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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just a busy week

This week is very busy. I just can't get on the net and update. So what's on my mind now was "How can I finish all of these homework?" not the others. So sorry for the update. It doesn't come daily.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Hi all! Here I am, sparing my time for posting one more posts...I've been so tired lately so no time, or exactly no chance for me to connect the internet and posting some dailies' report..
Today my girl and I have some free times together in the rest time...Well, honestly there's no time that is REALLY be the rest time in the school. I do have homework waiting to be completed cuz i can't complete it without cheating, but overall it's a nice time as if i don't have any other free times in the school to meet my girl. :)
Actually in the school there's free internet connection using LAN, but of course the problem was i dont have much time to go upstairs and open this site...and i was sooo LAZY at that time, climbing many stairs (6) of course was the one of the very tiring activity for me. I'm not vigorous. Ah yes, my girl said that my face was so childish in her perception. Sooo childish or she called it 'cute' or not fit with my age. Ooh, i cant believe it. Am i that cute? Haha, i don't think so.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


After the flat-torso, there's no interesting incident. And also the most sucks incident is just many homework for me! So I'm rather busy now, not able to post anything. So I'm becoming dead again...once more...Farewell then..

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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today is Sunday in my region. I remember on Friday (we have extra free day on Saturdays) there was my friend talking to me about her chest (ahem!). She told me that she's tired enough about her body right now. She isn't like a usual high-school girl. She's unusual :) as if she has a flat-chest (i wrote it flat-torso above) like an elementary/junior hi school gurl. And she spilt it off to me like i'm her diary. She told me that she's really pissed off when she knows the fact (from her friend and of course she didn't hear it right from the speaker^ ^) that the guy she love refused her to be his gf because of her breast that in his perception isn't big enough! lol
Don't you think, girls, that he's kinda a pervert?

Anywho has an idea to make a flat-torso becomes not flat-torso anymore? lol

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Monday, July 16, 2007


It has been a week (or not?) since the last post of my site. So i'm going to tell you as fine as i can (then go back dead again)

So two days ago it was Saturday (in my region) and it has planned that I'll go on the date with my girl. So we go on the date and watched Harry Potter. That was good, since i've never read the book very seriously (not a good reader). And forgot the plan to give her some presents. When I bought/brought something useful as present as some other people has told me :) and I planned to give it to her, she nicely refused it. She told me that my love for her is enough. there's no need for more presents. Hearing of that fact, i'm touched :) So I kept back all of the stuffs I prepared for her into my pocket (belly? cuz i bought her sweets).
Before that day, I was always think that she's the same with my other girls, expensive, sensitive, needs too much attention while I dont have it as much :) but after we hang out for a date, my perception of her changed. She's the best girl i've ever had, and now I'm on the way to love her much than the olden times :)
So it means I can't harm her further than just hug and kiss her. She's too nice.

The length is enough. I don't have another. Bye.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

A gurl

This the last time i can get into my site before i'm (once again) becoming dead for several weeks and then come back alive again. This time i'll tell you about a gurl. she's the one i know for several months and these last two month she became my gf
she's kinda like beautiful gurls and..well, have an arousing body. (i wont fantasize her much) she took care for me so much so it makes me think that it's not a good favor by fantasizing her at night so it causes erotic dreams. But there's one thing of her i cant get away of my mind. That's her smooth lips when she kissed me :)
We'll go on the date next week and this isn't my first date but it can be something called nervous, but i'm optimist it's gonna be okay.

Surely i dont understand gurls' minds. How if you tell me what kind of present do girls like? She's kind of nice, feminine, and smooth girl.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

My bro sucks

Today I got up so early than the days before, it's at 8 o'clock. (Before this day i was ashamed to tell you that I usually wake up so late, at 12 o'clock) But it seemed like the earth doesnt let me to have a peaceful day. When I woke up and has just been can open my eyes easily (because i've been so sleepy), the door seems like it was hit by something heavy, BANG! So I lost all that called sleepy. Who's that?? He just disturb my peaceful morning. And guess what? It's just my bro and he looked so amazed so if he doesnt manage himself he'll blow up. So i ask him, 'What do u want this morning?' and he just grins at me and say, 'You'll never guess it, bro!' Wow, did he think that I'll guess everything about what did he do last night? I'm not a detective. And before I let him to announce his night, he's talked. He told me that he spent the night with his gurl and his gurl kissed him once more (once more!). So he was so enthusiastic this morning because of the move on him by his gurl. I dont know what i'm gonna do. I may be jealous, but... I may celebrate him.
I don't know for sure, eh.
What that i can make sure of him is, me at his age didnt do that. And you can see how the life changes easily...Adults' activity becomes adolescences' activity. How come?
But i'm afraid that if he do this one everyday he'll be more professional than me.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Hello friends. It must be a long time ago when I last log into my site. And now it's messy. I know i'm damn long time never come up so i can understand why do people have deleted me from their friendslist. it's okay. so, after this time i'll try to come up as often as i can if the time lets me do this^ ^ So then, i hope you all that believe you're my friend, will understand this condition and would want to add me once more.

I'll go updating this site next time.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Ehhehehehe i'm not feeling good this day. Really. I'm on the way to download a bunch of anime songs. Help, please^ ^

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

woo...this may a bad week.

i dont have any works to do...i'm sure i'm going to melt down cuz dont have any stuffs to do. There's no job. no homework. Usually i hate homework as i hate insects, but this week i really miss it...so in this christmas i dont have anything...pleese tell me something to do...

Or, you can ask me some stories...i mean, stories about my own experiences like when i made my friend's racket lost when we're on extra-lesson, or anything.

And this week i will not update this site so much cuz i dont have time to do (usually in this holiday i wake up so late, like on 11 or 12 o'clock) and i just can cry this week...why does this week comes so long?

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