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Sunday, October 23, 2005


NOOOOO!!!! I will never get over this!! SHes pretty!! Shes super!! I love her voice!!
Nigtwish has been my faivourite band since age of 10, and now their taking it away from me!! No!! This cant happen!!
How can they kick this beautiful lady away?
PROTEST!! If Tarja Turunen leaves, I will refuse to buy their new cds. I WONT buy them!!!
*breaths deep* GRRRR Those guys are giving me stress..... Nightwish always helped when I had depress, NOW what will I do!?
Support me peoples.....
*sigh* Im going. Im gonna do something aboute this. DeviantArt. Yes.

Anyways. Happier things.
From my manga: C as Chiyu H as Haku Y as Yuki and Ch as Chon.

Y: Okay, now Ive read the whole damn book 3 times! Chiyu, ask me anything!
C: ....Why is it called a Wonder Bra?
C:When she takes them off, you wonder where her tits went.
Y: I will NEVER ask ANYTHING from you again!!
C:I just gave you a simple question, like you asked, dammit!!
H:Yuki is a sensitive person, Chiyu, dont shock him like that.
C:Easy for you to say, as your sucha pervert
H:Hey, watch it, woman, Im still the leader of the gang and I can kick you from it!!
C:Hey, watch it, Haku, Your still inlove with me and if you kick me out of the gang I will make sure you never see me again!!
H:You.... You.... J.... Just.... I.... OH, GODDAMNIT Chiyu!!!
C:Hell yeah, goddamnit Haku!!
Ch:Goddamn maniacs.....

Okies well Im alive. Lol. Bet you didnt notice.

Ive been watching Naruto musicvideos. Fun.

Okay well I dont got much time cuz Niko is still here. Well.... Ttyl.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Eh. Im alive. Errr.... Yay?

I spent all night drawing. And I were stupid today morning. I ate fish. Even tho Im allergic to it. But I like fish.... T_T And now Im couching and my throat tickles..... Awwww man I will never be so stupid anymore.... Oh waite I will anyways. O well....

Ehm. My tummy seems to be okay just now. Catherine has been doing stuff for me.... Shes a nice girl. We're finally starting to get along.

Anyway its now half past ten in the morning and my cousin is gonna be here around four or three pm. So Im gonna go and enjoy my time. Uhm. See ya then. And JD Im working on your drawings no worries. Plus yesterday I made a charater on my manga, fightergirl. I dont know what her name should be so I just call her Swan. I like her hair. Black and its over her knees. Hehe.

Okies well. C ya all.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

....Im here. Im alive. No blood.
...Tho it would be painful.... Maybe it aint a pity then....

Okay so Ive been nice girl. Mom gave me two energydrinks and a muffin. Nice, chocolate muffin. I love muffins...
Why am I talking aboute muffins here anyways?

So nothing new. No panicattacks, no blood. Im totally fine, if I dont start stressing over something. Even tho Catherine is annoying me. "Let me talk to Angel, let me talk to Angel" Oh goddamnit that so starts annoying me. She will get the PC as soon as Im done...
Okay so. Im alone at home for today. We might be staying for the night, but Im not sure. Niko, my always so annoying cousin, which I hate even more than Robert (And you all know thats hell alot) is coming by tomorrow. Even my mom said that shes happy hes only staying for one whole day.

I watched a document last night, aboute Saddam. I hate him as much as I hate skinheads. Or Hitler. I hate hate hate. I was the last one up lastnight because I wanted to watch it. Now, Im watching document aboute childrens who have bad decises. World is a horrible, horrible place.... T_T That little girl said "Humans arent different if theyr homosexuals" ANd shes only 9.

*cough cough* Ehm.

Oh. The girl is french. Poor poor girl. Its decided. Im not friggin dying here Im gonna do something for little sick people and be a good girl =_= Goddamn Im gonna have a life, like some of those poor kids may not have.

Okays well. Im gonna go and play The Sims 2. *nod nod* And drink the energydrinks so I will be all hyper. Now, see you all. *waves*

And I WILL be hre tomorrow too. Im gonna keep myself alive. Somehow.... No bad or depressing thoughts. No.

Ehm. Have a nice day.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yesterday sucks, today sucks, and last monday sucked. You wanna know why?

I got a panic attack. Yeah, the friggin ulcer danger came back. I didnt want to tell any of you, because I didnt want to worry anyone. Neji already knew cuz I told him and wasnt planning to tell anyone else, peoples wouldve noticed when I start couching blood.
Okay so my possibility to die in an ulcer is 80%. Ah - hah - hah. Im gonna die. 20% to live. Think aboute it. What did I do to deserve it, huh?
Anyways, yesterday night, I got panic attack ONCE AGAIN. It was outside, I was going to get my bag from our car, when it stroke. I lied there outside aboute 15 minutes without breathing really well till one granny in our neighbour noticed me and ran to get my parents.
Next time I get even a little stress, its gonna mean end to me. Which means I gotta relax here, and it seems to be impossible to me.
I might be online tomorrow the whole day, but that doesent mean I will actually talk. Im gonna pray for my mom to let me be tomorrow all alone at our house to relax. If I dont make it, bad thing.

