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Monday, November 6, 2006

Then i'll tell you

If u read my last posts, u may saw i mentioned bout my bro (that has had his first kiss several weeks ago)

Soshite, i'll tell u how he looks like when he tell me about his first kiss. he seemed full of enthusiasm and seemed will exploded up if he doesnt manage his spirits. he said to me like this, "Hey, bro! guess what's happened on me!"

of course, i didnt understand what he said. what a f**k he's talkin bout? "Kay...lemme see...u have some nice actions by ur gurlfriend, doesnt it?"

and he exploded, really exploded up cuz he seemed so spirited. "perfect!! you guess it perfectly like a senorita! (what's he talkin bout?) I WAS KISSED!!"

my god, what the fuck he's talkin bout?

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


sorry for this long update cuz no time to do this much homework and also tasks from the teachers...hope u all be good and i'll come here later^ ^

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


well, my bro. finally he kissed a gurl! i've been waiting for this moment for more than 3 years and now here it is! his gurl said that his kiss was amazing and may be unforgettable. wow, ^ ^ even though this kiss is his first time, he can do it like a pro! i dont know must act like what...maybe i must be proud...

or must be jealous?

ahh, i dont know.


i dont know

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

   i'm becoming a bleach lover, i think

hello. nice days here. uff...i think that i'm beginning to hunt any bleach stuffs. so if u meet some sites related to bleach, come here and tell me^ ^ i'll be pleased ^ ^ well, see ya :)

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

   hey, do a smash

this week is full. no times to online. even my homework too much so i can't do it all. for a day, i got homework more than 7. and on tuesday i have a extra-curricular for badminton. make a serve, hit the shuttlecock, do a smash, make a backhand, and run back to do a perfectly-deadly-smash! Then an invitation from my friend to play tennis together, after i play badminton. whoo...:) my hand is going sick! ankle :)

Monday: An experiment for vegetative reproduction

Tuesday: Badminton extra-curricular, then complete the homework, then play tennis with friend

Wednesday: 1st extra-lesson to fix my physics and math

Thursday: Sport at school, serve a volleyball. ( I never predict my face will be hit by a smash with a volleyball)

Friday: Aerobic for a day. Preparing a main theory of Archimedes Laws. 2nd extra-lesson for a week

Saturday: Going home early, time to have a rest but many homework to do. Play online games, then do a main theory of Archimedes Laws and protozoa

Sunday: Wake up late, preparing for the last about main theory, doing homework. Go to the friend's home to introduce with his gf. Work all-night to complete a half of my homework :)

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


yeah i think that i'll not post a much till this time. i think that no one comments on this site when i update it. and it's useles, doesn't it?

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


John has got his love lol
yeah, the gurl at the toilet...

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


i remember this happened about 3 or 2 weeks ago i go to the cinema and watch Adrift, ah, i don't remind the title exactly. hey, if the "dangerous" zone was made further, it'll be a nice hentai :) about sexual intercourse between the capt with the entertaining gurl. surely i don't like it at all, 'coz it's not as further as i want to watch. yea, but cash was paid...so watch it...fortunately that i didnt go asleep when the film played.

my friend here said that she doesn't like hentai. why does she doesnt like it? comments, pleese.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Kiss her, kiss her, kiss herr...My friends and i go to the mal last week. eh, i mean three days ago, to look for some clothes for my friend's sister as her b'day gift. But i don't mean that gurl that i want to kiss~ ^ ^

John my friend said to me that he saw a sexy gurl beside the bookstore. he said that gurl make him horny~

Then we stalk her until she goes to the toilet. hey, i said to John, how dare you! Why not, he wanna go into the toilet but he can see the big letters there: "LADIES", not GENTS

how unfortunately am I. that gurl yells so loud 'coz she saw John and she throws many kinds of materials in her handbag, some of them strike my head so hard and give me a bruise. It hasnt been cured until now~

oh my god, what the hell by yelling, HEY, KISS THAT GURL!!!

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Friday, September 8, 2006

the last

and this is the last, and so the last one i found...lovely things by searching for them!

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