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Friday, November 17, 2006

Current mood: Good!
Current song: Dead Tree by Dir En Grey


How is everyone today? I am good! ^.^ I am bored! >.< I made Chastity cry today! >.< I didn't mean too! I was playing wither her and my ring go caught on her nose ring! >.< I kept say sorry over and over! >.< I am such a cluts! >.< She told me not to worry about it! But I feel so band for doing it to her! T.T I am not really sure about what else to write about! T.T Grr! I ahete wne I am at a lose for words! >.< Grr! OMG! This dude Daniel, he tracked Dog Poo in my 1st period class today! >.< SHUU! It stunk sooooooo bad! >.< Well I am going to go! Bye Bye Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!


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