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Monday, May 16, 2005

   Bad Freakin Day...>_

Just when you think your day couldn't get any worse... it does.v.v Honestly, this day was hell! But, before I get into that, I would like to apologize to you all for not updating for these fast couple of days.*bows humbly* I've been having quite a bit of computer trouble and had to remove a ton of spyware.>_< Right now, it's running okay and I hope it stays that way for awhile, at least. So, anyway, I know I've missed a lot in your MyO lives and I'll try to catch up as best I can.

Okay, now to my shithole day! The day began like any other day at work. Things were running smoothly, but quickly, for the first few hours of my shift. I already had an 8 hour shift that I was prepared for(8am to 5pm), but nothing could've prepared me for what was to come later. At around 1:15pm, the first wave of shit was announced: two people had called in sick! Now, for any normal, well staffed company, this wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, for our sad ass store, we don't get that luxery. The courtesy clerks come short handed and we have to suffer if any of us calls in sick. Dammit, I hate this job!>_< Andrea was already working till 3pm, but no one thought to ask her to stay later. Dumbasses! If I had any authority, I wouldn't have hestitated to ask. So, bye bye Andrea! This left me with one of the dumbest, moronic people to ever walk the planet! Matthew only works nights(thank you Ra!), but today I got to experience his stupidity first hane, once more. Oh woopdy-freakin-do!!!!>_< He's slow, doesn't pay attention to anything, and likes to do whatever he damn well wants with no regard to anyone else. He's such a bastard! Also, when Andrea was talking about how much fun she had at Wango Tango, he just had to cut in and say, "Oh my god, that is so gay!" My first response was my usual, "HEY!!!" with an evil glare. She kept trying to defend herself, but he just wouldn't listen. Grrrrr!!!!

So, anyway, after she left me with the redneck asshole, things just kept getting worse and it wasn'tv only me that was feeling the sting. Suddenly, a customer started threatening Ryan(one of the checkers) with his life. I didn't get a chance to hear the whole scenerio, but when I lifted my head after hearing some loud yelling, I saw the look of death in a man's eyes. It was really frightening.*shivers* The customer started saying things like, "You better watch your back!" and "You better watch what you say to me!" and "You ain't comin outta this store alive!" and "Stop talkin shit you little fucker!"*_* It was terrifying. The other customers were getting scared, too. Tommy(one of the lower managers) had to take Ryan out of his checkstand and get the other guy out before he started anything serious. Afterwards, I got the whole story from Tommy. Aparrently, when Ryan was announcing to customers that his checkstand was open to people who had 10 items or less, said angry customer stated that he had less than 10 items when it was apparent that he had way more. Ryan politely told him that his checkstand was only 10 items or less, but the customer gave him attitude, which Ryan took offense to, naturally. It soon turned into that huge fiasco. So, people, if you walk into an express lane, make sure that you have the required amount of items please. It's a hassle getting a huge order through an express lane.

Back to my shitty day, since they asked Matthew to stay longer, of course he'd need a lunch. Why they decided to send him 20 minutes before I was off is beyond me. David called me over and asked if I could stay until Mat finished his lunch. Of course I agreed, seeing that I was the only one there and I'm way too freakin nice! Dammit! Now, I'm alone with 4 checkstands open and customers piling in by the dozens with carts filled to the brim. Needless to say, I was stressed to the max. Then a couple came in, obviously from another country, wanting to rent a Rug Doctor. Usually, a normal procedure, but in this case, they just HAD to know how to work the damn thing and were too freakin lazy to read the 'How-to' pamphlet.>_< Damn them all to hell! No one in that store uses these machines, so we were of little help, which made them mad. It's not our faults that we don't own those machines and use them! Jeez! So, I got through that one with no blood shed.-_- 20 minutes after 5pm, Mat FINALLY walks his stupid ass to the front and I immidiately race upstairs to clock out. I was already ticked and I didn't want to speak to anyone.

I raced home, grabbed the 4 anime dvds that I had rented two nights ago and raced over to Comic Factory to return them. There, I figured I'd see what new manga came out, thinking that would calm me down a little. I ended up buying 3 new ones: YNM vol.5, Koko wa Greenwood vol.4, and Tactics vol.2. I felt a little better knowing I had something to do once I got back home. The new FMA dvd came out either today or yesterday, so I'll be renting that later.

Well, that was my day.-_-; I know I promised you guys more yu"gay"oh pics and interpretations, but I'm kinda not inthe mood right now. Gomen ne! I hope you understand. I'll do it tomorrow, okay. In the meantime, I need to get to your sites. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Love ya! Here's a random yaoi pic for your pleasure.^_~

Volume 2 of Level C came out recently. I'm so happy! It was a great volume and the drama is rising.^^ I recommend it to all major yaoi fans.^_____^

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Howz Everyone Doin???!!!^_^

You guys are so wonderful!*hugs everyone* Thank you for your great comments yesterday.^_^ I had no idea you guys liked reading my posts so much. I'm honestly touched.*tear* I'm also glad you guys don't mind me ranting my ass off about how crappy days are. And to have friends who care and want to help me in any way they can is such a comfort and it warms my heart. Am I saying too much about this? Sorry if I am.^^; I just love you guys a lot!^_~

