse knocks on the door and tells him he has a phone call. The fucktard get up and walks out without excusing himself or apologizing for making me wait longer.>_< And he sure as hell made me wait! Another fucking 20 minutes!!!! I swear, I saw him walk past my room about 5 or 6 times! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I wanted to scream! Here's one of the best parts people; he peeks into the room without looking in my direction, looks around, and says, "Okay..." and then leaves.>_< GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! HE MADE ME WAIT ANOTHER 15 MINUTES AFTER THAT!!!!!! Damn him! Later on, he comes strolling in talking some nonsense. He even repreated the same damn question 3 times! After another 5 minutes of useless crap he was saying, he tells me to make a journal about when the pain in my hand starts, ends, etc. then come back to see him in 10 days. He then walks out without another word. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! He totally blew off the most important reason I was there: MY IBS MEDS!!!!!!!! Freakin sonofabitch!!!!!!! Excuse my french, but that's just how I felt and still do. I had to push back tears on the way back to the car. Of course, that always proves futile, as I eventually broke down once inside the car.Y_Y Shit, that was one experience I could've gone through life without.>_< Once I got home, I cried and carried on about it to mom. It always makes me feel better talking to her, but I was still ticked. Here are some pics of how I felt today:

I swear, I really needed a friend today. But, unfortunately, I had none.-_- I needed someone to hold me and let me cry on their shoulder. Sure, I have my mom, but I'd rather have a friend in times such as those. Actually, I still wish I had one right now...Y_Y Kinda like this pic. I would be the purple haired guy with my friend comforting me by my side.

Well peeps, I honestly don't feel like discussing Tactics today. I'm sorry!*bows* I hope you understand. I just need some rest so I can relax and put this day behind me. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Love you! Ja ne!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   Interesting to say the least

Sorry for not updating yesterday minna.*bows humbly* I slept in too long and felt like crap the rest of the day, so I only went to a few sites. Gome! Well, today was interesting, to say the least. It was my first time working at 6am. Waking up at 5am really takes a toll on ya. I mean, when you still see dark skies outside, your first reaction is to go right back to sleep, right? But, in my case, it was time to get up.-_- Man, I was so out of it for the first two hours of work. Not to mention the fact that I had a really bad headache when I woke up. At leat the day wasn't too bad. Very uneventful.

Tomorrow I have a docor's appointment to check on my carpel tunnel syndrome and my IBS. I'm not looking forward to it, bit something has to be done cuz I'm still going through pain every day. It's very frustrating. Hopefully, I'll get better meds for my IBS.*sigh* I also have to take my dog to the vet a 8am. UGH!!! No sleep again!>_<

Okay, before I start my discussion on Tactics, I'd like to post a link to a site you guys can download the Sukisyo episodes from. My good friend DJaganshi was practically drooling all over me for the link.^^lol Well, here it is in all it's glory:

Can you guys read the text on the banner? There you go DJ!*hugs* Just don't let your parents see!lol Love ya!

Okay, now on to Tactics! Yay! This series is based on a guy named, Kantarou who, as a kid, wanted to meet the strongest oni-kui(demon-eater) in the world and make him his...and name him Haruka.^^ As an adult, he's an accomplished writer and an expert at expelling evil demons for a price, of course.^^; He usually won't take a job unless he's getting paid a lot of money. He's very materialistic. In the first episode or volume, he finds and releases Haruka from his spell bound rock. He takes him home, where their misadventures begin. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions(think of the ups and downs you went through with Fruba).

Okay, now you can't tell me that this is not the cutest face in the world! I mean, come on!^^J/K! But seriously, Kan-chan did look cute as hell when he was little, ne? This is the first episode in which Kantarou is talking to some little demon friends about the famous oni-kui. Kan-chan becomes intrigued and sets his sights on this legendary demon.

