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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

current mood: good
current song: C by dir en grey

Konnichwia! How are you all today? I am good! ^.^We got a new student yesturday! ^.^ Her name is CiCi and she is from Italy! O.O Wow! OH and she loves and anime and likes JRock! ^.^ She said her favorite band is Blood...I have never heard of them! >.< Grr! So after I am done posting...I am going to go to Radioblogclub.com and look for them! Oh and could anyone tell me where to find some music from 12012! I can't find them on Radioblogclub and youtube is blocked! >.< Grr! Oh and everyone needs to go look at my site Jrockislove! I put a new layout on it! Lemurturtle has been helping me out with it!

Thanks sooooo much Lemurturtle

!! Well I am going to go! bye bye! Sayanora! ^.^ Ashiteru yo!

~Kyoko ^.^

Some random lyrics!

Words: Kyo & Music: Dir en grey

brainwash makes us sing a sorrowful song
people in waves, they sing along
for the country to prosper for the country to prosper
it's the country's song it's a bomb that's just covered up

freedom love riot power
whores and prostitutes
city of illicit sales politics
poverty dictatorship nuclear

is there such thing as freedom inside us? other then victory the result is destruction
being supervised + the result equals despair
for the country to prosper for the country to prosper it's the country's song
it's ti that's just covered up

spark subliminal vision
l&p love and peace is vanished
it's a city of destruction, and it's called freedom

beautiful fireworks light the night as children smile with joy.

cheering voiced all around
execute firearm penetrates inside one two in the cranium one two three
sounds of firearm swirl like the whirlwind as it strike the ears
the prison guard jumps and screams in laughter
people's emotions swirl in a whirlwind
rebellion felony shoot away one two children one two three
cleanse away people scream
awakening awakening awakening awakening

spark and spark

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