Okay, on to my anime recommendations. Two days ago, I rented a couple of anime I hadn't seen before and, usually, when I go with my instinct on renting anime, I'm never wrong about it being good. This was no exception. First, I'll mention Shamanic Princess. I'm sure all of you Clamp fans out there have already seen this, but for those who haven't, I shall begin my rant.^_^ Let me just say that it was surprisingly long. Over 3 hours on one disc to be exact.-_- That almost never happens on a domestic dvd. Anyway, the story and art were great! I was drawn in very quickly. If you don't mind slight shoujo-ai, then go for it. The animation(done by studio AIC, I believe) is very impressive. One of the most beautiful anime I've seen in a long time. Very detailed and the colors were very vibrant. It looked to me that it was painstakingly done and I couldn't help but marvel at it. Many shots looked like an oil painting. Just beautiful, I must say. The songs are trademark Clamp cuteness, but are nice none the less. The music during the series is awesome. Some very beautiful. Trust me when I say that this is one series that shouldn't be missed. Here are some screencaps from the anime:

Next is Rune Soldiers. Now, I'll be honest by saying that I've contemplated many times to myself as to if I should see this anime or not. The first thing that got my atention when I saw it on the shelf was that it was animated by J.C.Staff, one of my top favorite studios. Then, I read the storyline and it looked interesting, but didn't capture my interest. Finally, I said, "Hell with it! I'll rent it just to see how it is." I'm glad I did, cuz it was worth it. Rune Soldiers is really funny! If you love comedy, magic powers, and adventure, then you'll really like this one. The only thing I didn't like was the ending theme song. Ear grating!>_< Especially at the end when the guy holds a note for quite awhile. Awfull! Anyway, the animation was very pretty, which was to be expected from that studio. If you want a good laugh, watch this one. It's a riot!^O^ Here are some screenshots:

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!^O^ She was hitting him, got hurt doing that, so she resorting to kicking him. It was so hilarious!^_^

See the one on the far left with orange hair?! Yup, that's a woman. My sis and I were shocked! She's huge and built like a tank. I like to call her Amazon!^O^ She also sounds like a guy! If it wasn't for the breasts, she could easily be mistaken as a dude. She's become one of my fav characters. She kicks so much ass!^_^

Pretty animation, ne?^_^

If I recall correctly, most of you wanted more yu"gay"oh screencaps, ne?!^O^ Well, like I said, the rest aren't too obvious like the others I posted, but still... you wanted, so I'll deliver. Screencaps comin at ya!^^

This one is from episode 39. Don't they look cute staring at each other?!=^_^=

From the second closing theme song, which happens to be one of my favorite yugioh songs and the sequence is very pretty. I just wish Anzu wasn't a part of it.>_<

This is from episode 52. I love bed scenes between these two.*evil thoughts* Bad me!^_~ But, seriously, look how cute they are!*sigh* Atemu is so worried about his aibou.^_^

My interpretation of this scene is as follows:
Yuugi&Atemu:'How do I tell him how I feel?'
Was that accurate enough?^_^ Doesn't it seem like that's what they're thinking?

Another interpretation:
Atemu:'Why am I sitting here with this slut when I could be with my aibou? Yuugi...'
^________^ Did I do another good job? My sis and I were thinking that that was an accurate assumption of what he was thinking.^^

Here's the sequence of events for this scene:
Yuugi: Oi, mou hitori no boku, does this look good on me? I want to look as gay as possible for you.

Atemu:Of course! You always look good. That looks very sexy on you.

Yuugi:*blush* Honto ni? I think it makes me look fat...

Was that another good interpretation?LOL^_^

More bed scenes with these two! Yay! Before I interpret it, let me ask you a question: Could Atemu be sitting any gayer that that?^^ Now on with the intrepretation.
Atemu:Aibou, we need to talk. We haven't slept together in months and I'm getting rather antsy. Do you even love me anymore?

Yuugi:Of course I love you mou hitori no boku! It's just that I need my space. All you ever want is sex now-a-days. We can do it tomorrow night, okay. I'm tired right now.
Atemu:*sighs heavily* Okay, fine. But remember, you said we could.

Another good one? These were from episode 95 if you're wondering.

Have you ever noticed how everything seems to disappear when those two are together?! So sweet!=^_^=*sighs*

From episode 128. Here's my interpretation:
Yuugi:You like me don't you?
Atemu:*gasp* How did you know?!

Interpretation from episode 102:
Atemu:Sit right here aibou! It's more comfortable than sitting on the floor.
Yuugi:*shocked, he blushes* O-Okay...

I have some more, but I think I should end my post here. I know you guys don't mind long posts, but I don't want to overstep my limits. Know what I'm saying?^^; Anyway, I hope you loved the screencaps and my special interpretations of them. I love doing that!^_^ I'll have more tomorrow, okay. See ya then minna! Lova to pieces!*hugs everyone*

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

GOMEN NASAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My comp froze on me for two days and just got it fixed. Sorry everyone!*bows humbly* The worst part is that it froze while I was logged on to MyO, so I was worried you all thought I was just ignoring you since the little square next to my avi was blue. I'm so terribly sorry!Y_Y I hope this never happens again. Are you guys still with me?*nervous stare* I'll DEFINETELY visit all your sites tonight!!!! I promise! I'll try to make up for my lost time.

This will be a short post only because I want to address an issue some of you have brought up. A few of you were stating that my last post was really long and made some of you "dizzy." I'm not pointing fingers or accusing any of you. All I want to know is if I should make shorter posts so you guys won't have to read so much and spend so much time on my site. Again, I'm not complaining or trying to put you guys in a corner. I love you guys too much to do something that cruel.*hugs you all* Just be honest and tell me if you want shorter posts from me, okay?

