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Saturday, November 12, 2005

I was supposed to be alone at home, but my dad came here too. So, its just the two of us, and gotta say its been nice. We dont actually even talk we just share the chocolate. Lol.

And I found out who take my chocolate. It was mom, its here somewhere. Havent found it yet, but I WILL. *narrows eyes*

Lol. I noticed something.
My art, the ones I owed to someones are the best. Really, guys at deaviant art, two added the angel I did for Neji-kun as their faivourite, one added the one I did for Will and one added the one I made for Eric-kun. DAMN, Im pro!!

Hey Im trying to be online at AIM and msn the whole day.
msn messenger: Asakurazaki@hotmail.com
AIM screenname: HalfbreedMomo

Im a lil bored and lonely so add me and chat me. Lol.

Okays well Im going now. Chocolate wont waite ^_^ Mreew. C ya.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Cursing god, why? Falling for every lie....
Ive been listening to The Kinslayer way too much. Now I cant get it outta my head.

Well nothing special happened today, tho Ile finally said "Hi" To me. Hes voice is way too.... tooo.... MAN! Really he sounds like and adult T_T Wieeerd.... That voice doesent suit a cute boy like him!!! ><

Lol. Yes well today I tried to get some candies from Jari. I tried everything. I hugged him, jumped on his neck and things. Finally he gave me candys ^__^ Mwaa!!

Lol. Someone took my chocolate =_= I saved it for tomorrow cuz Im staying at home, no matter what mom says!! NOW SOMEONE TOOK IT!!! I wouldve understood if it was Tony or Marko, but it was someone else!! IM GONNA KILL EM!!! GIMME BACK MY CHOCOLATEEE!!!

Ň_Ó This, my friends, means WAR.

Im going now. Im gonna find my chocolate.


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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Smexy smexy Rock Lee....
O___o Dont even ask

Ive been chatting with Ile the whole time since I got from school ^^ Mwaaaaa Ile is cute. Lol.

Okays well.... Im actually very tired. Arts Specialclass was boring as hell.
Its hard to get anything to say....

OH YES!! Adylia, which means my dear dear older sister Nina, is coming by at our house next Christmas! At least might, cuz she almost has the money. ^^ Yes yes yes my chirstmas is saved!!

And now we'll see who remembers my bd. July did. Thank uuuu July ^u^

Lol well. Now Im going. My bro is watching kids program and it annoyns the hell outta me T_T Bye bye friends and see ya tomorrow.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

I wish for this night-time to last for a life-time....

So allou....

I were at the city today, with my ex bestfriend, Nadja, and hes boyfriend. Hes really one annoying kid. First, he was bitching at me, and he was saying that he will beat me. Lol. A coward. He cant hit a girl, neither one with eyeglasses. Besides I did nothing to him. He just started being an ass. Lol. And Ile couldnt help me Y.Y Mwaa.....
Ah, talking aboute Ile, hes really nice and sweet guy ^^ Ile-kuuun.
He said that if my math teacher starts bitching I can say "Hey, stop yelling or Ilkka will teach you" Lol. ^^ Plus he said Im cool, smart and just best. Lol. Ladiesman. And he told me, that if Joni still bitches to me, I should say "Hey, act like a man, not like a midget man!". Plus I said greets to him today. Okay, I didnt, we just waved to each o but oh well...

Well, today when I was waiting for Nadja to come to city (she always goes to her granny first, to leave her books there) and I saw Joni and Jonne. They grinned at me when they saw me. I turned away and started repeating "Someone kill me someone kill me someone kill me"
J as Jonne M as me and Jn as Joni.
J&Jn: coming closer
J:Hiya Johanna!
Jn:Heeeey Jojo!! Whatcha doing here?
M:Im waiting for Nadja...
J:She was in the same bus with us
Jn:She goes to her grannys first.
M:I know. Im just wishing her to arrive soon. (Very soon....)
Teemu and some of hes friends arrive (T as Teemu)
T:Hey, look that old lady waves to you Joni!! Go to talk to her!! (Lol. It was the same crazy old lady that called me a fat lesbian a lil while back)
J&Jn:*laugh* Hey lets get goin!
T:Yea okay
J:See ya Jojo!
M: ...See....ya....

Lol. Jonne is the only really nice of those three. Joni is an annoying brat, and Ile.... Is a ladies man, other ways nice. Besides Jonne is cute O_o He has hair little over hes shoulders, and he just dyed it dark brown. Sweet.
Okay well I bought Conan vol 14, Dragonball vol 27(If Im correct) Ragnarök vol 6(?) Plus some random mangas, in english. Thats all I gess. My manga collection will be perfect one day. T-T

Lol. Okies well Im going. I got Nightwish' new and last CD: Highest Hopes, the best of Nightwish, and I love Sleeping Sun and The Kinslayer.
So so so. Im going.

See ya all tomorrow!!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Most sweetest thing

Today, I was sitting on our restaurant. Because it was empty.

