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Monday, July 16, 2007

It has been a week (or not?) since the last post of my site. So i'm going to tell you as fine as i can (then go back dead again)

So two days ago it was Saturday (in my region) and it has planned that I'll go on the date with my girl. So we go on the date and watched Harry Potter. That was good, since i've never read the book very seriously (not a good reader). And forgot the plan to give her some presents. When I bought/brought something useful as present as some other people has told me :) and I planned to give it to her, she nicely refused it. She told me that my love for her is enough. there's no need for more presents. Hearing of that fact, i'm touched :) So I kept back all of the stuffs I prepared for her into my pocket (belly? cuz i bought her sweets).
Before that day, I was always think that she's the same with my other girls, expensive, sensitive, needs too much attention while I dont have it as much :) but after we hang out for a date, my perception of her changed. She's the best girl i've ever had, and now I'm on the way to love her much than the olden times :)
So it means I can't harm her further than just hug and kiss her. She's too nice.

The length is enough. I don't have another. Bye.

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