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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today is Sunday in my region. I remember on Friday (we have extra free day on Saturdays) there was my friend talking to me about her chest (ahem!). She told me that she's tired enough about her body right now. She isn't like a usual high-school girl. She's unusual :) as if she has a flat-chest (i wrote it flat-torso above) like an elementary/junior hi school gurl. And she spilt it off to me like i'm her diary. She told me that she's really pissed off when she knows the fact (from her friend and of course she didn't hear it right from the speaker^ ^) that the guy she love refused her to be his gf because of her breast that in his perception isn't big enough! lol
Don't you think, girls, that he's kinda a pervert?

Anywho has an idea to make a flat-torso becomes not flat-torso anymore? lol

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