Kantarou all grown up...even though he's still short as hell. I know how he feels.Y_Y He has his moments such as this, in which he looks pretty hot.^_^

Now it's time for one of the cutest characters in the whole series. The demon fox, Youko-chan! She's been Kan-chan's demon for a long time. She doesn't mind, though, cuz Kantarou accepts her the way she is and doesn't hate her just out of the shear fact that she's a demon. Most people during that time did not like demons, so demons had to disguise themselves as humans to survive. Here we see Youko at an onsen, enjoying herself too much as her ears pop out whenever she's really happy or scared. Kawaii!!!^_^

Now, if you thought that was cute, look at how her true form looks. Isn't she the cutest thing?^^

To end this post's discussion on Tactics, I decided to put up a hot pic of Haruka. Here we see him in some awesome shades that Suzu-chan got him. Suzu is my favorite character in the whole series and I'll post her tomorrow. She's a special treat.^^ Doesn't Haruka look yummy?!*drool*

And there you have it ladies and gentleman. Todays post on the infamous Tactics is now coming to a close. Hey, who here wants to see another hot pic of Yoru from Sukisyo? Of course you do!^_~ He's irresistable!*drool* This is the hottest one I could find. Hope you don't soak your keyboards with drool!^_^

Well, that's all for today folks. I hope you all have a great day! Don't forget to appreciate what you have, cuz it may not be there tomorrow. Love you guys!*hugs* Ja!

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Monday, April 25, 2005

   Hell's Day...v.v

Man, today I was feeling sick as hell!>_< I guess I'm having a really bad "month" if you girls know what I mean.*wink, wink* I kept wondering if I was going to make it through my shift at work.-_- I always try to fight through it, though. Especially, with the knowledge that it'll be me and the Down Syndrome guy for 4 hours, I knew that I had no choice but to grin and bear my agony.*sigh* Man, I hate that job! At least my good friend, Belen, came to work today. She always cheers me up. Today, she made me feel like Tohru Honda from Fruba.^^ She was joking about how she's only been at that job for a year, but she's already losing her mind, so I chimed in and said, "It's okay! I started losing my mind right when I walked through those doors." She started laughing and said, "Heather, you always know the right things to say. Thank you so much! I wish I could be like that." I felt so special. I must've blushed ten shades of red when she said that.=^_^= I told her I don't even try to say anything profound, but she smiled kindly and simply stated, "But you always end up doing it anyway. You're such a great person." I'm so glad I got the chance to get to know her. She's great!^^ She also likes to flatter me by saying how cute I am.^O^ This world really needs more wonderful people such as her.

Okay, on a side note, I'd like to thank everyone's supportive comments on my situation with my fellow employee.*hugs* You guys are great. I'll keep you up to date on the situation, if anything occurs. He worked late today, so I luckily didn't get to encounter him.^_^

Now, I realize I said good bye to Sukisyo,........but I found some more great pics while surfing the all mighty web! I hope you guys like them. Say hello to our wonderful Sukisyo cast once more!
This the final scene in the last episode, so obviously it's a somewhat happy ending.^_^ Sora, Sunao, and Matsuri are off to relive the old days, in a way. They used to spend a lot of time together when they were kids and this scene had that hidden meaning of: things are back to the way they were.

Ah, yes! THIS scene!*grumbles* It's repeated so many times throughout the final episodes that you begin to get sick of it. At least, some significance to the scene begins to unravel as they get closer to the final episode. Here, we find Sunao and Sora when they were very young(obviously).^^; I refuse to give anything major away, so I'll justy explain the pic. Don't hate me!Y_Y Sunao had tripped and fell over, resulting in Sora coming over to aid him. Sunao is begging him not to let go of his hand or leave him.*sniff* Demo...Sora does let go...DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!*dramatic music plays* Why you may ask? Hehe! I can't tell you, cuz that's a MAJOR component in the story. Gome!

Yay! Chibi-chans!*snuggles* Remember these guys from my episode 6 discussion? They were dressed as little angels.^^ The one in the middle looks just like Sora! People made fun of Soar cuz of that.lol It was hilarious. They have the same personality, too. All three boys are best friends. Aren't they the cutest damn things you've ever seen?^_^

Another kawaii pic of Yoru and Ran! Yay! Yoru still loks hot as hell!*drool* You're probably wodering why everything is green, huh? Remember this episode with Sora being the samurai and Sunao being the princess? In this scene, they're still hiding in the math room. WhenYoru transformes completely, meaning both eyes are different in shade, everything around him turns a toxic green color, for some reason. I think it's just cool! Not to mention trippy.*_*

Anyhoo, minna, I'll continue my discussion on Tactics on my next post, okay? This Sukisyo post was for all of you who missed it.^_^ Fan service by yours truly!^_~ Hope you enjoyed. I hope you all have a sugoi day and don't forget to smile at people. Trust me, it goes a long way. Love you guys! Ja!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

   sooooo sleeeeeppppyyyy......

