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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Current mood: Good!
Current Song: C by dir en grey

Konnichiwa! How is everyone today! ^.^ But anyways! I am bored! School is boring! lol! Oh thanks for all the complements on the site! It's all thanks to Lemurturtle! ^.^ But anyways! I figured since I loved this layout and the one that ADJ made me, That I'd turn almost all my sites like that! ^.^ But anyways! I love Jrock! lol! School is boring! ....Wait didn't I already say that?!?! O.O...Lol! Gah! I got my report card! I have 3 F's and a D! >.< GRRR! I won't be telling my mom! She'll take away my Jrock! I can't live with out my Jrock! OMG! I had 2 walls covered in Jrock pictures...and my mom got pissed off that my room wasn't clean the way she liked it...and she made me take them down! She said either I take them down or she does! And if she did...I'd never see them agaiN!!!!! T.T Gah! I miss my pictures! >.< grr! Well I am going to go! Here is some music for you all!

Well I g2g! Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!

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Kyoko --


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