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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   Viva la Diffrence PEOPLES!!
Its gonna be a long post but you got like a week for reding it, if I cant post at Vaasa, so yeah

So today...

Today when I sitted on a lil corner at our school, waiting for the mother language class to begin, I felt like no-one noticed me. Seariously, when I said 'Good morning' to teachers they didnt answer me. No, my voice aint that small.

Anyways my mother language teacher loves me. He didnt care a shit even tho I was using my cellphone n mp3 player on the class. Plus when Sara came sitting next to me, he didnt mind at all, but when Erika tried to sit next to Sanna he started complaining. Lol Im hes faivourite x_x
Sara and I talked aboute horrormovies, blood and socks in the class. -_- I know how wierd it sounds. Specially when a goth and a snob are talking aboute it. Lol think aboute it. And I had to fix her jewellry. It was fun. Really. Now she likes me a lil more. Lol Im least hated than I was....

Ive been using my choker alot lately. Today I used it plus darkred lipstick together so no-one at the bus sitted next to me. Mwahaha Im a genious....

Reise, reise, Seemann reise
Jeder tut's auf seine Weise
Der eine stößt den Speer zum Mann
Der andere zum Fische dann

Listening to Rammstein, who, me?? Nooo.... ^^ Meow!

Okay so today at Home economichs class some Turkish people came to our class and watched around and asked stuff and all. It was funny. Althought it was nice we didnt have to listen to the teacher so much lol.

Also today, some stupid ass pushed July and said "Get the fucking out my way" I just screamed "Fucking faq!!" After him. All I could hear from him anymore was "What the -". Lol no-one pushes my friends thats one friggin sure thing. And they also get payed if they annoyn me too much, as for excample what happened to Robert. Eric and July should know....

Now now. Peoples at Deviant Art loved the picture I made for Neji-kun (you still may find it from my fanart peoples) and two added them as their favourite. ^^ Ahh Im loved. And getting new fanart up depens of July *glares* Dammit July sent those pics to me quick!

Or my fans kill you


x_x Okays well its time for me to go. See ya all next week.... WAAAH I will so friggin miss you!!! Im gonna take pics from Vaasa and put them up then.... T_T ANd I promise I try to post while being there but I cant promise.

Watch the site if you start missing me. Few of my pics.


New pic of me. Just incase your too lazy to drag yourself in the page.
Aint my skin just so.... WHITE!? x_x

There. Well I see ya all T__T I cant survive.


And hey, calling for talking is a big YES.


I know any of you wont harm me if I give you this.

And July.... Im gonna call you while being there so WATCH OUT. =_=

C ya!!

I wish you here tonight with me to see the northern lights
I wish you were here tonight with me
I wish I could have you by my side tonight when the sky is burning
I wish I could have you by my side

Cause I've been down and I've been crawling
Won't back down no more

Can't you stop the lies, falling from the skies
Down on me, I'm still standing
Can't you roll the dice, I might be surprised
Conscience clear, I'm still standing here

burns like a thousand stars, though you are light years away
burns like a thousand stars or more

you're up there, you're always with me
smiling down on me

can't you stop the lies, falling from the skies
down on me, I'm still standing
can't you roll the dice, I might be surprised
conscience clear, I'm still standing here

It's something sacred, something so beautiful
something quiet to ease my mind
when the pressure's taking me over and over

cause I've been down and I've been crawling
pushed around and always falling
you're up there, you're always with me
smiling down on me

can't you stop the lies, falling from the skies
down on me, I'm still standing
can't you roll the dice, I might be surprised
conscience clear, I'm still standing here
can't you stop the lies, falling from the skies
down on me, I'm still standing here
can't you roll the dice, I might be surprised
conscience clear, I'm still standing here

The Rasmus - Still standing

And Neji-kuuun! ^^ I got ur pic on my pocket now, the new one, you with bunnyears. I can watch it if I start missing you guys. Eric, as I dont have ur pic I gotta use a red dragon. Heh. Yesh well. Ttyl.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Last friggin change!
Im leaving tomorrow right after school, so if your gonna see me before it, your last change is today. Neji-kun where the heck ahve ya been your never online these days and it saddens me!!

Anyways. Im gonna go now, my taxi is here soon. Im gonna post more after school, and its gonna be the last in a week, if I dont post at my bros. But I may be online the whole day at next weeks thursday and friday *nod* So I wish to see you then.

And, my birthday 17th of december is closer everyday and it saturday, so I got a wish for the day. You'll hear aboute it at todays next post.


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I got Arttus msn!! >_< Finally.
He gave it just like that.
He doesent hate me O_o

Oh well. Nothing much happened today.

....So am I
Still waiting
For this world to stop hating....

Listening Sum 41? Me? Nooo.... T_T I foun ONE song I like from Sum 41. I will find another. If you care to know why Im forcing myself into listening it, just PM me....

Tho Im listening to alot of other things too.... Like few finnish Rock bands, plus The 69 eyes, Rammstein etc....

No Im not a wacko....

Anyways I had 2 excams today. Fysich went okay, but maths.... Uhm. I dont comment. Okay it sucked I didnt undertsand a heck Im always awake on the lessons, WHY DOESENT IT GO IN MY FRIGGIN HEAD!?!