This'll be a short post, cuz I'm exhausted. Gome minna!*bows* Just to update you guys on the status of that "guy", today he was rather friendly, but not in a flirty sense. He was just being nice. I really hate when he touches me, though.*shivers* I'll tell you guys if he starts his old habits again.

Oh man, today, I had THE WORST cramps!!!>_< I was in soooo much pain and no amount of medicine helped. I almost asked to go home. To make matters worse, I didn't eat anything until 4:30pm, so I was very weak and felt like passing out numerous times. Man, this day was awefull! So you can see why I need the rest. Plus I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow morning.

So, to end my post, I'll give you guys a nice yaoi shot from Tactics. Enjoy!

In this episode, Haruka was being attacked and Kantaro came in to save him, therby using up all his energy. He fell into Haruka's arms and said demon began asking why Kan-chan did that for him. After Kan-chan explained, Haruka said something to make Kantaro blush and look away.=^_^= It was really cute! It was the first "real" sign that he liked Haruka. That was a great episode!*sighs as she rifts off into the events of said scene*

Have a great day everyone! Love you guys to bits! Oh, and a special shout out to Oreana Minamino: I hope you feel better sweety! Bad things happen to good people and I'm sorry you had to endure such a terrible thing. Love ya my precious friend! Oh and TKB, I hope you fell better as well. I know this event pulled on your nerves, too. Love you very much!*hugs to both of you*

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Saturday, April 23, 2005


I got no sleep last night cuz I was up all night trying tp figure out how to make my bg hold still.>_< As you can see, the code for this task is on top of my page as a reminder that my comp hates me. I swear, I feel terrible for keeping my dear friend Oreana Minamino up with my complaining and repedative questions. I'll find someway to make it up to her. All in all, I pulled 2 and a half hours of sleep. I almost fell asleep a couple of times at work today.v.v

Speaking of work, so far, that "guy" hasn't bugged me(as in hit on me). He waves at me and gives me kind smiles, like he did when he first started working there. I think that was an almost definite sign that Ron might've talked to him.*sigh* I'm very relieved. I hope things stay this way.

After work today(to help me stay awake), I went shopping for videos, anime, games, anything I found interesting. Going to Best Buy was a huge mistake, cuz they freakin SUCK!!!! Well, the one in Pasadena does, at least. I've heard that some other Best Buys are great. I guess we got the short end of the stick.^^; I was outta there within 15 minutes of walking in. Btw, it was RAINING today! I loved it! Southern Cali weather is very odd. One day it's hot, then the next it's raining and cold.@_@ Anyway, I headed straight for the mall, thinking it would be okay since the crouds wouldn't start coming for another 3 hours(it was around 2pm when I arrived and crowds usually begin piling in between 4-5pm). I headed for Suncoast. I love that place! It's a sanctuary for anime and manga lovers. They have a ton of merchandise. I never buy dvds there cuz they charge way too much. I did end up buying two very awesome items: nami tamako(greeting) cd and a Full Metal Alchemist poster that kicks so much ass!*drool* It was the last one and it was MINE!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! It has Ed, Al, and Roy on it! My three fav characters.*squeels* Yatta! I love staring at it. I put it up right when I got home.^_^ The cd is(I'm guessing) a bunch of songs from Gundam Seed. I don't like the series, so...*ducks as fangirls of the show chuck knives at her* Gome! I don't really like mecha(with a few exceptions). The music to the series is bloody awesome, though! I'm on a mission to collect the OSTs.

Anyhoo, minna, I'll take my leave here and post a couple of pics from my next anime/manga of discussion: Tactics. I told you I was gonna, so I'm keeping my word. It's a 25 episode series animated by Studio Deen. It's incredibly high budget. The animation is top notch and you can't help but stare in awe. There's one scene by a river side when the sun is setting that is animated so beautifully, I had to pause the dvd so I could marvel at the attention to detail. My sis was really impressed, too. I only have two screencaps, but they are cute and give you a small preview of the quality in animation. Here they are:

Here's the demon eater, Haruka with an amazingly detailed butterfly on his nose. Isn't he hot!?*drool* Okay people, take 10 seconds to marvel at the butterfly starting...now..........

