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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Mushrooms are EVIL!!!
Of my friggin god!! Nina laughed for whole half an hour at our taxi! How can someone do that!? Plus she got lost in a box. A BOX. God....
Jari and I almost went crazy with her.

Jari:Shes gone nuts!
Me:MUSHROOMS!! Its the EVIL mushrooms!! Satan has cursed them!! CURSED!!!

Lol. Plus we talked aboute when I was first time drunk. I thought our chair was a moose and that my dog was an elf T_T DONT ASK!!!

Uhhm. Im really tired in the moment.... So if you excuse me Im going to go eat something then take a nap, till my dad comes to pick me at our restaurant. Ehhm.

Well now... Have a nice day ^^

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

222 guestbook sings
Lol. Okay well I got this funny 'African thought' from July, and now you gotta hear it.
Its true, really.

"Dear white fella, some things you should know:
When I was born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in sun, I black
When I cold, I black,
When I scared, I black
When I mad, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black.

You white fella:
When you born you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go sun, you brown
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you mad, you red
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you gray


Lol that is so friggin true. Someday, Blacks will rule over the world!!!! Oh waite, Im white.... Well I Dont FRIGGIN care!!
I just hate racists, is that so wrong!?

Ehhhm. Okays well, I really had nothing to say, cept that I was the geanious today at english class today, again. No-one else could translate the friggin text in our english book cept for me.
I have born in wrong coutry... I should be american.

Umm... Theres going some wierd tv program on tv and Im gonna watch it now soo.... See you all around.
Have a nice day...

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Last friday, S as Santtu M as Me A as Antti N as Nina and R as Roosa B as Busdriver (Bus comes and guys run in, and we all sit) B:Well, guys are gentlemans, duh. A:Huh? What do you mean? S:Oh yeah, ladies first. We should've let Johanna come first. R&N: Look at them wierd Am I the only one they think as a lady? Im the most guy-ish one of us, even tho I was the oldes gal in the bus in the minute, but still. Besides, I thought Santtu hates me. Oh welll.... T as Taxidriver and M as me Someone calls to our taxidriver T:Hello? Hey, tell me, is it illegal to drive as hard as you can in small road into pupils houses wall and see if it goes threw? M: Lets try Lets try Lets try!! T:What do you mean it is? M:ITS NOT!! C'MON, GO ON!! STRAIGHT THREW!! Lol. He laughed at me. T_T B as my Bro M as Marko, Mi as Mikko, T as Timo, J as JP, Me as me. Lol. They all walk in (Lol, their all gays, cept for my bro) Me:WAH!! C'mon, you know Im allergic to masculine, how can you do this to me!? B:Lol. You know my friends love you even tho their gays. Mi:Jojo!! T:Hell yeah, our fav chick! J:The only girl I would like to be ^^ All hug me Me:NO NO NO NO NO this is wrong your gays an Im a girl! Let gooo! M:Omg they really love her.... B:Yep. Me: Toooonyyyyyy!! You SO gonna pay for this!! T_T Lol. Why gays love me!? Ehm. Okay well, thats for me. C ya all. "This is halloween, This is halloween, halloween, halloween...." Have a nice day ^^
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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Theres no perfect guy. They talk romantic things, they may like you enoguh so they want to keep you. If they talk pervert things, and say 'i love you' or 'i miss you'... It doesent mean they really do ~ Catherine, last night
Lol. She hates guys. Migh be because of Cedric....

Okay so I went to the damn doctor early at the morning.... And I mean VERY early. He said that my living prosent might be 30-40. Errr Yay.

In the moment Im tired and little down so I really aint in the mood of celebrating. But its a good thing still, I gess....

Okay well now Im watching some really childish anime from tv... And... Okay well Im going... I got nothing to say so. Yeah. We're going to our restaurant today so I gess I see you tomorrow.

Bye, have a nice day.
Eriiic, Love ya hun.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

So fucking greate....
Dad was drunk yesterday, mom didnt like it.

First thing I saw today morning was mom and dad fighting. Im used to see them fighting, but did they really have to do it first thing in the morning?

Now, she also said that I may not go home today, and I cannot relax. Thats just because she doesent wanna drive me there and dad is too drunk. How fucking greate is that?

Well, I have doctor today. He'll tell me if I will or will not die in the friggin ulcer.... Wish me luck. I dont wanna die here, I dont wanna die alone.

And I need to find another bg. Something with cuter Rock Lee....

Okay well. Have nice day, Im gonna spent mine with my bro and Marko.

Hey hey hey! Im just modifying this post. Im home now. I WILL LIVE FGOREVER, HELL YEAH!