After you guys give me your opinions, I'll post how my days have been, depending on what you say. I have a couple of anime recommendations and I REALLY need to get back to my Tactics discussion. I've been putting that off for too long.^^;;; Some of you seemed interested, so I want to be your "Info Guru" and keep your interests high. It's an awesome series that shouldn't be missed and, like Sukisyo, I want to show and explain how great it is.

Okay, that's all for today. I hope you guys have had a great couple of days while I was gone. I've probably missed a lot in your lives, so I'll try to catch up as best I can. Love you guys! Ja ne!^______^

Here's my personal collection of proof that the characters in Yugioh are gay.=^______^= Hope you enjoy and, hopefully, agree.^_~

This was one of the MOST obvious moments of attraction between Atemu and Yuugi. I mean, COME ON!!!! Do they not look like a couple right there????!!!! This is from episode 184, if you want to see for yourselves.^_^

I hate myself for forgetting this guy's name, but I'll never forget his character. He had a great personality and a very sad past. Since his grudge was against Seto, I found myself unconciously slashing the two together.^_^ I know that Seto belongs to Jonouchi, but it was fun imagining something new.^_~ Anyway, I think this guy is gay because... well, just look at his fashion sense. Need I say more?^^; Plus, he acts totally femme throughout that whole Dartz senario. I miss this guy.;_;

This was the first scene in which I felt the urge to slash these two. Ever since then, these two were a done deal for me. They are SO meant to be!*sigh*

Uh... do I even NEED to comment on this one? I mean, come on!^^;

Okay, people, now I don't care what anybody says when I say this: HELLO, THESE TWO ARE ON A DATE!!!! I know it was just some random movie that the two went to, but look how happy they are. It almost looks like they're holding hands. I can't be the only one who thinks this way, right?

Again, need I say more?!^^

Remember when I posted that other kawaii pic of Honda and Otogi?^_^ Here's another! Yay! Look at those two back there! Leaning into each other like that! so cute!=^_^=

I have a few others, but those were the most obvious, so I didn't bother posting the others. If you wanna see them, just ask and I'll post them next time. Until then, my friends, stay wonderful and sweet. Ja ne!*blows kiss*

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Monday, May 9, 2005

   *sighs heavily*

Man, these last two days sucked the big one! I swear, sometimes, I wonder why I even bother working.>_<;;; Have you guys had those days?*sighs* Sorry about not updating yesterday. I was in a really bad mood most of the day and later that evening, a friend of my sis and mine came over. That was the only time I got to relax and have a good time. Oh, yeah, I'll start from the beginning instead of yacking my mouth off about random crap... like I usually do anyway.^^; Okay, here we go:

May 7th:
I did not wake up in a bad mood, nor did I expect myself to end up as such. Actually, the day bagan quite well when my sis came in the restroom and announced that Kiki-chan(our friend) was coming over later that day and she wanted me to rent Kyou Kara Maoh and Sukisyo to show her, since she's a MAJOR yaoi fan.^_^ Just with that in my head, I was able to walk into work with a smile on my face. The moment I clocked in, the shit hit the fan, so to speak.-_- Remember my stupid finger incident and how I drove out to Irwindale to have a doctor tell me it was sprained? Well, I gave the document to Jeff, which was swiped half a second later by my fucktard store director, David.>_< Man, I hate him with a burning passion!!!! Seeing his face makes me sick!*coughs* Anyway, the document also staed that I should do "modified work" for the time being. David took one look at that and said he'd let me demo some stupid contest we were holding. As soon as I walked to the front end and placed myself behind the demo table, I was faced with a dilemma. One of the baggers had gone to lunch right when I got there, so they were left with no one to bag. So begins my kind natured ways! Man, I'm way too freakin nice sometimes... no, actually, ALL the time!>_< I felt bad for the checkers, so I decided I'd help bag for the hour my fellow bagger was out to lunch.*laughs sarcastically* What a freakin fool I was! I should've stayed behind that demo booth. Since it was the day before Mother's Day, customers were coming in by the hand full and it got super busy. My plan to only bag for an hour was a thing of the past. I was now in hell! My finger hurt like hell....... but no one cared. David walked past me a few times, but didn't care that I wasn't demoing or that I was in pain.>_< I became enfuriated! Literally! I felt my blood boil and my anger rise to a high pitch. Unfortunately, I snapped at two employees that didn't do anything wrong. They were acting like they normally do, goofy and fun, but I gave them attitude and evil looks. I was too angry to care.*sigh* I'm such an idiot.-_-;;; Let's just say, I stayed pretty damn quiet for the next three hours. I felt like either crying my eyes out or breaking something. Yup, I was THAT mad! Scarey, ne?

After three hours past, I was still plenty mad, but that slowly changed once Jeff tried to cheer me up.^^ Since he hates David, too, he started talking to me about how much he sucks. Seeing that what he was saying made me smirk a bit, he went with the flow and threw out more random stuff. The song 'I Will Survive' was playing in the background, so Jeff decided to use my situation as an excuse to say, "Heather... you will survive!" I laughed half heartidly, but it was enough to calm my nerves. I mentally thanked him for that. If it wasn't for him, I would've remained in that horrible state of mind the whole day. I'm so grateful everytime he does things like that. Some time during my shift, my sis and Kiki-chan walked in and showed me part of the b-day gift Kiki-chan was getting me. Unfortunately, I was still to out of it to even register what my sis was saying. All I saw was a vase of flowers in her hand. I didn't even hear her say that it was my gift from Kiki-chan.*sighs heavily* Man, I'm stupid! Since my sis and I are so close, I think she was able to pick up on my bad vibes. She didn't say good-bye when she left the store, which was a smart move. I love my sis so much!^_^ Later on, when I was feeling a lot better, John(one of the people I snapped at) came up to me and said, "Well?" I knew right away he was waiting for an apology. I immidiately stated while half bowing(it's becoming a habit of mine to bow when apologizing.^^; I blame watching too much anime.lol), "I'm sorry for snapping at you." He said thank you and asked what had gotten me so riled up.