Now that the butterfly has captivated you, here's a look at our other main character, Kantaro or Kan-chan(as his Demon fox, Youko, calls him). Right here, he's looking for Youko cuz she ran away, feeling unappreciated. He's asking a random traveler if they've seen a girl that looks like this...*giggles* Doesn't he look cute?!^_^

I'll give a full explaination on Tactics the next time I post. The one thing I will say about it, is that there is shounen-ai in it. Yay!=^_^= It's between the above characters. Maybe not so much Haruka, but it's revealed in the last episode that Kantaro does like Haruka. Who wouldn't?^_~ Demo, it does seem to me that Haruka does have intense feelings for Kan-chan. It's a little obvious.^^ Well, that's all for today. I love you all and hope you have a great day. Ja ne!

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Friday, April 22, 2005

   So tired and confused...@_@

First, I would like to thank oreana for helping me.*hugs tight* I really appreciate it! I think my comp is set on making my life hell.-_-; But, arigatou gozaimasu my dear friend. Love ya to death.^_^

Hey, what do ya guys think of the new text box?! Easier to read, huh? I'd like to thank Miharu-san for helping me on that one.*hugs* You were a big help. Thank you so much.^^

Alright, Sukisyo farwell ceremony is now beginning. Break out the tissue boxes, cuz we're sayin good bye to one of the cutest anime out there. First, the bg. Do you guys like it? I had to stretch it a bit to make it look more wallie-ish, but that blurred it up.-_- It's not too bad, though, so I'll leave it as is for now. Now, on to the official pic that I've picked to start off this occasion.*drum roll*

Kawaii, ne?^_^ Shinichiro looks a little crazy, though.^^;;; Otherwise, it's cute as hell! Now, time for the rest of the pics I had stashed away.

Here's a pic of almost everyone. Doesn't Nanami-chan look adorable in that cosplay outfit?!^^ He's in the last two boxes. Btw, this is what they look like in the PC game.

Here's Nanami-chan feeding Shinichiro-san his lunch during school.*squeel* I LOVE when guys feed each other! It's sooooo cute!=^_^= Sora just walked in and is about to ask for a bite. Nanami makes the best food. Yum!

Here's Sora loving his stupid elephant plushie. Sunao had just thrown it against the wall, because Sora said that that damn elephant was the most precious thing to him.>_< Baka Sora! Sunao thought he was going to say "he" was most precious to him, but noooooooo!!!! It had to be that damn pink elephant! Sora's weird! I forgot what he named that thing.

Last pic will be of the sexy Yoru! Yay!^^ Here he is "rescuing" Sunao from being encased in a large glass container. Has anyone here seen Angelic Layer? You know the eggs the angels come in when you buy them? That's how that container looked.^^;;; I almost thought they were trying to do a spoof on that.^O^ It's the same episode as the one above. This episode was REALLY weird! But, seeing Nanami cosplay in a bunny outfit was SOOOOOOOOO worth watching the rest of the episode. My sis and I screamed at how freakin adorable he looked!^O^ I really wish I had a pic to show you how he looked.Y_Y If I ever find one, I'll be sure to post it.^_~

Well, that's all for now! Gomen ne minna! Sukisyo is now off my talked about list. I hope you guys have enjoyed these previews and I hope you guys do end up seeing it. Definetely worth the download for any yaoi fan.^_~

It's late and I really need to get some sleep. But before I go:

I know it's not that much, but it means a lot to me! Thank you guys so much. I had no idea my site would get visited this much(over 300 visits). My ranking keeps going up, too. I feel so special.*tear* You guys are the best and I love you so much!*hugs everyone tightly* Thank you for being my friends. Oyasumi minna!

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Today was rather boring. My mom's car broke down for like the hundredth time, so she had to use mine all day. Luckily her boyfriend fixed her broken down SUV before 2pm, cuz that's when I got off of work. One of my dog's got taken in to the vet to have 6 teeth extracted. Ouch! My poor little baby!Y_Y He's doing just fine right now. He's very tired, though.^^ Well, that asshole didn't work today, so that was a relief. He's gonna work the rest of the week, unfortunately.>_< Hopefully, he won't pull a fast one. I'll let you guys know if he does. We can all go burn his house down! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!^^;;; Ya....uh...anyway, back to the wonderful world of Sukisyo, here are today's posts. Hope you enjoy! Let the gayness begin!

