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Saturday, March 19, 2005

   It's Been Awhile...
I had to wake up early to take my sis to a community service meeting, so when I got home, I was bored so I watched two "new" episodes of yugioh on KidsWB. I haven't seen the english version for a long time. I just like watching the japanese. Love it! All I could do was laugh my ass off at hoe rediculious everyone sounded. Especially Atemu....er, sorry, Yami(barf). Atemu is the beautiful jap name and I don't want to taint it with the crappy english version of himself. Yami's english voice, next to Yugi's, is the most annoying out of all the characters. That even includes Weevil! Yami sounds like a barking dog that won't shut up and Yugi sounds like a whiny little brat. Funimation really killed the show! The only thing I give the cast credit for is the fact that they at least put some feeling into saying thier lines. Unlike most dubbed casts that just read their lines, the people Funimation choose for thier animes generally put some effort into their respective parts.

Wow, I have rambled for too long. I'll leave it at that until next time! Remember people: Good friends don't let other friends watch dubbs! I read that somewhere and thought it was amusing.^_^ Ja ne!

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Friday, March 18, 2005

   It's all good...I guess-_-
I had an okay day....except for the fact that two people didn't show up for work.>.< Argh! I've been in a pretty good mood regardless. Kaa-san's in a very bad mood, though! Kowai!

Anyway, I finally saw E's Otherwise a couple of nights ago and it's pretty good so far. Yuuki is really hot! He and Kai make a great slasher pair.^_^I LOVE the opening and ending theme song.

So, how's everyone doing today? Great, I hope! I'll see ya later guys! Ja!

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

   Bad Day...
Ra, I hate my current job! My new manager is such an asshole and he gets on my case about the stupidest things. I know he's holding a grudge against me, but he should still act professional. During my break, I sat in the restroom, sobbing my eyes out. Everytime I'm confronted by him, I end up in tears. I SERIOUSLY need to find another job!

As you can tell, I'm very sensitive. I wish I wasn't. I get emotional too easily. Are any of you like that?*sigh* I'm so stressed out right now.

Well, that's all for today. Sorry this post was so depressing. Hopefully, next time I'll have something more cheerful to talk about. Until then, ja ne minna! Yaoi 4ever!^_^

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Friday, March 11, 2005

   Too damn Hot!
Today really felt like summer was upon me, even though it's still March. It was hot and miserable. I hate Southern Cali weather! During work, I had to sit outside and sell root beer floats. Not fun! I'm actually surprised at how good a mood I'm in today, considering.

Other than that, finally posting my 8th yugioh chapter on ff.net was a HUGE relief. I still have a few chapters to go, but that doesn't bother me. I LOVE writing stories!^^

That's all for today. Ja ne!

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

   Typing Time....
I finally finished the 8th chapter to my yaoi yugioh story, so now I need to type and post it. Ugh!-_-; I love writing stories, but I really don't like typing too much. I'm going to be so tired after I'm done! It's my longest chapter so far. I also have to return some videos tonight. Kuso! I need to start typing, but I can't beat due dates on videos. I hate late fees!

Anyhoo, isn't my first post odd?! Hehe! Had to talk about something. Ja ne minna!

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