Needless to say, I was damn happy when my shift ended. I drove to two different places to rent the anime that was requested. I had to go to two places out of necessity.^^; I ended up renting only the first half of Sukisyo cuz iot would've cost me $10 to rent the whole thing.*shakes head* No way! Anyway, once I got home, I was glomped to death by Kiki-chan, who happens to be a huge fan of mine(don't ask. Long story.^^;). Right when I came into the room, she was like, "KAGOME-SENSEEEEEEIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!"(one of my many nicknames, though this one is the most popular for some reason) and talckled me to the couch!^O^ She's funny!lol Well, I sat myself down next to my sis and Kiki-chan in our livingroom where they were watching I'll/ckbc. One of the anime I will discuss in another post. My sis wanted to show her all of the slashy shounen-ai goodness in it.^_______^ After that, we popped in Kyou Kara Maoh(always a treat no matter how many times you see it^_~), then came the infamous Sukisyo. I told Kiki-chan about how I made Sukisyo fans out of most of you guys here on MyO!^_____^ She said she read the manga version and said it was totally different than the anime, which shocked me and my sis. She hated the fact that I only brought the first 6 episodes, but loved Sukisyo none the less.^^ Woot! Another Sukisyo fan I have made! Around 11pm, I took her home and we listened to kick ass J-rock/techno from Gundam Seed. Those songs are so freakin awesome! I don't like the anime, but I love the music.^^; I went to bed that night not knowing that the next day would be just as shity.Y_Y

May 8th:
My alarm didn't go off. Mom rushes into my room telling me my job called, wondering where I was. I looked over at the clock and realized I was going to be an hour late.*_* I panicked! I quickly got dressed and drove to work. Luckily, David was off, so it was only Jeff and Ron in the morning.^^ I lied to Jeff by telling him my house had a power outage, thereby causing my alarm to not go off. I had to lie to save my ass. Regardless, I knew I was in trouble. Though nobody was angry with me, I had a feeling that the next day(Monday), I might get suspended after Heather(the bookkeeper. Yeah, we have the same name.^^ There's also another Heather that's a bagger.^^) finds out. Anyway, after clocking in an hour late, I went down to carry on business as usual. Here comes the messed up part. I had gotten my schedual mixed up and thought I got off at 1pm. I headed upstairs, clocked out, and was surprised to see the timeclock telling me that I had clocked out early. I was like, "What?!" I rechecked my sched. and realized I was supposed to work until 2pm.>_<;;;;;; I felt SOOOOOOO stupid! I red lined Ron and asked him what I should do. He said for me to just come down, finish my shift, then fill out a form that states I clocked out at the wrong time and to give me credit for working my entire shift.Y_Y That was such a pain. I felt so bad for putting Ron through so much today. I kept bowing and apologizing over and over again. I was also very weak and ready to pass out cuz I hadn't eaten anything all day. I went straight to Quiznos after work.*drool*^_^Yummy! I got mom a bouquet of roses for Mother's Day and I rented more anime for my sis andd I to watch. I rented Rurouni Kenshin vol.2,Peacemakers vol.4, and Samurai Champloo vol.2!^____^ I got my dose of samurai action yesterday! Yay! I'm obsessed with samurai! Love them! Love katana! Love samurai battes!*faints while sighing deeply* My day ended well.^^ My sis and I got some great laughs in!^O^

*takes deep breathe* Yup! That's that! My suck ass two days! So, now, I have to worry about today when I head into work. I'm still afraid Heather might suspend me.*nervous twitch* I'm so scared!Y_Y Oh, btw, I didn't get into trouble for the whole bathroom incident. So don't worry.^^ It's only today I have to worry about now.>.>*sigh* My work life sucks! My finger is getting worse cuz I keep using it to bag, but it's not like anybody gives a crap.>_<

Alright, I believe this'll be the last of my b-day banners.^^ The first one is from Kiki-chan. Please note that she drew it herself. DO NOT copy and use it unless you get permission from me first, okay? I have to protect my friend's work, you know.^_^ If I had a scanner, I'd show you the other drawings she's given me and my sis. She's very talented.^^ She has an account on DA and has her own manga series going.^_^ Of course, they're all yaoi.^_~

The printed version she gave me of this had writing on it. It says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAGOME-SENSEI!! Also, there was a heart around it and Shu-chan's hair was highlited a little more. Don't know why she send me this copy through email.^^;;;

This is from Zels_hoseki aka chibi-chan!^_^ Love ya chibi!*hugs tight* I don't care how late it is! The important thing is the thought behind it. You're a great friend.^______^ Plus, this pic is uber hot!*drool* Yummy yaoi!