Oh well. Today and tomorrow are last days before I go. Then Im gonna go back at next weeks thursday, or wednesday, again. Luckily my bros do have computers so no worries. Im gonna check you, maybe not post, but check you.

Well Im going now. I had a new pic of myself but Im gonna put it up later.... Tomorrow maybe. If ya start missing me while Im gone you can watch it, lol.
Took it while I was at my pc. My skin is so friggin white in it....

"Just like a gothic girl...."

^///^ The 69 Eyes STRIKES BACK!!!

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Two days....
Okay so I got two days before I leave for the vacation. Waaah Im gonna miss u!!

I try to be online the whole thursday but I cant promise. Plus my AIMs being bitchy as well as my msn so yeah....

Well I still dont know who called me but I dont actually care. Whateva. Anyways its half past seven in the morning now and my Taxi is gonna be here soon. So Im gonna post more after school. C ya people!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Hello peoples. Im just back from school and man I got a bad headache....

Mom thinks Im still at school, cuz I told her that our school ends later today (Dont ask me why) But anyways I had fun in the bus. A cute lil asian sat next to me. I have seen him before, and he has seen me, and these days, he always sits next to me. Which is cool because hes cute! ^^
Ive noticed what I like aboute guys, and theres 3 things: Hair, teeth, hands. (Yea yea tell me Im wierd I know it already) But seariously. Best things I like aboute guys are if they got long hair, lil hamster teeths (I KNOW Im wierd!! x_x) And pretty hands. Dont ask me aboute the hamsterteeths >_<. Oh yeah and eyeglasses are a big plus.
I know only one thats all this. And thats Arttu. Really he has so so so so pretty hands. I love them. Almost as much as I love Scias' hands. He has beutiful hands.
Dont ask me which hands I count as pretty, because it actually depens.
....Neji-kun has pretty hands too.... >___< Im not healthy!!!
*slaps herself* (I actually did)
I gotta stop thinking....

Im gonna go before my mind starts running in very very wrong ways. Plus I need to eat something. I havent eat enough for 5 days now....
Well ttyl

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I tried to call them back but it was always busy.... Meow....

Aww man. Im in class so I got no time. Damn. Anyways. Im gonna post more after school. C ya!

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Monday, October 3, 2005

Okay now WHO was it!?

I got a phonecall today. The number started with 097, which can only mean one thing: It friggin sure AINT a finnish number.

Okay so its obivous its outlandish. Now Im just wondering who the hell called me. It was right after our lunchbreak, I didnt answer cuz I had no idea who it was. Then, I decided to call, or actually July did (lol. dont even ask.) But the number was busy.
AAAH!! I cant LIVE if I dont know who it was.... T_T

Well. Just gotta find out.... I will.... someday.....

Well, ttyl.

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Hi there…

Im at IT class once again…. There was some dork prob in my PC and teacher had to fix it before it worked. How lame…. Well here I am once again. And its boring. He thinks we can do nothing with PC without him telling us how… Oh well…

Anyways as you all should know Im leaving for an holiday next Friday right after school and Im back next weeks Wednesday. And cuz Im not gonna go to school Thursday or Friday I will be online the whole day. Aint that great? Yesh it is.

Now meow, Im wearing my rivet choker again. Plus I noticed that Joni is nice. Today he came right next to me and said “Johanna, Tweety doesent wanna play with me, could you play with me?” And he used the puppy eyes and a babyvoice x_x It was weird. All I could do was to stare at him and say “No, I cant”. Plus Ile joined us but he didn’t say a word. Hes so shy…

Oh well I gotta go now cuz Teacher is starting to preach again. Neji, I wanna see you today. Now all, ttyl.

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

....Im trying to get something to write aboute.....

O well anyways. I started wondering why my PC refuses to download iteen chat. It downloads msn, AIM, Deviant Art, Habbo, all else but iteen. Tho AIM doesent work perfectly either but oh well.
PEOPLES! Get a hotmail msn so I got better chances to talk with ya....

Once again Im friggin hungry. My last time I ate was breakfast. Im hungry but I wont friggin eat. I dont want to. I dont care if I faint or something. I just dont wanna eat. I dont feel like it....

Now now. Eric. If you want suck that blood of mine, help me get friggin out here.
I decided Im gonna start selling things: CDs and all kinda stuff I dont need (Dont care even if I need) But Im gonna collect so friggin much money that I get hell outta here. And you can suck as much blood as you want, lol.

And hey SinsOfSakura: You see right threw me. How did you know the dream bout me and Eric was like that!? xD OMFG

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I bet you got shocked from the sentence Last class of whine. I made it.... Its half past 12am and I just woke up. *yawn* Man I slept well. Last night I was chatting in one random chat. Some gal came to me talking all kinda wierd things. Then she said "Im gonna leave. Your boring" I said "I wont miss you" And she said "S L U T". All I said was "Yeah, thats me" It was wierd, really. And last night Marko and I were the last ones up. We went to bed when it was quarter to 4am, and falled asleep soon. Anyways I had fun last night, it wouldve been perfect with Neji-kun, but you cant get everything. Plus I saw a dream aboute Eric. Wierd, lol.... Well peoples, have a nice day. I may post later if I have strenght on it -.-; ttyl Oh oh oh! Please visit this address http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/10073115/ I love the picture so bad. So so bad. Its so.... sweet. Makes me think aboute my overprotective brother.... *sob* Im so glad I got him.
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