Now, this also may be my last loggin.... Hmm. If it is then Love you Eric and well. I hope I will see ya.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Okay NOW Im pissed!
I made a post, bu t my PC froze up and deleted it. NICE.

Okay well it snowed today, first time. Yays. I love winter, I love sitting next to window and drinking hot chocolate, and watching when it snows. Thats one thing I love aboute winter and christmas. The second thing is my birthday is close to christmas lol....

Okay well I and Ile talked aboute McBernie show and Fresh Prince. We both love them ^_^ The Black Addicts!!
*cough cough* Tho Im asian addict too.....
Check that site. OR picture, anyways. It really rocks. Catherine found it, its her avatar.

Well well. Im gonna go now. I gotta eat something....
Okies well. Ttyl and have a nice day.

And hey I have two new pieces of art up now. GO CHECK THEM.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hiya peoples....
Im back from school. SOmething not so fun happened.

Ville, a guy that likes me, at least did last year, sits right behind me on our english class. Well, I heard him asking from Antti, that sits next to him, if he had pencil-sharpener. Antti said "No, ask one from Johanna" (Lol everyone knows I got one, because I got so hell many pencils too) But, Ville said "No, I, I dont really..." And muttered something that I couldnt hear.
Does this mean he still has a crush on me? Last year I borrowed him pencil few times when no-one else wouldnt. Plus hes best friend used to annoyn me all the time, but when Ville came to our class, he stopped. Now why is that?

Okies well.

My day has been fine. Cept for the thing Neji already knows... Lets not talk aboute that.
I will tell you someday.

Aaanyways. We dont have school at thursday or friday, because we have holiday. Yay. Tho my cousin is coming at our place at friday and leaving tuesday. It will ruin the whole holiay.
But.... Mom said I can have one day all alone at our home, so I dont have to stand him all the time. Yay. Its gonna be saturday I gess, so I can chat with fun peoples. For excample Fro and Steph. Yays...

Okies well Im going now. Got things to do.

See ya and have a reeeally nice day guys ^^

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Back from school
Okeys so Im here....

Okay well nothing new. Cept I got a commetn that "I got big chest" Lol. The same person asked why I never smile. "I have no reason to. My life pretty much sucks"

Okies well. I were hangin out with Heidi the whole day. The lunchbreak too. Marianne was dfoing an excam and we waited for her till we had 5 minutes left for eating so we just left eithout Marianne. She came in the end. I was actually alot with Ninni which was cool. Uncool things were I had to do swedish excam plus I had to hang out with Jutta.... Lol.

Anywayy.... Im lil tired and really hungy so Im gonna go. Ttyl peoples....

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Hi there…

Im at IT class once again. I hate the teacher even tho he let me use internet. Everytime I cant answer at maths class he starts yelling at me, and it annoys me. I suck at maths and I cant do nothing about it! Really I’ve sucked at maths since I was 7 years old…. Someone help meee….

I sometimes wonder if these guys on my IT class have ever used PC before. Really they don’t seem to know anything about computers…Well at least I can be proud. Lol….

Oh well. Im going now. Seems like we’re finally gonna actually do something in the class. Hehe…. Ttyl peoples. Im gonna post more when Im back from school. At least try. And Im gonna be online at msn if someone misses me.

Asakurazaki@hotmail.com or HalfbreedMomo@hotmail.com


Adylia… Michel is gonna come back. I take care of it. At least Catherine will.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hiya there....
So.... Its sunday.... Ehm....

I got nothing to do. Except for cleaning up or drawing. I actually made a little doujinshi of couple Rei/Momo fro Breath of fire III. Yay. I love the couple. I also found a good fanfiction of them and I have spent all day reading it as slow as I can so I wouldnt get bored anymore.

And now, here I am, middle of the large smokecloud, choking, as I am an asthmatic. Yes, Im at my mothers restaurant, and Im totally amused how these peoples can smoke so much.

Okay so as my day hasnt been interesting, if we dont count on that some kids came watching my scooter with shiny eyes telling how adorable it is, Im gonna go because I cant stand smoke, as you all should know. Im still and asthmatic.

Now, good day.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005


My last post for today.
Im way too tired to waite for anyone to come online. Its midnight already and I bet that if someone wanted to talk to me they wouldve been online already

So ttyl peoples.

Good night.

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