Well, that's all for today. Hope you guys had fun reading about my hellish work life. Just kidding!:P Hope you guys had a great Mother's Day. I'll see ya tomorrow... hopefully.^^; Love you all!*blows kiss*

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Saturday, May 7, 2005

   Wierd and crappy day@_@

First, I'd like to post a couple of late b-day banners. Actually, Linda's isn't late. It's just that photoshop was being a bitch and wouldn't let me acccess the banner.>_< That site really sucks! But, anyway, here are the banners.

Thanks Linda(Steptoussai)! Love ya to pieces girl and you know I ain't lying!^_^*hugs*

Thank you so much whitecat! I don't care that it's late. It's the thought that counts.^_^ Love ya sweety!*hugs tight*

Okay, now that that's done, I think now's a good time to discuss my last post. Now, while many of you were supportive, in more ways than one^_^, I feel that most people turned away from my site and didn't comment once they read it. I only say this because, according to my total visits from the last time I was logged in, over 20 people visited, but only 13 commented. It saddens me to think that I have made some great friends of mine mad. If you are one of those people that were offended by my last post, please let me know. I want to apologize for offending you.Y_Y On another note, I was surprised to see quite a number of people feeling the same way I did about Fruba.^_^ I'm glad I'm not alone.

Anyway, on to my hectic day! Today, the "big wigs" or head bosses of Albertsons were coming to check up on the store like they do every year. As usual, all the bosses were frantic to get things clean and looking nice(yeah right). Our store is so old and ugly, it would take a miracle to make it look halfway decent.^^;;; Anyhoo, I've always liked this time of year at work, cuz there's always something to do. This year, though, was a little more hectic and frustrating than the previous ones. There wasn't enough help, so I was running my ass off doing too many things at once.@_@ I kept a good mind frame, though.

Now, I'll mention two bad things that happened during this hectic six hour shift. Once 3 big wigs came, it was announced hush-hush between employees, so we rushed through any last minute touch ups. Unfortunately for me, I was in the middle of cleaning one of the public restrooms, when one of the big wigs went into the other one.>_<;;;;;;; It looked like crap in there! I panicked! Points get deducted from a store for every little thing that's wrong or off. I ran to the front, got some extra supplies, and continued to clen both restrooms after the big wig left. I was imagining how I'll get my ass chewed out tomorrow by my manager for not keeping the restrooms clean before the big wigs got there.*sigh* I told people about the situation and they told me not to worry about it, but I'm still nervous about tomorrow.

Next bad thing that happened today: about an hour before my shit ended, I got a REALLY bad pain in my pinky knuckle. It was hard to pick up anything. I ignored it, seeing as I had less than an hour to go before I head home. Well, when I got home and told my mom the situation, she jumped right on the phone to speak to a nurse about my finger. After having her tell me that I had to call my job and find out who I'm covered under when it comes to workman's compensation, I called my job and had to speak to fucktard manager David. Some of you may remember him from past posts. Anyway, I had to drive back to work, get a written permission to get treated, and head out to Irwindale to a clinic I knew all too well from past experience. The doctor told me that I probably sprained my finger and I should do modified work at my job while I heal. I don't know what my managers are going to have me do as "modified" work, but we'll see tomorrow. I have to go back to that damn clinic on Monday to see my progress.>_< Man, I hate this! My finger hurts so bad even now as I type this. The doc told me to put a splint on it, which I'll do tomorrow, before I go to work.*sigh* What a pain in the ass!

I'll let you guys know how it turns out. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Love ya! Ja ne!

As usual, random yaoi pics comin at ya!^_^

Now, is this from Tsubasa? i'm not quite sure, so could someone enlighten me?

And for those who love this pair, ta-da!!!!!^O^ Poor Atemu-chan!Y_Y

Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!! KakashixIruka! My second favorite couple in the naruto series.^________^ My first being SasuxNaru, of course!^_~

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Friday, May 6, 2005

   New BG and Avatar!!!!!!!!!

You voted and an obvious winner was found! Random yaoi pic it is! How do you like it? Pretty, ne? Since I was thinking randomly, I decided to put a VERY different avatar up. What do you guys think? Too controversial? I'll change it to something along the lines of anime if this one offends anyone.

Anyway, about my tiring day, at about 12:30am, my dog started crying. It woke my mom up and made me jump out of my chair in the computer room. We tried seeing what was wrong, but failed to find anything. All we knew was that the pain was located in his left ear. Since we couldn't do anything and he was still going crazy with pain and shaking, mom decided we should take him to ER. She called the nearest one and we prepared to head out. I was visiting Jessie's(thiefkingbakura) site at the time, so it made me feel bad to leave right when I was about to leave a comment. But, my dog needed treatment, so it couldn't be helped. We got to the emergency vet's office at around 1:13am. My mom was exhausted and she really needed rest cuz she had to wake up at 5am to be at work by 6am. She was not happy about this. So, when we walked in, they took him to the back right away. We waited in a small room for about 15 minutes, talking about anything to keep us awake. Well, I wasn't too tired, but my mom sure was. They brought him back out and told us it was a fox tail lodged in his ear. Ouch!>_< He's had many in his ear before, so this wasn't an uncommon diagnosis for us to hear. Luckily, these people were nice enough to save my mom over $100 by not sedating our dog. It ended up costing $113 just for bring him in ang the removal of the fox tail. Again, mom was not happy.^^;;; But, she's cool, so she wasn't fuming about it. She was just frustrated. So, anyway, we came back home around 2:15am.-_- Mom went back to bed and I went back to visiting your sites until 4am, which I have never done and probably should refrain from doing in the future. That was way too late and it's not good when people sleep in till the afternoon.^^;