Here's the episode that CONFIRMED without a doubt that everyone at that school is gay. I wish I had more shots from this episode.-_- Here we see Sora and Sunao once again caught up in a Jack-for-all-trade assignment. It's a Valentine's Day episode in which they had to dress up as angels-chans, as they were called by everyone, and deliver Valentines. It was so freakin adorable! You see those other little chibi angels they're looking at? Those kids go to the same school, only in a different grade(i think they're in middle school, unlike the others who are in high school). There was a fiasco involving those kids, but was soon resolved, obviously.^^ One of them looks exactly like Sora, which I will post a pic of next time. It's uber cute. Anyway, back to this episode, after all of the Valentines were delivered(they were all from male students to other male students^^), you get to see some of the guys paired off. It's so romantic! They were all having a romantic evening on the campus grounds.*sigh* It was beautiful! Plus, it was snowing.^^ Oh, and at the end of the episode, you can see Ran and Yoru having sex.*squeel* Well, you can't really see much of anything cuz it's all shadowed, but....still... *fans herself* Hot, hot, hot! Personally, this one of fave episodes.^^

Okay, you guys remember the episode from yesterday, in which Sora and Sunao had to dress up as a samurai and princess? Well, I have a couple more shots from that episode.^^ First off, Sora and Sunao hid from the gay stampede in the math room. For some odd reason, Yoru came out and decided to...well...play with Sunao a bit.^^; Sunao doesn't really like Yoru, but he sure as hell wasn't doing a very good job at pushing him off.^O^ Here you can see Sunao being necked by Yoru. Tasty!=^_^=

Ran wasn't too pleased with what Yoru was doing, as you can imagine. He surprised Yoru by popping out, yelling and hitting him while accusing him of cheating. Of course since no one can resist Yoru's charm, once he pulled Ran into a hug and told him that he was only doing what Ran did in episode one. Do you guys remember? My first Sukisyo pics. If you don't, you can always refer back. Anyway, Ran realized that he had no right to scold Yoru for doing something he had done as well. Here you see them tenderly embracing one another. Again, everyone: Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!^_^

Yosh, minna, that's all for today! Next post will be my farewell to Sukisyo one.*sniff* Sadness! I'm glad you guys are loving it, so far. Some of you are going to watch it? Yay! More Sukisyo fans! As a tribute to Sukisyo, I'm gonna put up a Sukisyo bg tomorrow. Say your farewells to the two bishi on my bg. They'll miss you!^^ Maybe I'll put them up again someday.

Anyhoo, until tomorrow, ja ne watashi no tomodachi! Daisuki desu!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Avi Change!!!!^_^
As you can see, I changed my avi to represent Eiri-s breakthrough in volume 11 of Gravitation. That volume was amazing. Brought me to tears, I must say. Happy tears, though!^_;

Tomorrow, I'll have more to talk about since I ahve work. I'll tell you if that ass hits on me again. Grrrr!!!^^ Is everyone getting tired of Sukisyo yet? Thought not!^_^ Okay, time to round up some more pics! Yeeha!

Here's one of the "villians" of the series. I put it in quotes because he ends up seeing the fowl of his ways in the end. Plus, the REAL villian(his dad) isn't seen until the last two eps. That guy's hair is crazy, but cool. Unfortunately, I don't have a pic of him, but I will try to find one. One of Sora's best friends has a crush on this guy. It's so cute...and so sad.Y_Y

Here's hot hentai sensei, Shinichiro. This is how he looks off the job.*drool* It took me awhile to realize it was him when I first saw him like this. He may be a perv, but he is a real sweetheart all in all. He's taken care of Sora and Sunao ever since they were very young. He's the math teacher of the school and he's been dating the nurse of the school for years.^_^ His boyfriend's name is Nanami-chan.

Here's Nanami-chan! Isn't he the cutest?!^_^ My friend thought he was a woman at first.*giggle* We argued for a good 5 minutes about his gender. I kept saying, "Dude, that's a guy! Come on! Look, no breasts!" and he kept saying, "But it looks too much like a female! Maybe she's flat chested." He finally gave up, though. Haha! I win!^^ Nanami is VERY feminine, though. He acts like a wife around Shinichiro all the time. Plus he cries when he gets really upsetr, just like a chick. I hate seeing him cry, cuz it always makes me feel bad and want to cry, too.Y_Y

Well, I guess I only did intros this time. Do ya hate me yet? I only have a couple more posts left on Sukisyo, so sorry to disappoint all of you newly appointed Sukisyo fans out there. I'm glad I got this anime recognized more. It's just too cute a series to pass up. Anyhoo, my next set of pics will feature a shot from one of my fav episodes. The proof that EVERY guy in the school is gay. Yay!*squeel* I'll see you all next post. Ja ne! Love ya!

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