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Saturday, October 15, 2005


First of all, Neji. I didnt mean to be bitchy. I just thought that yeah, you have your own life too, so we all do, but you know friends are part of your life. Lol.
And I want to be a friggin part of it too.

Sooo July and I woke up.

We drove here with the damn scooter. Yay.

July almost felled with it yesterday. She blamed the mud. Goddamn I dont care of the mud, how can she fall? Lol.....

Okay sooo. As its only a morning I got nothing to say yet.... so.... Ttyl and have a nice day

AND HEY SLIPPY!!! I finally learnt to draw Melfina. Now be a good boy and say "I gay you" And You will see your Melfina someday =^____^= Mwahahaaa


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Friday, October 14, 2005

So July is here.

We just came to our restaurant. We watched Ring 2. Lol I hate Samara.

Anywayyy.... I really got nothing to say. Its been just ordinary to us. We've been maniacs and things. Lol.
And been playin The Sims 2. Yays.....

Well, I taught July how to use my damn scooter. Lol. I love it. Its so.... yay. Thi its lil slow. It is for me lol....

Aaaanywaaay. Got nothing else to say but have a nice daaay! ^^
Lol. Love ya guys!!!
>< Eric the most....

Greets from Grin Grin!

I mean July....


seeeee YA! ^^

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

So hi
Im back from school.

Home Echonomichs class was fine, cept for the awful food. other guy in our droup, Joonas, didnt do anything, but Markus was a lot of help actually. Really he never does anything but this time, he really surprised me. Both of us, Juulia and me.

Well, 3 people have proposed me this week. Lol Im so popular. Non of the ones I would like to get promosed by lol. Just kidding Im too young to die.... T_T

Well anyway Julys coming by our house tomorrow so it means I wont be online too much. Anywayyyy gota go now. My time is up. Ttyl all.

And Neji, if you dont friggin start being online.... Its a bad thing for you and your nuts

Good day

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So hi there
My mom came angry because I have been on the pc, so I only can be on the pc one hour by day. Which sucks BAD.

Okay so wont be online. After school maybe. And July we're gonna spent the weekend at our restaurant. Tho if someone takes us to our home.... Then we may spent it on the pc. Lol....

Anyway gotta go again. Take care peoples....

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Sorry I wont be online so much in few days....

Take care I will tell ya why later

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005



Im going home today.
Which means I wont be online for a while. You just gotta cathc me on the weekend.

Anyways. July if your gonna come to our place, aboute 5 peoples are gonna see us threw webcam so hope ya dont mind. Lol.

Okay well. I went to the PC at the middle of the night even tho my parents told me not to. Now mom is screaming to me that I shouldnt be here now duh.

Well yeah. Gotta go. See ya.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Oke so we went to the city.

My day has been okay. I found alot of mangas that Ive always wanted, like Yu-Gi-Oh, Tokyo Mew Mew, Love Hina etc. Then - They were all friggin swedish!!!

This is a place ffor suicide.... My dream is crushed like a spider.... T_T Nuuuu

I got a webcaaa~m!!

^___^ Yaaay got a web web web caaaaam!!

Okay well. Anyway I didnt sleep last night cuz my nephew was screaming all the time so Im gonna go and try to get some sleep.... Uhh ttyl....

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

   I HATE HIM!!!

Hhe friggin used my msn!!!

MY MSN!!!!

I dunno who he chatted with whole last night, but it was with my msn. Because the avatar changed and all. I HATE HIM!!!

I even gave him some battery to be nice to him.... And he does THIS to me!?

I HATE THIS VACATION!! I HATE HIM!! I hate everything and all I want to do in the minute is to chat with Eric and forget aboute all this shit out here....

Anyway today is the day we're going to Vaasa.Im gonna take fun pictures so prepare to see them when I get home.

Anyway. Gotta go now. Got to pack again....

Ttyl Im gonna be online todaynight cuz Im gonna be at my faivourite bros house

C ya

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

   I hate this vacation!!

Okay so at the morning, the internet didnt work. At all.

Whole day has sucked if we dont count on that we went shopping. I bough 4 mangas, new pencils and a notebook. Ive been drawing a lil short manga on it actually.
Anyways, thing that ruined the day was my cousin. Niko.

You wonder how one person can ruin it dont you?

Hes SO annoying.

He disturbed me while I was talking to July at my cellphone. He came to my room just like that without any kinda premission. Hes just....


Plus, this was a bad day to come to disturb me. Ive been so friggin down cuz I really seariously miss Eric. Lol not fun....

Now, I got a birthdaywish. 17th of December is saturday, so, I want to spent it with my friends. Specially Eric. I know, its far away, but I just wanted to let you know so you can be online then and not to do anything else at the weekend. Youd better be free then lol =_= *narrows eyes*

ARRRGH My cousin came to me complaining like "Why do you speak english there?"

Lol cuz my best friends are friggin Americans, as my hun is one too.

Okay well. Were gonna go to Vaasa tomorrow, and I will see my faivourite bro! ^___^ Plus I get to shopping. ALot of new pictures me with 'em if someone wants to see them. Dont except anyone to want to see them lol. You gotta ask for them if ya do.

Okay so. Im going now. Im gonna give the PC to my cousin for the rest of the night so he wont disturb me....

Ttyl everyone...

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Friday, October 7, 2005

   7 hours in the friggin car!!

Yeah Im at Viitasaari now, at my oldest bros place. Its half past midnight and I dont feel sleepy at all. I finally got to use the pc which is awesome.... ^^

Ah. My bro has really big house. It has 10 different rooms. And hes living in it alone with hes galfriend. Man, Im so jealous...

Anyways. My bros galfriend told me I can use the PC whenever I want. The printer and all kinda fun things also. Shes nice. And pretty. ^^ Really. Shes cool.

Anyways were going to Vaasa at sunday, and Im gonna sit at the car for 4 hours, as the journey takes. When we leave to home at Wednesday its 11 hours back home.... T_T Ooh my friggin god....

Anyways I gotta go now. Im pretty tired after the long day so.... Im gonna try to post more tomorrow. Ttyl ^^

And hey: I bought 3 vols of Gravitation, all in english. Man I love than manga ^^

G'night peeps!

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