The rest of my day was boring as hell. A storm suddenly fell upon us! It was scarey! I was picking up my sis from school when a waterfall of rain just fell like knives. It was crazy! I hate driving in that kind of weather. I hope this weather stays with us for awhile, cuz I LOVE rain!^_^ It makes me happy and giddy.^O^

I went to a friend's site yesterday and noticed how excited she was about Fruits Basket. I know this is nothing new on MyO, cuz it's one of the favored anime/manga here. But, I figured I should give my own insight on the series. I think I may lose some friends for what I'm abou to say about it, but I feel you guys deserve to know about any different opinions I have about certain series. Am I right on that?*takes deep breathe* Okay, here goes nothing:

Back before FB was even a thought in Funimation's mind, I found myself renting it one day while I was skimming for new anime to see. It was a three disc import and the subtitles were less that desirable. None the less, I fell in love and became almost obsessed with it. After seeing the whole series, I told myself I'd get it someday. A year or so later, Funimation FINALLY decides to domesticate it. I was thrilled. Stupid me! I shouldn't have spent that much money on domestic discs. Hong Kong is kicking some awesome ass right now, by copying domestic discs and selling them for import price.^_______^ I know it's illegal, but so is downloading fansubbs and people do it all the time, so sue me for wanting a good deal.^^; I live and breathe imports! My ex itroduced me to these new imports, cuz he got the Fb series as imports. Way cool!

Gome! I was, once again, going off subject. Baka Yaoishoujo!^^;;; Back to synopsis on Fruba, after I got the whole series domestically, I watched it almost constantly. Now, people, I'm going to be honest with you by saying that after watching this series in particular TONS of times over, my sis and I began noticing things we were kind of blinded by before. One example would be the infamous Yuki Sohma. Everyone loves that damn rat, but what people fail to notice is that behind his good looks and disturbingly gentle smile is a decietful motif. Have you ever noticed how cold he is to Haru and almost everyone else in his "family" with the exception of Akito? One good example would be Haru. That damn rat is always giving him the cold shoulder for no reason.>_< Then, when Yuki is having trouble with his asthma, that's the ONLY time he's playing Mr. Nice Guy. Grrrr!!!! Now I won't even go into how shitty he is to Kyou! OOOOOO, that fact pisses me off to no end! I know they both mutualy dislike each other, but Kyou ACTUALLY has a VERY good reason to be pissed at him and the whole "family" for that matter. The poor guy is the most disliked and rejected member of the zodiac curse. I'd be ticked off all the time, too. Yuki has no excuses! He's the "blessed" one who got to be the rat. Where does he have room to complain? He's just a walking pity story in my eyes. Not to mention the fact that he's a closet case! The guy is gay people! ADMIT IT!!!! If you compare his fashion sense, body language, and mannerisms to Kyou, you'll have to agree. THE GUY HAS A LITTLE VEDGETABLE GARDEN HE CALLS HIS SECRET BASE!!!! How gay is that?! Come on! Oh, and need I show similarities between him and his hot gay brother, Ayame?! I think not! Ayame is such a sweetheart who is, I admit, a bit tiring and loud to be around, but is, none the less, a gentle person who wants to recindle his lost relationship with his ototou(little brother). What's wrong with that? NOTHING!!!! But Yuki finds so many things wrong with his older bro. It's frustrating to watch! I feel like wringing that little rat's head!>_<

I think I've ranted about the rat long enough. He's my biggest peev in that series. Tohru comes in second. Now, don't get me wrong, I really like her and admire her courage and compassion. I just think she is one of the stupidest anime chicks I've ever seen! I've NEVER seen anyone space out like she did in the hallway. I was like, "What the hell is she doing?! Is she recharging her brain or something?!" I swear, she's so air headed, it's painfull to witness.-_-;;; She wouldn't know what a crush was. She's too focused on friendship.*sigh* But, like I said, I think she is a great person in respects to personality and emapthy. I wish I was more like her in that respect.

Okay, so how many of you hate me now? I know MANY of you are rabid Yuki Sohma fans, so some of you must feel some anger towards what I said, right? I want you guys to be honest with me.

Before I go, I would like to mention that, even though I dislike the rat prince, I LOVE fics in which he's paired off with either Haru or Kyou. To me, those stories represent how it should be.^_^ Right........ I'll shut up now, so you guys can chew me out and take off your friend lists.Y_Y I really don't want to offend anybody. I just want to be honest with you guys, that's all. I'll see you guys later. Love you all!

Here's a hot pic of Seto and Jonouchi! Yummy!=^_^=

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

   You Guys Are Too Great^_^

You guys are the best!*hugs everyone* If you want to look at the sugoi b-day banners I've gotten, then look at yesterday's post. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! I really didn't expect to get so many!*tears* I feel so loved! 27 comments is the most I've ever gotten! Thank you all for wishing me a happy b-day! I'm sure you're all wondering what I got, ne?^_^ Well, it's DEFINETELY not as much as last year. Last year, my mom and her friend got me over $150 worth of anime and Japanese stuff off the internet.O_O I was a little upset about that, because I didn't want, nor ask, for THAT much stuff. It was a nice thought, but really, I don't want that much money spent on me. I feel happy just knowing that people love me and remember my b-day. Like with you guys. You don't need to go through the trouble of making me nice banners to make me happy and feel remembered. A simple "happy birthday" and a cyber hug is enough to make my birthday special.^_^ Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the banners. Those are keepers!^O^ I'm just saying that I'm a very simple person who only wants to know that people care.