And hey, I got two new pieces of fanart up. Go check 'em if ya want.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Cuz this is my United States of Waheva!!
Lol. I hate that song.

Okies well. Day has been well. First thing that I did when I came from school was talking to Jonne. Hes nice, and we both have the same arch enemy: ROBERT. Ň_ó MWAHAHAHAHA you got SO many enemies Roope!! DIE!!

*cough cough*

Lol.... Im gonna be here tomorrow, night, reading history, plus chatting with you. Which means if Eric drags himself here Im gonna forget aboute the damn history and spent all time at the PC.

Lol. Visit www.youtube.com. Theres all kinda fun videos. Like My USA of Whatever/Naruto, plus some real Musicvideos. Lol. Ive spent all time there, plus trying to get rid of a harrasser at msn....

O well. My days been well. Ive been listening to Metal from the bottom of my heart and now.... Musicvideos call me

C ya

Oh hey, visit CedricTheDevil. Hes ladiesman, but he has feelings too. Hes really, really nice, so please visit, ok? Thanks ^^
Now have a nice.... Friday?

And yeah, my site is Rock Lee now. I love that guy. I bet I will change it soon back to Kakashi but.... I see if someone likes it cuz Me loves Lee-san.... T_T

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well first of all, seems like those two, my bro and Marko, solved their fight out.

Second, no, my bro aint gay. Hes bi. Lol now I know where I got it....

Ehm. As for my day, it was fine. We had cookering and it was fine. Tho I skipped my Special arts classes (I KNOW I shouldnt do that) Because we would only go to watch Ellas moms or whatevers paintings and I dont care if theres not any anime there! Lol. Okay I like paintings I just dont wanna go at Ellas house.

Lol I saw awesomely stupid AMW yesterday. USA of whatever/Naruto. Lol that was.... Stupid ><
And now it keeps ringin on my head
Lol. No good.
Plus I saw End Of All Hope/Inuyasha. Lol IT was awesome.

Now, YouTube is disapled for a moment. No good....

O well. Im gonna go. Ile and Jonne are on msn and their talking to MEEEE~ ^^ Yays. Two guys talking to me!

*cough cough* I still love Eric. I DO.

Lol.... See ya laterz....

And theres still one song that can bring me into tears and that I love.... My heart will go on by Celine Dion.
Maybe you metalheads dont get it, but as for me, it brings me memorys. Of Christian. No, I dont miss him that much that I would cry myself into tears, I dont know if I even love him no-more.... But I miss the good memorys.
Hmm. Ttyl.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Man I hate those asses that say "Show me your breasts" When they see me at webcam....
Oh c'mon....

Lol. Im so tired. When I came from school these breastaddicts started harrassing me right away. I dont care if their pervert, but when they start doing that, its ENOUGH.

Well well. Tomorrow Im gonna have that oh so boring Special arts class and... Im gonna die. I dont want to go there. Im not sure but I gess we're going to see bitches named Ellas moms art at her home. Lol I dont want to, I dont care...

I just want to sleep T_T

Well, Im gonna be here the whole saturday. Please guys no matter what you comment to me, tell me not to eat those chocolate Im saving for weekend.....

Well, ttyl. Have a nice day.

And July, that is a song you know.

"See you later alligator,
After while crocodile..."
Lol. Have a nice day.

And my bro had a fight with hes boyfriend. Hes bf came to me sobbing, he ate almost all of my chocolate and he ate all the cookies. Now hes hugging me. Lol. Hes gay, Im scared.....

Hope they will solve it out....

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Okay sooo. Im on school and I have time to tell aboute yesterday.

I bought 3 Fushigi Yűgi, I have read 2 of them by now. Plus I bought the newest Nemi.

Tweetys, my friends, boyfriend joined us, and he was nice and we had fun, till we went to free records shop, a cd store.
He said my music taste is shit. I mentioned him I like Linkin Park, Nightwish, The 69 Eyes and Apocalyptica. Lol hes an ass he liked Dimmu Borgir etc. I dont even get clear of the words....

Okies well. Our class is gonna start soon sooo.....

See ya laters Alligators. ^^


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Monday, October 24, 2005

Okies well.
Im not gonna be online today to post, I gess. Im going to city soo.... I gess I see you tomorrow.
Dont worry. I promise I will be back.
I will be back tomorrow to tell aboute my cityday. *nod nod* Its good time for me to relax.

Besides, I can try to built my friendship with my ex bestfriend again. ^^
Okies well.


And Alex, no, she didnt wanna leave. The band told that on the news. They decided to just kick Tarja out.

Im gonna do a protest, goddamnit....

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