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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Current Mood: Pissed
Current Song: Cube by Dir En Grey

Konnichwia! How is everyone! Thanks for the comments! I am soo pissed right now! My friend Traci likes Hairboy, okay and I am fine with that, But Then Chastity told me that He's going to ask her out and then Fuck her and then LEAVE her! >.< I told her about it and said that I was just saying that because I hate him! Which I do! But I told her that I known him way longer then she has and I know how her thinks! >.< Grrrr!!! I am pissed! GRRR!!!! Well She'll just have to find out the hard way! >.< GRR!! Gah! I am pissed! GrRR! But anways! I am boredd. Sorry I didn't write much on my posts! >.< I didn't have much time! OMG! Chastity's acting like she use to. She said that she still loves me and that if darrel and I were to leave each other that she would go back out with me! Well I guess I'll never get to date her again! Because I am going to be with darrel for ever! Well g2g! Bye bye Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!


A kiss from Hide!

News about Diru

2,200 goths showed up for a show by the Japanese cosplayer band Dir en grey in LA, despite the fact that the band has never released a CD in the US, sings in Japanese, and has no US airplay. The fans organized elaborate, synchronized stunts via LiveJournal, and sang along phonetically with the words. “Half the songs, I don’t know what I’m saying,” admits Joy, one of the diehards.

Haha, ain’t that the truth. I often just mouth along phonetically with the Japanese music I have. There’s a lot of kids in Harajuku that cosplay their favourite Visual Kei bands -

There’s quite a lot of Japanese bands releasing albums in the States now. No love for Australia! This article was slightly incorrect as Dir en grey (yes, the lower case letters are deliberate) released their first U.S. album in May, about 3 months before the tour.

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