GOMEN NASAI!!!! I went totally off subject! Back on track, I'll tell you what I got this year. From my mom and sis, I got a SUGOI FMA jacket*scream* and a Naruto headband. Not the big, cheap ones, but the smaller, well made ones.^_^ They cost the same, so it's cool. I needed one anyway, cuz I plan on cosplaying as Kakashi for the Naruto Con in July. I can't wait!^____^ I got $50 from my aunt in Alabama and another $50 from my mom's friend. Not to mention cards from everyone in my family, plus my hikari in Maine.*blush* I love my hikari!^_^ She's one of my best friends. That's all I got this year, which I don't mind at all cuz it hardly felt like my birthday anyway.^^;;; Here comes the sad part. I had to buy my own dinner tonight, which I've NEVER done on my b-day.Y_Y I didn't really mind, but still... I went to Pizza Hut*yum* and got a xlarge pizza. While I waited, I went to Game Stop and played some of the new Conkers Bad Fur Day on Xbox. I have the original game on N64 and I wanted to see how they tweaked it for this version. The game is almost exactly like the original, except for a few new scenes and the graphics are way better... sort of.^^; I still say the N64 graphics for that game were awesome enough. Now, the fur on the squirrels look was too fuzzy. The one thing I DID like about the newer version is the new attention to the massive gore. I really don't like gore, but in games, it's cool.^_~ There's A LOT more blood and added bullet holes, etc. It's wicked!^____^ Too bad I don't have an Zbox.Y_Y Oh well. OOOOOHHHH, people I saw the casing for the new Zelda game that's coming out this October!*drool fest* Oh man, I am SOOOOOO looking forward to this game!!!! I'm a rabid Zelda fan! It's my fave RPG of all time! Anyway, after I got home, I watched American Idol and Dude Where's My Car with my mom and sis. That was fun. Then, I got back on the comp and began my this post.^^

There you go people! My birthday. Not too exciting, but hey, I GOT AN FMA JACKET!!!!!*squeel* I love it so much! It's kinda tight around the arms, but I can deal with it. I'll wear it everywhere!^_^ Anyway, it's getting late and I want to head to your sites. So oyasumi minna! Love you guys to pieces!*blows kiss*

Oh... wait, one more thing before I go! Well, actually, two things.:P I need suggestions for my next bg theme. It can be anything you guys can think of! If you want some ideas that I've come up with so far, here they are:
3)Wild Adapter
4)Random yaoi pic(like my first bg that had everyone drooling^_____^)
5)General Naruto bg
6)Sasuke bg(though I'd have to kill him, first>_<)
7)yet another Sukisyo pic
8)Tennis No Ojisama(Prince of Tennis)

Those are the ones I have saved up on my harddrive, but I also want some fresh new ideas. So, come on peeps! What do you want to see as a bg?

Secondly, I wanted to post a couple of hot angelic/demonic yaoi pics.^___^ Hope you like them. They're another way of me thanking you guys for being so wonderful.^_^

Aren't they drool worthy?*drool*

Hot neko angels!^-^*poke, poke*

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005


Yup, it's officially my birthday today!^_^ It hardly feels like it, you know? Once you reach a certain age, things like your birthday slip your mind easily. My mom and sis have something planned for me, but of course, they're not saying a word until morning. Grrr!!! I wanna know!^^ Since it's only 10:47pm over here and still not my "official" birthday yet, I can head to everyone's site tonight.^_____^ I'm so happy, cuz I've been feeling really bad about not visiting. You guys have been so great and I couldn't be more grateful. You guys mean the world to me!*hugs everyone tight* Thank you for all your support and loving sentiments.

Well, since I REALLY want to get to everyone's site tonight, I'll end my post here. I'll be posting banners and pics people have made for me as a b-day gift all day, whenever I recieve them. So, have a sugoi day minna! Daisuki desu!

Thank you KuramasGirl! Love ya!*hugs*

Arigatou Miharu-san! Love ya!*hugs uber tight*

Thank you so much ob53zt tang3rtin3! Love ya!*hugs tight*

Thank you Jessie(thiefkingbakura)! Love you very much!*squeezes* He's very sexy!*drool*

Thank you my lovely hikari(NarNarukun)!*hugs and kisses* Love ya till the end of time!

Thank you my angel(Leoanda Taylor)! You know I'll always love you!*hugs and kisses*

Kyaaaaaa!!!! Thank you sooo much yLove!*hugs tight* It's so cute!^_^

Thank you so much Oreana! It's beautiful!*hugs tight*

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Feeling Better

I would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support.*bows and hugs* It means the world to me, but more importantly, I'm sure it made Lindey happy.^^ A lot of you went her to her site and her friend, aodtr666's, site and I couldn't be more grateful. Honestly, I didn't expect so many people to head over to their sites to give their loving support. It brings tears to my eyes. You guys are the best and I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

I would like to specialy thank two people who helped in more ways than one:

whitecat~thank you for posting your concern on your site. It pulled at my heart strings as I read how concerned you were for me. You are truly a one in a million friend. Thank you so very much. I love you!*hugs tight*

Linda(Steptoussai)~you have been there for me no matter what the circumstances and I love you more for just that fact alone. Thank you for your touching banner. I'm so glad I have you as a friend. My sweet Linda, thank you so very much for being such a wonderful and caring friend. I love you!*hugs tight*

Man, what a day it's been. Last night and this morning was definetely the toughest. As soon as I read the sad PM from aodtr666, I immediately ran into my room and sobbed on my bed. My sis came in, wanting to know what was wrong. I told her about it and how I blamed myself for not noticing the signs sooner. She kept telling me that it wasn't my fault and that I shouldn't blame myself for something I had no control over. Though I knew that to be true, I was too forgone to think clearly. My mind was fogged with saddness, confusion, and guilt. We both discussed what kind of banner I should make for her and, if possible, what kind of music I should play on my site in her honor. We got quite a few in our heads, so, hopefully, I'll be able to make that a reality.

