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Monday, July 9, 2007

A gurl
This the last time i can get into my site before i'm (once again) becoming dead for several weeks and then come back alive again. This time i'll tell you about a gurl. she's the one i know for several months and these last two month she became my gf
she's kinda like beautiful gurls and..well, have an arousing body. (i wont fantasize her much) she took care for me so much so it makes me think that it's not a good favor by fantasizing her at night so it causes erotic dreams. But there's one thing of her i cant get away of my mind. That's her smooth lips when she kissed me :)
We'll go on the date next week and this isn't my first date but it can be something called nervous, but i'm optimist it's gonna be okay.

Surely i dont understand gurls' minds. How if you tell me what kind of present do girls like? She's kind of nice, feminine, and smooth girl.

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