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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hi all! Here I am, sparing my time for posting one more posts...I've been so tired lately so no time, or exactly no chance for me to connect the internet and posting some dailies' report..
Today my girl and I have some free times together in the rest time...Well, honestly there's no time that is REALLY be the rest time in the school. I do have homework waiting to be completed cuz i can't complete it without cheating, but overall it's a nice time as if i don't have any other free times in the school to meet my girl. :)
Actually in the school there's free internet connection using LAN, but of course the problem was i dont have much time to go upstairs and open this site...and i was sooo LAZY at that time, climbing many stairs (6) of course was the one of the very tiring activity for me. I'm not vigorous. Ah yes, my girl said that my face was so childish in her perception. Sooo childish or she called it 'cute' or not fit with my age. Ooh, i cant believe it. Am i that cute? Haha, i don't think so.

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