Let's just say, waking up this morning was tough. I was still out of it from last night, which my mom and sis noticed right away and avoided speaking to me so I may be alone in my thoughts. I love them both so dearly.^^ As soon as I pulled up in the parking lot of my job, I began to cry. But, of course, those had to be wiped away due to the fact that I didn't want to be late. All in all, I cried... no, sobbed about 5 or 6 times during the first two hours of my shift. I told only 4 people about my friend and why I was so upset. Three gave condolences and the other said what my mom had the night before, "How do you know it's not some kind of trick?" I told them both that I trust Lindey and her friend aodtr666. If it were some kind of prank, someone would've said something by now. Plus, I don't think they'd want to risk being hated by almost everyone on MyO just for a laugh. That doesn't sound like the Lindey I knew and cared about. Back to what I was saying, I was starting to wonder if I could make it through my whole shift. The effects of stress and saddness were taking a toll on me, not only emotionally, but physically as well. My chest was hurting and my body was aching. Luckily, after a few hours, I began talking and interacting with people. I hated being zoned out. About 15 minutes before my shift ended, I got to talk to Jeff up in the break room. He was having a shitty day, too, cuz our fucktard store director, David, was being a shit to him and Ron. Unfortunately, I could hear Ron getting chewed out in the office. I really like Ron as a manager and as a person, so it hurt to hear him try in desperation to defend himself for something he didn't do or had no control over.>_< Damn, I REALLY hate David! But, anyway, Jeff and I talked about my deceased friend and about how mad he was today. It was nice. It really helps to talk to someone about your problems. Thank goodness he was up there, ready to talk.

Well, that was my emotional day in a nut shell. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.-_- When I got home, my sis and I watched the Saiyuki Movie and volumes 2 and 3 of Peacemakers. Oh...yeah, that's right. I wanted to tell Inuyasha 311 that I finally started to watch Peacemakers. Are you proud of me 311?!^_^ I LOVE that series! It's so cute! The Saiyuki Movie was awesome as hell! Man, I love those 4 guys!*huggles* After we were done, I had to high tail it to Comics Factory to return the dvds.^^;

Oh, yeah, you guys have seen that I have changed my bg and avatar, ne? It'll be like this for a week or so as a remembrance for Lindey. I want her to be remembered by many who may visit my site. High hopes, I know, but it's the least I can do for her. She meant a lot to me.

On a side note, I'd like to thank KuramasGirl for making me an early bithday banner.^_^*hugs* Thank you so very much my friend. I didn't expect anything like that from anyone. You made my day better and I couldn't ask for a better friend. Thanks again. I'll post it on my b-day, ne!?^^

Here are some pics about how I felt or are just random angels that represent Lindey. Hope you like them.

This was me last night and this morning. Sora knows my pain.Y_Y

That was the most pics I've ever posted, wasn't it?=^_^= I couldn't help myself since there were a lot of good ones. Anyhoo, I won't be getting to your sites tonight, cuz it's 2:30am and I have work at 8am.^^;;; I need my rest. I'll visit you guys tomorrow. I'm sorry if you've been feeling neglected by me.*bow* I don't mean to not visit... I've just had other things going on... like recently. I hope you understand and know that I love every one of you. Have a great day, minna. Love ya to pieces!^_^

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Monday, May 2, 2005

   A Moment of Silence Please

Iwish I was posting something joyful and happy on the day I return to MyO...but I don't. My good friend, Lindey Yakohono(lilmissyprissy33 on MyO) died April 30th at 6:47am. To say I was shocked at hearing this news would be an understatement. I was heartbroken and confused. I had no idea she was ill or troubled in any way. Everytime I PMed her, she's respond in a casual happy way, as I portrayed it. She was having her problems that I'd try to help her through, but never did I suspect that she was in such a serious state. If I had... I don't know what I'd do. She lives states away, as most of my friends on here do, so I wouldn't have been able to do much. It kills me inside... It hurts so much. I'm grateful to have known her. She was a great person; very kind and sweet.

I made this banner as a memorial in her honor. If any of you reading this post knew her, please copy and paste it onto your site. It would mean the world to me and I'm sure it'd make her happy. Also, if you have time, please go to her site. Her friend made a banner for her as well and posted it on there. It would be great if you could go there and pay your respects. She will forever be remembered in my heart and I'll miss her terribly.

That's all I have to say for today. I'm still getting over the shock of hearing this dreadful news. I'll be back tomorrow. I'm so sorry for being absent yesterday. I fell asleep as soon as I got home and didn't wake up till the next morning. By that time, I had to go to work. I'm also sorry I won't be visiting all your sites tonoght. I'll visit the ones that have updated, but that'll be all for tonight. I'm still crying from this loss. Please forgive my absense. I love you guys very much. I treasure each and every one of you. The last thing I will say is: Don't take things for granted. Nothing is forever, except love.

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