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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/03/05:
O__O I don't think I'm a 10, but... whatever.

Are you hott? by evildj23
First Name
Guy or Gal
Your hottness is10...WOW! ARE U SINGLE?!?!
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Result Posted on 12/03/05:

What Icons are for you?(Thank you for #1!! Please check out my other Memes!!) by ladyallie
Favourite Colour
Your Love icon is...
Your Sexy Icon is...
Your Animal Icon is...
Your Sad Icon is...
Your Random Icon is...
Your Happy Icon is...
Your Food Icon is...
Your Cartoon Icon is...
Your Angry Icon is...
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Result Posted on 12/03/05:
Cool. I'm second in command. That's a really awesome looking dragon.

Rowan: Rowan is second in rank to Kane, the
Head of the Order. A free spirit Rowan is
jovial and has a great sense of humor. He is
often the one who lifts spirits in particularly
bleak times. He is almost always happy, but
during battle he is a fierce and formidable
opponent. The symbol of his house is the
gryphon and his colors are crimson and gold.

Which dragon warrior are you? (pics)
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Result Posted on 11/28/05:
Yup! *evil grin* I LOVE roleplaying, no matter what it pertains to. *drool*


What's YOUR sexual fetish?
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Result Posted on 11/28/05:
Well... YEAH!!! Didn't need a quiz to tell me that. XD

you are "yaoi" you sick sick twisted

What type of manga are you?
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Result Posted on 11/24/05:
Hmmm... interesting.

Result Posted on 11/24/05:
Well... DUH!!! XDDD

Result Posted on 11/02/05:
Yay! I like Kuwa-chan! ^_^ I didn't know he was very posessive, though. o_o

Which Yu Yu Hakusho guy will kidnap you? by SeiryuuOnna
Your name:
Your age:
Battle position:
Your kidnapper:Kazuma Kuwabara
When he'll kidnap you:May 5, 2009
How he kidnaps you:Drugs you.
Why he kidnaps you:He found you quite the attractive one, and plans to keep you for his own personal pleasures.
Will he ever let you go?No, you don't even get to go outside. He's far too possessive of you.
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Result Posted on 10/31/05:
Yay! I'm a fairy. I'm 50% dragon. Awesome! ^_^

You scored as Faerie. Faerie: Aren't you a cute little flying person? Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.













What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
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Result Posted on 10/15/05:
Awww, how cute! The only problem is... the guy. XD

What Will You and Your Couple Look Like?::male and female:: by angel_drifter
Partners/want to be Partners name:
How Long Have You Know Them:
What You Look Like As A Couple:
What Makes Them Special:they make you feel unique
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