I was just staring on my hands, and wondering. I do that when Im depressed or under alot of stress.

My brother walked there. I didnt care aboute him. I bet he stood there for a while. Then he went to a jukebox.
"Dont dare to put anything stupid there." I said. He just said "ok".

He put Aicha by Outlandish. And brought me some coffee. Then he hugged me and said "Please get better, sister"

Wow. He has never done anything so sweet...
Im happy to have a brother after all

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God, how can I feel so tired....!?

Ummm well I bet my fish allergy is bad these days.... I started achooing even when I smelled it.... And I still ate it....

Lol. Im so friggin proud aboute it.

Mwaaa!! *runs around and hits her head on a wall* I wanna hear My heart will go on but we all know what kinda effect it has on me. So I cant listen to it. I would also like to watch that nice Zabuza/Haku AMW that I found, but it has the same kinda effect on me T.T

You know I love latest episode of Naruto, ep 158.
"Hai, Lee-sensei!!"
Lol. I love it.
I think Im gonna go watch it again.....
And eat more fish O_o Lets see how much I can take without choking! *laughs manically*
Ehhhm. Well well. Im. Going. Now.
C ya all. Take care.

Oh, and convertation I and dad had:
D as my Dad and M as me

D:Is that new Madonna cd out already?
M:....Y....es.... I gess....
D:Have you copied it to our pc already?
M: NO! Dad, first of all, Im metalhead, second I was watching Naruto the whole last night so I couldnt even stand a change!
D:I thought you were listening to it last night

Lol. Now ttyl.

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Monday, November 7, 2005

   NEVER try crying all day long....
Uh. I did it for whole yesterday...

Watching some music videos aboute Hakus and Zabuzas death didnt help. That is also why I changed my sites looks. I love them together. Its unfair they died.

Uhh well. Im at IT class once again... Its hell boring ya know. Matti and Aleksi are looking at me wierd....

Yesterday sucked. Felt like no-one actually wanted to talk to me. Except for Ile! ^^ He totally saved my day. It woudlve been a shit if he werent online. He was the only kind person. Oh, and Fro too. They actually really cared and tried to do something for me. Long live, Ilkka and Fro!!

Okay well Im gonna go get more Zabuza and Haku stuff on my site, as teacher aint watching.

C ya peoples.
I think I wont post after school, but it depens.
Take care n have a nice day!

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

....Catherines angry....

Its not fun....

Umm well my day has been well... Im wraped in this blanket because its hell cold here..... And some guy is bitching at me that I should change. Because he thinks girls should be femine, not guy-ish, ugly, bitchy, Gothic and annoying like I am. Lol. Im proud of what I am.
And he acts so gay. God. And he says hes not. Lol. He said hes useful because hes a teacher.
All I could say was
You cant teach them how to survive from a heartbreak. You cant show them how they should act when someone tries to attack them.
So your not useful. No-one is.

Damn gay. Hes no use in this world. Im pissed anyways why does he have to ruin my day....

Okays well. Im lil tired and my coffee says "Please drink me" So Im going now.

Have a nice day.

And my AIM screenname is HalfbreedMomo.... beware

And Im pissed today. So forgive me if Im bitchy.

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Ummm sorry for not posting yesterday.
Was too afraid to use the pc cuz my mom told me that I cant use it this weekend cuz I was online till 3am last weekend.... Chatting with Eric.

Ummm everythings been fine I gess. I got rid of a stupid fan. Lol, that guy was crazy....

Me: Look, now, stop blaming July for us to break up!! I tell you something, I hate you!! I never loved you, I just wanted a friggin harem, so stop blaming July!
He:I know that Jo
Me: Good. So just get the hell out of my life.
He: Why did you let me love you?
Me: good questiong you know
He: Bye
Me: Yeah, forever
He: Delete me
Me: Hell yeah, my pleasure!

Lol. That was it.
Rude, I know, but I got a bf and Im happy with him!

Okies well Im going to go and eat ice cream, plus watch some Naruto with July.

Ttyl, peopleeees.

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Life is a bitch
Hey yous!!
Tell Goldwolf NOT to leave MyO! You all know shes my best online mate! I never had online best mate that was a girl so....

Damn I hate you paranoid peoples....
I was at my moms friends birthday, and they made me drink champagne, so I was drunk, and I was 11 back then so I couldnt help it!

Now, July cant come to our place even tho we planned so. Mom said so, she said that if shes that sick she cant come. Which means Im gonna be alone with Marko and Tony.... And Cedric plus those 7 gayfriends of theirs.... Not that I mind their nice ^^ If they feel to be like that....

Okay well Im going now. Tony is making noodles. Hes gonna be a good wife. ^^; Lol.....

Okay well. See you.

And hey, stop by Living Dolls site too. She thinks aboute leaving too T_T
STOP THOSE GUYS!!! Living Doll is the second one of my idols, and the another one is ElvesAteMyRamen!!
By life, Adylia is my idol but oh well...
You get the point. Stop Goldwolf and Living Doll.

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